Valve Corporation is an American video game software company famously known for creating the video games distribution software called Steam. This tech company was founded by two ex-Microsoft employees: Gabe Logan Newell (a.k.a Gaben) and Mike Harrington. In 2000, Mike left Valve Corporation, leaving Gabe as the sole owner of the company, and as of 2020, Gaben’s net worth was nearly US$4 billion. Other than developing and running Steam distribution service software, Valve is also known for some of the popular fps games, celebrated and played till today. The company’s CS:GO is a spiritual successor to the long-running Counter Strike game. Outside strategy FPS genre, Valve Corporation made critically acclaimed video game franchises such as Left 4 Dead, DOTA, Portal, Team Fortress, Day of Defeat, and the unforgettable Half-Life. So, at eXputer, you will find all finely curated news stories, guides, PC settings, and more about Valve Corporation.