Digimon Survive Routes: Best Ways To Reach All

This guide will cover all the four possible routes in the Digimon Survive storyline and explain you how to reach each of them.

Digimon Survive is one of the leading visual games that tell a fascinating story and explore the dark themes of adventure and features four parallel routes to complete the gameplay. These routes are full of monsters and other creatures. But, if you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve and know the right strategies, you can definitely survive in the dangerous world full of monsters. If you want in-depth details of all the characters in Digimon, then consider reading our Digimon Survive Tier List guide.

Digimon Survive offers you four routes, and you are required to take either of them as the game progresses. However, if you’re not already a pro, you might struggle to find the best Digimon Survive route that suits your playstyle. So, make sure to keep reading to find it all out and choose accordingly.

Key Highlights
  • Digimon Survive features a visually captivating game with a dark adventure theme.
  • The gameplay includes four parallel routes filled with monsters and creatures.
  • Player choices in the initial eight chapters determine the route they take.
  • The Harmony Route is available with choices aligned with the harmony stat.
  • The True Route is unlocked in New Game+ by keeping Ryo and Shuuji alive.
  • To access the True Route, build loyalty and affinity with Ryo and Shuuji.
  • The True Route offers a more challenging and confusing experience compared to other routes.

All Routes In Digimon Survive

DS Interface
Digimon Survive

The choices you make in Digimon Survive decide the route you’re going to pick in the initial Eight chapters of the game. You’ll get several main choices that’ll determine the route you’re going to get. Every child and their Digimon is going to get these choices.

These children will definitely struggle for survival, which gives birth to an even darker theme of violence. But, once they find their Digimon, the creatures that’ll help them, they’ll figure out a way to get out of this world.

Choose your favorite Route
What’s Today’s Route?

Each of the routes has certain requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get access. You can either escape to the real world immediately or pick these routes and continue the game while saving the world.

1. The Harmony Route

If all your choices throughout the Eight chapters go according to the harmony stat, then you’ll be going to this route. You can increase your harmony stat with the help of co-operating with other children and with your Digimon.

Also, the data attribution helps a lot with improving your harmony stats. The harmony choices are the best choices, and if you stick to the right choices, you’ll get your harmony stats up the roof.

Digimon Survive Gameplay
Harmony Route

You can see the harmony stats in the green outline. The highlight will actually help you see if you’re making the right choice or not until you reach chapter 8. So, at the end of chapter 8, you find yourself stuck in a tricky situation.

You need to decide whether you’re going to stay loyal to your friends and choose the harmony path or you want to get out of the parallel world. This choice will actually determine how loyal you are to your Digimon friends too.

2. The True Route

The true path is quite difficult to get; you can’t even access it if you’re playing the game for the first time. The path is only available to the people who have played and won the game and are playing it again.

The players have to end the game once and then enter New Game+ to get access to The True Route. Even if you won the game once, that doesn’t mean this route is going to be a cakewalk for you because it’s a lot more challenging and confusing.

Digimon Survive Route
True Ending Route

If you want access to this route, you need to ensure that Ryo and Shuuji stay alive throughout the first eight chapters of the game. You need to build up loyalty and affinity with them, which will help them have a better chance of survival.

If you’ve got around 30 affinities with Ryo and Shuuji, they’ll be enough to help them get over their own problems and survive the chapters. If you successfully help these two survive, then any path you pick after the 8th chapter will lead you to the True path.

Once you walk through the True path, that’ll be the real ending of the game, and only then will you be able to win by true means. And that’s the reason why winning in the game for the first time isn’t all that important until you cross all routes of Digimon Survive.

3. The Moral Route

The moral route is a little difficult to access because you have to make your choices according to the moral stats. You also need to keep an eye on what you’re picking and whether it is moral enough or not at the end of each chapter.

The moral stat is usually attributed to justice and loyalty; you can see it glow in a red outline during Karma stats. If you want to start the Moral route, you need to make sure that at the end of chapter Eight, you don’t pick the option of fleeing the premise.

DS Charachters
Character Stats

Instead, the moral choice would be to stay and save the world and save your friends. Once you click on the Save the World dialog, your Moral route journey will begin immediately. Plus, you must also have good bonds with Digimons if you want to walk the Moral route.

Also, don’t forget to develop a bond with Vaccine and Justice Digimons. They’ll be crucial in the path of morality and will help you unlock the doors to the Moral route. Following moral principles might sound draining for Eight whole chapters, but it actually is the right choice to make if you want to reach the moral path.

4. The Wrathful Route

The Wrathful Route is yet another difficult route to walk on. However, if you’re in for some adventure, then this route is just perfect for you. All you need to do is increase the Wrath stats in the first 8 chapters of the game.

You would also have to befriend the Virus Type Digimons if you really want to enter the path of Wrath. You can find the right choices for Wrath in the middle of your screen with a yellow outline.

Digimon Survive All routes
Wrathful Route

You need to remember that you have to achieve your objective no matter what happens. It will help you increase your wrath stats a lot faster. You are offered the choice of going to the real world yet again.

But, the right choice to enter the route of Wrath will be to “Stay with Agumon” Once you select this option at the end of chapter 8, your quest in the wrath route will immediately begin without any hassle.


Ending Digimon Survive through all the routes isn’t a piece of cake. You need to understand the requirements for each route and fulfill them one by one. So, at the end of chapter Eight, you can begin your journey to whichever route you like.

Also, make sure to keep a friendly bond with Digimons because they’re going to help you survive in the parallel world. Other than that, just play the game and try your best to stay loyal to the cause of saving the world.

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