Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List: 30 DBD Killers Ranked

If you're someone who is trying to find the best killer in Dead by Daylight, then you should take a look at our DBD killer tier list.

Dead by Daylight is a survival horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive. It was released back in June 2016 and has since then been played by millions of players. The game follows a four vs one style, with four players taking the roles of survivors and one player playing as the killer. And today, in our DBD killer tier list, we are going to rank all the killers from best to worst. This way, you’ll get to know which ones can help you take down the survivors quickly and easily.

The following Dead by Daylight Killer tier list is based on our personal preferences. Therefore, you might find some killers not belonging to a certain tier. That is totally okay considering the choice varies from player to player.

Dead By Daylight Tier List Killers Ranking Table 2022
S-Tier The Spirit (Rin Yamaoka), The Nurse (Sally Smithson), The Blight (Talbot Grimes), The Hag (Lisa Sherwood), The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger), The Oni (Kazan Yamaoka)
A-TierThe Executioner (Pyramid Head), The Hillbilly (Max Thompson Jr.), The Artist, Albert Wesker The Mastermind
B-TierThe Huntress (Anna), The Wraith (Philip Ojomo), The Cenobite (Elliot Spencer), The Cannibal (Bubba Sawyer), The Plague (Adiris), The Deathslinger (Caleb Quinn), The Doctor (Herman Carter), The Demogorgon, The Knight
C-TierThe Ghost Face (Danny Johnson), The Legion (Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey), The Nemesis (Nemesis T-Type), The Shape (Michael Myers), The Clown (Jeffrey Hawk), Dredge
D-TierThe Pig (Amanda Young), The Trapper (Evan MacMillan), Onryo, The Twins (Victor & Charlotte Deshayes), The Trickster (Ji-Woon Hak).


S-Tier killers are the best killers in the game. They offer powerful abilities and no other killer can come close to them. 

The Spirit

Starting off in our DBD killer tier list is Spirit. There is a tough competition between Spirit and Nurse when it comes to the best killer in Dead by Daylight. However, most players agree that Spirit has the throne. This is because her main ability called Yamaoka’s Haunting grants her the luxury to phase walk, something that no other killer can do. Furthermore, while some think that it is difficult to play with Spirit, I think the opposite.

Her playstyle isn’t that difficult to learn and master, and even new players won’t face a difficult time while playing with her.

dbd killer tier list
The Spirit

The Spirit’s main power allows her to go invisible for a certain period of time. During this time, she cannot see any survivors. However, you will be able to move faster in this state. In addition to this, you can still see scratch marks while phasing and also hear sounds from your surroundings, such as breathing and the noise survivors make when they are injured. In other words, you’ll need to learn how to track down survivors while phasing. Once you get the hang of it, no one will be able to hide from you. Another amazing thing about her phase ability is that as she leaves behind a husk after phasing, the survivors can’t tell if she is phasing or where she is. 

Real NameRin Yamaoka
Main Weapon Shattered Katana

The Nurse

Next up on our Dead By Daylight Tier list is the Nurse. While she might not have the number 1 spot on our list, she is still easily one of the best killers in the entire game. I’m a big fan of her power as it helps her with traveling from one point to another quickly, something that can prove to be extremely useful in a game like Dead by Daylight.

This is because your main job is to hunt survivors down, and when you have something that can help you reach their location quickly, well they’re already at a big disadvantage. 

dbd killer tier list
The Nurse

The Nurse’s main ability is called Spencer’s Last Breath and it lets her Blink for up to 20 meters. You can phase forward this way and cover a great distance quickly. The best part about this is that she can even move through objects, and even walls, by using this ability.

As for the downsides, there is one. After every Blink, you will get stunned or enter a state of fatigue for 2-3 seconds. While this may not sound like a lot of time, it is.

Therefore, you’ll need to be careful while using this ability. You can, however, get some add-ons through which you can increase her blink range, reduce the fatigue time, and also recharge her blink more quickly. 

Real NameSally Smithson
Main Weapon The Bonesaw

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The Blight

Blight is yet another character on our DBD killer tier list who is amazing when it comes to traveling from one place to another quickly. He can dash forward at great speed thanks to his main ability called Blighted Corruption, something that can help him reach the survivor he’s chasing quickly.

The Nurse’s main power does the same job as well, but Blight’s power comes with an additional advantage. 

DBD killer tier list
The Blight

If you use Blight’s Blighted Corruption, then you’ll first activate the Rush ability. As mentioned before, this will allow you to dash forward quickly. During this time, you cannot perform any attacks. However, if you hit any obstacles or walls while rushing, then you’ll be able to perform a Lethal Dash. But this time, you’ll be able to land an attack on your target.

Furthermore, if you end up dashing through pallets or breakable walls during the second rush, you’ll end up destroying them as well. As you can judge for yourself, Blight is mainly for those who have an aggressive playstyle. You can also get different addons to increase his movement speed while rushing. 

Real NameTalbot Grimes
Main Weapon Bonebuster

The Hag

The Hag is easily one of the most difficult killers to master in the game. This is because of her playstyle. However, this does not mean that you should not use her considering she is the best trap killer in Dead by Daylight. By using her power, she can trap an entire team of survivors. And once she does that, they cannot escape. 

dbd killer tier list
The Hag

The Hag’s main power is called Blackened Catalyst through which she can draw muddy Phantasm Trap signs on the ground. She can place a total of 10 traps at the same time, which are enough to trap an entire team of survivors. If she places the 11th trap, then the first trap she placed will disappear.

The trap gets triggered if a survivor runs through it or near it. Once activated, the trap will block the path of the survivor and will provide the Hag with enough time to use her special ability to teleport towards her target. Even though you will need to spend a lot of time to learn how to play her effectively, the effort will be worth it. 

Real NameLisa Sherwood
Main Weapon The Claw

The Nightmare

The Nightmare is considered one of the best killers in Dead by Daylight for new and even old players. Even though the developers nerfed him a lot, he’s still standing strong. His abilities allow him to hunt down survivors quickly and easily. He can teleport from one generator to another quickly, something that further makes him a good pick. In other words, you won’t face any major problems while using this killer.

dbd killer tier list
The Nightmare

The Nightmare’s main power is called Dream Demon and it prevents awake Survivors from seeing him when he is a little far away. They can only hear his Terror Radius and can only see him if he’s within 16 meters. Furthermore, he can place a Dream Snare on the ground. If a survivor passes through one, their movement is slowed down. This provides The Nightmare with a chance to easily land hits on the target.

He can also place fake pallets around the area to trick the survivors into picking up the wrong ones. Overall, The Nightmare is a powerful killer and unlike The Hag, you won’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to play with him. 

Real NameFreddy Krueger
Main Weapon Clawed Glove

The Oni

If we talk about a killer In this Dead By Daylight Tier List who is extremely powerful but is still easy to play with, then there is no one better than The Oni. This is because he easily has one of the best abilities in Dead by Daylight as they focus on letting him hunt down the survivors instantly. In fact, he can take down the entire team of survivors within a minute, if you know how to play with him properly.

dbd killer tier list
The Oni

The Oni’s main power is called Yamaoka’s Wrath and it allows him to absorb the blood of his targets. After he has absorbed enough Blood Orbs that are dropped after he lands an attack on a survivor, his power gauge gets full, something that allows him to initiate Blood Fury.

In this mode, he has two abilities, Demon Dash and Demon Strike. The first ability lets him dash forward quickly and allows him to instantly cover a great distance. As for the second ability, it lets him perform a powerful attack in the direction he’s facing. The attack is so powerful that it can put down a healthy survivor into the Dying State with a single hit. 

Real NameKazan Yamaoka
Main Weapon Yamaoka Blade


Next up in our DBD killer tier list are A-Tier killers. These ones might not be in the top tier, but they are still extremely powerful and can help you push the survivors into the corner. 

The Artist

DBD The artist Tier List guide
The Artist as she appears in the game

The Aritst’s real name is Carmina Mora and she is one of the latest additions to Dead By Daylight. Her ability is a very interesting one especially so for veteran players. The ability revolves around controlling crows. 

Moreover, if the killer has “Spies From The Shadows” perk equipped they can straight up get a notification similar to the one they get if they miss a skill check. Now what is great about The Artist is that she doesn’t need this perk.

She can send the crows she has in any direction. When they hit a survivor it instantly gives away their location. If this is all she could do she would be ranked way lower on our tier list. She has a lot more at her disposal so continue reading to find out.

Similar to how The Plague uses her vomit, The Artist can use her crows on a generator to slow down the progression. She can also inflict any survivor who uses that generator with crows. Her crows can also be a pain for survivors who don’t like chases as they allow her to lock down loops.

While her design and backstory might have been generic she is easily one of the best killers in the game. Her gameplay isn’t just strong it’s also fun to use and isn’t annoying for the survivors as well if they know what they are doing.

Albert Wesker The Mastermind

Dead By Daylight Albert Wesker Guide and Tier List
Albert Wesker The Mastermind

Next up we have one of gaming’s most iconic villains, Albert Wesker. It is no surprise that Dead By Daylight decided to do another Resident Evil crossover chapter after the unparalleled success of the first one. We are happy to inform you that the killer in this chapter is not only stronger than The Nemesis but is also way more fun to play.

The reason why Albert Wesker is placed so high on our list is mainly due to his mobility. He can literally dash multiple times during a chase. Think of this dash as a way stronger and more useful version of The Legions. As expected the dash also allows Albert Wesker to vault over pallets and windows faster.

In addition, the boost in vaulting speed isn’t as notable as The Legion but it is still good and very useful, especially so, if you mind game the survivor during a chase. Also once the survivors are infected with the Uroboros they become very easy to take out and down.

What can turn the tide in a match really quickly while using Dead By Daylight’s Albert Wesker is when you grab a survivor and slam them into another one injuring them both. This is hard to do and requires strategic thinking but if done successfully it is extremely rewarding. 

Albert Wesker has been given the treatment he deserves. Not only is he an absolute delight to play but he also has the tools necessary to get the job done. If you haven’t yet we recommend that you grab the Resident Evil Project W chapter.

The Executioner

Now, before you say it, I know The Executioner does not offer great mobility. However, this does not mean that you should avoid picking him up as he offers some of the best map controlling abilities. Thanks to them, he can track down his targets quickly and can even use a long-ranged attack against them. This is something that makes up for his slow speed.

dbd killer tier list
The Executioner

The Executioner’s main power is called Rites of Judgement. When this power is used, the killer will leave behind a Torment Trail into the ground as he moves forward. If walked upon by a survivor, the Torment Trail will torment them and will also reveal their location thanks to the Killer Instinct that will get triggered. If the survivor gets into the Dying State after getting afflicted with Torment, they will get sent to the Cage of Atonement. But if someone rescues them, the Torment effect will get removed. 

Real NamePyramid Head
Main Weapon Great Knife

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The Hillbilly

The Hillbilly once used to be an S-Tier killer because of how powerful he was. But the developers then decided to nerf him and he has since then been in the A-Tier category. Despite this, he is still extremely powerful and if played right, he can help you take down the entire team of survivors instantly. 

dbd killer tier list
The Hillbilly

The Hilbility’s main power revolves around a chainsaw he carries around, something that he uses to take down his targets. His main power is called The Chainsaw and when used, it allows Hillbilly to move at twice his regular movement speed.

If the killer attacks a survivor while he is using his main power, they are instantly put into the Dying State no matter how healthy they are. However, make sure to not overuse the Chainsaw as this will cause it to overheat. If that happens, you won’t be able to use the Chainsaw until it cools down. 

Real NameMax Thompson Jr.
Main Weapon The Hammer

The Huntress

The Huntress is yet another killer on our DBD killer tier list who is simple to play with. There aren’t a lot of things that you need to learn about her in order to play with her effectively. In fact, many players consider her as the best-ranged killer in Dead by Daylight. This is something enough for you to give her a try.

dbd killer tier list
The Huntress

The Huntress’ main power is called Hunting Hatchets and it allows her to throw Hatchets towards her target. Her entire playstyle revolves around these Hatchets. And if you’re someone who wants to use this killer, then you must learn how to throw them properly.

The killer starts with a total of 5 Hunting Hatchets at the start of the game and you can refill them through lockers. Overall, The Huntress is a powerful killer who is not difficult to master. Once you learn how to throw her Hatchets properly, no one will be able to stop you.

Real NameAnna
Main Weapon Broad Axe

The Wraith 

Just like The Spirit, Wraith is also a killer who can make himself invisible thanks to his main power. Because of it, he can sneak behind his enemies without being seen. Although this sounds like something fun and all, you will need to spend some time practicing with it in order to get the best results out of it. 

dbd killer tier list
The Wraith

Wraith’s main power is called Wailing Bell and it gives him the luxury to cloak. In order to cloak, all you need to do is press and hold the power button. And to uncloak, you need to press and hold it again. While in cloak, Wraith’s movement speed gets increased to a great extent, something that allows him to reach his target’s location quickly.

Although he can not perform any attacks while in the invisible state, he still can interact with nearby objects. The only downside about his ability is that its sound can be heard by survivors who are within 24 meters. This can alert them about his location.

Furthermore, another problem with Wraith is the slow animation of his uncloak. Since it’s not instant, it grants survivors enough time to realize his presence and run away. 

Real NamePhilip Ojomo
Main Weapon Azarov’s Skull


B-Tier killers in our DBD killer tier list are neither too powerful nor too weak. They reside somewhere in the middle. They offer decent abilities but have various weak spots. 

The Knight

DBD Knight Guide
Dead By Daylight’s The Knight

The Knight is the latest killer in Dead By Daylight. He is the most interesting and concerning killer we have had in the game after years. His gameplay design is stellar. It is literally something we have never seen before in DBD. Also, as you can see in the image above, he visually looks cool and doesn’t have a generic knight design. 

What holds The Knight back the most as of now is his buggy AI. His ability has him summon his guards which he can utilize in multiple ways. You can send one to kick a generator or to chase a survivor. It is here when the bugs can kick in. Sometimes the guards just stop moving or get stuck in place.

Dead By Daylight is no stranger to bugs but we are sure Behavior will fix them sooner than later. As of now, he is undoubtedly among the best in B-Tier or even arguably A-Tier.

He is terrifying during chases when he starts ganging up on a survivor alongside his guards. If you send a guard out at the right time and the AI doesn’t mess up, the survivor is done for. It also makes the killer side feel less lonely now that you have these fellow companions to assist you.

The Cenobite

Starting up in the B-Tier category of our tier list is the Cenobite. He is yet another killer who can use his abilities to slow down the movement of his targets and also eliminate them. The thing which I like about his abilities is that they can push the survivors into the corner.

dbd killer tier list
The Cenobite

Cenobite’s main power is called Summons of Pain and as its name suggests, he can create a gateway anywhere he likes. Through this gateway, he can send out a chain towards his target, and anyone who gets caught by the chain is affected by the Incapacitated Status Effect, and cannot leave through the Exit Gate.

The killer also has another ability called Lament Configuration. This is a small box that is capable of initiating a Chain Hunt on the survivors. The only way for a survivor to end the Chain Hunt is by picking up the Lament Configuration.

However, once picked, the survivor will get affected by the Oblivious Status Effect and they can not put down the box without solving the Lament Configuration. Overall, the Cenobite is a good killer but new players will struggle with him for some time. 

Real NameElliot Spencer
Main Weapon Hook & Chain

The Cannibal

The Cannibal is yet another killer on our list who relies on a chainsaw to take down his targets. If you’re someone who has already played with Hillbilly, then you won’t face any difficulties while playing with the Cannibal. In fact, his chainsaw is much easier to use as compared to Hillbilly’s. 

dbd killer tier list
The Cannibal

The Cannibal’s main power is called Bubba’s Chainsaw and it lets him perform a powerful Chainsaw Dash for two seconds. Its power can be seen from the fact that if a survivor gets hit by this attack, then they are instantly put into the Dying State.

The best part about the Chainsaw Dash is that it can hit multiple targets in a single dash. Therefore, this attack can prove to be really useful against a group of survivors. However, keep in mind that you will need to learn how to control the movement of the Cannibal as if he ends up hitting an obstacle while using the chainsaw, you’ll need to wait for a few seconds before he can start running after his targets again. 

Real NameBubba Sawyer
Main Weapon The Sledge

The Plague

The Plague is one of those killers in our DBD killer tier list who has a simple yet powerful ability. She can make the survivors go through a really difficult time and also make them infect each other. 

dbd killer tier list
The Plague

The Plague’s main power is called Vile Purge and she can use it to hit her opponents with a stream of infectious vomit. If a survivor gets hit by the vomit, they become infected. Once they have been hit enough times by the Vile Purge, the survivors are instantly put into the Injured State and receive the Broken Status Effect.

To make things even worse, survivors who get sick with the Vile Purge vomit from time to time, something through which they can infect nearby objects and other survivors.

They also make random noises while being in the sick state and this makes it easier for The Plague to track down the targets. In addition to this, while the killer can directly hit the targets with the Vile Purge, she can also vomit on environmental objects. If any survivor interacts with them, they will get infected. 

Real NameAdiris
Main Weapon Profane Censer

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The Deathslinger

Just like the Plague, Deathslinger also has a simple and easy-to-use ability. As he uses a gun for his main power, FPS players will have no difficult time playing with him. By using this gun, he can target survivors that are a little far away.

dbd killer tier list
The Deathslinger

The Deathslinger’s main power is called The Redeemer and through it, he can use his gun to fire a spear towards his target. If he manages to hit a survivor, he can then reel them in towards himself. However, the survivors do get the luxury to use some methods to break the chain. If they do manage to break it, then the killer will experience a brief moment of the stun effect.

Furthermore, the Survivor will get put into the Injured State and they will also receive the Deep Wound status effect. While the Deathslinger seems like an easy-to-use killer, keep in mind that he can be slow at times. Furthermore, you’ll need to reload a gun after firing each spear.

This can be a little problematic especially for those who like to have a fast-paced approach towards taking down their targets. 

Real NameCaleb Quinn
Main Weapon Death to Bayshore

The Doctor

The Doctor may not be one of the top picked killers in our DBD killer tier list, but he is still extremely powerful if played by the right hands. When it comes to tracking down survivors, only a few can match the skills of the Doctor.

dbd killer tier list
The Doctor

The Doctor’s main power is called Carter’s Spark and it kind of enhances his other two special abilities. The first ability is called Shock Therapy and it lets the Doctor send out a powerful shockwave in front of him. If a survivor gets hit by it, then they are unable to perform any actions.

If they were performing an action, then it will get canceled. As for the second ability, it’s called Static Blast. This one makes all the survivors within the Doctor’s Terror Radius scream, something that allows the killer to know their exact location. Overall, the Doctor is a great killer who can turn the tables around if used right. 

Real NameHerman Carter
Main Weapon The Stick

The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon’s abilities help him with hunting down survivors quickly. He is also amazing when it comes to map control. However, for new players, Demogorgon can prove to be a little difficult at first. But once you get the hang of him, you won’t regret your decision of investing time in him.

dbd killer tier list
The Demogorgon

To begin with, Demogorgon’s main power is called Of the Abyss. This power grants him a special attack and a special ability. As for the special attack, it’s called Shred and it lets him dive forward and attack his target with a powerful slash. His attack speed is increased by 460% during the dive, which is a lot. As for his special ability, it’s called Portals.

As the name suggests, this ability lets Demogorgon place a total of six portals on the ground. He can use these portals to quickly travel from one place to another. The best part is that the portals can not be seen by the survivors, so you won’t have to worry about them getting sealed.

Overall, the Demogorgon is a decent killer, but he can’t do well against a team of survivors who know what they are doing. 

Real Name
Main Weapon Barbarous Claw


C-Tier killers are some of the weakest ones to use in the game. You should choose them only when you have no other option available. 


DBD Dredge Killer wallpaper
The appearance of The Dredge

The Dredge is possibly the least exciting addition we have had to the game in recent years. His powers are mostly basic as they mainly are useful in certain maps. An experienced player can still do an excellent job with him. That is why we have placed him in C-Tier.

He is good during chases as he can lock down loops during a chase. If you are a veteran player you can already tell that this can be a game-changer very easily depending on your positioning. Pallets can get rarer to find as a match goes on. So, if you lock the loops of a survivor they won’t have many defense options left.

His pressure game is the main thing that makes him useful and even deadly. Most of his other attributes are useless or just weaker alternatives. We recommend you use this killer only if you like his gameplay otherwise there are better options in C-Tier.

The Ghost Face

We’ll begin the C-Tier with Ghost Face. Without any double, Ghost Face is the best stealth killer in DBD. In fact, no other killer in our DBD killer tier list can come close to him in terms of stealth. However, because of his poor toolkit, he is somewhat weak. If he had a better and more powerful set of abilities, then he would have easily earned a spot in the top tier. 

dbd killer tier list
The Ghost Face

Ghost Face’s main power is called Night Shroud. When this power is activated, Ghost Face receives the Undetectable Status effect. However, if a survivor manages to look in his direction for 1.5 seconds, then his location is revealed. As for his special abilities, Ghost Face has two of them.

The first one is called Stalk and it lets him stalk survivors when Night Shroud is active. If he manages to stalk his target for a long period of time, then they get marked with the Exposed Status Effect which lasts for 45 seconds.

As for his second ability, it provides him with the luxury to crouch, something that adds up to his stealth. However, keep in mind that while stalking, the killer will move at 2x speed but will move at a slower speed when crouched.  

Real NameDanny Johnson
Main Weapon Tactical Knife

The Legion

The Legion was once regarded as one of the best killers in Dead by Daylight. However, after the developers nerfed him, he fell down to this tier. For skilled players, sure, the Legion is still a wonderful killer. But for new players, he’s a total waste. 

dbd killer tier list
The Legion

The Legion’s main power is called Feral Frenzy and it increases his movement speed to a great extent. By using it, he can reach the location of his targets quickly and easily. He has an attack called Feral Slash that lets him attack the survivor with a powerful slash, something that instantly puts them into the Injured State.

Furthermore, after the Legion hits a survivor, he can instantly see the location of his nearby targets thanks to Killer Instinct. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that the Legion’s powers are only effective if the group of survivors aren’t smart and like to hang out together.

If they end up getting scattered across the map, then it will become difficult for Legion to track all of them down at once. 

Real NameFrank, Julie, Susie, Joey
Main Weapon Hunting Knife

The Nemesis

The Nemesis has some of the most unique abilities in Dead by Daylight. His power gets increased as his mutation rate goes up, something that can be done by attacking survivors. Furthermore, he can get some extra help by summoning zombies on the map.

dbd killer tier list
The Nemesis

Nemesis’ main power is called T-Virus and it helps you enhance your power as your Mutation Rate increases. The killer’s main attack is called Tentacle Strike, through which he can attack his targets. If a survivor gets hit by the Tentacle Strike, then they get affected with Conmatinaiton. During this period, they become relatively louder, something that helps the killer with tracking them down easily.

If the survivor is already affected with Conmatination, then they will only receive damage from the attack. As for his special attack, it’s called Zombies. As its name suggests, it lets the killer spawn 2 zombies on the map who will attack every survivor in their sight. Their attacks also Contaminate the survivors.

The thing which puts Nemesis at a tight spot is that his Tentacle Strike ability fails to land on the target properly most of the time. Furthermore, it can not even go through walls. Therefore, for the most part, he needs to rely on his zombies. 

Real NameNemesis T-Type
Main Weapon Raw Fists

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The Shape

The Shape is yet another character on our DBD killer tier list whose power depends on the tier he is in. He has a total of three tiers, with each one offering a better set of abilities. 

dbd killer tier list
The Shape

The Shape’s main power is called Evil Within and it lets him see the survivors clearly. His special ability is called Stalk and through this, he can increase his power. The more you stalk the survivors, the more you progress through the tiers. In the first tier, you get the Undetectable Status effect but with reduced movement speed. In the second tier, your Terror Radius is at 16 meters while your movement speed is normal.

And in the third and final tier, your movement speed is increased and your Terror Radius also increases to 32 meters. Overall, the Shape isn’t someone you can trust with quickly taking down survivors. His map control is also awful and you’ll only get frustrated while using him.  

Real NameMichael Myers
Main Weapon Kitchen Knife

The Clown

The Clown is easily one of the most boring killers in Dead by Daylight. This is because his powers aren’t that unique and they don’t have much to offer. His abilities revolve around two of his bottles, and that’s about it.

dbd killer tier list
The Clown

The Clown’s main power is called Afterpiece Tonic and it lets him switch between two bottles; the Afterpiece Tonic and the Afterpiece Antidote. The first one releases a purple Gas Cloud after breaking, something that can intoxicate the survivors. Furthermore, those who pass through the Gas Cloud are also granted the Hundred Status Effect. As for the second bottle, it releases a white Gas Cloud, which turns yellow after 2.5 seconds.

This Gas Cloud can increase the movement speed of the survivors and the clown as well for a total of 5 seconds. In any case, there isn’t much that you can do with the Clown. His abilities are basic and can be counted easily by skilled players. 

Real NameJeffrey Hawk
Main Weapon Madame Butterfly

D- Tier

These are the worst killers to use in Dead by Daylight. They don’t have powerful abilities, are weak, and will only add to your stress. Therefore, we have ranked them under D on our Dead By Daylight Tier.


Sadako DBD Guide full
The Onryo Sadako Yamamura

The Onryo is the nickname of classic horror movie legend Sadako Yamamura. She is from the original Japanese version of The Ring. Most people know her American remake version Samara but we are happy to see that Dead By Daylight went with the origins. 

Sadly, her powers are very useless against a team of even half-competent survivors. The community was fairly excited about this release. Behavior messed up by delivering a very weak and underwhelming killer alongside a survivor nobody wanted or was expecting.

The main thing that kills the potential of Onryo as a killer is her ability. She can move through TVs and teleport to another one. This ability is very similar to how the Demogorgon traveled. What sucks about is that the most useful TVs to teleport to are turned off. 

Furthermore, teleporting to a TV far away from the survivors just because the one near them was off, always sucks. You can do very little to counter this and it this her mobility hard. She is already a very slow killer and without access to useful TVs, she is useless. 

Most killers in Dead By Daylight have an alternative attack. The alternative attack is usually a slower but stronger move. The Onryo only has one attack and that is her short-range normal one. All of this makes her a very incompetent pick unless you just really love the character.

The Pig

The Pig is the kind of killer who is just not meant for those who are new to the game. Even those who have been playing the game for some time might find her confusing at some point. Her abilities focus on trapping enemies, but they are just not that great as compared to the abilities of other killers.

dbd killer tier list
The Pig

The Pig’s main power is Jigsaw’s Baptism and it allows the killer to carry around 4 Reverse Bear Traps with her. At first, the traps are inactive. She can place these traps on a survivor who is in a Dying State. When the trap is inactive, survivors can try to free themselves from it, something they can achieve by searching for Jigsaw Boxes that are scattered across the map. They can also use the Exit Gate while the trap is inactive.

However, after a generator is completed, all the inactive traps get active. After that, a death timer of 150 seconds appears on the Survivor’s Status icon. After the timer ends, the trap kills the survivor. Furthermore, the survivor can not leave through the Exit Gate when the trap is active. 

Real NameAmanda Young
Main Weapon Hidden Blade

The Trapper

The Trapper used to be a good choice, but only during the first few months of the game. After that, the developers introduced much better killers than him, something that prevented players from picking him up. Furthermore, the developers haven’t paid any serious attention to him in terms of buffs, something that has kept him in a weak state.

dbd killer tier list
The Trapper

Trapper’s main power is called Bear Trap. He can use these traps to slow down the movements of his enemies. However, the killer starts the game with only 2 Bear Traps. There are a total of 6 other Bear Traps but he needs to find them on the Trial Grounds. Furthermore, he can only carry around 2 Bear Traps at the same time.

If a survivor gets caught by a trap, they are sent into the Injured State if they were healthy. Overall, there isn’t anything that I personally like about the Trapper. Considering the Bear Traps that you rely on are scattered around the map and you need to spend time finding them, he just isn’t worth picking.

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Real NameEvan MacMillan
Main Weapon The Cleaver

The Twins

The Twins, Victor and Charlotte, are easily one of the least picked killers in our DBD killer tier list. They are a duo of killers that like to work together to take down survivors. However, while the idea of switching from one killer to another during the middle of the game sounds fun, it isn’t. In fact, it can get a lot confusing at times, especially for new players.

dbd killer tier list
The Twins

Charlotte is the slower one out of the two but she has the luxury to pick up the survivors. Victor, on the other hand, is much faster and can do a lot more stuff than the other twin. For instance, by using an attack called Pounce, Victor can charge a Pounce and attack his target. Furthermore, Victor can also search his surroundings at a great speed, thus allowing him to track down his targets quickly.

Overall, it can get quite difficult to master both of the twins. You will need to spend a lot of time trying to learn how to use both of them effectively. In my opinion, you should avoid choosing them as there are much better options available in the game. 

Real NameVictor & Charlotte Deshayes
Main Weapon Blade of Marseille

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The Trickster

Finally, we have the Trickster. He is, without any doubt, the worst killer to use in Dead by Daylight. The reason behind this is his slow movement speed and his weak power. We all know how easy it is to trick a killer who moves around slowly.

dbd killer tier list
The Trickster

As for the Trickster’s main power, it’s called Showstopper and it allows him to throw blades towards his targets. He starts the game with a total of 44 blades, and he can pick up more of them during the match. Overall, there isn’t anything worth mentioning about the Trickster and there isn’t any reason for you to choose him considering all killers are better than him.  

Real NameJi-Woon Hak
Main Weapon Polished Head Smasher

Best Killers In Dead By Daylight 

Following are some of the best and most horrifying killers in Dead by Daylight. Getting past them is no joke and they are the hardest to defeat. 

  •  Spirit  
  • The Blight 
  •  Nightmare 
  •  Executioner 
  •  HillyBilly 
  • Huntress  
  • Cenobite 
  • Plague  

The powerful abilities of these characters set them apart from the rest of the killers in our tier list Dead by Daylight. Surviving in a fight against them is very difficult as their attacks are highly damaging.


Who is the best killer in Dead by Daylight?

The Spirit is the best killer to use in Dead by Daylight because of her powers.

Who is the worst killer in Dead by Daylight?

The Trickster is the worst killer in Dead by Daylight. This is because of his slow movement speed and weak power.

Who is the best stealth killer in Dead by Daylight?

Even though he is not in the top tier, Ghost Face is the best when it comes to stealth.

Which killer has the best map control abilities in Dead by Daylight?

The Hag has the best map control abilities thanks to her traps.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our DBD killer tier list. Before you leave, make sure to check out our guide on how prestige works in Dead by Daylight

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