8 BEST Battlefield 2042 Weapons

Our Battlefield 2042 weapons guide lists the best weapons after the patch you can use as secondary guns and loadouts to dominate foes.

You can set up camp and snipe from 300 to 500 meters using some of the best snipers in Battlefield 2042 or equip high-rate-of-fire SMGs or pump shotguns to blow the enemy’s face off. That is why we have curated a list of some of the best weapons for beginners and returning players so that they can equip and run with these guns & dominate CQC.

Best Weapons & Comparison Table

We’ve accumulated the 8 best weapons and their stats below: 

WeaponBest ForMagazine SizeRate of FireFire Power Accuracy RangeHandling
AK-24Best Versatile All Rounder Weapon30.0650.
M5A3Best Early-Game Versatile Assault Rifle30.0750.
SVKBest Weapon For Mid-Range Fights5.0180.
K30Best Weapon For Dominating In Close-Range50.01200.
PKP-BPBest Overall Weapon200.0800.
PP-29Best Ranged SMG53.0650.
DM7Best Early Long Ranged Marksman Rifle15.0300.
DXR-1Best Sniper Rifle5.

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Best Versatile All-Rounder Weapon.
Best AR Battlefield 2042
AK-24 battlefield best weapons
Magazine SizeRate of FireFire PowerAccuracyRangeHandling
  • Why I Chose This: The versatility this weapon provides, and the high damage output made it hard not to put on this list.
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When the game originally came out, this rifle was terrible, but after undergoing a number of adjustments and modifications over the first month of 2042, it is now in a very, really excellent spot. It boasts a high damage output and great control over its recoil, and it can be rigged in a number of ways to suit your playstyle.

From my experience, it is capable of doing a significant amount of damage, and there are a plethora of other ways that it may be outfitted. It only has a regular 30-round magazine, but if it is used effectively and in short bursts, it should be plenty for dealing with any situation.

If you are not seeking a weapon that can be adapted to a certain scenario, then the AK-24 is the one for you. One of the most adaptable weapons now in the game is the AK-24, which has a recoil that is considered to be average but is still easy to control and has a strong damage output. AK-24 weapon is capable of performing well at practically any range.

  • High damage output.
  • It is a versatile weapon used in many different scenarios.
  • The 30-round magazine will require the weapon to be used strategically.


Best Early-Game Assault Rifle.
Best rifle Battlefield 2042
M5A3 – battlefield best AR
Magazine SizeRate of FireFire PowerAccuracyRangeHandling
  • Why I Chose This: This weapon provides excellent accuracy despite being an assault rifle with its versatility.
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The M5A3 is an assault rifle that is equipped by default in Battlefield 2042. Considering that it is a starting weapon, in my opinion, it does a respectable job. The magazine holds the regular amount of thirty rounds, and the rifle itself is quite nicely balanced. There aren’t really too many assault weapons in the game that are better all-around than the M5A3, and one of the reasons for this is that it has favorable recoil and it also has excellent accuracy.

It has a fair amount of power and a respectable amount of range and is pretty much the rifle you should use if you aren’t sure what to do. Even while there is the problem of bullet dispersion that comes with ARs, which makes it a little bit unpredictable, it still does a fairly good job anyway.

At a moderately paced firing rate, it may be utilized to eliminate foes at a mid-range fighting range. Because of the assault rifle’s controlled recoil, it is an exceptionally stable weapon to use in combat.

  • For an assault rifle, it has great accuracy.
  • Versatile.
  • Available by default.
  • Unpredictability.
  • Better against stationary opponents only.


Best Weapon For Mid-Range Fights.
Best DMR Battlefield 2042
Magazine SizeRate of FireFire PowerAccuracyRangeHandling
  • Why I Chose This: The stability this weapon provides with the lethal damage. No wonder it’s favored by pros.
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The SVK is a tremendously powerful marksman rifle that, under the correct conditions, may function in a manner not dissimilar to that of a sniper. It’s a big piece of equipment with a firing rate that’s rapid enough to get the follow-up rounds you need to finish out your adversaries. It is the ideal weapon to utilize at the midpoint in every given predicament.

I’ve found that the SVK is a very effective marksman rifle that can kill the majority of foes with just two bullets. Although it is possible that a DXR fired to the finish will still outgun you, the SVK’s high firing rate, stability, and deadly damage make it one of the finest weapons in the game. You have the option of keeping it adaptable by firing at a higher pace for encounters at close range or relying on heavy-hitting fire at a slower rate to knock out foes at range.

It has a maximum range of up to 1500 meters. If playing with DMRs is your thing in FPS games, then SVK could be your go-to weapon and is, in fact, on the list of the best weapons for a lot of players. 

  • Great for taking down multiple enemies.
  • High damage and stability.
  • Versatile.
  • Limited magazine capacity (6 bullets).


Best Weapon For Dominating In Close-Range.
Best SMG Battlefield 2042
K30 – battlefield best sub-machine gun
Magazine SizeRate of FireFire PowerAccuracyRangeHandling
  • Why I Chose This: The reliability factor, high performance, and a great weapon for close-range.
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As a result of Bloom being reduced, the K30 has risen through the ranks and is currently considered to be one of the greatest SMGs in the game. I was surprised to find that this rapid-fire submachine gun used to be kind of useless before updates fixed the recoil and bloom issues, but now it can easily destroy adversaries when used at close range.

The K30 is in my opinion an excellent choice for shooters who enjoy using submachine guns. Because of the uncontrollable recoil, the beginning of it was a living nightmare. However, after several post-launch patches, this 20-round submachine gun has improved to the point that it is now pretty good.

It now has a high rate of fire and the ability to cause destruction at close range. If you want to use the K30, you should be aware that the firearm performs very well in circumstances involving close combat.

Because each round of the K30 has twenty rounds, it is a dependable weapon that can provide continuous damage to infantry on any given map. Because it has a longer magazine, the extended mag ammo adapter may hold more bullets in each round.

To improve their field of vision during combat, players can add top rail attachments like the K8 Holo and the Fusion Holo to their weapons.

  • It has a high fire rate and improved recoil.
  • Great for close-range combat situations.
  • Versatile.
  • Lacks in mid to long-range fight scenarios.


Best Overall Weapon.
Best LMG Battlefield 2042
PKP-BP – battlefield best LMG
Magazine SizeRate of FireFire PowerAccuracyRangeHandling
  • Why I Chose This: One of the best LMGs with great damage and pre-aiming.
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The PKP-BP is a traditional light machine gun that deals slightly more damage with each round than its main competitor, the LCMG. In actual use, it just isn’t nearly as strong as it is in theory. Because of its poor handling and far less dependable accuracy figures, the LCMG is a significantly superior option in almost all circumstances.

I have to admit that the PKP-BP is objectively the greatest weapon in the game, if not the same as the best weapon overall when compared to any and all SMGs or assault rifles.

You will need to pre-aim pretty frequently when using the weapon, which is the one negative to it. The reason for this is that while employing the tactical sprint, there is a significant delay of around one second between sprinting and firing.

If you pre-aim with the PKP-BP, you will emerge victorious from the vast majority of firefights. Not many players play with LMGs, but when they do, PKP-BP is always on top of their selection criteria. This is also the reason the gun is the best LMG weapon in Battlefield 2042.   

  • It has high damage.
  • One of the best weapons overall.
  • Poor handling.
  • Low accuracy.


Best Ranged SMG.
PP-29 – battlefield best arsenal
Magazine SizeRate of FireFire PowerAccuracyRangeHandling
  • Why I Chose This: This weapon has a massive magazine capacity and great range which can be used for prolonged battles.
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The PP-29 is a submachine gun that has an incredibly great range. From my experience, it is genuinely capable of competing with assault rifles, in contrast to its competitors in the category, and the volume of its ammo magazine is just ridiculous.

The beginning magazine of 53 Rounds is an absolute godsend in a game like Battlefield. There are fifty-three rounds in each magazine of the PP-29, giving it a considerable capacity for ammunition.

When you reach level 18, you will be able to unlock the PP-29 submachine pistol. It has a shorter range and less powerful shots. The under barrel of the submachine gun may also be used as a handle, which helps to counteract the overall weight of the firearm.

A Wrapped Suppressor is an additional piece of equipment that players may use to reduce the sound of their assaults and prevent themselves from being highlighted on the minimap when they are firing their weapons.

  • Great range.
  • A high ammo capacity (53-round magazine), great for prolonged battles.
  • Recommended by pros.
  • Requires the player to be at level 18.


Best Early Long Ranged Marksman Rifle.
DM7 – battlefield best weapons
Magazine SizeRate of FireFire PowerAccuracyRangeHandling
  • Why I Chose This: The weapon provides long range for a weapon that is obtained early on in the game.
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The DM7 is quite comparable to the SVK, and if we’re being really honest, you could find that you prefer it to its marksman equivalent. However, due to the fact that it is not as reliable as the SVK in terms of dispatching foes in a seamless manner, I have decided to place it in the B-tier.

In my opinion, it is a fantastic choice for long-range combat and is perfect for eliminating foes from rooftop vantage points because of its range. Because of its pinpoint accuracy and devastating firepower, the marksman rifle is a fan favorite among players who are just starting out in the game.

  • Great for run-and-gun gameplay.
  • Great for long-ranged combat.
  • Is acquirable early on in the game.
  • Isn’t as reliable as the SVK.
  • Low damage.


Best Sniper Rifle.
DXR-1 – battlefield best DVR
Magazine SizeRate of FireFire PowerAccuracyRangeHandling
  • Why I Chose This: The Nerfs to NTX sniper made this sniper the best in the game.
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The NTW was severely nerfed, and as a result, DXR-1 became the greatest sniper in the game, despite the fact that there were only three total snipers available. The DXR allows for rather rapid shooting and a hit to the head results in an instant fatality. The news concerning NTW is unfortunate, yet accidents like these do sometimes occur.

The DXR-1 is undeniably a massive firearm. In addition to that, compared to the high-ranking SWS-10, it has a little friendlier interface. Because it is possible to kill enemies with only one shot to the head and because it maintains its damage level even at long range, this weapon based on what I’ve experienced is a powerful addition to your loadout and one that you should consider using in virtually any circumstance.

  • Rapid shooting.
  • Instant headshot kills.
  • Great range and damage.
  • Lacks in close-range combat situations.

Best Starter Weapons In Battlefield 2042  

Some of the weapons above might not be available to you from the beginning of the game. Therefore, we have mentioned below some of the best-starting weapons if you are just starting out in Battlefield 2042. 

  • LCMG: The best part about LCMG is that you won’t need a lot of ammo to take down an enemy. The range it covers is quite good, and the power combo will be beneficial for you even in the late game. 
  • PP 29: Another great starter weapon that will help you fulfill your objectives in no time is the PP29 SMG. The rate of fire is 650, which makes it good for taking down hordes of enemies. 
  • SVK: The marksman rifles are undoubtedly more popular than snipers in Battlefield 2042, as they provide the best damage output in the game. The strong rate of fire will help you take out the enemy soldiers no matter the range or distance. 

Choosing any of these starting weapons will help you take down enemies in the beginning stages of Battlefield 2042. Also, you can upgrade them as you progress so that they can be used as your primary or secondary weapons in the late game.

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