Monster Hunter World: Coral Crystal [Explanation & Locations]

Learn everything about Coral Crystal, from how to get them and what they are used for in MHW.

Gathering material can be a grind or annoying in any Monster Hunter game, especially if you don’t know the location of said material, with Coral Crytal being one such material. In Monster Hunter World, Coral Crystal is one essential material you need to craft some armor sets, and it is primarily necessary to upgrade some weapons and charms.

Key Takeaways
  • Coral Crystal is an ore that can be found in the Coral Highlands.
  • It can only be found in Low and High Rank in Coral Highlands.
  • Coral Crystal is an important material needed for upgrading your weapons and charms.
  • Coral Crystal can be a bonus drop from 12 Quests.

What Are Coral Crystals In MHW

MHW Coral Crystal
Coral Crystal [image by me]
Coral Crystal is an ore found in Coral Highland, which is necessary for crafting armor sets and upgrading your weapons or charms.

Coral Crystals are necessary for progressing through the game because in Monster Hunter, crafting better armor sets or upgrading your weapons and charms is the only way to progress. You want an optimal weapon, armor, and charm to hunt Monster.

How To Find Coral Crystal

MHW Coral Crystal Location
Coral Crystal Location [image by me]
Coral Crystal in Monster Hunter World can only be found in mining outcrops in Coral Highland or in specific quests with a chance to drop Coral Crystal. Coral Crystals can be mined from the mining outcrops in Areas 8, 9, 11, 12, and 15.

Finally, below, I will list quests that have a chance to drop Coral Crystal:

  • Wiggle Me This
  • Gone in a Flash                
  • Ballooning Problem
  • Legiana: Embodiment of Elegance            
  • A Tzitzi for Science          
  • Sorry You’re Not Invited                
  • White Monster for a White Coat               
  • A Humid Headache         
  • Midnight Mayhem          
  • It’s a Crying Shamos
  • What a Bunch of Abalone            
  • Troubled Troupers

Honestly, the best way to get Coral Crystals in Monster Hunter World is to mine them from the mining outcrops in the Coral Highlands. After getting Coral Crystal, you can craft armor sets, such as Tzitzi, King Beetle, Kirin, or Ingot.

I end this by stating that if you are curious about Monster Hunter World, I recommend checking out our game review by our expert Huzaifah. Lastly, you should check out this video if you are confused about the location of mining outcrops for coral crystals. Finally, if you have any questions about Monster Hunter, please let me know in the comments below!

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