Battlefield 2042 OST Leaked And Its Very Loud

A snippet of the game's bombastic OST has been posted on Twitter

Just recently, industry insider Tom Henderson has posted a clip on his Twitter that included a snippet of the OST from the upcoming Battlefield 2042. Along with mentioning that he has access to the entire 42 minutes long OST for the much anticipated military shooter. Based on the snippet one can assume that the OST fits the game’s title, because not only is it composed of distorted techno beats, it’s also really f*cking loud.

Sleeping while listening to 42 minutes worth of loud war music is truly a goal we should all strive to achieve.

While I’ll admit it’s on the loud side, I’ll also have to add that on a personal note? It’s kind of fire. The distorted horns and the techno beats feel really powerful and energetic while also carrying the series leitmotif. It feels like you’re being pushed into a grand battle with high stakes and I just really dig it.

Battlefield also recently made its debut into the smartphone market with Battlefield Mobile, a game that brings Battlefield’s large-scale destruction and mayhem to your smartphones. There have also been rumors that the series might be heading towards a free-to-play model in the near future as the franchise begins to expand into new avenues.

Battlefield 2042 comes out this October, on the 22nd. Once again having to go toe to toe with Call of Duty Vanguard which only comes out a handful of weeks later. Hopefully this time there won’t be another significantly better game sandwiched in the middle of these two giants that ultimately causes that game to die and only barely survive through word of mouth and also by just being really freaking good.

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