Steam Deck Adds Feedback Feature To Resolve Verified Games Issue

Valve has added a new Opt-in Feedback feature to initially resolve the Steam Deck Verified games issue, with more to come!

Valve’s new handheld console, the Steam Deck, has been one of the biggest launches of this year, achieving the #2 spot on the Steam Weekly Global Top Sellers list. Valve has pushed the boundaries with the Steam Deck and the reviews have also been positive about this handheld console. However, as with every new invention, this one has also had its own set of problems.

One of the most prominent problems with the handheld console is that some of the games are not working properly, and for that, Value has verified games, which are supposed to run without any problems. However, players across the world have reported problems even with the Steam Deck Verified games. In its new update for the handheld console released yesterday, Valve quickly responded to this concern and introduced an Opt-in Feedback feature for the Steam Deck.

According to the recent article, the new feature has been created to gather feedback “from players by asking direct questions about your experiences.” Through this, the company is planning to gather player information about Steam Deck Verified games to “identify the titles for which your experiences don’t match your expectations.” However, the working process for the Opt-in Feedback feature can be slightly complicated.

Through this feature, Valve will ask players to participate in providing feedback about individual Steam Deck Verified games after they finish playing them. The players will have the option to participate in the Opt-In Feedback programme, and even if they initially chose “yes,” they can still change their preferences. There are many benefits that the company promises with the release of this feature by saying that “it’s been a month since Steam Deck launched, and we’re just getting started.”

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