How To Get And Equip Layered Armor In MHW

eXputer's 'How to get Layered Armor' in MHW guide will help you roam the world and capture beasts not just in strength by style.

If you are finding it difficult to collect the layered armor in MHW, then no need to worry anymore. This guide will clear up all the confusion regarding how to get layered armor in MHW. If you’re familiar with the Monster Hunter series, you know that the game revolves around your endless pursuit of hunting monsters.

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Key Takeaways
  • Layered armor is a purely cosmetic feature that does not give any stat boosts.
  • To unlock layered armor, you need to collect tickets from event quests, arch-tempered hunts, or seasonal festivals.
  • Once you have the required tickets, you can craft the layered armor at the forge.
  • You can equip layered armor in the Layered Armor Settings menu from your item box.
  • You can also unequip layered armor from this menu.
  • In the Iceborne expansion, you can also get the Direwolf layered armor set for free after reaching Seliana.
Obtaining aesthetically good looking outfits
Monster Hunter World Layered Armor

Armors in Monster Hunter World

The game begins with your character being equipped with flimsy chainmail and basic weapons, but pretty soon, the game gets into its stride, and the simple gameplay evolves as you harvest loot and materials from your prey and become able to customize your character, armor, and weapons. The pursuit for better materials and better armor continues as you hunt bigger and tougher monsters as you progress.

The world is intricate and beautiful, along with many locations that you can explore in the game. Similarly, the myriad of weapon types, craft-able items, and stats can be meshed to make your character stronger, which can get you engrossed in the game pretty quickly. In addition to it, the game goes beyond normal equipment and introduces a feature called Layered Armor. This guide is about acquiring layered armor in MHW.

What is Layered Armor

Layered armor is a purely cosmetic feature in Monster Hunter World that allows you to customize the appearance of your character by switching equipped armor. Moreover, the feature let you give your character a cool appearance that helps you stand out from the rest of the herd. However, It is important to note that layered armor is worn over existing armor to change its appearance and does not change or provide additional stats. Layered armor is split into three ranks:

  • Low Rank
  • Medium Rank
  • High Rank

Layered Armor of any rank can be equipped over normal armor, once it has been crafted. Additionally, it is an unlockable feature, and this guide will show you how to obtain layered armor in MHW.

How to get layered armor in Monster Hunter World
Various Layered Armors in MHW

How To Acquire Layered Armor in MHW

Since you’ve been wondering how to get layered armor, there are quite a few ways you can go about doing this. This mainly depends on what part of the game you’re at. If you’re playing the base game, layered armor can be unlocked as soon as you obtain one of the tickets needed to craft layered armor. The tickets can be obtained through event quests which are usually on rotation.

The tickets can be obtained from quests with a certain degree of set difficulty, in the form of Quest Bonus Rewards. They can also be obtained from Seasonal Quests, beating Arch Tempered versions of monsters, and Purchasing Add-on content when pre-ordering the game.

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Events and Quests To Get Layered Armor

Some examples of such events and quests include:

  • Kulve Taroth Siege which gives the Bushi Tickets. Bushi tickets can be used to craft the layered armors Bushi ‘Homare’ or Bushi ‘Sabi’.
  • Summer Twilight Festival which gives summer twilight tickets. They can be used to obtain the Diver layered armor.
  • Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Kit purchase, which is a part of add-on content. This gives the Samurai Layered armor.
  • Yukumo Layered armor, a master rank armor that is another Add-on content feature.
  • The Witcher questline, which gives the mutagen material. The material is used to craft Ciri Layered Armor.
  • Extreme Behemoth event, through which Glamour Prism can be obtained. The item can be used to obtain the Drachen Layered Armor. 
Nice looking endgame outfit
Blacked out Layered Armor in MHW

The Ice Borne expansion has many surprises in store for players, such as the introduction of Mila Jovovich. When you start playing the Ice Borne expansion, layered armor is rewarded through certain quests, instead of tickets or events. while talking to Seliana, this feature will unblock automatically. When you talk to her, a Layered Armor is given to help your character fit in the world of snow. This is a relatively easier way of unlocking and getting layered armor.

Materials required to craft good looking outfits
Layered Armor Materials

How To Equip Layered Armor

Now that you’ve learned how to get Layered Armor in MHW, you’ll want to be able to equip or unequip the armor too. To equip or change equipped Layered Armor, first go to your Item Box, then select ‘Layered Armor Settings’ at the bottom. From there select the armor that you wish to equip. Beware that you’ll have to invest time and energy in grinding enough tickets to craft the entire layered armor set. And many materials aren’t available until much later into the game.

Similarly, layered Armor that needs monster materials to be crafted you can check the Smithy for your progress. On the other hand,  Layered Armor that is obtained through festivals or events can be checked through the Research Hub. The Research Hub enables you to obtain the armor by clearing certain bounties.

How To Unlock the Feature 

How to get layered armor mhw
Unlocking the features

In the MHW game, layered armors are reflexively unlocked once you’ve achieved one of the tickers needed to craft them. Primarily, these tickets are obtained through Event Quests on a rotation, which involves several collaboration events, Arch-Tempered hunting, or seasonal festivals.

In the Ice borne expansion, the feature of layered armor can also be achieved after reaching the Seliana, when you’re provided with the Direwolf set for free. It means that you’ve finished the pivotal storyline of the base game first.

Once you’ve unlocked the features and achieved the tickets, you can observe either the Research Hub or Smithy for your progression on crafting the layered armors. The Research Hub is often used for limited-time event quests and collaborations where you can get the layered armor by crossing a few boundaries. In the smithy, you can design other regular layered armor including the ones based on monster equipment.

Main Sources For Crafting Layered Armor

unlocking the unique outfit equipping feature
Materials required for crafting layered armor in MHW

As we’ve already perceived, layered armor is a cosmetic feature in Monster Hunter World that permits you to change your armor’s appearance while retaining its skill and stats. It is ideal for players who want to appear stylish while being able to utilize whatever armor they require for the equipment bonuses. 

For designing and crafting a professional layered armor, there’re two main sources required. As mentioned previously, some of them can only be achieved via limited-time event quests, which are rotating with consistency. If you want a particular set, you’ll have to check if the quest is available or wait until it goes up. Later, when they return on the rotation, make sure to farm them as much as you need because it isn’t sure if they’ll return or not.

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However, the other material for chiseling the layered armor is required from Guiding Lands. It means that you’ll have to go through the entire storyline of the Ice borne expansion before starting the collection of the materials. Even after unlocking Guiding Lands, certain virtual monsters might appear on specific area levels, so there’s still a bit of work to do.

Once you’ve successfully created your layered armor, you can always check on your item box and wear them accordingly. As with the other kind of equipment, you can customize most of their color palettes as per your preferences.  

Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise

Layered armor has now introduced itself in Monster Hunter Rise. This guide is precisely made to inform you about its wide coverage and diversity. Recently, this feature has received its 2.0 update. With the updates arrives tons of new content and quality of life enhancement to help benefit players. Immediate users have got their Hunter Rank Cap while the new ones are introduced in some quests.

Besides this, new monsters are appearing in Village, Rampage, and Hub missions. Layered armor is a huge addition to the game while providing the ability to customize the look of their hunters. As players are getting interested in the latest features, they can easily expand their cosmetic options without being anxious.


During the play, remember that layered armor doesn’t influence your skills or stats in any way. When you’re wearing an arm that looks powerful and attractive, it’s easy to forget the necessity of configuring your base equipment, so you might need to be attentive. Additionally, while you’ve excess time to mix and match layered armor pieces, some of the Full armor parts arrive as full sets, so you wouldn’t be able to exchange any of their parts. If you’re a beginner at this game, hopefully, this guide has helped up in figuring out how to achieve layered armor. Happy Hunting!

Layered Armor in Monster Hunter World - FAQs

Does Layered Armor do anything?

Layered Armor is a purely cosmetic feature and does not give stat boosts.

Where do I craft Layered Armor?

Visit Forge and then go to the Layered Armor crafting section to begin crafting a layered armor in MHW.

How to unequip Layered Armor?

Select “Layered Armor Settings” from Item Box, click “Change Layered Armor”, and then unequip the armor that you have already equipped.

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