Battlefield 2042 Bombed With Negative Reviews On Steam

Battlefield 2042 receives nearly 8,000 negative reviews on Steam in only a few hours from release.

Earlier today, Battlefield 2042 was finally released by DICE and Electronic Arts, and while the reviews for the early-access version of the game were mostly positive, things aren’t the same with the open release. With more than 100,000 concurrent players in the game at the time of writing, Battlefield 2042 is being bombarded with negative reviews on Steam, which is very concerning.

According to SteamDB, Battlefield 2042 is currently at around 8,000 negative reviews on Steam, which means that only around 20% of the reviews for the game have been positive. As the number of concurrent players for the game continues to increase, so does the number of negative reviews. Furthermore, the game is even #10 in the top-selling games on Steam but it seems like players will be wanting a refund very soon.

Battlefield 2042
Current analytics for Battlefield 2042 on Steam. | Source: SteamDB

“This game is meant to sell, not play. They invested all of their efforts into things like pointless weather effects and completely unnecessary scale so they could use them as selling points instead of investing in gameplay,” says one review. “It’s sad that people actually defend this game. I’m sick of the phrase ‘it will get better within a year’ That’s BS the game should be great at launch problems happen but this is outrageous,” said another.

It seems like most players are concerned about the missing features in the game, such as no campaign or classes, and many are complaining about the optimisation of the game, saying that it’s unfinished and still needs more time in development before it can be released.

Battlefield 2042
One of the many negative reviews for Battlefield 2042 on Steam. | Source: Markux/Steam

As of recent, many games have been receiving criticism for being unoptimised. With the failed release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, the expectations of players from Battlefield 2042 were very high. However, it seems like DICE has fallen into the same abyss as companies like Sledgehammer Games and Rockstar Games. Still, the game has just been released, so there’s still hope for it.

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