Finding Sandworms and Tornadoes in No Man’s Sky Origins Update

Haven’t come across these new additions to the origins update? We’ve got some tips to help you along the way

For those unfamiliar to No Man’s Sky, the game is a procedurally generated survival/exploration game that lets you explore a seemingly endless universe, hopping from planet to planet on your spacecraft coming across unexpected alien species and some truly awe-inspiring sights. The Origins update adds in some truly breathtaking creatures such as giant planetary sandworms as well as extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes!

Key Takeaways
  • The Origins update in No Man’s Sky brings new content like planets, creatures, and more.
  • Sandworms can be found by exploring different planets since they spawn randomly.
  • Sandworms might have a higher chance of spawning on highly radioactive planets.
  • To increase your chances, play in creative mode, explore rare planets, and use hyperdrive.
  • You can find sandworms through specific coordinates using portals found on every planet.
  • For your first tornado encounter, search for highly radioactive or infested planets.
  • Utilize your hyperdrive to explore beyond your current system.
  • Avoid Frozen or low-gravity moons and planets when searching for sandworms.

How To Find a Sandworm On Your Own

I spent the last couple of days hunting down these rare creatures by starting exploration mode and traveling to as many planets as I could.

Consider these tips:

  1. Exploration Mode: Start in Exploration Mode and travel to various planets. Sandworms are a random event and can appear on any planet.
  2. Radioactive Planets: Many players have encountered sandworms on planets with extreme radioactivity. Look for such planets to increase your chances.
  3. Diverse Planets: Sandworms are more likely to appear on planets with varied flora, fauna, and alien species. Explore paradise planets, arid planets, and dry radioactive planets.
  4. Creative Mode: If you want to see sandworms without relying on luck, start a game in Creative mode. This mode eliminates resource management concerns, allowing you to focus solely on exploration.
  5. Use Hyperdrive: In Creative mode, use your hyperdrive to travel to different solar systems. This will increase your chances of finding unique planets and potentially encountering sandworms.

By following these tips and exploring diverse, radioactive, or Creative mode planets, you can increase your odds of finding a sandworm in No Man’s Sky and enjoy the thrill of discovering these majestic creatures.

Sandworms and Tornadoes in No Man’s Sky
That’s a big worm

Finding Sandworm Through Coordinates

This method is a tried and tested method to summon yourself a sandworm by using portals found on the various planets. By entering a particular coordinate of a planet where other players have found a sandworm, you can teleport to that location. Exit your spacecraft, this will trigger an autosave – load up that save again and you should be able to see the sandworm appear into your game. The chances of this being successful is high but having said that, there is a slight chance the event won’t trigger. The below image is the coordinates to a planet that contains a sandworm.

Sandworms and Tornadoes in No Man’s Sky
Coordinates to a planet with a sandworm

If you aren’t aware of portals and using coordinates, don’t worry – let us give you a simple guide to finding them.

As mentioned previously, every planet contains a portal – to find a portal you have to first pinpoint the location of a monolith. This won’t be easy as planets can be quite big. Having an upgraded scanner can help find the monolith quicker and easier. Use the scanner and tag the nearest monolith in-game. Traverse towards the monolith. Once found interact with the monolith to get the location of the planet’s portal.

Now that you know where the portal is, make your way to the location and enter the above-given coordinates into the portal. Make sure you put it in the right order to be able to teleport to the planet that contains the sandworm.

How To Find Your First Tornado

With the sandworm out of the way, it was now time to focus on finding us a tornado. This was going to be very tricky as there is no shortcut or sure-shot way of triggering a tornado event in No Man’s Sky. Having said that, there was no harm in giving it a try. I had decided to set off and find myself a world that has extreme weather anomalies with lots of rain and radioactivity. Possibly by narrowing down the types of planets I would visit – maybe I could raise my chances of finding a tornado.

Sandworms and Tornadoes in No Man’s Sky
New weather systems, greater planetary variety, and more

Here are some of the steps you can take to increase your chances of encountering tornadoes:

  • Search for Radioactive Planets: Look for planets with high radioactivity levels. These planets tend to have frequent storms, increasing the chances of encountering tornadoes.
  • Infested Planets: The Origins update introduced infested planets, which are inhospitable with high toxicity levels. These planets often experience thunderstorms and extreme weather anomalies, making them good candidates for tornado sightings.
  • Explore Different Solar Systems: Use your hyperdrive to explore distant solar systems. Different planets in various systems may offer more weather variation and extreme conditions.
  • Avoid Moons and Low Gravity Planets: Moons and planets with freezing or low gravity conditions are less likely to have storms and extreme weather events. Focus on planets with more extreme environments.

Do let us know in the comments if you find yourself one of the lucky ones who have come across a tornado event. Happy hunting!

Takeaways From No Mans Sky Origins Update

No Man’s Sky: Origins proves itself successful as an impressive and extensive overhaul of the universe. If sandworms and tornadoes weren’t enough the update also adds volcanos and other fascinating planetary elements in addition to tweaking the UI and upping the variety of the game world. Props to Hello Games for never giving up on No Man’s Sky and making it the success story it is today against all odds.

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