How To Find The Bloodborne Amygdala Boss Fight

Unseen Nightmare.

You know all of those giant invisible beings that try and squeeze the life out of you at certain locations in the game? Well, those are the Bloodborne Amygdala enemies, and there are a bunch of them within the game world.

Only one of these is an actual boss fight, though, and even then, it’s an entirely optional encounter that has no significant bearing on your playthrough. It’s still a pretty cool fight though, which is saying something considering that the Amygdala is one of the least impressive looking bosses in the game.

So this Bloodborne Amygdala guide will show you how to find this optional boss.

Bloodborne Amygdala Boss Guide

Bloodborne Amygdala
Amygdala Boss Fight.

The Amygdala boss can only be found in an optional hidden location know as the Nightmare Frontier.

Simply getting to this area takes quite a bit of time and the completion of several different steps to be accomplished as part of a checklist. Follow the steps below to learn what you have to do:

1. Defeat Vicar Amelia: Play through the story until you reach the Cathedral Ward and encounter Vicar Amelia. She should be your second or fourth boss fight, depending on whether or not you’re going for all the optional bosses so far.

Kill her, then interact with the skull that appears in the Grand Cathedral to start a brief cutscene.

2. Reach The Forbidden Woods: From this new Lamp that appears within the Cathedral upon Amelia’s demise, exit the building and head straight down the multiple flights of stairs. When you reach the large courtyard with the resting Church Giants, take the path behind the giant to the area’s top right.

Now turn left and run past the ledge with the NPC Alfred, down the spiral staircase that leads to the locked door. Interact with this door and choose the password “Fear The Old Blood” to access the Forbidden Woods regions.

3. Acquire A Tonsil Stone: Although you can get this item from a few different locations, the most accessible place is the Forbidden Woods. When you approach the first village in the area, ignore the main gate and go up the left path.

There should be a bunch of caged dogs here next to a house with a red lantern. Talk to the NPC in this building to receive the Tonsil Stone.

Bloodborne Amygdala
First Floor Lecture Building.

4. Reach The Lecture Building: Now warp back to the Grand Cathedral lamp again and turn left after exiting the building. Run past the statues and descend further down the path, ignoring or killing the enemies that you encounter. At the end of this route, you should be able to see a massive gateway guarded by an Executioner.

Enter the structure and approach the gate at the far end, but an invisible being will grab you before you can get close. This is an Amygdala, but because you have a Tonsil Stone in your inventory, you will be transported to the first floor of the Lecture Building instead of getting killed.

5. Approach The Nightmare Frontier Door: As soon as you arrive at this new location, light the lamp to your left and then exit the door in front of you. It would be best if you now were inside a massive hall with rows and rows of tables and shelves.

Explore a bit if you want, but your end goal is the single solitary door at the end of this massive area. Opening it will teleport you into the Nightmare Frontier.

Congratulations, you are now inside the optional area that contains the Amygdala Boss fight.

Bloodborne Amygdala
Nightmare Frontier.

The Nightmare Frontier is not an easy location, so we suggest that you are at least level 70 before deciding to tackle this boss. Also, make sure that your weapons are at least upgraded to a +7 and that you bring along a lot of Fire Paper and Molotov Cocktails.

This has been Exputer’s Bloodborne Amygdala guide. Hopefully, it will help you locate the boss fight easily.

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