Kjarr Weapons: Quests, Boss, And Farming Guide

Kjarr-based Weapons are part of Monster Hunter World’s endgame arsenal. Due to their strength and rarity, obtaining them can be difficult. In the past, you had to take on Kulve Taroth in a 16-player Siege to get these weapons. With Iceborne’s release, however, you now have an alternative method as well. Welcome to our Kjarr Weapons Compendium.

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Optimal Method To Farm Kjarr Weapons

Considering that there are two pathways to getting your weapons from Kulve Taroth, each has its own limitations. Said limitations in mind, you should be able to choose the method that is most convenient for you.

Kulve Taroth is a boss in The Fury of El Dorado. This is a special Event Quest in MHW, enabling four groups of hunters to tackle the massive siege boss. A great amount of preparation goes into farming it, but some changes have been made as of December 2021. The Fury of El Dorado and The Eternal Gold Rush quests are now available on a two-week rotational basis with Safi’jiiva. Keep in mind that the switch happens at 00:00 UTC.

Kjarr-based Weapons are based on randomized drops. You’ll need to appraise Incandescent versions in order to get a usable version, not unlike Decorations. These weapons are divided into three categories: Gold, Taroth, and Kjarr. As of Iceborne’s release, you have two methods of farming Kjarr-based Weapons, and both have their pros and cons.

The Fury Of El Dorado – HR Siege

This method can be a double-edged sword owing to its focus on extensive multiplayer. There’s a good chance that you may or may not get a good squad because the content requires you to team up with 16 other random players or friends.

Furthermore, teaming up with randoms is bound to cause friction in strategies and gameplay, further complicating the rewards. All this adds up to one grand possibility of wasting your time, considering the siege itself is a time commitment.

That said, should you run this with like-minded and experienced players, the siege will be as seamless as you’d expect. Adding to that, your progress carrying over plus the Pursuit and Reward levels make this method a lenient choice. Form a group with players of a similar skill level, or get your friends on board and you’re all set. You can visit the Monster Hunter Hub community discord server to play with other hunters. 

The Eternal Gold Rush – MR Event Quest

The one major drawback here is the fact that you can fail the quest. While failing itself isn’t the entire problem, you will also lose any resources used in the process. The MR event quest operates like any other quest you’d do in the game. No special benefits of the siege, and the progress isn’t carried over, unlike the other method.

Furthermore, you are required to have knowledge of the fight and have to put out consistent damage to achieve the objective. This is solely to prevent Kulve Taroth from retreating in order not to fail the quest. Impeccable planning and seamless gameplay would be required to bypass each area’s hidden timer to complete the hunt.

That said, like your average quest, regardless of difficulty, it is doable and soloable. You can also use an SOS flare, allowing you to co-op with a compact group of people, thus lowering the chances of failure. The fact that you can effectively clear the quest in roughly 15 minutes makes this method is a huge time saver. After all, they do say time is money!

Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth Special Quest

It’s never a walk in the park to get some of the strongest gear in any game. This idea carries into The Fury of El Dorado siege as well. You will be required to keep certain mechanics in mind as you face off against the Elder Dragon. Adequately performing these mechanics will not only make the encounter seamless but will net you greater rewards. Aside from the normal gameplay aspects of Monster Hunter, you need to keep track of two things that we have mentioned below.

The Fury of El Dorado quest armor materials
Armor crafted from Kulve Taroth materials

Pursuit Level

This mechanic ties into a core system of the game – picking up monster tracks. Pursuit will boost your damage output, in turn making it easier to break Kulve Taroth’s body parts. The more tracks you get out there, the more your Pursuit level will rise. This will make farming Kjarr weapons a lot more efficient. Make sure you don’t pass up on any out in the field!

Keep in mind that the Pursuit level increase is applied to all players in the session. However, this does not affect the level of runs that were initiated previously. It impacts your rewards if you do not join a raid from one Pursuit level prior to the horn break. Completely breaking off Kulve Taroth’s horns will lead to the reset of the Pursuit level as well. Make sure the run is completed should you break the horns entirely for maximum rewards.

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Reward Level

This mechanic directly impacts your individual rewards from the siege. Should a group complete the run or you leave the session, it will reset. In order to increase this, you need to break Kulve Taroth’s body parts. You gain two levels for shattering a gold part, one for entirely breaking off her horns and one for the naked tail.

Increasing reward rarity requires you to have a previous pursuit session that did not end in failure. Follow this up by breaking her horns in a higher pursuit level, and the rarity should increase.

Furthermore, you can get additional random rewards if you trigger Kulve Taroth’s Fury. The game provides you with a cue via the Handler signifying Kulve’s state. Should you successfully break her horns during this mode, the game gives you a message prompt. The rewards are based on RNG, however, so this can be a hit or miss. Try not to sabotage the run over it.

Lastly, unlike Pursuit, the Reward level is not shared. This means that you’ll have to play your part to the fullest if you want the weapons. Bring along items to support the party and break the monster parts to get those rewards!

For Kjarr And Glory

It goes without saying that you need to prepare before you face off against Kulve Taroth. To that end, there are some noteworthy things you can bring along to make it easier.


The skill itself makes it easier to break off monster parts. Considering how Kulve Taroth’s siege is designed, it’s mandatory to have this skill on you. Enabling you to shatter her parts with relative ease, you will earn more rewards depending on how many parts you break. The skill can be enhanced, so be sure to mix and match in order to get what works best for you.

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Barrel Bombs

One way to maximize your damage output would involve a variety of Barrel Bombs. The fight has areas where you have a lot of room to maneuver. Utilizing Large Barrel Bombs in such areas would enable you to deal a respectable amount of damage. If you choose this option, make sure to incorporate Bombadier in your build. The skill will enhance your damage output from Barrel Bombs.


Like any other monster, Kulve Taroth has certain affinities. Your choice of gear should revolve around the hunt’s objective and Kulve’s weaknesses. Weapons dealing Cut and Blunt damage will be super effective against her gold-plated head. Similarly, Ammo damage will work wonders against her forelegs. This isn’t to say the other two damage types won’t work at all, but it’s still something worth noting. Kulve Taroth is primarily weak against the Ice element, so be sure to use that to your advantage.

End game weapon and armor materials MHW
Kulve Taroth’s Item Drop Chart

Demondrug, Demon Powder & Might Pill

It’s clear that you need to deal damage to Kulve Taroth. Bringing strength enhancers such as a variety of Demondrugs and Demon Powders will help. The powder will have an AoE effect buffing the entire party. Note that this works in tandem with the Powertalon in your pouch. Stacking up enhancers will enable you to put out even more damage and place you ahead of the timer.

Fireproof And Vitality Mantle

These two mantles can make the encounter a bit safer. Farming Kjarr Weapons will pit you against the flames of Kulve Taroth. Using the Fireproof Mantle allows you to mitigate that damage to a fair degree, thus boosting your performance. The Vitality Mantle works in a similar fashion as it negates a certain level of damage before the effect wears off.

Kulve Taroth Four Areas Battle Strategy

The battle itself takes place in the Caverns of El Dorado and is split into four areas. Kulve Taroth will move to each area as objectives are completed, and hunters need to deal with her accordingly. Should you fail to complete the objective of an area within the time frame prior to her moving to the next zone, she will leave. This does not fail the quest; however, it’s a waste of time if you didn’t collect enough tracks to raise your Pursuit level. Doing Pursuit runs at first to increase your damage multiplier is a good way to increase your damage output.

Area One

Kulve Taroth is essentially leaving the area here and ignoring you while she does her thing. The objective is to deal enough damage to halt her retreat. You’ll receive a system message once you meet the threshold to stop her from escaping. 

Earlier, we mentioned that the Pursuit Level signifies your damage multiplier. Meeting the damage threshold at Pursuit Level 1 can be difficult. The Barrel Bombs and Partbreaker strategies come in handy here and as you progress. You could also do a Pursuit run to raise your damage multiplier before moving on to the other objectives.

Area Two

The goal here is to shatter as many of her gold-plated parts as possible. Doing this contributes to the damage needed to prevent her escape. Should you achieve this, Kulve Taroth will move to the next area of the quest. Remember that attacking the parts already broken will not contribute to the damage needed for the objective. Each area has its own time limit for the objective’s completion. Fail to do so, and Kulve Taroth will leave the vicinity, thus ending the run.

Area Three

This part basically serves as a bridge or a continuation. Should you fully achieve the objective in the previous area, Kulve Taroth moves to Area Four after she steps into the third zone for a brief moment. The objective here is to shed her gold-plating if you did not meet the requirement previously.

Area Four

The goal here is to break her horns. This needs to be prioritized as the only damage that matters here is that which is directed at the horns. Attacking other parts of Kulve Taroth here would do nothing to halt her retreat from the area ending the run prematurely.

One exception here would be that you weren’t in a previous run where her tail was broken off. Should you and your party decide to increase the reward level, certain adjustments can be made. Nevertheless, horns will ultimately take precedence in the fourth area.

Another possible exception would be to target her limbs and cause her to trip. This would increase uptime and allow you to massively increase your damage output to her horns after she falls over.

Be mindful of environmental hazards. Exercise your creativity with the options available in your surroundings to achieve the objective in each area. A hunter always makes the most of everything that’s available to him. It may not be easy to farm Kjarr Weapons, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

The Eternal Gold Rush – Master Rank

You can find this quest in the Events section under the Master Rank tab on the Quest Board. It’s a timed quest on rotation with the siege, so be sure to take advantage of it when it’s live.

The Master Rank version is not unlike a normal hunt quest. There are no Pursuit or Reward levels, and thus your progress doesn’t carry over. Fail to defeat Kulve Taroth in the allotted timeframe, and you’ll succeed at wasting your resources for little in return. The good news is that the strategies mentioned above, including various setups, still apply! You can use Partbreaker, strength enhancers, Barrel Bombs, and the mantles to tip the odds in your favor.

Note that each phase has a time limit aside from the overall 50 minutes duration of the quest. Failure to achieve the objective in each phase leads to Kulve Taroth leaving the area. All the more reason to utilize your arsenal to the fullest. Though the quest is fast-paced and requires consistent damage output, having prior knowledge of the siege should give you an edge.

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Utilizing Alchemy

As of Iceborne, a new melding system was added to the Elder Melder. This allowed hunters to use various Kulve Taroth monster materials to get weapons and crafting items. A huge timesaver as doing a siege itself is a pretty big time commitment.

To unlock the alchemy of Kjarr-based Weapons, you must first kill the Master Rank Kulve Taroth. Successfully complete The Eternal Gold Rush and talk to the Elder Melder to get started. The same logic applies to Safi’jiiva and its materials. Kill the monster in a siege and talk to Elder Melder to get things underway.

Kjarr Weapons
Elder Melder’s interface showcasing Awakening Alchemy

You can utilize the Large Elder Dragon Bone and Kulve Taroth parts obtained from the two methods to conduct Kjarr Alchemy at the Elder Melder. This process makes it much more convenient to get the Kjarr Weapons. However, there is still the element of RNG at work here. You would need a hefty time commitment and a ton of resources to get that specific weapon you’re looking for. There will be instances where the melding will result in nothing but Taroth Weapons but don’t give up!

Furthermore, you can upgrade these armaments at the Smithy to increase their rarity levels. As you unlock The Guiding Lands from progressing Iceborne’s story, you will be able to farm materials. The materials earned from monsters in that area allow you to upgrade the Kjarr-based Weapons for more power. Overall, the melding and upgrade system is a huge advantage for endgame players due to resource utilization.


This brings us to the end of our Kjarr Weapons guide. We hope this breakdown proved helpful to you in your encounter with Kulve Taroth. Be sure to get your pre-hunt on from the Canteen before you face off against the Golden Behemoth!

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