Redfall’s Multiplayer Won’t Tether Players Together, Allowing You To Explore Freely

Production designer Ben Horne revealed that the open-world shooter will allow teammates to wander off while playing multiplayer.

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  • Redfall’s co-op mode will not tether squadmates together, allowing players to explore while playing multiplayer.
  • However, you will lose buff from the game’s trust system if you do this.
  • Production designer Ben Horne encourages players to stay together, but nothing is stopping you from going rogue.

One thing that regularly comes up regarding Xbox is the lack of exclusives on the console. But, Microsoft is trying to change that narrative with several AAA first-party titles launching in 2023. One of them is going to be Arkane Studio‘s first-person shooter Redfall, which will put you up against vampires.

New info has come out regarding the multiplayer mode of the game after the IGN Fan Fest. Production Designer Ben Horne has revealed that players in one team won’t be “tethered” and will be able to explore freely. Everyone in the squad will get a boost from playing together but can also go wherever they like.

Xbox has a lot of exclusive titles releasing in the next few years after a very disappointing 2022. Starfield, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, and Forza Motorsport are some of the major first-party games launching on the Xbox consoles this year. Arguably the most exciting among these is Starfield, but one game we can’t wait for either is Redfall.

Left 4 Dead developer Arkane is developing the game as a first-person shooter for Xbox series consoles. The devs have said Redfall is similar to Far Cry, exciting us even more about the game.

Although the game has got some criticism for an online requirement to play single-player, its premise is exciting. Redfall is also going to have a co-op multiplayer mode to go with its single-player aspect. Hence, you can enlist the help of your friends in fighting vampires from Massachusetts.

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But, this multiplayer mode will have one aspect that really makes it stand out from other games of its ilk. According to production designer Ben Horne, the co-op mode in Redfall will have no tethering. While talking to IGN at the IGN Fan Fest he dropped this exciting info with some gameplay.

When you are in a co-op part with your friends in Redfall, you can go anywhere you want. Players can explore the map freely while playing in a squad of up to four players. So, if you want to wander off and see another area, you can do that without being restricted by your squad.

However, the production designer did say that players who take this approach will lose some credence from Redfall’s trust system. This game system provides a buff to players when they stay together in co-op mode. But, some of this benefit will be taken away when you leave your teammates.

It’s a really, really cool system that allows players to be expressive with how you wanna play with your friends. You don’t have to be all locked together if you don’t want. But there is a benefit. We kind of encourage people to come together.”

Therefore you can totally desert your squadmates for some thrill, but you will lose the extra buff. For sure this system still doesn’t allow complete freedom in co-op mode without repercussions. But, it is still very mold-breaking and it will be exciting to see how it plays out when the game releases.

Ben Horne also said that Redfall’s co-op mode will be like a “Party mode” where the more players you add, the more fun you have. You can add 3 other players though, as a squad can only have 4 players hunting vampires. Hopefully, you don’t have to leave someone out.

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Redfall launches on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC on May 2, 2023. Do you like the new co-op system innovation, tell us in the comments below.

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