Jake Paul Promises To Knock McGregor Down

Jake Paul promised to knock Connor down after he mocked Jake on social media

Jake Paul’s rise to boxing fame has been undoubtedly outstanding. From beating out AnEsonGib and Nate Robinson to winning against legendary boxers like Anderson Silva, his unbeaten record continues to rise.

It’s still not known who will be joining hands with Jake in his upcoming fight, but recent rumours indicate a date in mid-February 2023.

The probability of fighting Tommy Fury seems more. Still, there is also a long-standing tension between legendary UFC fighter Conor McGregor and Jake, and it reached its head on December 22.

Major Takeaways

  • Jake Paul is famous for his unbeaten career and eyeing some more records.
  • McGregor, a boxing champion, Mocked Jake and said that he is ready to fight in an influencer boxing match.
  • Jake poked a joke at McGregor’s fighting career and said that he would fight him in a caged fight.

After initially hitting a joke at KSI, McGregor replied to a fan who said he would fight in an influencer boxing match. McGregor asked, “will there be belts?”. McGregor said he would be open to that “genre” of fighting. 

Jake Paul stepped in at that time. Jake mocked McGregor for his performance in his matches and promised to knock him out in cage fighting or boxing.

He said, “You fight for belts?”. Jake further said that you fought for the belt four years ago in which you three. He also promised to knock him out in a cage fight.

It would certainly be a time to say goodbye to pro fighting industry. Jake has only competed in straight fighting rather than MMA, cage fighting, or another mixed combat sport till now.

He also said similar things in the past but had done nothing yet.

It’s also an absurd claim from Paul, given McGregor’s UFC record, which is still regarded as one of the best despite a late-career decline in results and belts.

One thing is sure: Jake has never stepped back from challenges.

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