Fable Has Me More Excited Than Ever For 2025

With the new trailer shown at Xbox Game’s Showcase, Fable looks absolutely fantastic and I am all up for it.

Story Highlights

  • 2025 has another title in the roster, and it’s called Fable.
  • The new trailer seems to be very appealing for all the series fans.
  • It feels like the game would be groundbreaking and amass a new following.

The first Fable game was released in 2004 on the Xbox. It featured features like character quests, a combat system with ranged and melee fighting, a skill tree, and much more. This game was groundbreaking and inspired many players to buy an Xbox. Fable amassed a cult following over the years, and its games were polished and innovative every time a new title was released.

With the last main game in the series being Fable 3, which was released back in 2010, fans have been wanting a new game, and it felt like a dream until recently. The new Fable game has made a name for itself among the fans as Fable 4; however, that is not the official name. Despite that, the new Fable title looks incredible, and here is what I look forward to.

YouTube video

A Combat System That Rivals The Top Dogs

Fable Combat
The Combat Looks Diverse And Complex (Image Source: Xbox)

The trailer provides glimpses of some ruthless classic sword fighting mixed with magic and spells. It also looks like the morality system is back. It is a staple in the Fable series, where you, the player, have control over whether to kill or let go of your target.

YouTube video

This will impact the story greatly and add a layer of depth to the game. There also seems to be a giant boss fight, and the giant is voiced by Richard Ayoade. This means that the game will be filled with exciting and memorable boss fights.

The British Banter Is Back

Comedic Tone
The Trailer Showcasing Comedic Dialogues Adding Fun In The Game (Image Source: Xbox)

For all of the Fable fans out there, here is some good news. The British banter is back! This is a staple in the series, where the interactions and dialogues thrive on a wit-based banter filled with self-deprecating humor, a hallmark of British comedy.

This adds a tone of lightness to the game’s world. Even the trailer of the game is stylized in a mockumentary way. The inclusion of Richard Ayoade also tells us that the game will be filled with quirky and comedic side quests and characters, as Richard himself is known for his sharp comedic timings and clever, witty exchanges.

The Game Looks Fabulous

Gorgeous World
The World Looks Beautiful And Full Of Life (Image Source: Xbox)

When I was watching the Xbox Games Showcase and the trailer for the new Fable title dropped, so did my jaw. The new game looks super fresh and incredibly beautiful. It goes around from having beautiful sceneries to amazingly crafted intricate cities and towns. Fable 4 is being developed by Playground Games.

Fable Reboot looks absolutely STUNNING (in-game screenshots)
byu/Aceelii inFable

The same developers who gave us Forza Horizon. It has been confirmed that the new Fable title will be using the same engine as the Forza Horizon 5. Upon hearing this, you can rest assured that a game being made in the Forzatech engine is definitely going to be a site to look at. All in all, Fable has joined the list for an already jam-packed roster of 2025, and I cannot wait to play it.

Xbox Game’s Showcase Made A Fabled Return

Raytraced environments and creative character interactions in fable (Image Source: Xbox)

This year’s Xbox Showcase was phenomenal as we saw some great new games coming, like WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers. A new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was released, which had the same essence as the Uncharted series, and that is definitely not a bad thing. If you take all of the new titles that are coming onto one side and scale the remakes or sequels on one side.

The latter sweeps the floor due to the series having cult followings and epic gameplay. Gears of War is coming back with Gears of War E-Day is here, and Doom is back. With all of these great games announced, Fable stood out to me the most, and I am hyped for it, even if there are giants like GTA 6 or Death Stranding that will be released next year.

Sony also plans to release many first-party titles in 2025. While that excites me, Fable is something I have adored since childhood. With this being said, Microsoft announced that it is coming back to Gamescom with its biggest booth ever; what more could it be? Here’s to having great video games in the future.

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