Defeating Deviljho In MHW: The Complete Guide

Taking on Deviljho is a challenge for many players, however, our guide walks you through how to take him down easily with these useful tips.

Defeating Deviljho is one of the most dangerous and challenging tasks in the Monster Hunter World. Many veteran players and rookies alike face significant difficulties in defeating this mighty dragon. It’s a green-colored muscular dragon who feasts on everything in its sight. Despite having a large-sized body, Deviljho is very agile and capable of running at high speeds, making it all the more difficult to slay him. This monster is highly predatory in nature and would travel distances to find its prey.

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While he is a strong dragon, he is not one of the Elder Dragons, which means taking him on is much easier compared to hunting other high-level Elder dragons. Still, Deviljho is a ferocious monster that requires a hunter to be well-prepared before tackling it.

Key Takeaways
  • Deviljho is a Brute Wyvern that is known for its aggression and power. It is a large monster that can be difficult to defeat, but it is possible with the right preparation and strategy.
  • To defeat Deviljho, you will need to use a weapon that is strong enough to damage it.
  • The best weapons for this are those that deal cutting or blunt damage.
  • You should also wear armor that will protect you from Deviljho’s attacks. The best armor for this will have high defense and resistance to fire and dragon element damage.
  • When fighting Deviljho, it is important to stay mobile and avoid its attacks. You should also use traps and environmental hazards to your advantage.
  • If you are struggling to defeat Deviljho, you can try fighting it in a group with other hunters. This will make the fight easier and more manageable.

Defeating Deviljho  

Stronger Monster in MHW
Deviljho – The Mighty Predator

This cannibalistic hungry dragon is always in search of food. He can crush any monster standing in its way, and its rage knows no bounds. Slaying it proves to be a challenge for many players. In this guide, we will discuss Deviljho’s location, preparation, and fighting strategies to take him down.

How To Unlock Quest And Location

Defeating Deviljho
Deviljho special quest

Before taking on Deviljho you first need to unlock this monster for him to appear in the world. Some Quests must be completed before you set out to find this monster. The first quest you need to do is “Old Monsters in the New World”. To unlock this quest, you would need a hunter rank of 12. Once you complete this quest you would come to know about a Deviljho sighting. Check your map and look for a “???” sign. Go and investigate, and once you spot the monster, Head back to the base in Astera. You would find Three researchers over there near the quest board. Talk to the one with the blue exclamation mark. They will ask you to find the dragon.

Next, you need to track and increase your research points for Deviljho, and You will do this in the same method used to unlock Elder dragons. You need to find its footprints or anything during quests or exploration to increase your research points. Once you have gathered enough, go talk to that researcher, and you will unlock a quest called  “Food Chain Dominator”. You would go for a hunt in this quest, and from this point on, you can take Deviljho on again and again.

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You can find it by following its tracks. It’s mostly found in area 5 and area 6. Once you have completed the “Food Chain Dominator” quest, you can also find it in other quests. The monster is much easier to find due to its large size.

Preparation For The Fight

Preparing for the strongest foe in MHW
Deviljho Boss Fight

You must equip the Rocksteady mantle if you have it in your inventory. This mantle will prove to be a blessing in this fight. This mantle can help you stay steady in it’s strong tremor attacks and can prevent you from being stunned. This can allow you to deal with consistent hits on the monster without getting knocked down.

If you do not have Rocksteady Mantle, it’s recommended to use either a temporal or Dragonproof mantle. The Temporal mantle will allow you to dodge easily, while the Dragonproof mantle will protect you against Dragonblight nullifying it. Moreover, it will also increase your dragon element damage which is effective against the monster.

While you are building your Armor sets, it’s recommended to focus on increasing your damage as much as possible. Defeating Deviljho is challenging, and you need all the damage you can get. When building an Armor set make sure to select one from your inventory that can deal enough damage. Make sure you equip enough Attack or Vitality jewelry on the armor you have selected; this will boost your attack and health.

You should also buy some Nullberries as they cure Dragonblight. Moreover, also carry some Adamant seeds and Armorskin potions to counter various status effects caused by Deviljho. You might wanna carry a few bombs in your inventory for massive damage.

As for choosing a good gadget for your Palico, it’s recommended to give your Palico the “Vigorswap spray” as it will heal a player when needed. Additional hp is always helpful while fighting a strong monster. Once you have used up Vigorswap, you can switch this gadget with any Attacking gadget such as “Meowlotov Cocktail”. With the help of this gadget, the Palico will shoot bombs at the monster, making combat easier for the hunter.

Deviljho weaknesses

Deviljho is weak to thunder and dragon elements. Weapons with Thunder and Dragon Element will inflict immense damage on the monster. So any weapon you choose must have a higher dragon and thunder elemental damage. Moreover, since its difficult to get nearer to its weak points while dodging its attacks, It is recommended to use a long or mid-range weapon like a long sword to slay it easily.

It’s two weak points are its head and torso, So target and hit those areas with your weapon. The monster is agile and massive, so Attacking these two points will be harder with your weapon. The key is to dodge his Attacks till you reach those areas and then slay Deviljho. It’s recommended to target its legs first as it would make reaching the head much easier.

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The mighty dragon can be distracted as it will consume any monster that will come in its way. This diversion will give you a chance to inflict immense damage, especially on its weak points. The Dragon and Thunder elements are most effective in taking down Deviljho. You can also use water and fire elementals if you do not have a good weapon with a Thunder and Dragon element. However never use the ice-elemental weapon against it as the monster is strong against it, and the hunter will suffer greatly.

Fighting Deviljho

defeating deviljho
Figthing the mighty Deviljho

It’s a strong Dragon Element monster that gives a tough time to a lot of players. His large body can cause strong tremors on the ground making the fight harder. You might want to raise your “Guard up” skill to counter Deviljho’s attacks. Using a good shield with a weapon is preferred so you can block his attacks.

Avoid his bites as it would dangerously lower your defense, making it even harder to defeat him. You must have a lot of Adamant seeds, Armorskin, or Mega Armorskin potions to nullify the effect. The Adamant seeds are helpful as they will not only restore your defense but raise it as well.

The Armorskin potions will give your armor a strong boost. His fire attacks will inflict the player with Dragonblight, and you need Nullberries to cure it. The Dragonblight will nullify your elemental attacks. It is advised to carry some drug meat with you. You can cause the monster to sleep, making it easier to attack.

Look out for his Dragon breath Attack, which is highly dangerous. This attack is often very hard to avoid and can damage a player badly. Moreover, it will also lower a player’s defense. When Deviljho raises his head, you must move towards the side to avoid this attack. You can deal massive damage to the head, which is one of the weak points when he lowers it to scoop the ground for an attack. This is only recommended if you are skillful enough to hit him quickly on the head.


Defeating Deviljho is a challenging task that many veterans and rookies find tough. This guide has provided various tips and strategies that will prove useful when you go to challenge it. We have discussed his location, how to prepare for his fight, his weaknesses, and how to fight it effectively.

The dragon may look intimidating but is pretty weak to the dragon and thunder elements, so make sure you equip an appropriate weapon. Make as damaging armor as you possibly can; the more damage you do, the easier the fight will be. You must have a lot of Adamant seeds and Nullberries in your inventory to counter status effects. The key is to dodge his attacks until you can hit its weak points.

It’s worth beating this monster as it can provide you with a lot of good item drops and materials. You can use some of them to craft amazing weapons. You can check the full list of item drops here.

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