15 BEST Battlefield 2042 Weapons

Our Best Battlefield 2042 Weapons guide lists the best weapons after the patch you can use as secondary guns and loadouts to dominate foes.

Battlefield 2042 is home to some of the best weapons the Battlefield franchise is known for. All the various ranges of weapon types enable players to experience the game from a unique perspective and master the combat. You can set up camp and snipe from 300 to 500 meters using some of the best snipers in Battlefield 2042 or equip high-rate-of-fire SMGs or pump shotguns to blow the enemy’s face off. That is why we have curated the best battlefield 2042 weapons guide for beginners and returning players so that they can equip and run with these guns & dominate CQC.

Key Takeaways
  • The best weapons in Battlefield 2042 are unlocked through leveling up by attaining experience points.
  • Unlocked at level 11, AK-47 is now a fantastic pick after numerous balance changes. It is capable of doing great damage at long ranges, with a high rate of fire. 
  • The AK-47 is best used in short bursts to maintain accuracy.
  • The M5A3 is the jack of all trades, master of none. It has lower damage and range than the AK-47 but it compensates with 100 more points in the rate of fire.
  • As such, it is better to use M5A3 in the mid-range.
  • The SVK, unlocked at level 14, is a highly damaging Marksman Rifle with a long range. With its high accuracy, it can kill players in 1 or 2 hits.
  • However, it is very poor in the mid-close range.
  • The K30, unlocked at level 53, is an SMG that can eviscerate enemies at close-range thanks to its absurdly high rate of fire. However, it should not be used in long ranges.
  • PKP-BP is an LMG unlocked at level 32. It has low accuracy and handling but a high magazine size. It can be pretty powerful as you can fire without having to reload for quite a bit.
  • PP-29 is unlocked at level 18. It is a solid SMG with a decent range, rate of fire, and damage. This gun is a decent pick if you do not have the K30.
  • The DM7 is unlocked at launch. It is a Marksman Rifle with inferior stats compared to the SVK. However, it is a suitable choice if you do not have the SVK unlocked.
  • DXR-1 is a Sniper Rifle unlocked at level 24. With its incredibly high damage and accuracy, it can kill any player in 1 hit.
  • SFAR-M GL is an AR unlocked at level 27. It has strong damage but with its low rate of fire, it is an inferior LMG.
  • AC-42 is an AR unlocked at level 40. It focuses on a high rate of fire while prioritizing accuracy and range to secure clean kills with headshots. It is best used in short bursts.
  • The 12M Auto is a shotgun unlocked by default. Thanks to its controlled coil, it is an excellent choice for close-quarters situations.
  • NTW-50 is a Sniper Rifle unlocked at level 60. With its high damage, it can annihilate even Vehicles. However, after Nerfs, it is not as reliable for killing players anymore.
  • VCAR is a Marksman Rifle unlocked at level 47. It lacks in all departments compared to marksman rifles such as SVK.
  • PBX-45 is an SMG unlocked by default. While it is not a bad weapon, it pales in comparison to other SMGs we have mentioned above.
  • Unlocked at level 21, GVT 45-70 is an antique weapon that should only be used for fun. Other rifle weapons can serve you much better.

We’ve accumulated the 15 best Battlefield 2042 weapons and their stats below: 

WeaponMagazine SizeRate of FireFire Power Accuracy RangeHandling
SFAR-M GL20.0600.
12M Auto8.0300.
GVT 45-706.
PP 2953.0650.

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Best AR Battlefield 2042
AK-24 battlefield best weapons

When the game originally came out, this rifle was terrible, but after undergoing a number of adjustments and modifications over the first month of 2042, it is now in a very, really excellent spot. It boasts a high damage output and great control over its recoil, and it can be rigged in a number of ways to suit your playstyle.

It is capable of doing a significant amount of damage, and there are a plethora of other ways that it may be outfitted. It only has a regular 30-round magazine, but if it is used effectively and in short bursts, it should be plenty for dealing with any situation.

If you are not seeking for a weapon that can be adapted to a certain scenario, then the AK-24 is the one for you. One of the most adaptable weapons now in the game is the AK-24, which has a recoil that is considered to be average but is still easy to control and has a strong damage output. AK-24 weapon is capable of performing well at practically any range.

Each of the recommended weapons has been put through rigorous usage and testing by our team, and we have found that every single one of them yields excellent results. On the other hand, Battlefield 2042 could receive some upgrades soon, and such updates might modify some of the weapon stats for the guns on this list. As a result, some of these weapons might potentially become better or worse.

The AK-24 is a rather powerful weapon that fills a very interesting specialized role in the military. If you equip it with the appropriate loadout, it has a tremendous lot of potential at the range, and if you play your cards well, it is capable of completely destroying even those who are using an LMG.


Best rifle Battlefield 2042
M5A3 – battlefield best AR

The M5A3 firearm is quite similar to the AK-24. If you equip the weapon with the SMG setup such as the Shortened Barrel, Close Combat, and Cobra Grip, you will have one of the game’s most effective close-range firearms at your disposal. Even the notorious PP-29 is outgunned by it, which causes it to slide farther down the rankings as a consequence. For a starting weapon in the game, M5A3 AR is by far among the Best AR weapons in Battlefield 2042 guns.

The complete version retains the same level of popularity that the beta version had when it came to user adoption. You cannot give the M5A3 the same level of mobility as other assault rifles, but it is unable to handle the longer distances that are so frequent on Battlefield.

This gives it a special role in the game. Although it’s possible that other, more powerful weapons may be able to easily replace the role in future DLC, for the time being, the M5A3 maintains a pretty comfortable position within the metagame.

The M5A3 is the assault rifle that is equipped by default in Battlefield 2042. Considering that it is a starting weapon, it does a respectable job. The magazine holds the regular amount of thirty rounds, and the rifle itself is quite nicely balanced. There aren’t really too many assault weapons in the game that are better all-around than the M5A3, and one of the reasons for it is that it has favorable recoil and it also has excellent accuracy.

It has a fair amount of power and a respectable amount of range and is pretty much the rifle you should use if you aren’t sure what to do. Even while there is the problem of bullet dispersion that comes with ARs, which makes it a little bit unpredictable, it still does a fairly good job anyway.

At a moderately paced firing rate, it may be utilized to eliminate foes at a mid-range fighting range. Because of the assault rifle’s controlled recoil, it is an exceptionally stable weapon to use in combat.

Because each magazine of the rifle can hold thirty rounds, it may last a significant amount of time without needing to be reloaded while still being effective in open battle. It is possible to install an extended magazine, which will bring the total number of bullets each round up to forty. The M5A3 is at its most effective when used against opponents who are stationary.


Best DMR Battlefield 2042

The SVK is a tremendously powerful marksman rifle that, under the correct conditions, may function in a manner not dissimilar to that of a sniper. It’s a big piece of equipment with a firing rate that’s rapid enough to get the follow-up rounds you need to finish out your adversaries. It is the ideal weapon to utilize at the midpoint in every given predicament.

The SVK is a very effective marksman rifle that can kill the majority of foes with just two bullets. Although it is possible that a DXR fired to the finish will still outgun you, the SVK’s high firing rate, stability, and deadly damage make it one of the finest weapons in the game. You have the option of keeping it adaptable by firing at a higher pace for encounters at close range or relying on heavy-hitting fire at a slower rate to knock out foes at range.

The SWS-10 is the only other weapon that can really compete with the SVK in terms of being able to perform the aggressive sniping thing, so the SVK is in a really advantageous position in terms of the metagame. The SWS-10 is an excellent weapon, but the SVK, which is categorized as a marksman rifle, offers a greater selection of accessories than the SWS-10 does.

It’s possible that the SVK is the perfect weapon for individuals who want to take down their foes one at a time from a safe distance. Once you have reached level 14, you will be able to unlock this top-tier firearm. Targets may be taken out with the SVK from a distance of 1,500 meters and possibly even further if the user is very experienced and skilled.

It has a magazine that holds five rounds, yet all it takes is two hits if you hit your target in the right spot. It is possible that it is not quite as precise as other firearms, but it packs quite a powerful punch.

When you reach level 14, you will be able to unlock the SVK, a semi-automatic marksman rifle. Players who have already put in a few of hours into the early pass of Battlefield 2042 will get access to the gun, which allows them to kill foes at a distance.

It has a range of up to 1500 meters at its maximum. If playing with DMRs is your thing in FPS games, then SVK could be your go-to weapon and is, in fact, in the list of the best Battlefield 2042 weapons for a lot of players. 

Because each round of the SVK only has six bullets, its users have to reload regularly in order to keep their barrage of attacks going strong against their adversaries. Professional players of Battlefield 2042 favor the SVK despite the fact that it has a limited supply of ammo. Players that have a firm grasp of the SVK have the ability to wipe out hundreds of opponents at once and quickly rise to the top of the standings with the most kills.


Best SMG Battlefield 2042
K30 – battlefield best sub-machine gun

As a result of bloom being reduced, the K30 has risen through the ranks and is currently considered to be one of the greatest SMGs in the game. This rapid-fire submachine gun used to be kind of useless before the recoil and bloom issues were fixed by updates, but now it can easily destroy adversaries when used at close range.

When firing at short distances, the K30 is an absolute monster. The K30 is evocative of the Vector from other shooters since it has an absurdly high fire rate and damage that isn’t even close to being half horrible. It has a crazy potential time-to-kill value.

When you are less than 25 meters away from your target, the K30 has the highest TTK of any weapon on the Battlefield. In point of fact, it’s quite possible that it is the only weapon in the game that gives the impression of being a “shredder.”

And it is one of the reasons that we like it so much. It is true that it is ineffective beyond a certain range, but if you are bringing an SMG, we can safely assume that you are trying to push goals, and there is simply nothing better than the K30 for accomplishing that mission.

The K30 is an excellent choice for shooters who enjoy using submachine guns. Because of the uncontrollable recoil, the beginning of it was a living nightmare. However, after several post-launch patches, this 20-round submachine gun has improved to the point that it is now pretty good.

It now has a high rate of fire and the ability to cause destruction at close range. If you want to use the K30, you should be aware that the firearm performs very well in circumstances involving close combat.

When you reach level 53, you will be able to unlock the K30 submachine gun. In close quarters battle, it can provide catastrophic damage, reducing foes to shredded pieces in a matter of seconds. The limited firepower and inaccurate attacks are a necessary part of the aggressive attack rate. It includes a unique recoil mechanism that allows players to maintain a tight hold on the weapon even while they are firing point-blank at an opponent.

Because each round of the K30 has twenty rounds, it is a dependable weapon that can provide continuous damage to infantry on any given map. Because it has a longer magazine, the extended mag ammo adapter may hold more bullets in each round.

To improve their field of vision during combat, players can add top rail attachments like the K8 Holo and the Fusion Holo to their weapons.


Best LMG Battlefield 2042
PKP-BP – battlefield best LMG

The PKP-BP is a traditional light machine gun that deals slightly more damage with each round than its main competitor, the LCMG. In actual use, it just isn’t nearly as strong as it is in theory. Because of its poor handling and far less dependable accuracy figures, the LCMG is a significantly superior option in almost all circumstances.

A recent patch provided the PKP with a significant bump, and the results are visible. You should get used to utilizing the rifle and unlock some of its attachments as soon as possible since it is going to come to dominate the meta over the following few weeks.

The linked bipod behind the rifle encourages a slower style of play; we prefer to utilize McKay or Sundance to get to a high position, then prone to mow down adversaries; yet, the weapon’s overall damage and great range make it the best power weapon for holding objectives.

These are the stats for the weapon. Because of these statistics, the PKP-BP is objectively the greatest weapon in the game, if not the same as the best weapon overall, when compared to any and all SMGs or assault rifles.

You will need to pre-aim pretty frequently when using the weapon, which is the one negative to it. The reason for this is that while employing the tactical sprint, there is a significant delay of around one second between sprinting and firing.

If you pre-aim with the PKP-BP, you will emerge victorious from the vast majority of firefights. Not many players play with LMGs, but when they do, PKP-BP is always on top of their selection criteria. This is also the reason the gun is the best LMG weapon in Battlefield 2042.   

Although it is difficult to argue against recommending the PKP-BP at the moment, things will not always be in such a favorable position for the PKP-BP. The developers of any game will make adjustments to anything that becomes too powerful so that the game remains fair. To put it another way, a nef for the PKP-BP is not all that far off in the future.


PP-29 – battlefield best arsenal

The PP-29 is a submachine gun that has an incredibly great range. It is genuinely capable of competing with assault rifles, in contrast to its competitors in the category, and the volume of its ammo magazine is just ridiculous.

If you’ve played Battlefield 2042, you’ve likely encountered the PP-29 by this point. The vicious little submachine gun was formerly considered to be one of the greatest weapons in the game; however, despite the fact that it is still extremely good, it is not as good as it once was. It has extremely low bloom, which means that the bullets practically travel where you really fire them.

Additionally, it has a big magazine and the quick mobility of a light submachine gun. For the time being, the PP-29 is simply the finest gun that the game has to offer; however, it has been said that Bloom will presumably be rectified later on in the game with subsequent patches.

The beginning magazine of 53 rounds is an absolute godsend in a game like Battlefield. There are fifty-three rounds in each magazine of the PP-29, giving it a considerable capacity for ammunition.

When you reach level 18, you will be able to unlock the PP-29 submachine pistol. It has a shorter range and less powerful shots. The under barrel of the submachine gun may also be used as a handle, which helps to counteract the overall weight of the firearm.

Pro gamers rely on PP-29 to ensure that they dominate the battlefield and are able to frag opponents without batting an eye. It comes with a variety of attachments that can improve its functionality, such as a Standard Issue barrel that can lower the weapon’s recoil, speed up the rate at which it can reload, and speed up the rate at which it can fire.

A Wrapped Suppressor is an additional piece of equipment that players may use to reduce the sound of their assaults and prevent themselves from being highlighted on the minimap when they are firing their weapons.


DM7 – battlefield best weapons

The DM7 is quite comparable to the SVK, and if we’re being really honest, you could find that you prefer it to its marksman equivalent. However, due to the fact that it is not as reliable as the SVK in terms of dispatching foes in a seamless manner, we have decided to place it in the B-tier.

The kick it gives while shooting, its benefits as more of a run-and-gun weapon, and the SVK’s sheer huge damage output are perhaps the reasons why it is so popular. The DM7 is a semi-automatic marksman weapon in Battlefield 2042 that may be utilized from the very beginning of the game.

It is a fantastic choice for use in long-range combat and is perfect for eliminating foes from rooftop vantage points because of its range. Because of its pinpoint accuracy and devastating firepower, the marksman rifle is a fan favorite among players who are just starting out in the game.


DXR-1 – battlefield best DVR

The NTW was severely nerfed, and as a result, DXR-1 became the greatest sniper in the game, despite the fact that there were only three total snipers available. The DXR allows for rather rapid shooting and a hit to the head results in an instant fatality. The news concerning NTW is unfortunate, yet accidents like these do sometimes occur.

The DXR-1 is undeniably a massive firearm. In addition to that, compared to the high-ranking SWS-10, it has a little friendlier interface. Because it is possible to kill enemies with only one shot to the head and because it maintains its damage level even at long range, this weapon is a powerful addition to your loadout and one that you should consider using in virtually any circumstance.


SFAR-M GL – battlefield best guns

The SFAR-M GL just is not capable of performing any task as admirably as it could. It has the maximum firepower of all the assault rifles, but because it does not have a quick rate of fire or range values that are comparable to those of an LMG, it is effectively a poorer version of an LMG.

However, it does come equipped with an underbarrel grenade launcher as standard, which is a fairly nice feature at least. Although the SFAR-M is not currently considered to be one of the most well-valued assault rifles in Battlefield 2042, we believe that it should be at the very top of the list.

We observed that it had a significant DPS output, and while having a low handling rating, it was simple to operate because to the absence of recoil and kick. When you reach level 27, you will be able to unlock the SFAR-M GL assault rifle. Its incredible firepower allows it to defeat foes both up close and at a moderate distance.

Because the player’s assault weapon has both a semi-automatic and an automatic firing mode, they are able to chase down opponents while simultaneously ducking behind cover when necessary. This weapon is the total definition of chaos as it is AR plus has a standard issue grenade launcher attached, making it one of the Best Battlefield 2042 AR Weapons in the game right now.

The negative is that it’s rather hefty, which makes moving more difficult while you’re already receiving damage. With twenty rounds in each magazine, its ammo capacity is controlled to a certain extent. The SFAR-M GL is equipped with a grenade launcher, which may be used to clear personnel from the combat zone.


AC-42 – battlefield best weapons

The AC-42 is a really intriguing piece of equipment. In contrast to the other ARs in the game, it has a mode that fires in bursts and demands that you utilize it.

AC-42 Assault Rifle with burst rounds is unlocked rather late in the process of leveling up, but it is well worth the wait for it. It’s a headshot machine; that’s what it is. Because of the way the weapon “kicks” after it has been fired, you have a good chance of hitting those delicious shots regardless of whether you are 200 meters away or run into someone around a corner.

AC-42 is very potent all over, and it is mostly immune to the bloom problems that occur in the game. The AC-42 is the last unlock, so you won’t be able to play with it right away. However, if you do have it unlocked, we can highly recommend that you level this baby up as quickly as possible.

It has a wide variety of useful attachments that can be attached to it, and if you look at our setup guide for the weapon, you’ll notice that there are three alternative builds that can be used, each of which results in drastically different statistics. However, it is burst, so if you think that may not be for you, try the AR that is below it.

The AC-42 is not just one of the greatest assault rifles that you can get in Battlefield 2042 but also one of the best firearms that you can unlock in the game. It is one of the best guns that you can unlock in the game. It begins equipped with the regular 30-round magazine, but after it’s leveled up, it becomes very powerful.

It has an impressively wide range of uses, and its large bursts of fire are capable of inflicting significant damage on your adversary.

12M Auto

In Battlefield 2042, the 12M Auto serves as the default shotgun weapon for most players. It has an excellent amount of power and a mediocre range that is pretty much the utility gun you should use if you aren’t sure what to do. Even while there is the problem of bullet spread that comes with shotguns, which makes it a little bit unpredictable, it still does a fairly good job anyway.

The complete version retains the same level of popularity that the beta version had when it came to user adoption. You cannot give the 12M Auto the same level of mobility as other shotguns, but it is unable to handle the longer distances that are so frequent on Battlefield.

There aren’t really too many shotgun weapons in the game that are better all-around than the 12M Auto, and one of the reasons for it is that it has favorable recoil and it also has excellent accuracy.

Everyone in Battlefield 2042 eventually gets access to the 12M Auto shotgun. At a moderately paced firing rate, it may be utilized to eliminate foes at a dead close fighting range. Because of the shotgun’s controlled recoil, it is an exceptionally stable weapon to use in combat.



The NTW-50 may be in the lower tiers of the weapon tree, but that doesn’t mean it’s an absolutely horrible rifle! It really depends on the circumstances. The NTW-50 is a special kind of anti-material rifle that can completely obliterate any kind of vehicle up to 1,500 meters away. However, it cannot be used in regular games since it is both too cumbersome and unreliable.

This sniper had a lot of power during the first few weeks of the game, but it was eventually nerfed since several players were upset with the amount of damage it dealt to vehicles. Because it is the very last gun that can be unlocked by leveling up, it took a long.

In all seriousness, NTW-50 is a heavy-hitting gun, and when loaded with the appropriate ammo, it packs enough force to be a danger to moving cars as well as other targets. A magazine capacity of just three rounds is clearly a deficiency in the design, but it shouldn’t be an issue for anti-vehicle play or extreme long-range engagements. In any case, if you are looking for anything that has a greater capacity to kill soldiers, then you should look at the rifle that is below.



Sadly, the VCAR does not have the adaptability that we want in a weapon, but it does have a high rate of fire. Because of its modest damage and quick rate of fire, it is best suited for close-quarters combat; yet, you will require a high degree of trigger finger to get anything like satisfactory results while using this gun.

The VCAR is not a terrible weapon; nevertheless, when compared to the other marksman rifles, it is just not up to pace. For this reason, it deserves an almost honorable mention. However, you will require a significant number of attachments before it can be considered practical. The default weapon is not very effective.

It’s excellent that something as foolish, crazy, and hilarious as the VCAR has been able to find its way into the game at long last since VCAR is such a fantastic little weapon. The semi-automatic weapon, which is obviously derived from the Kel-Tec Sub-2000, is designed for players that like an aggressive style of play.

We are not going to sugarcoat the situation; in order for a rifle like VCAR to function well, you need to have a decent trigger finger. However, if you have such a deft finger on the trigger, then you can do some wacky things with the VCAR. It feels a lot quicker than the majority of weapons, and it will reward head and chest shots in an exponentially increasing manner. You may think of it as the meta for high-skill players.

The VCAR is a fun gun to play about with more than anything else, although it does carry a respectable amount of firepower for its little size. It only has a magazine that holds 20 rounds, but if you have a well-trained trigger finger, it may be a very effective weapon. It is a rapid and powerful weapon that can quickly shower adversaries with a torrent of bullets, and it is a lot of fun to pull out and utilize while doing so.

At level 47, you will be able to acquire the VCAR, which is a marksman rifle. It is one of the lightest firearms in the game, and using it gives players an advantage in terms of their mobility speed when they are on the ground. The majority of VCAR engagements take place at close and medium ranges.

It has the capability of being fitted with a suppressor, which makes it easier to sneak up on adversaries. Because of its small size, the VCAR is an excellent option for carrying out covert killings. Even though the size of the weapon is small but if the player knows how and when to use it, the weapon proves lethal. That is why VCAR deserves a top-tier spot in the Best Battlefield 2042 Weapons list.

The marksman rifle’s enhanced accuracy provides players with a sufficient boost to their aim when they are engaged in combat. Each magazine of the VCAR can hold twenty rounds.


PBX-45 – battlefield best SMG

The PBX-45 is a decent, standard-issue submachine gun that is somewhat more mobile than the K30. In Battlefield 2042, conventional submachine guns (SMGs) are, thankfully, quite handy. If you take care to avoid engagements at a distance, this weapon will serve you quite well.

Another deserving candidate for recognition, the PBX SMG must not be forgotten. Even while it can’t be compared to the PP-29 or a fully-equipped K30, the gun is still a respectable small shooter, and using it won’t pose much of a challenge if you’re aiming for that delicious 2042 completion.

GVT 45-70

GVT 45-70 – battlefield best shotgun

This lever-action rifle is an antique piece of equipment that has been around for a while. Because the GVT 45-70 only has room for a maximum of six rounds in its chamber and has an extremely sluggish firing rate, it will be difficult for you to deliver a significant amount of damage with it.

Always use actual sniper guns or firearms designed for marksmanship. Because of the inherent differences between the classes in Battlefield 2042, we are compelled to compare the GVT 45-70 to the shotguns, despite the fact that it is more accurately described as a marksman rifle.

It will not be as effective as either of the shotguns when used at close range; nonetheless, this weapon is one of the most entertaining to use in the whole game, and it is rather competent when used in the same manner as other marksman rifles.

The rate of fire is quite a disadvantage since it makes it quite difficult to land follow-up shots, but if you can hit them in the chest and head, you can knock them out of play before they have a chance to do anything else.

How To Unlock The Best Weapons In Battlefield 2042 

It is no doubt that Battlefield 2042 has a lot of weapons and unlike their Battle Royales you will actually need to unlock the starter weapons as well if you want to use them. So many of the best guns and weapons in Battlefield 2042 might not be available to you from the get-go. 

Using the starter weapons will give you an idea of what weapons do unlock first since most of them will be available to you from the start of Battlefield 2042. Visit the Collection Menu on the weapons screen to see what weapons you have already unlocked and the other weapons that you can unlock as you progress in the game.  

The weapons gadget and cosmetics that come in Battlefield 2042 can be unlocked by increasing your player level and earning experience points. As you progress you will unlock cosmetic items and weapons that will help you get through the stages of Battlefield 2042. 

Best 2022 Starter Weapons In Battlefield 2042  

Some of the weapons above might not be available to you from the beginning of the game. Therefore, we have mentioned below some of the best starting weapons for 2022 if you are just starting out in Battlefield 2042. 

LCMG- The best part about LCMG is that you won’t need a lot of ammo to take down an enemy in Battlefield 2042. The range it covers is quite good and the power combo will be beneficial for you even in the late game. After a few kills, you will unlock the hybrid scopes that basically turn this weapon into a killing machine. And after you have achieved 210 kills you can get the armor-piercing rounds that will even take down the strongest of vehicles in Battlefield 2042. 

PP 29-  Another great starter weapon that will help you fulfill your objectives in no time is the PP29 SMG. The rate of fire is 650 which makes it good for taking down hordes of enemies that come your way. Furthermore, the high magazine size allows you to keep on shooting without having to worry about your ammo. 

SVK-  The marksman rifles are undoubtedly more popular than snipers in Battlefield 2042 as they provide the best damage output in the game. The strong rate of fire will help you take out the enemy soldiers no matter the range or distance. 

Choosing any of these starting weapons will help you take down enemies in the beginning stages of Battlefield 2042. Also, you can upgrade them as you progress so that they can be used as your primary or secondary weapons in the late game. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the best Battlefield 2042 weapons in 2022. Which is your favorite weapon type and gun in the game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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