Witcher 3: How To Find Powdered Monster Tissue

Hunting Monsters For Materials.

Witcher 3 Powdered Monster Tissue Guide

WItcher 3 Powdered Monster

Powdered Monster Tissue is a Relic tier material that can be extremely hard to track down. You might find some of it out in the wild by chance, or a few units might show up in a merchant’s shop. It that all depends on your luck.

Key Takeaways
  • The Powdered Monster Tissue is a crafting material in the Witcher 3.
  • It is a Relic tier material which is hard to obtain.
  • The sources through which it can be obtained are hunting down specific monsters, buying from a merchant’s shop, or in the wild if you get lucky enough.
  • The Monsters which can be hunted down to obtain Powdered Monster Tissue include Gargoyles, Griffin, Specters, and Shaelmaars.
  • The parts obtained through hunting of these monsters can be dismantled into the Powdered Monster Tissue.
  • Any Blacksmith, or preferably Master Blacksmith will offer you the ‘dismantle’ option from which you can get the required material in exchange for some crowns.

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A more reliable method of sourcing this item is to go hunting for it, but that of course comes with a bit of time investment. But at least there’s no guesswork involved in this process because only a select few monsters yield Witcher 3 Powdered Monster Tissue.

The list below shows all creatures that fit these criteria:

  • Gargoyles – Drop Gargoyle Hearts and Gargoyle Dust.
  • Griffins – Drop Griffin Feathers.
  • Specters – Drop Specter Dust.
  • Shaelmaars – Drop Shaelmaar Dust (Exclusive to the Blood and Wine DLC).

Once acquired, these monster parts can be dismantled into Powdered Monster Tissue.

How To Extract Powdered Monster Tissue

WItcher 3 Powdered Monster
Monster Parts.

In order to get the Powdered Monster Tissue from these raw monster parts, you have to take them to a blacksmith in any major settlement in the game. As a general rule, it’s preferred that you only go to Master Smiths in case you have to craft something of a high rank.

Interact with the NPC, and go into the ‘Dismantle’ tab in the shop menu. Now find the parts named in the list above and deconstruct them to get Powdered Monster Tissue.

Also, make sure that you have enough money with you when breaking down a lot of monster parts. The rarer the component, the more it costs to dismantle. And if you’re not careful, you can find yourself spending hundreds of crowns at a time.

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