Skyrim – All Dragon Priest Mask Locations

Fights Against Dragon Priests Are Not Easy.

Hunting down Dragon Priest Masks in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most worthwhile and rewarding activities that the player can engage in. Not only do these pieces of gear look cool, they also provide players with powerful buffs that can help them with a variety of different tasks.

Key Takeaways
  • Complete Valdar’s quest in Valthume to get Hevnoraak’s mask. It grants immunity to disease and poison.
  • Defeat Krosis and a dragon at Shearpoint dragon lair to get his mask. It gives a 20% buff to Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy.
  • For Morokei’s mask, defeat him at the end of the Labyrinthian ruins southeast of Morthal. It doubles Magicka Regeneration.
  • For Nahkrinn’s mask, defeat him and two dragons at Skuldafn after getting The World Eater’s Eyrie quest. It gives +50 Magicka and decreases Restoration and Destruction costs by 20%.
  • Defeat Otar at Rognvlad ruins northeast of Markarth to get his mask. It gives a 30% buff to Fire, Frost, and Shock resistances.
  • To get Rahgot’s mask, complete Siege on the Dragon Cult quest near the Forelhost ruins southeast of Riften. It gives +70 Stamina.
  • Complete the A Scroll For Anska quest at High Gate ruins to get Vokun’s mask. It reduces Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion costs by 20%.
  • Defeat the priest at Volskygge ruins to get the Volsung mask. It gives a +20 carry limit buff, a 20% price reduction, and lets you breathe underwater.
  • The Wooden Mask is inside the Labyrinthian ruins’ central barrow. It has no buffs but is used to access the Dragon Priest Shrine.
  • Place all the masks at the Dragon Priest Shrine to get Konahrik’s mask. It can heal you and damage enemies when you’re low on health.
  • Ahzidal, Zahkriisos, Dukaan, and Miraak masks are parts of the Dragonborn DLC. These masks give 50% resistance and 25% attack buffs to Fire, Shock, and Frost, respectively.
  • Defeat the priests at Kolbjorn, Bloodskal, and White Ridge barrows to get the Ahzidal, Zahkriisos, and Dukaan masks, respectively.
  • You’ll get Miraak’s mask by completing the Dragonborn DLC main questline. It buffs your Magicka by 40-70 points.

Most of these masks are in possession of unique enemies called Dragon Priests, each of whom is truly a force to be reckoned with. So if a player wants to claim a mask for themselves, they had best come prepared for battle.

This guide will show players where they can find each of the Dragon Priest Masks in the game.


 skyrim dragon priest masks

Unique Ability: The wearer is immune to disease and poison.

This dragon mask can be claimed from the dragon priest Hevnoraak, found in the Nordic ruins of Valthume to the southeast of Markarth.

Players have access to the ruins’ initial parts by default, but to reach the deeper catacombs, they will have to complete the ‘Evil in Waiting’ side quest.

Talk to the spirit Valdar as soon as you enter Valthume to start this quest, and you should encounter Hevnoraak as a boss towards the end.


 skyrim dragon priest masks

Unique Ability: +20% to Lockpicking, Archery and Alchemy.

To get this mask, players have to travel to the dragon lair Shearpoint to the west of Windhelm.

There is no dungeon or quest involved with this mask, but you do have to fight a Dragon, and the priest Krosis at the same time.

This encounter can be pretty tough, so I recommend coming here after you have leveled up a bit.


 skyrim dragon priest masks

Unique Ability: +100% Magicka Regeneration.

The dragon priest Morokei can be found in the Nordic ruins of Labyrinthian to the southeast of Morthal.

Although this location has significance to the greater role of all the dragon priest masks, the encounter with Morokei himself is pretty straightforward. Simply make your way to the end of the dungeon to fight him.


 skyrim dragon priest masks
The World-Eater’s Eyrie.

Unique Ability: +50 Magicka and -20% to Restoration and Destruction Magicka cost.

The dragon priest Nahkriin is unique in this list because he cannot simply be found hidden on the map, unlike the rest of his peers.

To get his mask, players will have to play quite a bit of the main story of Skyrim until they reach the quest “The World-Eater’s Eyrie.” As part of this, they will be transported to the unique location of Skuldafn, which is only accessible during this one quest.

Here you will engage Nahkrinn and two dragons in combat, but you should already be powerful enough to deal with them by this point in the game.


 skyrim dragon priest masks

Unique Ability: Fire, Frost, and Shock resistance is improved by 30%.

This mask is acquired from the dragon priest Otar the Mad, who can be found in the Nordic ruins of Ragnvald to the northeast of Markarth.

Getting this mask is also reasonably straightforward since players only need to fight their way to the boss fight at the end of the dungeon.


 skyrim dragon priest masks

Unique Ability: +70 Stamina.

To get this mask, players will have to complete the side-quest ‘Siege on the Dragon Cult,’ which can be acquired by approaching the nordic ruins of Forelhost to the south-east of Riften.

As you get close enough to the location, a soldier will approach you and give you this quest after some brief dialogue.

From here, simply follow the objectives given to you, to fight the dragon priest Rahgot and get his mask eventually.


 skyrim dragon priest masks
High Gate Ruins.

Unique Ability: -20% Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion Magicka cost.

The Vokoun dragon mask can be acquired from the dragon priest in the Nordic High Gate Ruins to the west of Dawnstar.

As soon as you enter the dungeon, you will encounter an NPC named Anska, who will give you the ‘A Scroll For Anska’ side-quest.

Proceed through the location alongside this character, and you should encounter the dragon priest at the end of the quest.


 skyrim dragon priest masks

Unique Ability: +20 Carry limit, 20% better prices, and the wearer can breathe underwater.

The Volsung mask can be gotten from the dragon priest in the Volskygge nordic ruins to the west of Solitude.

There’s no quest associated with this mask, so all you have to do is fight your way to the priest at the end.

Wooden Mask

 skyrim dragon priest masks
Wooden Mask.

Unique Ability: None.

The Wooden Mask can be found within the central barrow of the Labyrinthian nordic ruins.

Unlike all of the masks so far, this one does not come alongside a fight with a dragon priest because its only purpose is to provide access to the Dragon Priest Shrine when worn.


 skyrim dragon priest masks
Dragon Priest Shrine.

Unique Ability: When health is low, it has a chance to heal the wearer and damage nearby enemies.

The Konahrik mask is the reward for collecting all of the other dragon priest masks in the game.

To get it, players first have to find the Wooden Mask in the Labyrinthian nordic ruins’ central barrow, then use it to unlock access to the Dragon Priest Shrine. From here, they have to place each of the eight other masks onto their respective slots in the shrine.


skyrimj location
Kolbjorn Barrow

Unique Ability: 50% Resistance to Fire, Fire Attacks do 25% extra damage.

Now we move on to the DLC masks from Dragonborn. First, we have the heavy armor mask called Ahzidal. It is named after the priest that wears it and can be acquired by exploring the Nordic ruin of Kolbjorn Barrow. It can be an excellent addition to a fire-resistant set.


Bloodskal Barrow

Unique Ability: 50% Resistance to Shock, Shock Attacks do 25% extra damage.

Next up is Zahkriisos. It is just like most Dragon Priest Masks in Dragonborn another heavy armor. It is also named after the priest that wears it. You can confront Zahkriisos by going to the Nordic ruin of Bloodskal Barrow. None of these fights are going to be easy so go into them fully prepared. 


White Ridge Barrow

Unique Ability: 50% Resistance to Frost, Frost Attacks do 25% more damage.

Dukaan is another Dragon Priest mask named after its owner that you can acquire in Dragonborn. To find and confront Dukaan make your way over to the Nordic ruin of White Ridge Barrow. Just like the previous two masks, this one is also a heavy armor piece.



Unique Ability: Increases the wearer’s Magicka by 40-70 points.

The last Dragon Priest Mask in Skyrim is called Miraak. You can acquire it by simply progressing through the main questline of the Dragonborn expansion. When you reach the end of the quest you can get it from Miraak.

Moreover, it is very different in appearance from the previous three Dragonborn masks. All of those were pretty much recolors as far as visual appeal is concerned. Miraak is also the only Dragonborn Priest mask that can be used as a light or heavy armor piece.

Do this correctly, and you are rewarded with the Konahrik mask.

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