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Take care of the robots with this Atomic Heart Walkthrough.

Atomic Heart combines aspects of an action RPG with a first-person shooter. In a 1955 alternate reality, scientist Dmitry Sechenov makes revolutionary discoveries in the fields of AI and robotics, freeing up a lot of human manual work. Nevertheless, things go awry while trying to improve artificial intelligence, and Facility 3826 devolves into anarchy. Our Atomic Heart Walkthrough covers everything in the game, like weapons, puzzles, mods, bosses, fixes, and more.


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Best Energy Weapons: Ranking All Guns

Electro Energy Weapon
Best Energy Weapons: Ranking All Guns (Image By eXputer)

Three different energy weapons are available to players in Atomic Heart. The electro stands out as the most effective and potent energy weapon, with a remarkable damage rate. The Dominator, on the other hand, prioritizes point-of-attack and area-of-effect damage, using a lot of energy in the process.

On the other hand, the railgun demands a lot of energy to operate and causes significant damage from a distance. Sadly, it additionally lacks any current updates. You can learn all about these weapons in this Atomic Heart Walkthrough.

Best Melee Weapons [Top 5]

Bar Walking through
Best Melee Weapons [Top 5] (Image By: eXputer)
Players in Atomic Heart have access to more than 10 different types of weaponry, ranging from melee weapons for close-quarters battle to guns for long-range action. With so many other melee weapons available, gamers might require assistance selecting the ones that suit their preferred gaming style.

Fortunately, they have a choice of five Best Melee Weapons in our Atomic Heart Walkthrough that will allow them to engage in close-quarter combat and annihilate their foes.

Ballerina Puzzle Solution [Explained]

Atomic Heart Ballerina Puzzle
Ballerina Puzzle Solution [Explained] (Image By: eXputer)
Players must answer several odd puzzles and mysterious riddles in Atomic Heart to advance. Each puzzle calls for a certain capacity for intellect and planning. The ballerina puzzle, intended to be a performance piece, is one of Petrov’s most difficult riddles in Atomic Heart. Players must solve this puzzle in the right sequence and position the ballerinas in a precise way to unlock the Main Stage gate to advance in the game.

Not A Password At All Quest [Guide]

Not A Password At All Quest [Guide] (Image By eXputer)
You must unlock the door secured behind a lock in Theater to complete the quest “Not a Password at all” there. Once you conclude Theater, you will encounter a pattern lock. The lock resembles the one that you came across before when looking for Viktor Petrov. The deceased engineer has the code for the lock. The pattern lock password will be written on a paper sheet that will be found close to the engineer’s body.

How To Defeat All Enemy Robots

The Laborer.
How To Defeat All Enemy Robots (Image By eXputer)

The USSR’s robots went mad in Atomic Heart, an alternate timeline. All of the robots were formerly used to advance humankind. Yet as things started to go wrong, they started to hate others. Having to deal with these robots is not simple. You will need to get ready and educate yourself on the many robot enemies, you can do that with the help of this Atomic Heart Walkthrough and beat all of the robots quickly.

Pavlov Complex Door Code

Atomic Heart learnig pavlov Complex Door Code
Pavlov Complex Door Code (Image By eXputer)

You’ll need to enter a code to get through the entrance at the Pavlov complex. Finding the code, however, is a difficult process, so it’ll require some patience to unlock the complex’s door. The area is a feature of several quests in the game, making its unlocking the most important aspect of gameplay. You must turn on all four of the lock’s capacitors to reveal the code. An adjacent room with a large opening in the wall as well as prints on the curtains, has the code’s hint.

All Difficulty Settings [Explained]

Atomic Heart Difficulty settings
All Difficulty Settings [Explained] (Image By eXputer)
You’ll notice that Atomic Heart lacks the usual difficulty settings when you first start playing. Each difficulty level in the game has a distinctive moniker to stir things up and render your journey more thrilling right away. Picking the appropriate difficulty levels is essential since they have a big influence on your performance and gameplay experience. Hence, be careful to choose the appropriate difficulty level for you after thoroughly understanding all of the game’s available options.

All Endings [Explained]

atomic heart ending explained
All Endings [Explained] (Image By eXputer)
We have included an explanation for each of Atomic Heart’s two mysterious endings since we know that gamers won’t fully comprehend how the game concludes with these two endings. You can unintentionally miss some of the game’s top boss fights according to the ending you pick. If you choose the first short ending, you skip one of the better boss fights, and none of the two endings are nice. You can learn all about the different endings given in the game with this Atomic Heart Walkthrough.

Testing Ground 9 [Location & Upgrades]

KS-23 Start
Testing Ground 9 [Location & Upgrades] (Image By eXputer)
The game contains some of the most complex networks of testing areas that provide players with a challenging environment to navigate. The testing grounds are also scattered with many monsters that must be defeated before players can obtain valuable prizes. You might require help understanding how to go to Testing Site 9 and locate the enhancements hiding there! Four upgrades are concealed inside testing ground nine.

How To Use Scanner

Scanner Tutorial
How To Use Scanner (Image By eXputer)

Atomic Heart offers a huge selection of gadgets that can help players overcome the madness going on while allowing them to advance more quickly. The scanner tutorial demonstrates that to activate the scanner function, players must first press R1 and then proceed to hold down R1. The tutorial is problematic for the simple fact that it might lead players astray with its text, whereas the truth is that the text just wasn’t delivered correctly.

How To Find Claire’s Parts

Completed Claire With All Body Parts In Atomic Heart
How To Find Claire’s Parts (Image By eXputer)

some puzzles are extremely fun to solve but are rather difficult. It takes several hours to complete a singular puzzle because of how many layer’s there are to it. One of those crucial puzzles you come across in Atomic Heart is the hunt for Claire’s Parts.

It looks a like a pretty easy task, but trust me, it has its difficulties. It will take you about a few hours to find the locations of each body part of Claire in Atomic Heart. So you have to be patient with the entire process and get ready to kill those psycho bots. We’ll be helping you do that of course, our Atomic Heart Walkthrough has guides that will guide you through the whole process.

How To Unlock Nora And Craft Gear

Nora the computer
How To Unlock Nora And Craft Gear (Image By eXputer)

Players can interact with Nora, a large red machine, to learn new skills and create new weapons. Nora is a computer that has been presented as a flirtatious character. She certainly enjoys making flirtatious overtures to the lead. Nora is not only a robot that resembles a refrigerator; she can make new weaponry and even upgrade current ones. But, Nora’s abilities do not end here. She offers many skill trees for players to employ to acquire and use new skills. Following their interaction with Nora, players are given three options.

11 BEST Mods To Try

fov slider atomic heart
11 BEST Mods To Try (Image By eXputer)

For many PC gamers, Facility 3826’s fundamental gameplay mechanics and features might not be sufficient, necessitating the installation of several beneficial Mods. Even though the game has only been out for a short while, modders have worked tirelessly to create some fantastic improvements.

How To Defeat Hog 7 Hedgie

Battle Duration
How To Defeat Hog 7 Hedgie (Image By eXputer)

The green pole in the center of the pond that you may interact with by pressing V is there as soon as you enter the park. In doing so, a sizable building rises from the spherical ground. Following that, the players are introduced to the boss fight by a hedgie that is located on top of a structure and looks to be a circular mech that can destroy you if you’re not careful.

How To Solve Mirror Mechanism Puzzle

How To Get To Basement
How To Solve Mirror Mechanism Puzzle (Image By eXputer)

The Mirror Mechanism Puzzle, a collection of smaller puzzles that work together to open a mechanism, is one example of a puzzle that was concealed where others wouldn’t expect it to be. We’ll help you solve this puzzle easily in this Atomic Heart Walkthrough.

FIXED: FOV With Flawless Widescreen

Extended Field of Vision is a feature that PC gamers love in first-person shooter games because it allows them wider viewing angles that increase immersion. Players on PC are looking for ways to boost in-game FOV because Atomic Heart lacks a customizable FOV option. To change Atomic Heart’s FOV, utilize the Flawless Widescreen Program.

Best Skills & Upgrades

Best Skills & Upgrades (Image By eXputer)

All of the skills in Atomic Heart have comprehensive skill upgrade trees, so if you don’t want to run into difficulty in late-game fights, you must pick and get the top ones right away. The two categories of skills are Active and Passive Skills. Your character attributes, such as health and physical capability, are handled through your character skill tree.

Is Atomic Heart Available On Game Pass And PC?

Game Pass
Is Atomic Heart Available On Game Pass And PC? (Image By eXputer)

Atomic Heart has now been published after first being teased back in 2017. On February 21, 2023, Mundfish released its much-awaited sci-fi shooter. And many PC and Gamepass fans are speculating whether Atomic Heart will be available on their platform as the release approaches. 

Skill Trees [All 7 Explained]

Powerful Electrization
Skill Trees [All 7 Explained] (Image By eXputer)
Atomic Heart is primarily focused on its role-playing features, including abilities, upgrades, weapons, and adversaries that players may collect.  By choosing different talents from 7 skill trees, you can customize the build of your character.

Gamers can purchase upgrades or boosts to their base talents with neuropolymers. Gamers must occasionally switch out their active talents because they can only have two active skills at once. The ability to choose which skills and upgrades to invest in is the major advantage of knowing all the available skills and upgrades.

How To Get Dominator Blueprint

Closed Village Gates
How To Get Dominator Blueprint (Image By eXputer)

The Dominator serves as a portable polymer weapon. Upon impact, it does a significant amount of damage. Granny Zina’s house is where you can pick up the Dominator blueprint. You can easily get the Dominator Blueprint by following the steps given in this Atomic Heart Walkthrough.

Best Weapons [Top 5]

Fox In Atomic Heart
Best Weapons [Top 5] (Image By eXputer)
Some robots have been set to attack mode and are prepared to kill everyone. You need to have a well-stocked armory of weapons with you if you want to eliminate them. There are 12 distinct weapons in all, including various axes and plasma guns, that you may utilize throughout the game.

All of them have a unique characteristic that distinguishes them from the competition. To make it simpler for you to complete the campaign in Atomic Heart, you must have the greatest available weaponry.

All Trophies & How To Unlock

Atomic Heart: All Trophies
All Trophies & How To Unlock (Image By eXputer)

The alternate reality game, which is set in a Soviet facility, has a diversity of foes as well as a variety of achievements. You can learn about all of the Trophies and get all of them with the guides provided in this Atomic Heart Walkthrough.

Game Length: How Long To Beat

Image shows landscapes of Atomic Heart
Game Length: How Long To Beat (Image By eXputer)

It’s always enjoyable to start a new game, but before we do, we always have the same question: How long is the game? So, from beginning to end, it takes 25 hours. Up to 40 hours of gameplay can be achieved by completing side quests.

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