FFBE Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

Learn about the overall ranking of all 154 characters in the game based on the stats and how they perform.

Brave Exvius (FFBE) is a turn-based RPG that combines iconic elements from the Final Fantasy series and Alim’s previous game, Brave Frontier. The battle system, which reminds of Brave Frontier, offers a user-friendly interface where players command characters through simple touches and swipes for special attacks. Characters are the meat of the game and without having a good roster, you will not see progression and be killed by bosses! That is why I have curated the FFBE tier list and ranked the complete roster. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 154 characters in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE).
  • S-Tier: These characters excel with the highest stats, guaranteeing dominance in any situation.
  • A-Tier: These heroes rival the best and excel in the toughest situations.
  • B-Tier: Situational characters that demand mastery and good game knowledge to ace.
  • C-Tier: Underwhelming characters that are neither good nor bad.
  • D-Tier: Poor characters with the lowest stats and chances of winning.

All FFBE Characters Ranked

Serial NoCharacterTierROLECHAIN FAMILYAttack HitsRarity Stars
1Lightning (FF XIII-2)S-TierMagical Tank, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity65 to 7
2RenaS-TierHealer, Magical AttackerN/A15 to 7
3Paladin CecilS-TierDebuffer, SupportStardust Ray85 to 7
4Sacred Shield CharlotteS-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportDisorder Absolute Zero Aureole Ray33 to 6
5Angel of Death KujaS-TierMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Mystic Cross45 to 7
6Warrior of Dawn GalufS-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity23 to 5
7Alphonse ElricS-TierPhysical TankStardust Ray35 to 7
8LunafreyaS-TierSupportFlood15 to 7
9Seeker of Freedom VaanS-TierDebuffer, Physical AttackerAureole Ray45 to 7
10Hallowed Aegis CharlotteS-TierPhysical Tank, Magical TankAbsolute Mirror of Equity65 to 7
11LucasS-TierMagical Tank, HealerDivine Ruination Absolute Zero15 to 7
12Awakened Warrior of LightS-TierPhysical Tank, SupportDivine Ruination Stardust Ray55 to 7
13Healing Avatar LidS-TierDebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity35 to 7
14White Knight NoelS-TierMagical Attacker, Physical TankTornado Freeze Absolute Zero Chaos Wave Awakened25 to 7
15Nichol of the Epsilon StarS-TierSupport, DebufferAureole Ray Flood45 to 7
16Rikku (FF X-2)S-TierDebuffer, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity14 to 6
17Warrior of Light LennaS-TierHealer, SupportChaos Wave Awakened25 to 7
18Daughter of Destiny VanilleA-TierDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Quake25 to 7
19Doctor AidenA-TierHealer, Physical TankN/A15 to 7
20Emperor FooA-TierSupport, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Avalanche Kick35 to 7
21ElephimA-TierDebuffer, SupportN/A35 to 7
22Benevolent Beauty RemA-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Bolting Strike Tornado Freeze35 to NV
23IgnisA-TierHealer, SupportN/A25 to NV
24A.I. KatyA-TierVersatileStardust Ray Chaos Wave Bolting Strike Tornado Quake Flood Freeze55 to 7
25FolkaA-TierHealer, SupportN/A15 to NV
26KrylaA-TierDebufferAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Chaos Wave25 to NV
27SylvieA-TierSupport, DebufferBolting Strike Absolute Mirror of Equity15 to 7
28MyraA-TierHealer, SupportBolting Strike15 to 7
29RegisA-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportAureole Ray Stardust Ray25 to 7
30Sakura & AyakaA-TierHealer, Magical AttackerBolting Strike55 to 7
31Sweet LukaA-TierSupport, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Chaos Wave25 to 7
32Wildcard AceA-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferBolting Strike Chaos Wave Awakened45 to 7
33SieghardA-TierPhysical Tank, DebufferAureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity Piledriver Stardust Ray35 to NV
34Summer Fina & LidA-TierDebuffer, HealerAureole Ray15 to NV
35QinA-TierMagical Attacker, SupportChaos Wav Octoslash Absolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Aureole Ray45 to 7
36Umbral Dragon Dark FinaA-TierMagical AttackerBolting Strike Chaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened45 to 7
37YuraishaA-TierSupportQuake15 to NV
38ChowA-TierMagical Tank, HealerN/A35 to 7
39ZenaidaA-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity35 to 7
40AerithA-TierHealer, SupportN/A15 to 7
41Adventurer LockeA-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray25 to 7
422BA-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray Graviton Cannon65 to 7
43KitoneA-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity45 to 7
44Dancing Heart PeneloA-TierMagical Tank, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Aureole Ray15 to 7
45Flame of Rebirth JakeA-TierPhysical Attacker45 to 7
46Garland (FF IX)A-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened35 to NV
47OlbericA-TierPhysical Attacker, Physical TankAureole Ray25 to 7
48Maritime Strategist NicholA-TierSupport, Magical AttackerFlood15 to 7
49War Hero RaegenA-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity35 to 7
50NoelA-TierPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity25 to 7
51Rico RodriguezA-TierPhysical AttackerOctaslash Bolting Strike Avalanche Kick15 to 7
52Sieghard & IgnacioA-TierPhysical Attacker, Physical TankN/A25 to 7
53Sterne LeonisA-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity25 to 7
54SylvandoA-TierSupport, Physical AttackerBolting Strike25 to 7
55AuronB-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity15 to 7
56Blue Mage FinaB-TierHealer, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity45 to NV
57Awakened RainB-TierMagical Tank, SupportChaos Wave Awakened45 to 7
58Edward ElricB-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray45 to 7
59ElenaB-TierPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerBolting Strike Aureole Ray Stardust Ray Disorder15 to NV
60Four Winds PhysalisB-TierMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened55 to 7
61Gilgamesh (WOTV)B-TierPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Absolute Mirror of Equity35 to NV
62Kimono FinaB-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Aureole Ray15 to 7
63Lezard ValethB-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened35 to 7
64LilithB-TierPhysical Tank, Magical TankDivine Ruination Kingsglaive Aureole Ray Bolting Strike35 to 7
65Lone Lion SquallB-TierPhysical AttackerStardust Ray Bolting Strike35 to NV
66MachinaB-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity25 to NV
67Mercenary RamzaB-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferBolting Strike35 to 7
68SeiferB-TierPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Chaos Wave Awakened Bolting Strike15 to 7
69Mont LeonisB-TierPhysical TankStardust Ray25 to 7
70Mystical Ice LasswellB-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity65 to NV
71Neverending HopeB-TierSupport, DebufferQuake Absolute Mirror of Equity25 to 7
72SelphieB-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Mystic Cross25 to NV
73SerahB-TierMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened65 to NV
74SerenaB-TierHealer, SupportN/A15 to 7
75SolB-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Absolute Zero35 to 7
76Tifa (FF VII: AC)B-TierPhysical AttackerStardust Ray15 to 7
77Strange Gourmand QuinaB-TierMagical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity Chaos Wave35 to 7
78Xuan Wu & Qing LongB-TierPhysical Attacker, Physical TankBolting Strike Avalanche Kick35 to 7
79Adam JensenB-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportStardust Ray Aureole Ray Tornado45 to 7
80BerylB-TierMagical Attacker, Magical TankOctaslash Bolting Strike Disorder Chaos Wave15 to 7
81BaschB-TierPhysical Tank, Magical TankN/A25 to 7
82BeowulfB-TierPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Octaslash Tornado25 to 7
83Dark Spirit SolB-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Absolute Zero35 to 7
84Demon RainB-TierPhysical Tank, SupportBolting Strike
Chaos Wave Awakened
25 to 7
85KimahriB-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferN/A15 to 7
86Infernal Fire RainB-TierPhysical AttackerStardust Ray65 to NV
87King BradleyB-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Ruination55 to NV
88Madam EdelB-TierPhysical AttackerStardust Ray Aureole Ray35 to 7
89LilisetteB-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity25 to 7
90LorenB-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferBlade Prison Onion Slice Aureole Ray45 to NV
91MystinaB-TierMagical Attacker SupportChaos Wave Awakened45 to 7
92Rakish Thief ZidaneB-TierPhysical AttackerAureole Ray Stardust Ray45 to 7
93QuistisB-TierMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened25 to 7
94RiveraB-TierSupport, HealerAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Disorder35 to 7
95Seaside NicholB-TierMagical Attacker, SupportFlood Freeze Absolute Mirror of Equity15 to 7
96Untamed Wolf EdelB-TierPhysical AttackerAureole Ray Stardust Ray65 to NV
97Supreme Deva AkstarB-TierPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray25 to NV
98White Mage RosaB-TierPhysical Attacker, HealerGraviton Cannon15 to 7
99WilhelmB-TierPhysical Tank, SupportN/A15 to 7
100YunaB-TierHealer, Support15 to 7
101Zeno of the Beta StarB-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Aureole Ray Bolting Strike95 to 7
102BeatrixC-TierPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity15 to NV
103Cloud (FF VII: AC)C-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Octaslash45 to 7
104CrimsonC-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination15 to 7
105EllyC-TierMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Chaos Wave35 to 7
106Blue Sky Belle FranC-TierPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Bolting Strike Aureole Ray35 to NV
107Dragon Knight FreyaC-TierPhysical Attacker, HealerDivine Ruination Absolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray Aureole Ray25 to NV
108Awakened Onion KnightC-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferOnion Slice Stardust Ray Aureole Ray55 to NV
109ErikC-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferBolting Strike45 to 7
110Graceful Champion FangC-TierPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity65 to NV
111AyakaC-TierHealer, Support15 to 7
112KadajC-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity25 to 7
113IrvineC-TierPhysical AttackerBolting Strike35 to 7
114NagiC-TierPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerDivine Ruination Graviton Cannon Aureole Ray Bolting Strike Absolute Zero45 to 7
115King Edgar of FigaroC-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Aureole Ray Fatal Barrage45 to NV
116MorganaC-TierMagical AttackerAbsolute Zero Chaos Wave Disorder Bolting Strike15 to 7
117Knight of Pluto ZidaneC-TierPhysical AttackerStardust Ray Bolting Strike25 to 7
118PrimroseC-TierSupportChaos Wave45 to 7
119RebertaC-TierPhysical AttackerDivine Ruination Bolting Strike Aureole Ray35 to 7
120TifaC-TierPhysical AttackerDivine Ruination25 to NV
121LevinsonC-TierPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerDivine Ruination Chaos Wave Awakened Aureole Ray Bolting Strike15 to 7
122Agent OliveC-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Bolting Strike15 to 7
123Star Player TidusC-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportQuick Hit Stardust Ray15 to NV
124ZargabaathC-TierSupportOctaslash25 to 7
125White Lily Dark FinaC-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened Graviton Cannon35 to 7
126ArdynC-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Tornado35 to 7
127Wizardess ShantottoC-TierMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened15 to 7
128YunalescaC-TierMagical Attacker, SupportChaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened15 to NV
129Assassin ShadowC-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray45 to NV
130Black Mage ViviC-TierMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened15 to 7
131Aurora FryeviaC-TierPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Onion Slice Aureole Ray Divine Ruination Disorder35 to 7
132BartC-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportKingsglaive Tornado Flood Absolute Mirror of Equity15 to 7
133EikoD-TierHealer, SupportMadain Sari25 to 7
134FlammieD-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportAureole Ray15 to 7
135EstherD-TierPhysical Attacker, Physical TankBolting Strike Divine Ruination Absolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray75 to 7
136KurasameD-TierPhysical Attacker, Magic AttackerQuick Hit Absolute Mirror of Equity Disorder Aureole Ray65 to 7
137GladiolusD-TierPhysical Tank, Physical AttackerBolting Strike, Stardust Ray25 to NV
138Jasper UnboundD-TierPhysical AttackerStardust Ray15 to 7
139Fina & Dark FinaD-TierMagical Attacker, HealerGraviton Cannon Stardust Ray35 to NV
140JechtD-TierPhysical AttackerDivine Ruination Quick Hit25 to NV
141Lovely KatyD-TierHealerChaos Wave15 to 7
142Hess King LasswellD-TierPhysical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray Divine Ruination35 to 7
143PromptoD-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferDisorder Octaslash Running Fire+35 to NV
144Operative ZyrusD-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Chaos Wave Awakened15 to 7
145Radiant LightningD-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferBolting Strike Aureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity35 to NV
146Palom & PoromD-TierMagical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Tornado Quake45 to 7
147PhysalisD-TierPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray65 to 7
148Sweet NicholD-TierMagical Attacker, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Freeze Flood45 to 7
149RabD-TierMagical Attacker, Physical AttackerBolting Strike Stardust Ray25 to 7
150RemD-TierMagical Attacker, HealerTornado Quake65 to 7
151YegoD-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity55 to NV
152YunD-TierPhysical AttackerOctaslash Absolute Mirror of Equity Kingsglaive Bolting Strike55 to 7
153Yuna (FF X-2)D-TierPhysical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity15 to 7
154Warrior of Light BartzD-TierPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity Graviton Cannon25 to NV

FFBE Tier List Criteria

I have curated this tier list by taking into consideration the following elements or points for each character in the game:

  • Character Roles
  • Chain Family
  • Attack Hits stat
  • Rarity of characters

That is everything I had to entail about the FFBE characters tier list. If you have developed a good understanding of how each character performs in the game via this tier list, then I recommend you do not skip reading The Finals: Gadgets Tier ListPixel Piece Fruit Tier ListMW3 Weapons Tier List, and Fortnite Chapter 5 Tier List.


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