How To Easily Unlock The Book of Shadows In Hades 2

Book of Shadows is one of the key items that allows you to take a deep look at the lore!

What Is Book Of Shadows In Hades 2

The Book of Shadows is one of the unique items that can be obtained in-game (Image Captured By eXputer)

The Book of Shadows is an important item that provides all the information you can get from defeating enemies and bosses. 

The book stores all of your encounters, which you can read later on to gain a better understanding of the game’s lore. Whenever you beat an enemy or the boss, the Codex will be updated. So, after defeating any enemy, you can learn more about them. Also, the book highlights how often you have defeated a particular enemy, and defeating them more times will add even more description to their lore.

Enemy and some other information can be obtained from the Book of Shadows (Image Source: eXputer)

This whole process is pretty fascinating and makes you want to know about the lore. I love to explore such things, and learning about the lore adds a layer of excitement to the gameplay. 

Key Takeaways
  • Hades 2 has many vital items that are important to get in-game.
  • Book of Shadows is one of those items which players can get after defeating Headmistress three times.
  • This book reveals the lore of enemies and bosses players have defeated and it adds more description upon defeating the same enemy more times.
  • Book of Shadows can also be upgraded as it reveals Melione’s relationship with the gods and other characters. 

How To Get The Book Of Shadows 

Defeating the Headmistress three times will trigger this unique message (Image Taken By Us)

You can get the Book of Shadows by simply defeating the headmistress three times when she appears during your journey. 

  • Getting The Book Of Shadows: The fight against the Headmistress is not easy, but it isn’t difficult either. After some tries, you will eventually reach her, so defeat her three times, and the book is yours.
  • Testing The Might: Headmistress is just testing your might in battle, so the fight will not be that hard. She will appear as the final boss of Erebus, so make sure to beat her. 

This is how you can get the book. The process is really simple, but again, it can take some time if you are new to the genre, as roguelike games are punishing. 

Upgrading Book Of Shadows

Incantations are necessary in order to upgrade the Book of Shadows (Screenshot Grab By Us)

You can even upgrade the Book of Shadows as by doing so you will be able to see your relationship progress with different progress. 

  • Incantations Are Required: To upgrade the book, you will need certain incantations that can be unlocked at the  Crossroads Cauldron. This process requires some time as you would need some materials to make the incantation. 
  • Upgrading The Book: You would need one Fate Fabric and three Myrtle in order to upgrade the Book of Shadows. After upgrading you will be able to check Melione’s relationship with the other characters she has met so far.
  • Improving The Relationships: You can also improve the relationships as it requires another step. To do so, you would need the Gift of Nectar, as by providing it, the relationships of Melione can be improved.     

That is almost everything you would want to know about the Book of Shadows in Hades 2. Getting the book and using it is not that difficult unless you are new to the genre. However, I believe that with just a few tries, you will be able to get the item. Such items hold a deep value to me as learning about the lore in-game is one of the most fascinating things. 

Hades 2 has exceeded expectations by a mile, as the current peak on Steam is more than two times higher than its prequel. The game’s hype even made fans go back to its prequel, which resulted in setting a new peak. Also, you can chat with the community and learn more about the game at the Steam Community Page.

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