Screenshots Of Upcoming Battlefield 2042 Map Leaked

The screenshots show players this new map will have.

When you talk about first-person shooter games, Call of Duty is obviously the first name that comes to our mind. It rules the FPS genre in the gaming industry and sells like hotcakes everywhere. However, that is also down to one of its main competitors in Battlefield 2042 not doing so well recently.

EA released the latest entry in the Battlefield franchise last October with Battlefield 2042. The game had insane hype and with its futuristic setting, everyone thought it would be a success. However, the result was actually very different and the game flopped badly

Battlefield 2042 has so many demerits that it will take a whole other article to list them. DICE have tried to fix the game and add new content but their attempts haven’t been very successful. Now, the developers are introducing a brand new map according to a leak.

A new leak shows us some screenshots of a brand new map coming to Battlefield 2042. It will have a very peculiar aspect of Exposure according to these leaked pictures. The cover isn’t really available in this new map for the players and hence the name. 

Originally, the screenshots are from Reddit but Battlefield 2042 data miner Temporyal posted them on their account. We can clearly see in the screenshots how open the area is. The screenshots really deliver on their promise of exposure as you can see below.

It is very nice to see something different from the usual in Battlefield 2042. Other maps do have a lot of covers available so it’s good to see something different from the developers. Maybe the open-ended action aspect of this map will finally make the game a bit better.

Players can also glide on this map as we see in the screenshot below. The map looks like some hill area and there is a wide area for you to battle in. You can clearly see how big this Battlefield 2042 map is in the leaked picture and it’s totally massive.

Fan feedback for this new map has been mixed for now. Some think that the change is good for the game while others aren’t very happy that the cover is being taken out. Battlefield 2042 has already tried a lot of stuff and the game still isn’t good.

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