Best Escape From Tarkov Settings [Tried & Tested]

In this guide, we'll go through Best Escape From Tarkov Settings that will feature High FPS and Stable Performance In Escape From Tarkov.

The player base for Escape From Tarkov is still at peak levels. So, we’ve updated our Escape From Tarkov Best Settings guide for the latest patch, and beyond that, I’ll include general and graphics settings you must use. 

I’ve tested Escape from Tarkov on the following PC specifications:

  • CPU: Core-i5 12400f
  • GPU: RTX 4070
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Storage: 2.5TB SSD
  • Operating System: Windows 10
Key Takeaways

To run Tarkov, you should have at least an Intel i3 or AMD Athlon CPU, a DX9 compatible GPU with 1 GB VRAM, and 8 GB RAM.

The following settings can impact your FPS the most in EFT: 

  • Shadows Quality & Visibility
  • Resampling
  • Screen Space Reflections (SSR)
  • Grass Shadows
  • Object Level of Detail

Escape from Tarkov optimization is okay at best. I’ve experienced a lot of stuttering and freezing in-game, with even abrupt crashing while I was queuing for a session. As far as performance is concerned, I get over 100 FPS on 1440p resolution, max settings, and DLSS set to quality. While the game has issues with stability, it nails the performance part. Our EFT reviewer Daniyal also had a similar experience with the game.

Best Tarkov Graphics Settings

Best Escape From Tarkov Graphics Settings
Best Tarkov Graphics Settings [Image Credit: eXputer]
Tarkov’s Graphics Settings are what I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with. I’ll explain each setting in short detail. This will allow you to understand each setting clearly and help you fine-tune them later.

Tarkov Graphics Settings
Tarkov Graphics Settings

Quick Overview Of Graphics Settings

Screen Resolution Highest Possible
Screen Mode Fullscreen
VSync Enabled
Aspect Ratio Player’s Choice
Overall Graphics Quality Custom
Texture Quality High
Shadows Quality Low
Object LOD Quality 2
Overall Visibility 1000
Shadow Visibility 40
Antialiasing TAA High
Resampling 1x
SSR  Off
Anisotropic Filtering Off
Nvidia Reflex Low Latency On+ Boost
Sharpness Player’s Choice
Lobby FPS Limit 30 / 60
Game FPS Limit 0 / Highest Possible
Grass Shadows Off
Noise Off
Chrom Aberrations Off
Z-Blur Off
Use Only the physical Cores Enabled
FOV Personal Preference

Here are the most impactful graphics settings compared: 

  • Tarkov Shadows

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Nvidia Settings For Escape From Tarkov

Best Tarkov Settings for Nvidia GPU
Best Tarkov Settings for Nvidia Control Panel [Image Credit: eXputer]
Let’s check out a brief roundup of the options you should pick while tweaking the Nvidia Settings.

Summary Of Nvidia Settings

Anisotropic Filtering Application Controlled
Disable Antialiasing FXAA
Enable Antialiasing Gamma Correction
Antialiasing Mode Application Controlled
Antialiasing Transparency Disabled
Low Latency Mode Off
Max Frame Rate Off
Monitor Technology G-Sync
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) Off
OpenGL Rendering GPU Auto Select
Power Management Mode Prefer Maximum Performance
Preferred Refresh Rate Highest Possible
Shader Cache On
Texture Filtering – Anisotropic Sample Optimization Off
Texture Filtering – Negative LOD Bias Allow
Texture Filtering Quality High Performance
Texture Filtering – Trilinear Optimization On
Threaded Optimization Off
Triple Buffering Off
Vertical Sync Off
Virtual Reality Pre-Rendered Frames 1

After you successfully make the changes, close the Nvidia Control Panel, and that’s it. All settings are applied, so you need to boot up the game and see the performance improvement.

Escape From Tarkov AMD Settings

Best AMD Settings for Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov AMD Settings [Screenshot by eXputer]
If you’re using an AMD GPU, you’ll need to fine-tune the best Tarkov settings in Radeon Software. These settings aim to give you a noticeable boost in performance and increase game stability. So, using these settings is as important as ever.

AMD Settings Summarized

Radeon Anti-Lag Enabled
AMD Radeon Chill Disabled
Radeon Boost Disabled
Image Sharpening DIsabled
Radeon Enhanced Sync Disabled
Wait for Vertical Refresh Always Off
Antialiasing Use Application Settings
Antialiasing Method Multisampling
Morphological Antialiasing Disabled
Anisotropic Filtering Disabled
Texture Filtering Quality Standard
Surface Format Optimization Enabled
Tessellation Mode Override Application Settings
Maximum Tessellation Level Off
OpenGL Triple Buffering  Disabled
Reset Shader Cache Perform Reset

You’ve successfully used the best Tarkov settings in AMD Radeon Panel. It’ll hopefully give you a noticeable boost in performance. If you choose to do a Shader Reset, then I suggest performing a system reboot before launching Tarkov. 

High FPS Optimization For Escape From Tarkov

Best Windows Tweaks for Escape from Tarkov
Windows Tweaks for Tarkov [Screenshot by eXputer]
This section of the Escape From Tarkov, Best Settings guide, will focus on different Windows optimizations and tweaks you can do to improve performance.

Wrapping Up Tarkov Optimization Guide

Running Escape From Tarkov has been troublesome for me in the beginning, despite having good hardware. The problem was the game’s optimization and tons of bugs that ruined the experience. 

Even though the game is still in a closed beta state, the optimization has gotten way better. From playing on a measly 60-65 FPS, it has now been bumped up to 100+ FPS. They’ve resolved several texture-steaming issues and game-breaking glitches over time that have helped me enjoy the game a little better. 

So, hopefully, my settings guide was able to give you even more performance out of the game than you currently were getting. The game is only going to get better with time so you can always bump up a few settings to get better visuals in Tarkov. 

Now that your PC is ready to take on Tarkov at high FPS, learn how to get better at Tarkov in our Keys to SuccessEscape from Tarkov Best Guide.
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