10 Best Dual Blades In Monster Hunter World

Deal high damage with these best dual blades in Monster hunter world and decimate monsters. This guide entails the best weapons in the class.

Monster hunter world has a variety of weapon classes to choose from. Your gameplay experience would depend on what class you choose. Dual blades are included in one such weapon class. These blades can cut up any monster with their rapid furious attacks, though these Dual blades are heavily dependent on elements. Our guide will discuss the best dual blades in the Monster Hunter world.

Key Takeaways
  • Dual Blades are one of the many weapon classes that are available in this game for players to choose from.
  • This weapon class, in particular, is said to be not the most damaging weapon due to its low attack power. But these are considered the fasted weapon class out of all the others.
  • The dual blades use chain attacks that are quickly executed to do as many attacks as possible, making them highly viable against Elder Dragons.
  • Each dual blade does not suit the playstyle of every player, so you need to choose one that fits your own playstyle.
  • Some of the dual blades are Fire and Ice, Bazelhawk Rookslayer, Zirael, Decimation Claws, and Sworn Rapiers.
  • Each of these dual blades has its own unique attack power, rarity, affinity, sharpness, etc. So choose one that is fit to your liking.

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The dual-blades class is considered the fastest out of any other weapon class. The attack stats of this class are very low, yet they are highly lethal to the monsters because of their continuous speedy attacks. These Dual blades are best known for their “Chain attacks.” These blades can deal with a wide variety of elemental damage and various status effects, and some blades may even have the ability to inflict two status effects.

Monster Hunter World Best Dual Blades 

When it comes to choosing a good dual blade that best suits your playstyle, there are plenty available for you to craft. This guide will list some of the best ones that you must have in your inventory. These Dual blades will help you easily decimate monsters of all sizes.

Check out the stats for the best dual blades in Monster Hunter World: 

Dual Blade NameAttackAffinity (%)SharpnessRaritySpecial
Fire and Ice252.010.0Blue/White8.0- Ice 240
- Blastblight 240
Arcania III238.020.0Blue/White6.0Sleep 120
Empress Daggers "Styx"252.010.0White/White8.0Blastblight 120
Decimation Claws294.00.0Blue8.0Dragon 120
Diablos Club II322.0-10.0Blue/White7.0Ice 90
Bazelhawk Rookslayer280.0-10.0Blue/White8.0Blastblight 150
Zirael294.00.0White/White8.0Dragon 240
Kjarr Daggers "Rage"438.05.0-12.0Fire 530
Wrathful Predation308.0-20.0Blue/White7.0Dragon 180
Sworn Rapiers182.00.0Green/Green3.0Water 90

Fire And Ice

Fire and Ice: best of both world weapons
Fire and Ice
  • Ice 240
  • Blastblight 240

Fire and Ice is considered one of the best dual blades in the Monster Hunter world by a lot of veterans. This dual blade can pack a great punch with its double elemental stats. With the high base Attack of 252, you can inflict both an Ice and Blast 240 elemental damage. You can freeze a monster and then blast it immediately, dealing immense damage. The weapon has blue sharpness and 10% affinity, so the stats of this weapon are well-balanced.

The weapon, however, is harder to obtain. You need materials from three kinds of monsters, namely Teostra, Daora, and Xeno’jiiva. In addition, you would also need to gather Nova crystals. Still, the weapon is worth the effort to obtain as it’s one of the most offensive weapons.

Arcania III

Arcania III: the sleep weapon
Arcania III
238Sleep 12020%Blue/White6

Arcania III is a strong dual blade with the base Attack of 238 and can inflict sleep on the monster. It has 120 sleep Elemental Attack damage at its highest upgrade level. The blades are highly sharp as the sharpness is blue on the meter.

Overall the stats of this weapon are well balanced as the Affinity is 20% which is much more than most dual blades having Affinity ranging from 5-10 %. You can get materials for crafting Arcania III by collecting drops from the Kulu-Ya-Ku monster. The monster is large but not hostile in nature so you can easily defeat it to get materials.

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You can achieve a much higher critical ratio as there are three augmentation slots available for a player to adjust his critical Attacks. With the Sleep elemental, you can catch the monster off guard and decimate it with strong critical Attacks. With balanced stats and highly powerful Attacks, Arcania III becomes a strong contender for one of the best dual blades in Monster hunter world.

Empress Daggers “Styx”

Best dual blades in Monster hunter world
Empress daggers Styx
252Blastblight 12010%White/White8

Styx is a popular Dual Blade among a lot of veteran gamers. At its highest upgrade level, it has the base Attack stat of 252 with Blastlight elemental damage of 120. The weapon has the highest level of sharpness that is white in the meter. The Blastlight damage and high sharpness can inflict high damage to the monsters. The weapon will grant you a “Razor Sharp/Spare Shot” Skill when you equip it.

The Affinity is 10% which is low but still a decent number. The Attack potential of this Dual Blade makes up for low affinity and so this dual blade is considered one of the best, especially if you are a more aggressive player. It has two Augment slots for better upgrades. To obtain it, you need a Research commission ticket along with material drops from monsters, including Lunastra and Xeno’jiiva.

Decimation Claws

Decimation Claws: ultimate weapon against elder dragons
Decimation Claws
294Dragon 1200%Blue8

These claws look furious in appearance, ready to tear apart any monster. These blades not only look fierce but have a highly lethal base Attack 294 along with 120 dragon elemental damage. The high Attack stat along with Dragon elemental damage can pack a great punch and is the most suitable weapon if you are looking to hunt Elder Dragons because of its high Elderseal level. The sharpness level is blue which is not the highest but is still decent and can deal a lot of damage to the monsters.

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One disadvantage is that the weapon has 0% affinity, making gameplay harder, especially for a rookie player. Moreover, this weapon is hard to get as the material drops are difficult to obtain. You would be required to beat Nergigante, a high-level elder dragon difficult to beat. Xeno’jiiva, too, must be defeated, the final boss of the Monster hunter world. Even though the weapon has a low affinity and high rarity, it’s still considered one of the best dual blades in Monster hunter world by a lot of experts due to its high Attack potential.

Diablos Clubs II

Best dual blades in Monster hunter world
Diablos Clubs II
322Ice 90-10%Blue/White7

When fully upgraded, these are highly offensive dual blades with a base Attack stat of 322 and 90 ice elemental damage. The sharpness meter is blue, which is pretty decent. You can obtain this weapon by getting material drops from the Diablos monster and then forging it. Diablos are large monsters that are weak to a variety of Elemental Attacks, including ice. So those monsters can be easily destroyed with these dual blades

The weapon has a very low affinity that is only -10% percent and a low defense of 15, Though these low stats are made up for with its high Attack potential. The weapon doesn’t look appealing but can decimate monsters effectively with its strong Attack.

Bazelhawk Rookslayer

Bazelhawk Rookslayer: high damaging blades
Bazelhawk Rookslayer
280Blastblight 150-10%Blue/White8

It’s a post-game dual blade that is good for offense but lacks affinity as it’s -10%. A negative affinity will affect your gaming experience, and it can be ignored for its high base Attack of 280 and 150 Blast damage. It has good sharpness in blue. This weapon is recommended for aggressive players.

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You can obtain materials for crafting Bazelhawk Rookslayer by defeating Bazelgeese and  Xeno’jiiva. The weapon is worth getting as it can decimate monsters with its immense damaging potential. So it is one of the best dual blades in Monster hunter world despite poor affinity.


Best dual blades in Monster hunter world
294Dragon 2400%White/White8

One of the strongest dual blades in the game, Zirael has a base Attack of 294 with 240 dragon damage. Its sharpness meter reaches white which is high and can deal immense damage to the enemies. This weapon was introduced in Monster hunter thanks to the collaboration with Witcher 3. So, Witcher 3 fans might appreciate this weapon. You can obtain this weapon by defeating Ancient Leshen and a few Nova crystals.

The weapon is extremely rare and hard to get, but it’s worth getting. Despite having low affinity, The strong Attack potential and Dragon elemental damage are perfect for slaughtering dragons.

Kjarr Daggers “Rage”

Kjarr Daggers: Strongest affinity blades in MHW
Kjarr Daggers rage
438 (Level 5)Fire 5305%12

A dual blade with the potential of dealing critical elemental Attacks with its skill, the Kjarr dagger is a strong contender for one of the best dual blades in Monster Hunter World. You can deal immense fire elemental damage of 180 on the monsters along with its strong 280 base Attack.

Though the weapon has some disadvantages, It has a low affinity that is 5%; moreover, you cannot upgrade it to any other weapon. The weapon is very hard to get, and you cannot get it until you complete the “The Fury of El Dorado” quest, which is a highly difficult event quest. Though it’s worth doing the effort to get this dual blade as it’s one of the strongest Elemental Attack damaging dual blades.

Wrathful Predation

Best dual blades in Monster hunter world
Wrathful predation
308Dragon 180-20%Blue/White7

A dual blade is most suitable for killing dragons, especially high-level Elder dragons. It has one the strongest base Attack that is 308 along with 180 dragon damage. The sharpness is blue which is enough to slay monsters considering its high Attack stats. The weapon reduces the affinity by 20% which can affect the gameplay experience making it a tad difficult.

You can obtain this weapon by obtaining Elder dragon blood and by gathering material drops from Deviljho. Even though this dual blade reduces Affinity, Its immense damage-dealing damage capabilities are enough to consider it one of the best dual blades in Monster hunter world.

Sworn Rapiers

182Water 900%Green/Green3

Not many good dual blades are available for beginners early on in the gameplay. Sworn Rapiers, however, is a great dual blade for rookies. It has a base Attack of 182 and 80 water Elemental damage that is good enough to kill early low-level Monsters. The sharpness is green which is decent enough for early gameplay.

You do not have to gather material drops from various monsters to craft this weapon. You need a few ores and crystals to forge it, so the weapon is easier to obtain.


There are a variety of dual blades in Monster hunter world to choose from. These ferocious dual blades will come in handy to slay a variety of monsters. For decimating Elder dragons, It’s always recommended to choose a dual blade with good dragon elemental damage. Some of these dual blades may reduce affinity, but their Attack potential is tremendous.

The important thing is to select the best dual blade that suits your playstyle and the weakness of the monster you are going to slaughter. A detailed weapon tree is available here. You can check out more weapons here.

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