Looking Back At Sifu: The Hidden Gem Overshadowed By 2022’s Blockbusters

A game that delivers satisfying combat and an amazing art style, it is a piece of art that is not discovered by many.

Story Highlights

  • The combat of Sifu is second to none; here’s why.
  • The video game focuses on its combat and vibrant and dynamic visuals.
  • Sifu consists of second-to-none boss fights and introduces a game-changing mechanic.

Sifu was released by Sloclap in 2022. As you already know, 2022 belonged to FromSoftware as Elden Ring took the world by storm stand-alone. If you look at Sifu and try it, you will see that the game is a piece of art crafted specifically for a niche fanbase. The game consists of excellent hand-to-hand combat and some of the best boss fights in video gaming history.

It is a stylish representation and a virtually perfect aging mechanic, too. Despite these pros, the game is highly underrated. Let us discuss Sifu’s perfection and why people fail to perceive it that way.

Combat Fluidity And Challenging Depth

Beautifully Crafted Hand To Hand Combat In The Game
Beautifully Crafted Hand To Hand Combat In The Game | Image By eXputer

Let me start by saying that this game is for you if you like tough battles and challenging yet rewarding challenges. It draws inspiration from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and focuses on a parry mechanic.

YouTube video

The player has to perfectly parry the enemy’s attack precisely to get an opening and strike an attack for themselves. Missing the perfect parry results in posture build, which can cause the player to break their stance and be taken down. Sifu has a high learning curve, but fret not; once you master it, the game becomes super satisfying. This difficulty is a significant reason players tend not to try it, making it go under the radar.

Cinematic Stylized Realism

The Minimalistic Beauty Of The Game
The Minimalistic Beauty Of The Game | Image By eXputer

The game adapts an art style inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Less Is More. By this, I mean that the game focuses on a minimalist aesthetic. Not only that, Sloclap also amalgamates vibrant colors and simplified sectional areas in the game.

Dynamic lighting is present in the game, giving it dramatic contrasts of shadows with a mix of an intense color palette. All of this is then mixed in a blender, adding a last layer of exaggerated animations, adding to Sifu being Sifu.

Beautifully Executed Boss Fights And The Aging Mechanic

Top Notch Boss Fights In The Game
Top Notch Boss Fights In The Game | Image By eXputer

Sifu’s boss fights are a major standing point as they dwell in diverse combat and mechanics. Each boss in the game has a distinct fighting style, so you, the player, must learn the boss’s attack patterns to know when and how to punish. The most basic explanation I can give to a new player is that some bosses can be agile and swift, while some rely on brute strength and raw power.

YouTube video

The bosses also have multiple phases, much like its inspiration, Sekiro. This adds depth to the battle and excitement for the player with new incoming attack patterns and changes. The boss fights are also tough and challenging. Not only do they require you to understand the moveset of the opponent, but they also test your reflexes and ability to understand and react to the arsenal of attacks thrown at you.

The highly controversial aging mechanic in the game also plays a massive role in the player’s experience. Simply put, when you die, you age. When you age, your health drops, but your attack power increases. However, there is a limit to what number you can age to. After that, it is over, and you must restart the whole section. This challenges the players to manage their deaths to their advantage when they need a large pool of health or raw strength to overpower the enemy.

Why isn’t this game more popular????
byu/ReadRepresentative53 inSifuGame

Sifu is a must-play for players who love challenging games; FromSoftware fans will love this game if they give it a chance.

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