Warframe Archwing Launcher Segment Guide

The characters in Warframe are members of the race Tenno, which is an ancient race of warriors who have been awakened from their long slumber. The game is set far into the future version of planet Earth. After waking up, these heroes realize the magnitude of an interplanetary war that stretches beyond the scale. However, the Tenno rise up using their powerful weapons, abilities, and futuristic gear to ultimately wreak havoc on the enemies. Archwing launcher segment is one such gear item that allows the Tenno to fly and traverse the vast lands without much trouble.

Warframe features a total of 46 characters or frames in the game. The game’s developers, Digital Extremes, have added more frames to the game over the past eight years. Furthermore, to take the diversity element up a notch, the developers not only added more playable characters to the roster but also expanded the arsenal as well in the game. Our Warframe weapon tier listing might pique your interest just in case if you are wondering which weapons are the best and which ones perform below-average.

What is Archwing Launcher

What is archwing launcher? To put the answer in laymen’s terms: it is basically a pair of wings which players can use to fly during free roam missions. Even the gear item’s official description gives away the purpose of it by mentioning “Summons an Archwing for use during free roam missions” However, you will need the segment to use archwing launcher, and without the former, the latter is useless.

How to Get the Archwing Launcher Gear Item

In order to acquire the gear item, you will need to accumulate the following credits and materials.

Archwing Launcher Credits Required7500
Fish Oil30

Moreover, before you can actually get the blueprint of archwing launcher, you need to install the segment in the Foundry. Doing so gives you the option to unlock the blueprint of archwing launcher, which becomes accessible under the gear tab.

Archwing Launcher Segment
Archwing Launcher Crafting Materials

How to Get Archwing Launcher Segment

Basically, there are two ways to acquire the segment in Warframe. First, one of the easiest ways is to purchase it from the market at a 175 platinum price. Secondly, if you are not in haste, there is another way you can manufacture the gear by joining a clan.

Manufacturing Requirements

In order to get your hands on this item the cheaper way, you need to join a clan first. The quickest way to find a populated clan is to visit various Warframe Discord channels or Reddit posts. Once you have joined a clan, visit the Tenno lab located at your Clan Dojo, be at Mastery Rank 5 and accumulate the following materials and credits to buy the blueprint and manufacture the archwing launcher segment item.

Once you have collected all the required materials and credits mentioned below, you must go to Foundry and install the segment. After completing the manufacturing part, equip it as an item in your gear wheel.

Archwing Launcher Segment
Archwing Launcher Segment Crafting Materials
Blueprint Price:100,000
Replication Cost1500

How to Use Archwing Launcher Segment

Archwing Launcher is a must-have gear item. It allows the frames to conveniently traverse the landscape, such as in Orb Vallis or Plains of Eidolon. You can also use the segment for dodging enemies’ attacks. The availability of such gear items in Warframe potentially saves players a lot of time. Furthermore, once crafted, players can equip it in the gear menu and can use it infinitely. So do not be greedy and use it whenever you want without giving it a second thought.

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