How To Get God Human In Blox Fruits + Tips?

Learn how to get God Human and unleash its supreme power for absolute dominance in the game.

Are you wondering how to get God Human in Roblox Blox Fruits? Players can enhance combat skills with this powerful fighting style, which offers both speed and potent moves. However, getting it isn’t easy. You need 400 mastery points in specific fighting styles. Learn the steps to unlock this fighting style and dominate your opponents in Blox Fruits.

Key Takeaways

There are three steps for unlocking God Human in Blox Fruit:

  1. Mastery of Dragon Talon, Superhuman, Death Step, Electric Claw, and Sharkman Karate to 400 mastery points.
  2. Gathering of Fish Tails, Magma Ore, Dragon Scales, Mystic Droplets, $5,000,000, and 5,000
  3. Locate the Ancient Monk on Turtle Island to begin your journey to obtain the powerful God Human’s fighting style.
  • Understand and wield the potent abilities of God Human, including Soaring Beast/Z, Heaven, Earth/X, and Sixth Realm Gun/C, to dominate in combat.

How To Get God Human?

How to get God Human
Ancient Monk – [Image by Me]
To start this journey and wield its formidable abilities, there are several important prerequisites and steps you need to follow. The details of which are mentioned below:

Master the Five Fighting Styles

To attain God Human, you must achieve a mastery level of 400 in the following five fighting styles: Dragon Talon, Superhuman, Death Step, Electric Claw, and Sharkman Karate.

Getting God Human In Blox Fruits
Sharkman Karate – [Screenshot By Me}

Gather the Required Materials

Getting God Human In Blox Fruits
Electric claw – [Image By Me]
Collect the necessary materials to unlock this fighting style:

  • Fish Tails: Obtain them by defeating Fishman Commandos, Fishman Warriors, and Fishman Lords.
  • Magma Ore: Acquire it by defeating Military NPCs, including Soldiers, Spies, and Magma Admirals.
  • Dragon Scales: Defeat Dragon Crew Archers or Warriors to secure these scales.
  • Mystic Droplets: Battle Water Fighters and Sea Soldiers, or participate in Pirate Raids to obtain these droplets.
  • Currency: Amass $5,000,000 in in-game currency and 5,000 fragments.

Locate the Ancient Monk

Make your way to Turtle Island and find the Ancient Monk, who resides inside a tree on the island. The tree is located behind the Musketeer Pirates on the Floating Turtle. Approach him to initiate the process of obtaining this fighting style.

How to Use God Human

After successfully unlocking the God Human fighting style, it’s essential to understand how to use its powerful abilities effectively:

Soaring Beast

  • This skill lets you dash toward your cursor.
  • Colliding with an enemy during the dash triggers a flurry of punches, damaging nearby foes.
  • The final punch knocks back and deals more damage up close.

Heaven and Earth

  • Tapping X releases a gust of wind, launching enemies upward and causing damage.
  • Holding X creates a growing whirlwind.
  • After 4 seconds, a powerful shockwave is unleashed, growing stronger with time.
  • When used on the ground, it leaves debris and hits both above and below.

Sixth Realm Gun

  • Tapping C dashes and deals knockback with extra damage.
  • Holding C results in a faster dash, grabbing the enemy for more damage and knockback.

With these powerful abilities at your disposal, you’re now equipped to dominate your foes and make the most of the God Human fighting style in Blox Fruits. God Human is an elite combat style that requires dedication and effort, but mastering it will give you a significant edge in your Blox Fruits adventures. This was all you need to know on “how to get God Human?”.

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