Red Dead Redemption Needs An Overhaul Redo Instead Of A PC Port

The game was recently updated on PlayStation 5 with some improvements, leaving fans disappointed.

Story Highlights

  • Rockstar needs to make an entirely new remake from scratch.
  • Red Dead Redemption is a quality-of-life game that is missing some crucial things.
  • The addition of Read Dead Redemption 2 opens up new layers for the first game.

For as long as I can remember, when I bought the disc for Red Dead Redemption, I was hooked on the game for hours upon hours. I trotted around the American Northwest and Mexico on my horse, dueling with gunslingers in my path and clearing outposts filled with bandits and outlaws.

My experience with John Marston is filled with joy and nostalgia. However, now that I have recently finished the updated version of my PlayStation 5, I feel empty, and the game seems to lack something. Let’s dive into it.

The Addition Of RDR2 Opening New Paths

The Whole Van Der Linde Gang In Its Prime
The Whole Van Der Linde Gang In Its Prime | Image By eXputer

As we all know, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the prequel to the first part. It dwells and dives into the gang of Dutch Van Der Linde and John Marston’s past. When the prequel was released, many things were retconned. For example, in the first game, there is no mention of Arthur Morgan, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2. Micah and Hosea are also not brought up in it.

Should there be a Red Dead Redemption Remake?
byu/ScorpionGold7 inreddeadredemption

The reason behind this is when the first game was released, these characters and the whole story were written at all. This is precisely why the first game needs an entirely new remake done from ground zeros, as there will be so much more content to expand upon, and more depth will be incorporated into the story.

Capcom Did It Right

Resident Evil 4’s Original Eerie Essence Captured In The Remake
Resident Evil 4’s Original Eerie Essence Captured In The Remake | Image By eXputer

If you want to look at how perfect remakes are done, take a look at Capcom’s catalog. The remakes for Resident Evil 2 and Resident 3 were done so well that instead of fans wanting a new game, they highly demanded a remake for the most beloved Resident Evil 4. Capcom listened to the fans, and oh boy, did they deliver. The remake of Resident Evil 4 is the perfect example of how a remake should be done.

Graphical improvements to modern standards and the slight changes in the narrative were very overshadowed in the original. The remake also expands upon the side characters like Luis, giving him more depth and making him more likable.

YouTube video

Ashley, from the original version, was very unlikeable, as she had the shallow character of a spoiled brat. In the remake, her personality is much more than that, and the interactions with her are fun to hear and see. Rockstar needs to follow this formula, fix what needs fixing, and leave the original essence there.

We Don’t Want Another Cash Grab

The Game In The New Patch Still Looks Outdated
The Game In The New Patch Still Looks Outdated | Image By eXputer

As I mentioned above, Rockstar recently released a new patch for Red Dead Redemption that upscales the game to 4k resolution and locks 60 frames per second. This is thanks to PlayStation’s backward compatibility system. However, this is not what we want; it is just another PC port with upgraded graphics.

YouTube video

The game needs to be redesigned so that even the new players who became fans of the series upon the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 can enjoy and understand the beauty of the first title. I hope that when Rockstar is done with GTA VI, they will provide us with a proper remake, as this would make the fans happier and not just go for the easy way out.

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