Monster Hunter World: Elderseal [Explained]

Learn everything about Elderseal and how it affects your hunts in hunting down Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter World.

Since the start of Monster Hunter, Elder Dragons have been a pain for every hunter out there. However, we are introduced to a new weapon mechanic called Elderseal in Monster Hunter World, which makes it easier to deal with those annoying Elder Dragons.

Key Takeaways
  • Elderseal only works on Elder Dragons.
  • There are 18 Elder Dragons in MHW, including the ones from the Iceborne expansion.
  • Elderseal is listed as low, average, or High-tier for weapons.
  • Elderseal is good at applying debuffs to Elder Dragon, for instance, by removing the Wind Aura around Kushala Doara or reducing the Effluvia buildup by Vaal Hazak.

Explaining Elderseal

MHW Elderseal on Fate's Shear
Elderseal on Fate’s Shear [image by me]
Elderseal is a weapon mechanic in Monster Hunter World, which doesn’t have much effect on normal Monsters. But it makes it easier to fight Elder Dragons.

In essence, Elderseal effects range from preventing Elder Dragons from using their unique abilities and aura to, in some cases, reducing the rage duration of certain Dragons. Elderseal works differently for each Elder Dragon.

I will list the effects of Elderseal on each Elder Dragon below:

  • Nergigante: It makes it easier to break its spikes.
  • Teostra & Lunastra: Lowers their fiery aura and prevents them from using Supernova.
  • Kushala Daora: Lowers Wind Aura.
  • Kirin: Prevents it from using Lighting Armor.
  • Vaal Hazak: Reduces effluvia buildup.
  • Xeno’Jiva: Shortens rage-mode duration.
  • Safi’Jiva: Increases the
  • Velkhana: Makes it easier to break its ice armor and delays Frost Nova.
  • Namielle: Deactivates Charged and Hydrated State.
Some story and event-specific Elder Dragons that Elder Seal does not affect:

  • Behemoth
  • Kulve Taroth
  • Zorah Magdaros
  • Shara Ishvalde
  • Alatreon
  • Fatalis.

How To Use Elderseal

Like how you build up any Status Aliment in Monster Hunter, you must make successive hits on a Monster to activate it, and after the initial activation, the following ones take more hits to activate.

Elderseal isn’t on every weapon. However, it comes with specific weapons and has three levels: Low, Average, and High. An important thing to note is that weapons with Elderseal on them deal with dragon damage; for instance, all of Deviljho’s or Nergigant’s weapons deal dragon damage and have Elderseal on them. Another place to get Elderseal from is Dragonpods Elder Dragons Drop for your Slinger.

This will end my guide on Elderseal. While Elder Dragon can be dealt with without Elderseal, using Elderseal can make tackling these monsters easier. For instance, Kushala’s Wind barrier can be quite annoying, but Elderseal makes it easier to tackle the Wind Barrier.

I end this by stating that if you are curious about Monster Hunter World, I recommend checking out our game review by our expert Huzaifah. Finally, if you have any questions about Monster Hunter, please let me know in the comments below!

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