Deathloop DLC Or Sequel Possibly In Development, Hints VA

Die, die try again.

Deathloop is a new critically acclaimed IP by Arkane which took the gaming community by storm last year. It amalgamated several well-renowned tropes like parkour, stealth, and looping back to the beginning if the goal is not completed. After its positive reception, the prospect of a sequel or DLC has been highly anticipated.

However, we will not have to wait as long as we may have previously suspected for the next Deathloop-related project. The voice actors for Colt and Julianna, Jason Kelley and Ozioma Akagha, appeared in an interview with Streamily nearly two months ago and slipped out some alluring details regarding the future of the IP.

A new Deathloop sequel or DLC is possibly in the brewer by Arkane Studios. 

Major Rundown

  • Deathloop’s voice actor for Colt, Jason Kelley, accidentally revealed that a sequel or DLC is in the works. Jason articulated that they are still being hired by Arkane under Deathloop’s codename. 
  • The voice actor tried backtracking on his words by whistling after remembering the NDA, but the information was revealed.
  • The words suggest that Deathloop may receive a sequel or a DLC in the future, as the voice actors are still being hired. 
  • However, it is likely to be a sequel, as hinted by Jason in the past while replying to a fan query on Twitter.

In the interview, Jason revealed details about their voice acting in Deathloop. During the interview, the voice actor revealed that Jason and Ozioma Akagha are still being employed for their roles, by Arkane under Deathloop’s codename. After realizing the slip, Jason went wide-eyed and tried to retract his words by playfully whistling.

YouTube video

Jason iterates during the interview, “Yes, I can’t say them ’cause they’re still sometimes hiring us under the codenames.” The voice actor goes silent after the realization that the NDA is potentially being breached dawns on him; he whistles the hiccup away to forget it.

The voice actress for the co-star and the antagonist of Deathloop, Julianna, tunes in to save the day. Ozioma notes, “Didn’t tell you nothing.” 

You can witness the humorous moment around the 11:00 mark. The rest of the interview is almost 30 minutes long and contains the usual gossip surrounding the carriers of the voice actors and Deathloop.

The words make it clear that a Deathloop project is in the works at Arkane Studios. Moreover, it would not make sense to not invest in probably the best new IP by the developers.

This is not the first Deathloop tease we have seen by the voice actor for Colt. The project in question is likely conceivable to be the next sequel for the series, as teased in a tweet by Jason a few months ago. Jason Kelley posted an image of his recording on Twitter with a charming smile back in May.

Surprisingly, the NDA did not hold Jason back from revealing that he is working on a new sequel. Nevertheless, that is all he could unveil at that moment. Jason elaborated in a reply when a fan inquired about whether it was a DLC.

Jason further said the following in reply to the first tweet, “No misdirects intended by my hashtags but this is a brand new title!” It seems that the Deathloop project has been in development for most of 2022, but nothing official has solidified the rumored prospect. 

We could hear an official announcement concerning a new Deathloop DLC or a sequel in the near future. 

What are your thoughts about Deathloop’s VA, Jason Kelley, randomly announcing the prospect of a new DLC or a sequel? Do you think it is too early for Deathloops VA to be hired for a sequel possibly in development? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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