Skull And Bones: Elders Cave Location + Interest Points

The following is my take on how to find the Elders Cave location in-game, along with the Pirate's Bonfire and blueprints for weapons and armor.

Skull and Bones have many secret locations that are pretty hard to discover. You can have a hard time finding not only the treasures but some locations. So, pinpointing the exact location of Elders Cave can be pretty hard in Skull and Bones. However, I have managed to find the place, and it took a long time just to reach them, so get ready for a time-taking voyage. 

Key Takeaways
  • Elders Cave can be found south of the Cost of Africa in Skull and Bones.
  • The location is hard to find, and it takes a lot of time just to reach there.
  • Players will have to reach the Southwest Passage, then Pilot Bay, and then Rondavels.
  • After that, players can reach the Elders Cave in just a few minutes.
  • Players should also note that there are tons of traders and different points of interest available before the location.
  • In Elders Cave, players can find the blueprints for weapons and armor and the Pirate’s Bonfire.
  • The Pirate’s Bonfire will boost stamina regeneration under certain conditions.

Elders Cave Location

Elders’ Cave Location On The Map (Image Captured By Us)

To reach the Elders Cave, you will have to go to the southern area of the map. Once you zoom out the map, you will notice the Coast of Africa on the left side, so head to the southern side to reach Elders Cave. However, reaching the location isn’t as easy as you might think. 

Follow these steps to reach the location:

Reach The Southwest Passage To Reach Elders Cave (Screenshot By eXputer)
  1. Head From The Bottom Side: You should head straight from the bottom side. Keep checking the map to see whether you are heading the right way. So, keep heading in that direction until you reach the Southwest Passage. I would recommend not to fight anyone as it will already take a long time to get there.
    Pilot Bay, A New Region On The Way (Screenshot Grab By Us)
  2. Reach Pilot Bay: After reaching the Southwest Passage, you have to head straight and reach Pilot Bay. This place will have a pretty strong current, so it will take even more time going ahead. Also, do not try to engage in the fight, as I noticed some level 10 ships. So, fighting them would be a pretty bad idea.
    Reach Rondavels After Pilot Bay (Image Captured By eXputer)
  3. Head To Rondavels: Now continue going ahead until you reach Rondavels. It will be a pretty colorful place, so head through the narrow passage and reach the Elder’s Cave.  

Reaching Elders Cave can take a long time, so if you have already spent a lot of time, you should also do some trading. Also, it is worth knowing that before reaching the place, you can get a Pirate’s Bonfire.

Points Of Interest And Loot

Elders Cave
Elders Cave In Skull and Bones (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)

Now that you have reached the exact location of Elders Cave in Skull and Bones, all you have to do is explore the area.

In my opinion, these are the notable things you need to get once reach there: 

Buy Weapons And Armor Blueprint From The Corrupt Compagnie Officer (Image Taken By Us)
  • Weapons And Armor: As soon as you disembark, you should head over to the Corrupt Officer. Talk to him and simply buy the weapon and armor blueprints from him. He will sell you the blueprints of Zamazama I and Zamazama II weapons along with the La Forteresse II armor, which is extremely useful in Skull and Bones. If you haven’t unlocked them, make sure to increase your infamy and fast-travel back here to buy them.
    Throw Powder At The Pirate’s Bonfire To Boost Stamina Regenration(Image By Us)
  • Pirate’s Bonfire: Another important thing I noticed on the Island was the Pirate’s Bonfire. These bonfires are necessary as they can boost your stamina regeneration for 20 minutes as soon as you head out of combat. So, head north, get up the platform, take a U-turn, and then go straight to throw powder at the Pirate’s Bonfire.  
  • Get The Buried Treasure Too: Look for two small rock stacks to get the treasure. The stacks would be right next to a skeleton, so if the game notifies you of the treasure, find it. A yellow marker will appear on the ground, so simply pick up the treasure. There are some cases where you might not receive the treasure, so it could be related to the infamy. You can also come back later to find the treasure.

My Take On The Elders Cave

Elders Cave isn’t easy to find in Skull and Bones, but it is a place worth visiting to increase the stamina and weaponry for your ship.

The adventure of going to the Elders Cave takes a lot of time, but in my opinion, it is worth it. While on the adventure, it is not ideal to fight other enemies as they are of a pretty high level. Aside from that, the location itself features a pretty straightforward area. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the Elders Cave location in Skull and Bones. The cave isn’t pretty massive, so just go get the blueprints for weapons and armor. Skull and Bones has featured many similar locations, so you might have a hard time finding them all, but they seem worth exploring. 

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