Atomic Heart Debug-Enabled Dev Build Has Leaked Online

More leaks emerge as the game release draws closer.

Story Highlights

  • The Atomic Heart development build has leaked online, allowing users to play the game with the ability to enable debug options.
  • The debug options range from visual and performance-related choices to allowing players to turn on invisibility mode. 
  • The players can play the game without taking any damage, and allegedly there are more types of weapons available to spawn.
  • Atomic Heart releases on PC and both the last and next-gen consoles on February 21st.

Atomic Heart’s release draws nigh; with it, we have already started seeing a slew of leaks appearing all over the horizons of the web. The game has seemingly endured many gameplay leaks, and even streamers were able to break the embargo and play it on the Twitch platform. Today, a dev build of the new entry has appeared online.

The Reddit user u/Atari1337 found a development build of Atomic Heart, which is a pirated version of a debug-enabled version of the upcoming entry. The screenshots of the leaked build’s menu were posted on the r/GamingLeaksandRumors subreddit. All of the images can be seen in the Imgur link shared by the Reddit user.

Note: We will not be linking to the pirated build that is making the scenes online and advise you to explore the leaked build at your own risk. 

The plethora of screenshots detailing the Atomic Heart dev build reveals many options in the debug menu. The Mundfish team used a variety of options to test out every nook and cranny of the game during development. The build appears to be one month older and does not feature the notorious Denovo anti-cheat integration.

Atomic Heart dev build features many options to change different variables in the game.

For instance, it is possible to fly in the debug build, and turning on invisible mode is an option, likely to stay unaffected by enemy attacks. The player is able to heal and reduce health as well using the debug options.

Atomic Heart Dev build allows users to spawn different weapons and cars on the spot. To change how it looks, it is possible to toggle many optimization-related options, such as DLSS and visual-related options. The FPS can also be limited to a certain extent by using the options directly through the console.

Atomic Heart Dev build features multiple performance and visual-related options.

The Reddit user has stated that the dev build runs fine, but it, unfortunately, seems to suffer from the renowned Unreal Engine 4 stutters. Yesterday, the first five hours of Atomic Heart’s gameplay were leaked online, and the title ran amazingly, but the leak also featured some stuttering and frame rate drops.

The title was still well-received by the users who watched the 5-hour leak, and the game completely resembles the officially revealed footage suggesting no downgrades were made. The user switched the DLSS version 2.3.1 for 3.1.1 and used DLSSTweaks to force preset F, making Atomic Heart look even better in the month-old build.

Another weird thing about the build is the fact that it shows 21 weapons instead of the 12 that are confirmed for Atomic Heart. It remains to be seen whether the extra nine weapons can be used; it is possible that the additional options were added to test the game and did not make the final cut.

Atomic Heart dev build shows 21 weapons that can be used.

Atomic Heart dev build also seems to be struggling with toggling the ray tracing options, which causes the game to crash completely, as reported by many users testing out the leaked build. However, real-time ray tracing has already been confirmed for the game, and we suspect it will work fine upon release.

The PC system specifications for the game were announced a few weeks ago, giving us more insight into what requirements are needed for a robust experience. Moreover, the team has confirmed that the game will deliver a “solid 60 FPS,” proving to be a smooth-sailing FPS venture.

However, plans for a multiplayer mode have been denied in the past, even for the eventual-DLC updates.  Mundfish’s Atomic Heart is set to release on both the last and next-gen platforms on February 21st. It will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Series X.

What are your thoughts regarding the new Atomic Heart development build leak showcasing multiple debug options? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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