Battlefield V Gun Skin List Leaked From Alpha Build

Here Is The List For You To Check Out

Battlefield V is one of the upcoming games that we are interested in checking out and the Battlefield V gun skin list has been leaked from the alpha build of the game. There have been a couple of announcements for the game like Royale mode. If you were interested in checking out the Battlefield V gun skin list then it is as follows:

  • Captured
  • Chromed
  • Custom Desert
  • Custom Winter
  • Custom Woodland
  • Default
  • Engraved Gold
  • Factory New
  • Inactive
  • Night Operation
  • Pattern Desert
  • Pattern Winter
  • PatternWoodland
  • Sprayed Brown
  • Sprayed Green
  • Sprayed White
  • Texture
  • Two-Tone Bluing
  • Urban Tactical

While some people are angry at the look of the soldiers it seems that people are misunderstanding the notion behind this move. DICE Producer Andreas Morrell talked about this issue and the following is what he had to say:

It needs to be believable. It needs to fit with the era. We’re not creating a steampunk universe or anything like that. But if it was used, we can have it. Doing research for this, we stumbled across a guy called ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill, a British guy who was part of the Norwegian campaign. He was the only one who’s got a confirmed kill with a sword in World War Il. He used to go into battle with a bagpipe and a Scottish broadsword.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if we included a bagpipe as an item because there was one crazy guy who used it.

Battlefield V seems to be pretty impressive from the initial impressions that we have got from publications. The game is due later this year and will release on 18th of October 2018. It will be interesting to see what the final game will be like. We already know that the game is faster than the previous one it is also using the same engine as the previous game so the graphics are similar and the game is beautiful.

We will keep you updated regarding the details of Battlefield V, so stay tuned for more information regarding the game. It will be interesting to see how the game is different from the previous one.

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