Nixxes Software Can’t Go Wrong With An Infamous Remaster

Over-the-top superpowers and morality – the perfect combo.

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  • Recently, PlayStation’s overview of Nixxes Software highlighted the studio’s increased focus on remasters.
  • The original Infamous games were excellent superpower adventures with serious morality consequences and it’s the perfect chance to bring them back as remasters.
  • In addition to Infamous, PlayStation has plenty of obscure titles that were once triumphant and would truly benefit from the resurrection.

After PlayStation decided to port its first-party titles to PC, Nixxes Software was acquired to fulfill this role, and it has done so splendidly. The studio’s major work was PC ports until now. Recently, PlayStation’s video gave an overview of Nixxes and the work it primarily does. The critical thing to note was the reveal that Nixxess is working extensively on remasters as well. 

This opens up a myriad of new avenues and possible candidates for the remaster treatment. PlayStation has plenty of exceptional titles that would benefit from the exposure. And it’s no wonder Infamous is on that list. The series was an exceptional open-world adventure with overpowered abilities at your disposal to make the city your playground. 

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Nixxes’ History Of Ports

Nixxes Software is presently a PlayStation subsidiary responsible for its PC ports. However, Nixxes has always been a studio deeply invested in porting games, and it was also the reason behind the company’s founding. The founder – Jurjen Katsman, was hired by Eidos to work alongside their studio Crystal Dynamics to aid in the Dreamcast port of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

Thus, Nixxes Software was founded, and this port became their first project. Afterward, the studio continued to work on porting games and was responsible for many excellent PC ports of Square Enix-acquired Eidos. These include multiple Tomb Raider games, Thief, Hitman: Absolution, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Mankind Divided. 

Its expertise of particularly PC ports was the cause of its acquittal by PlayStation. We’re aware of the declining quality of PC ports lately, as multiple exceptional games suffered on PC due to being bad ports. However, Nixxes has delivered excellent ports as both Spider-Man and Miles Morales perform superbly on PC. We expect a similar quality port of Rift Apart, and it’s glad to see hope remains for stable and optimized PC games.

Nixxes’ focus on bringing PlayStation titles to PC was known to all. The surprise was the news of their work on remasters as well, found in the recent video showcasing the studio. I believe this is the perfect opportunity to revive PlayStation’s more obscure titles, and the fan base is sure to appreciate their return. Games like Infamous which were epic adventures and could make the most of modern technology should be the utmost priority.

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Infamous Deserves The Spotlight

After their stealth-oriented Sly Cooper series, Sucker Punch wanted to try something new – more action focused. The result was Infamous, an open-world action adventure designed to give the thrill and freedom of highly overpowered abilities and a constant reminder that your actions have consequences. The game was indeed a breath of fresh air and a creative playground to showcase superpowers.

The overall premise of the series is the existence of Conduits – individuals with a genetic mutation that gives them versatile superpowers. The first game follows Cole McGrath, a seemingly ordinary delivery guy who gets caught in a twisted plot and triggers a massive explosion, killing many and gaining electricity powers as a result. Now holding supernatural abilities, Cole sets out to uncover the truth and eliminate the emerging threat.

Use Cole's Electric Powers to fry all opposition in Infamous
Use Cole’s Electric Powers to fry all opposition in Infamous

The entire game plays out as a sort of testing place and showcase for Cole’s abilities. The combat with both melee and ranged attacks, special skills, and exceptional finishing moves was one of the game’s major highlights. It’s among the few games in which you are the one in control and the most overpowered entity, similar to how Prototype gives you absolute authority. The series’ quality truly demands a revival.

Prototype's setting and concept bear a striking resemblance to Infamous
Prototype’s setting and concept bear a striking resemblance to Infamous

Infamous’ most impressive and meaningful feature was the Karma system. Although the basic story remains the same, your actions influence the outcome of certain scenarios. The game balances your extraordinary powers with consequences. It gives full freedom to help the weak or abuse your superiority and then hits you with the weight of your actions. The Karma system was a true reminder of “With great power comes great responsibility

Infamous 2 is more of the same beloved formula, with intense action, overpowered electric madness, and a sandbox fully under your control. The game starts right after the prequel and is a direct continuation of the shocking revelation in the first game. Infamous 2 also brings more importance to the karma system, as the ending can be vastly different based on your alignment with good or evil.

InFamous 1&2 are just as good as I remember.
by u/GalagaMarine in patientgamers

The last mainline entry to the series was Infamous: Second Son, bringing a new protagonist – Delsin Rowe. After Cole’s actions in the prequel, Conduits had become exposed and treated as dangerous entities, even called Bioterrorists. Thus, when Delsin’s abilities manifest, his friends protect him from the authorities and end up being punished instead, which sparks Delsin’s intent to save them.

The iconic Infamous Exploration, a wide array of flashy and powerful abilities, and the morality system make a return. The game was among the most visually impressive titles of its time, and a highly engaging open-world. Moreover, the karma system is better than ever, you can redeem the Conduits’ repute, or just forget your friends who saved you and become the ultimate menace. 

PlayStation Has A Myriad of Worthy Remaster Candidates

Infamous: Second Son is a visual masterpiece and does not need a remaster. However, it remains a highly underrated PS exclusive. And with a comparatively lesser popular Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart coming to PC, I hope this game receives a port so that it can get much-needed recognition. Overall, the first 2 Infamous games were a grand adventure and I believe they truly deserve a remaster for modern systems.

They need to remaster the Infamous games
by u/Flung_Pu_Panda4368 in PS4

As soon as the news surfaced, the immediate reaction was the rekindling of the Bloodborne hopes. Fans’ continued pleas for a PC port or a 60 fps patch go unheard and hopes have been crushed multiple times now, but we continue to persevere. This small glimmer of hope can be something to latch onto, but I would like to bring attention to more obscure titles that have been forgotten.

My love for Infamous is apparent in the above discussion, and although it is undoubtedly a prime option, multiple other titles deserve the spotlight just as much. And since we’re on the topic of Infamous, no need to look further than Sucker Punch’s own Sly Cooper series. The remarkable stealth platformer with its witty characters and a beloved setting is long overdue for a comeback.

Hoping for a remaster of Sly Cooper
by u/mikey_g413 in PS5

Speaking of classic platformers, it is imperative to mention Jak and Daxter, the iconic duo’s crazy adventures that play out a lot similar to the Crash Bandicoot series. Crash’s earlier games returned as the improved N. Sane Trilogy on modern platforms and were a significant hit, which shows people’s affection for classics still soars. Jak and Daxter games are in high demand since fans have already created their PC ports.

Another iconic duo that deserves the remaster treatment is Ratchet and Clank. With Rift Apart’s PC port right around the corner, it’s the perfect chance to make use of the hype and bring back the classic titles as remasters. Ratchet and Clank was a unique third-person shooter with beloved characters, humorous dialogues, a fascinating space setting, and hilarious and outright crazy weapons to mock your enemies.

Morph your adversaries into ducks with Ratchet's Qwack-O-Ray
Morph your adversaries into ducks with Ratchet’s Qwack-O-Ray

Moving on to less obscure titles, the top of the list would be the first 2 God of War games. Santa Monica Studios’ new RPG-style approach to God of War was absolute perfection and has created epic games. However, the original hack-and-slash formula is nothing to scoff at and the games are an equally enjoyable adventure. Regrettably, they are stuck on the PS2 and PS3 and should utilize this opportunity to join God of War III.

The original God of War Trilogy should never be overlooked
The original God of War Trilogy should never be overlooked

Sony’s unfortunate Killzone series should be considered for a revival. Since there seems no hope for a new game, at least we should get the remasters. As Nixxes aided in the development of the last entry – Killzone Shadow Fall, it should feel right at home. The games truly deserve better since they were intriguing ideas, but lacked the gameplay polish and AI precision. An improvement alongside a remaster would bring joy to the patient fans.

There is no shortage of suitable and worthy contestants to receive remasters, and Nixxes’ focus on the idea is a blessing for many long-term fans who await the revival of their beloved series. Although I’ll be happy if any deserving title makes a comeback, I sincerely hope the original Infamous games return in a presentation close to the stunning Infamous: Second Son.

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