Dislyte: How To Promote Esper Star Rating

Today we will go in-depth players can improve and promote their Esper's star rating in Dislyte. This will allow your espers to grow stronger.

Dislyte boasts strategic turn-based combat similar to many JRPGs with attractive visuals. It has an enormous roster of more than 60+ Espers available at your disposal. Today we will be touching on a crucial gameplay aspect of Dislyte. We will be providing an in-depth guide on how to promote your Esper’s star rating in Dislyte.

Esper star rating heavily plays a role in shaping your characters. There’s a variety of important gameplay mechanics in Dislyte like its Ripple Dimensions and Point Wars. But its most vital system lies in the Star Ratings of Espers. These allow your espers to improve and upgrade themselves. So let’s go over the importance as well as how and why you should promote your Esper star rating in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Esper star rating is a core component of character in Dislyte and enhances their overall stats and attributes.
  • Enhancing Espers can make them extremely powerful in combat.
  • In order to enhance Espers, players must focus on promoting and ascending them.
  • To level up Espers, players can sacrifice Experimon, which can be obtained by spending in-game currencies on banners in the gacha section.
  • Low-rated Espers can also be used as fuel to level up unique characters.
  • Players can also level up Espers using other Espers.
  • Leveling up Espers ensures good progression and helps to avoid troubles like how to promote Esper’s star rating in Dislyte.

Importance of Promoting Dislyte Esper Star Rating

Esper star rating is the core component of the character. Every Esper belongs to a specific element and they each have their unique arsenal of abilities. However, it’s noteworthy that like many RPGs, they can be enhanced and grown in their capabilities.

By enhancing your espers, you can quite literally make them insanely powerful in combat. Star Rating plays a key role in boosting your Esper’s overall stats and attributes. We will also touch on how you can upgrade their various abilities later on in the guide.

There are many legendary Espers like Tang Xuan, Gabrielle, and Drew. But sooner or later, you are required to ascend them so you can improve their potential during combat. The difference between your base Espers and their fully-leveled versions will feel highly noticeable. During tough boss fights, the DPS values will be much more staggering and powerful.

So you must focus on promoting and ascending the Espers in Dislyte. With that being said, let’s dive into all the aspects related to promoting and upgrading your characters.

How to Level Up Espers in Dislyte

How to Level up Esper
Leveling up your Esper in Dislyte is the first step to promoting them.

There are a couple of ways to level up your Esper in Dislyte. However, the most convenient way you will be using mainly is by sacrificing Experimon. Dislyte uses a gacha mechanic where you ‘roll’ for Espers on the respective banners located in the “Gacha” menu section.

This is a mechanic which may sound familiar to players of Genshin Impact which also has similar mechanics. Also, leveling up ensures you an excellent progression and you will not have troubles such as how to promote esper star rating in Dislyte.

Players can spend currency and roll on the banners in the chance of obtaining different rated Espers. It is completely luck-based so we suggest to keep trying until you obtain whichever character you want. 

It will help you plan out your rolls and save precious materials to use on summoning legendary espers. Anyways, For now, let’s look at how you can level your espers using the experimon.

How to Level Up Espers Using Experimon

how to promote esper star rating in dislyte
Experimon can be rewarded for various tough battles throughout Dislyte.

You can easily acquire experimon by spending your various in-game currencies and rolling on banners located in the gacha section. They are included in the various other Loot Pools of the game. Meaning players can acquire experimon via story mode rewards and sometimes while completing other activities of the game too.

The sole purpose of experimon is for using them as leveling materials for your Espers. So players should not hesitate about ‘wasting’ them. They will be one of the earliest materials or items in your rewards for completing activities. And later on in the endgame, you will have tons of experimons most of the time. Always be sure to use them when the time is right as leveling fuel for your characters.

How to Level Up Espers Using Other Espers

low rated espers
You can use low rated Espers as fuel to level up your unique characters

This method can also be somewhat viable to level up your Espers in Dislyte. Especially towards the Late game of Dislyte. It requires you to have Espers which have a rating of rare or under it. These are mostly 2-star or if you are lucky 3-star espers.

You can easily summon them in the gacha menu using your Silver Records currency. This currency is also readily obtainable throughout the game in various instances. You can craft them from Wish Cards or also acquire them by completing missions and objectives in the Clubs of Dislyte. 

You should level these Espers up from some endgame or high-level activity. Preferably, players should take one of their fully leveled espers and the rest should be low-rated Espers. Legendary Espers such as Tang Yun and Li Ling can work wonders to be solo damage dealers. The basic gist is that your legendary esper will clear out most waves with their crazy damage. While your low-rated Espers will manage to somewhat survive and get a heap ton of Experience Points at the end of battles.

This is also a great way on learning how to promote your Esper’s star rating in Dislyte. It is a tough battle but with the right setups, you can clear it without too many problems. And later on, you can easily farm it once you get powerful.

How to Promote Your Star Rating in Dislyte

how to promote esper star rating in dislyte
Upgrading the star rating of your Espers is vital to increase their performance in Dislyte.

Star ratings function as the level caps for your characters. You can level your Espers up to a certain threshold until you need to ‘Promote’ them to further increase their levels. By increasing past these caps, you further enhance their abilities and prowess during combat.

To increase your star ratings, you will need to use Experimons or the lower-rated Espers. The only twist, however, is that you need them at the same rating as the Esper you are trying to upgrade.

The level cap on an Esper is determined by their Star Rating: 2 stars = Lvl 20 cap, 3 stars = Lvl 30, 4 stars = Lvl 40, 5 stars = Lvl, 50, and 6 stars = Lvl 60. Keeping that in mind, The higher-rated the Esper, the more experimon and espers needed to promote them. We highly recommend that you do not use other Epic or Legendary tier Espers for Star rating promotion.

These Espers are rare to find and can be very useful in some cases. So generally, only promote your main Esper to the max star rating. While only keeping a few Espers promoted to a safety cap.

Star rating promotion further branches out into Divine resonance and Ascension too. Which we also cover later in the guide. The following are the amount of required Experimon/Espers for each rating of an Esper:

Esper StarEsper/Starimon Required

Rewards of Star Rating Promotion

When you promote an Esper to either a 5-star or 6-star rating in Dislyte, you’ll receive rewards based on the element of the Esper you’ve promoted. These are generally extra materials or resources that players can use in Dislyte. There are a few factors that come into play and the universal rule is that no matter if the star promotion is repeated or of the same element. You will always receive rewards for promoting Espers to their respective final levels.

Below we have mentioned conditions to receive star rating promotion rewards in Disyte:

  • The first-time reward for promoting a Shimmer Esper to a 5-star rating.
  • The first-time reward for promoting a Shimmer Esper to a 6-star rating.
  • The first-time reward for promoting a Wind Esper to a 5-star rating.
  • The first-time reward for promoting a Wind Esper to a 6-star rating.
  • The first-time reward for promoting an inferno Esper to a 5-star rating
  • The first-time reward for promoting an inferno Esper to a 6-star rating.
  • The first-time reward for promoting a Flow Esper to a 5-star rating.
  • The first-time reward for promoting a Flow Esper to a 6-star rating.
  • The reward for promoting all 4 elements to a 6-star rating are repeatable rewards for every Esper.

How to Increase Resonance Star Rating in Dislyte

Resonance Star Rating
Increasing your resonance star rating impacts your character’s attributes

Since we have explained how to promote your Esper star rating faster in Dislyte. It is worth mentioning that divine resonance is also albeit similar to raising your character’s star rating. The only difference is that these affect your main attributes and can increase their potency during combat.

Advancing an Esper using a card of the same Esper will raise the existing Esper’s Resonance Star Rating. Each Resonance level gained will evolve an Esper’s base star into a Resonance Star. It will grant 4 resonance energy that you can assign as you see fit.

Each point of Resonance Energy allows you to apply a percentage-based upgrade to that Esper’s stats, which you can assign between Health pool, Attack, or Defense. You can obtain duplicate Esper cards whenever you roll on the banner and obtain a copy of the Esper. You have an option to convert them once you acquire them.

So ultimately, it is up to you if you want to invest in resonance star ratings to enhance your character’s stats. The total Energy an Esper gain from each Resonance is based on their base Star Rating:

  • 2-star Espers (uncommon): Each Resonance level-up grants only 3 Energy.
  • 3-star Espers (rare): Each Resonance level-up grants 4 Energy.
  • 4-star Espers (Epic): Each Resonance level-up grants 5 Energy.
  • 5-star Espers (Legendary): Each Resonance level-up grants up to 6 Energy.

How to Ascend and Upgrade Abilities in Dislyte

Dislyte Ascension
‘Ascending’ your characters increases their abilities overall potential and value in Dislyte

Just like Star Ratings, Ascension is a very important factor in the growth of your Espers. Upgrading one section of the circle in the Esper growth tab is what we call Ascension.

Not only does Ascension provide a boost to the stats of the characters, but at Ascension Level 3, it will add an additional permanent buff to your character.  Espers can be started ascending as early as Level 1. More ascension slots become available as you level up your character and unlock star rating thresholds.

The materials required to ascend your character are called Elemental waves. They can be acquired by defeating the Sonic Miracles bosses and through special gifted Ops Packs.

Where we have also entitled a walkthrough for each Boss fight you encounter during the Sonic Miracles Challenge.

How to Upgrade Abilities of Espers

how to promote esper star rating in dislyte
Abilities can be boosted but the overall difference does not feel too much

It is quite simple to upgrade the abilities of Espers in Dislyte. You can upgrade an Esper’s ability with either Rare/Epic/Legendary Abilimon. These items will randomly upgrade abilities until each of them is maxed out. The Abilimons are very hard to obtain in the early game of Dislyte.

Remember to always upgrade the abilities of the Espers you always use. Never spend them on the ones you don’t use at least not until you reach late-game.

Below is our recommended priority list when it comes to upgrading your Espers abilities.

  • Reducing cooldowns.
  • Increasing chance of triggering status effects or Criticals.
  • Increasing damage (not recommended for Legendary Espers since they start off with high base stats)

Dislyte is slowly becoming one of the most popular RPGs on the Play Store and Apple App Store. Throughout its release, it has more than 1 million downloads and still increasing day by day. It is developed by LilithGames. The creators of the critically acclaimed AFKArena and Rise of Kingdoms. 

This wraps up our detailed guide on how to promote your Espers in Dislyte, As well as mechanics related to it. If you have any further questions related to the guide, feel free to ask them in the comments section below!

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