10 Best Disney Mirrorverse Tips And Tricks

Tips to Help You Get Started

Disney Mirrorverse lets you play as some of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters as you fight against evil in an exciting action RPG. If you’re just getting started, the game might seem confusing, but we’ve got you covered! Here are some Disney Mirrorverse tips and tricks to help you get started!

Key Takeaways
  • Learn important game controls in addition to the basic ones such as Dodging and using your Specials.
  • Choose classes that complement each other to create the perfect team.
  • Gain knowledge about different XP tiers and types which are indicated by different colors.
  • Try your best to keep your characters alive during matches by using some support or healing characters in your team.
  • Keep an eye on the Bazaar which is the in-game shop offering many valuable items.
  • Choose the Auto combat mode setting in easier fights and the Manual combat mode setting in tougher fights.
  • Try different game modes the game offers instead of sticking to a single one and going try-hard on it.
  • Use your Specials as soon as they charge because there is no point in holding them for later.
  • Use your resources wisely because some important resources such as Gold can run out unexpectedly 
  • Join Alliances, which are like guilds that can reward you with loot and let you participate in special competitive events and missions.

Familiarise Yourself with the Important Controls

The first and foremost thing that you have to learn in any game is the controls. It’s the basic requirement of any game to ever exist. But we’re not here to tell you something so basic. Instead, we’d like to point out the controls that you need to focus on mastering so that you have an easier time.

The very first control that you should master is learning how to dodge. You will engage in a lot of battles, and most of the time, dodging can be the key factor that can judge the outcome of the battle. You can dodge in any direction that is specified, allowing your hero/guardian to dash in that direction.

Have a play around with the mechanic and get used to the timing so that you don’t struggle in a real battle scenario.

The other control that you should know about and use often is the specials. Each guardian has its own unique special that can help them deal great damage or use buffs. Knowing when to use it and what exactly your special can do will let you leverage it in each battle for a better outcome.

Diversify Your Team

In the game, you get the option to have the main team that can have 3 heroes/guardians. What may players tend to do is that they pick just one class that they are well versed with and fill up their entire team with it.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way to go, and you should try to mix it up.

It doesn’t exactly matter which classes you pick in particular; you should just aim to have classes that tend to complement each other.

For example, if you notice that you don’t have any class that focuses on healing, try adding that to your team. If you’re lacking in close combat, you can try adding a melee class character like Mulan.

And if you notice that you don’t have anything related to ranged or DPS, you should add a class or character that offers that, such as Zurg.

Understand the Different XP

Disney Mirrorverse Tips and Tricks
Disney Mirrorverse – XP Flame Tiers

The following is a Disney Mirrorverse tip for XP. You need to understand that the XP system is actually quite complex. Not only do you have to look out for the different types of XP, but there are also different tiers. So, let’s discuss those in detail.

The first thing that you need to know is that there are different types of XP for the various classes. It’s mostly indicated by the color, which represents the classes.

So, if you have red XP, that will go into any melee class hero/guardian such as Mulan. Or, if you have ranged upgrade materials and XP, it will only apply to your ranged classes. That’s why whenever you’re trying to upgrade a guardian, you should consider its XP type.

But there is also another form of XP that is shown as the white flames whenever you try to upgrade a hero/guardian. That is your general XP and can go towards any class.

But then each XP type is further divided by its tier. If you select a character and press upgrade, you will see flames (which is basically your XP). But the number of flames that you see will dictate the tier of XP.

So, if you have a character that has 2 flames on their XP whenever you try to upgrade, then that means it is a tier 2 XP character and will only accept such XP while leveling up. Therefore, when you’re distributing your XP, be mindful of this mechanism.

Survivability is Important

Our next Disney Mirrorverse Tip has to do with survivability. The thing is, matches in the game can be around 5 minutes long. And most of the time, it’s not about completing them as fast as you can; you actually have to go in there and try to keep certain players alive and such.

Therefore, if you don’t have buffs or characters that can help you survive, you will have a hard time. We mentioned earlier that you should diversify your team. But you need to take it a step further and have some sort of character that helps you survive throughout those long matches. Get yourself a healer or someone who can buff you with things such as resistance to various damage.

Familiarise Yourself with the Bazaar

Disney Mirrorverse Tips Bazaar
Disney Mirrorverse – Bazaar

The Bazaar is essentially your in-game shop. There are various items that you can spend your hard-earned gold and orbs on, but you need to know what you should and shouldn’t spend them on.

One thing that you should look out for is XP. You can often specific XP from the Bazaar, usually x100 for 20 orbs. But you should also try and get energy from the Bazaar whenever you have orbs. More times than not, you’ll never feel as if you have “too much energy.”

Regardless of what you buy, you should keep an eye on the Bazaar as it can have a lot of items that can help you strengthen your team.

Manual or Auto-fight

Disney Mirrorverse Tips and Tricks
Disney Mirrorverse – Auto Combat Gameplay

Here is our Disney Mirrorverse tip about combat. The game lets you have auto-combat and manual. Now there’s no hard and fast rule, and much of it can be situational. But the main point is that you should aim to leverage both of them.

If the fights are easy and you don’t feel as if anything could go wrong, play on auto. There’s no point in wasting your energy on the easier fights. You can switch whenever you want, and it’s better to save yourself for the harder fights.

But if there are fights that require a bit of effort, the manual is always the way to go, without a doubt. You will be able to pull off better moves and tactics. Many players have also reported being able to swing faster and land attacks more often when playing on manual.

Additionally, you can only use your characters’ special skills in automatic mode. That is because they have to be manually activated from the special abilities section. So, if you want better fights or are facing off against tough foes, you should opt for manual mode.

Don’t Remain Stuck on One Mode

Different modes
Disney Mirrorverse – Different Modes

One great thing about Disney Mirrorverse is that there are a lot of different modes and progressions that you can take part in. If you’re ever stuck on one thing, you should move on to something else.

So, let’s say you’ve been playing for a while, and you reach a point in the story where you’re stuck. You keep trying, but you’re struggling to get past certain enemies. That’s totally okay and normal.

But what you shouldn’t do is keep trying to overcome it by going into try-hard mode on it. Instead, move on to something else like Supply Runs, Towers, or Events.

There’s so much other content that you can always progress in and reap the rewards from. Then use those rewards and XP to level up and have a better chance at whatever you were stuck on.

Don’t Hold on to Your Specials

The following is a Disney Mirrorverse tips about Specials. We mentioned earlier that you need to be well versed with the controls of the game. However, some players tend to learn how to use the specials and then simply hold on to them for some “desperate moment.”

Whenever you’re in combat, your aim should be to use your specials as often as you can. In fact, they charge up so quickly that it’s better to just spam them whenever you get the chance rather than holding on to them. Just keep an eye out on the bar and as soon as your special is available, make use of it.

Gold is Precious, Use it Wisely

You might think at the start of the game that gold is easier to come by, and orbs are the currency that will give you the most trouble.

However, that’s far from the truth, as players tend to run out of gold more often than orbs. Therefore, whenever you’re spending around your currency, keep in mind that even if you’re using gold conservatively, you’ll eventually run out of it.

Join an Alliance

Recommended Alliances in the Game
Disney Mirrorverse – Alliances

Our last Disney Mirrorverse has to do with Alliances. Alliances are essentially like guilds or clans that you can join. There are various things that you can do when you’re a part of the Alliance, such as specific missions or competitive events.

But the main reason why you should join an Alliance is because of the loot that you can get. You will get amazing rewards whenever you’re part of an Alliance, and it’s definitely a mechanism worth exploring.

With that, you know all of the beginners Disney Mirrorverse tips to help you get started! The game has various things to try out and many things to learn. But after a while, you’ll get the hang of it and conquer the Mirrorverse! 

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