Persona 5 Trophy Guide: How To Get All Trophies

There Are A Total of 49 Trophies.

Are you looking to get the Platinum trophy in the critically acclaimed Persona 5, but don’t know where to start your long journey? Look no further because this article will explain how to get all trophies in Persona 5. To avoid confusion, it is worth mentioning that this is not the trophy guide for Persona 5 Royal. The two releases are the same game, but significant improvements and additions to Royal make it so that the Trophies in these two games are entirely different.

Key Highlights
  • There are a total of 49 Trophies that players can achieve while playing Persona 5.
  • These trophies belong to one of four rarities, which are known as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • The higher the rarity, the harder it is to achieve that trophy, so if you are looking to get your hands on the Platinum Trophy, it is not going to be easy.
  • Out of these 49 Trophies in Persona 5, 14 are missable.

Persona 5’s Trophy Guide

Persona 5 Trophy Guide
Persona 5’s Trophy Guide
TrophyRarityHow to Unlock
Castle of Lust FallsBronzeFinish Suguru Kamoshida’s Palace before May 2nd
Museum of Vanity ClosesBronzeComplete Ichiryusai Madarame’s Palace before June 5th
Bank of Gluttony Goes BankruptBronzeBefore 9th July, finish Junya Kaneshiro’s Palace
Pyramid of Wrath CollapsesBronzeComplete Futaba Sakura’s Palace before July 25th
Spaceport of Greed DestroyedBronzeClose Kunikazu Okumura’s Palace before October 11th
Casino of Jealousy Shut DownBronzeEnd Sae Niijima’s Palace by October 29th
Cruiser of Pride SinksBronzeFinish the Palace of Masayoshi Shido by December 18th
The True TricksterBronzeGet to the last boss
Phantom Thieves FormedBronzePick a name for your team
Merciless ExecutionerBronzePerform 50 Persona Fusions
Execution Leading to RebirthBronzeComplete a Persona Fusion
The Ultimate StrikeBronzeWith 1 attack, do 999 damage
Perfect CombinationBronzeDo a total of 50 All-Out attacks
Precise InsightBronzeExploit your enemy's weakness 100 times
A Phantom Thief’s DutyBronzeUnlock a Treasure Demon
My Best PartnerBronzeForm a romantic relationship with someone
Soul of RebellionBronzeGet the Arsene Persona
Mask of an Honor StudentBronzeGet 1st place in the exams
A True ConfidantBronzeGet max relationship for a Confidant
Power that ConnectsBronzeDo a Baton Pass three times in one turn
I Am ThouBronzeUse the negotiation mechanic to unlock a Persona
Countless MasksBronzeGet 30 Personas via Negotiation
The Sneaking OneBronzeLaunch a surprise attack 50 times
Drink FanaticBronzeBuy every single drink from the vending machine
True TalentBronzeGet max social stats
Nominating the TwinsBronzeLocate any Group Guillotine Recipe Materials and perform fusion
Atop Countless SacrificesBronzeStrengthen a Persona by using Gallows execution
A Sublime ExperimentBronzeTurn a Persona into an item using the Electric Chair Execution
Through One’s SentenceBronzeGet a Persona Skill through the Lockdown mechanic
Competent NegotiatorBronzeRescue a hostage
Skilled GunmanBronzeKill 3 enemies with 1 round of bullets
Beginner Phantom ThievesBronzeFullfil 5 Mementos Requests
My BackyardBronzeUnlock all the Hangout locations
Guardian of the PondBronzeCapture the Guardian of the Fishing Pond
Aggressive SearcherBronzeFind 150 items from the searchable objects in Palaces
Under-the-Table GoodsBronzeUnlock the ability to customize weapons
Craftworker BronzeCraft all the Infiltration Tools
Bookworm BronzeGo through all the books in the library
Golden FingerBronzePurchase all the games in Yongenjaya
The City’s Hard HitterBronzeHit a home run in the batting centre of Yongenjaya
Passionate ListenerSilverHear 250 navigation lines from Futaba
Mask CollectorSilverFinish the Persona Compendium
A Unique RebelSilverKill the Reaper
A Perfect JobSilverComplete every Mementos Request
One Who Rebels Against a GodSilverCreate the Satanael Persona in NG+ mode
A New JourneyGoldWitness the ending
Beyond RehabilitationGoldIn NG+ mode, defeat the Twins
Great Phantom Thieves ConveneGoldGet max level for Arcana Confidants
Legendary Phantom ThiefPlatinumUnlock every single trophy

Persona 5 has a total of 49 different trophies. 14 of these are missable, while the rest can be acquired at any point in the game.

This has been eXputer’s Persona 5 Trophy Guide. We expect that doing everything on the list will take you around 70 hours in total.

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