FGO Tier List: Best & Worst Servants [2023]

Select the best FGO servants and mark your victory like a pro! Our FGO Tier list ranks servants from the best to the worst in the game.

Fate/Grand Order is a tactical RPG that boasts a massive collection of characters, also attributed as “Servants” or “BB,” that can be obtained using “Saint Quartz.” Knowing which is best or worst in the game is important, so we have curated FGO Tier List for new and seasoned players.

Here’s a complete summary of the FGO Tier List for Best & Worst Servants:

Fate Grand Order Tier List Servants Ranking Table
S-Tier Zhuge Liang, Gilgamesh, Merlin, Arash, Kama, Achilles, Jack the Ripper, Nero, Okita Souji, Tesla, Ozymandia, Orion, Nitocris, BB, Chloe von Einzbern, Mordred, Euryale, David, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Spartacus
A-Tier Miyamoto Musashi, Jeanne d’Arc, Quetzalcoatl, Edmond Dantes, Nero Claudius, Jeanne d’Arc (Alter), Ishtar, Altria Pendragon, Sakata Kintoki, Katsushika Hokusai, Meltryllis, Jeanne d’Arc (Alter), Emiya, Sakamoto Ryouma, Atalante, Atalante (Alter), Ishtar (Alter), Valkyrie, Rama, Francis Drake, Lancelot, Emiya (Alter), Helena Blavatsky, Ibaraki-Douji, Sieg, Hans Christian Andersen, Okado Izo, Lu Bu Fengxian, Robin Hood, Paracelsus von Hohenheim, Antonio Salieri, Gaius Julius Caesar, and Paul Bunyan
B-Tier Karna, Shuten-Douji, Nero Claudius (Alter), Ivan the Terrible, Brynhild, Cleopatra, Sherlock Holmes, Leonardo Da Vinci, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Queen Medb, Tamamo-no-Mae, Xuanzang Sanzang, Enkidu, Caster of Okeanos, Scathatch, Oda Nobunaga, Passionlip, Saint Martha, Ushiwakamaru, Tristan, Gilgamesh (Alter), Mecha Eli-chan, Frankenstein, Eric Bloodaxe, Chiron, Fionn mac Cumhaill, Caster of Midrash, Elisabeth Bathory, Eric Bloodaxe, Leonidas, Jing Ke, Kiyohime, Asterios, Billy the Kid, Tawara Touta, Avicebron, Sasaki Kojirou, Charles Babbage, Kid Gilgamesh, and Edward Teach
C-Tier Orion, Hijikata Toshizo, Ereshkigal, Napoleon, Abigail Williams, Nightingale, Amakusa Shirou, Sessyion Kiara, Vlad III, Saint Martha, Archer of Inferno, Nitocris (Alter), Chevalier d’Eon, Emiya, Suzuka Gozen, Medea, Avenger of Shinjuku, Li Shuwen, Siegfried, Hektor, Darius III, Cu Chulainn (Alter), Romulus, Fuuma Kotarou, Henry Jekyll & Hyde, and Charles-Henri Sanson
D-Tier Semiramis, Ryougi Shiki, Iskandar, Archer of Shinjuku, Altera, Osakabehime, Okta Souji (Alter), Arjuna, Assassin of Paraiso, Tamamo Cat, Thomas Edison, Katou Danzo, Nezha, Helena Blavatsky (Alter), Marie Antoinette (Alter), Chacha, Gilles de Rais, Geronimo, Phantom of the Opera, Mephistopheles, Musashibou Benkei, Caligula, and Mata Hari
E-Tier Caster of the Nightless City, Arthur Pendragon, Assassin of Shinjuku, Medusa (Alter), Beowulf, Stheno, Gawain, Irisviel, Gilles de Rais (Alter), and Boudica

Though this game currency can be collected from matches, players can also purchase them via real money. Players can also win new, more robust Servants by participating in limited-time events called “Singularities.” Each Servant is specific to a niche use because of their varying abilities and skills, so you must carefully compose your team before initiating any quest. 

You can add as many Servants to your collection as you want. However, only four can accompany you in the Fate Grand Order match arena. The game entitles you as the “Master” of your team of four. So though the team’s technical strength matters, a player’s advanced strategies are also necessary to wipe enemy waves off.

FGO Servant Tier List

Fgo List of Tiers
Fate Grand Order Servants Tier List (S-E)

It’s ok if you are overwhelmed by the number of servants FGO has greeted you with. And let us also tell you that these numbers will decrease but swell even more as you complete quests, winning more servants each time. Don’t worry, though; our most up-to-date tier list will help!  

We have ranked Fate Grand Order Servants based on the following criteria: Hit and crit chances, attacking strength, HP (health points), cooldown time, Noble Phantasm’s effects, and available equipment options. 

The ranking tops at S and ends at E, typically classifying each servant by rarity and type. Rarities range from 1 to 5 stars. Hence this list also serves as an FGO 4-star tier list and FGO 5-star tier list. As per the built-in FGO settings, 5-star and 4-star servants are inherently more potent than lower-rarity picks and possess a better maximum level. 

Hence, choosing any of the 5-star servants from your collection will prove to be a much more clever decision than going with a two or 1-star one. However, don’t forget to review the below-listed tiers carefully, as many 5-star servants rank in D and E tiers with much better 1-star alternatives in the top tier. 

The 1-star units placed in the first tier are less likely to produce bad results in a fight and will perform well compared to high-rarity ones dwelling in below-average tiers. 

This was all that was necessary for you to know to understand the FGO tier list. Let’s go! 


The S-Tier FGO servants make one heck of a team addition which is why we recommend not substituting them for any other. All of them equip a horde of skills and activities and plenty of health buffs to support themselves as well as their allies. Don’t miss leveling them or advancing their cards and abilities at the earliest chance.  

Taking down enemies will become more accessible than ever before, even if one of these servants makes up for your FGO party. Most servants of this category possess a 5-star rarity mark, although there are some surprising exceptions too! 

Fate Grand Order ServantRarityType 
Zhuge Liang5-Star Caster
Jack the Ripper 5-StarAssassin 
Okita Souji5-StarSaber 
Orion 5-StarArcher
Nitocris4-Star Caster 
Chloe von Einzbern4-StarArcher
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1-StarCaster


If given extra support or used in a proper niche, this category of FGO servants go toe-to-toe with the top-tier dwellers. Though not as spectacular as the Tier S, they can still help primary damage dealers and can be modified with a couple of buffs and cards to fit in any role proficiently. They make up a strong team against lethal foes and can help turn the game around in case of chaos.

Fate Grand Order ServantRarityType 
Miyamoto Musashi5-StarSaber 
Jeanne d’Arc5-StarArcher
Edmond Dantes5-StarAvenger
Nero Claudius5-StarSaber
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)5-StarAvenger
Altria Pendragon5-StarSaber
Sakata Kintoki5-StarBerserker
Katsushika Hokusai5-StarForeigner
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)4-StarBerserker
Sakamoto Ryouma4-StarRider
Atalante (Alter)4-StarBerserker
Ishtar (Alter)4-StarRider
Francis Drake4-StarRider
Emiya (Alter)4-StarBerserker
Helena Blavatsky4-StarCaster
Hans Christian Andersen2-StarCaster
Okado Izo3-StarAssassin
Lu Bu Fengxian3-StarBerserker
Robin Hood3-StarArcher
Paracelsus von Hohenheim3-StarCaster
Antonio Salieri3-StarAvenger
Gaius Julius Caesar3-StarSaber
Paul Bunyan1-StarBerserker


These middle-of-the-pack characters aren’t mind-blowing in front of the top two tiers, but that doesn’t mean they are entirely useless. You can still go far in FGO’s play if left with no better options but the B-category servants. 

In fact, only the raw stats have languished these names down to Tier B. Syncing with the right builds and teams in the right situation will help them perform like pros! They’ll also prove decisive when it comes to defense or dishing out damage from a range.

Fate Grand Order ServantRarityType 
Nero Claudius (Alter)5-StarCaster
Ivan the Terrible5-StarRider
Sherlock Holmes5-StarRuler
Leonardo Da Vinci5-StarCaster
Illyasviel von Einzbern5-StarCaster
Queen Medb4-StarSaber
Xuanzang Sanzang5-StarCaster
Caster of Okeanos4-StarCaster
Oda Nobunaga4-StarBerserker/Archer
Passionlip4-StarAlter Ego
Saint Martha4-StarRider
Gilgamesh (Alter)4-StarCaster
Mecha Eli-chan4-StarAlter Ego
Eric Bloodaxe2-StarBerserker
Fionn mac Cumhaill4-StarLancer
Caster of Midrash4-StarCaster
Elisabeth Bathory4-StarLancer
Eric Bloodaxe2-StarBerserker
Jing Ke3-StarAssassin
Billy the Kid3-StarArcher
Tawara Touta3-StarArcher
Sasaki Kojirou1-StarAssassin
Charles Babbage3-StarCaster
Kid Gilgamesh3-StarArcher
Edward Teach2-StarRider


Servants of this category are passable and can serve primary roles in niche-specific compositions. Still, they might not be the best for damage unless they face a low-rank opponent. Their skillset is populated with only average stats across the board and, therefore, will need assistance from allies. 

Fate Grand Order ServantRarityType 
Hijikata Toshizo5-StarBerserker
Abigail Williams5-StarForeigner
Amakusa Shirou5-StarRuler
Sessyion Kiara5-StarAlter Ego
Vlad III5-StarBerserker
Saint Martha4-StarRuler
Archer of Inferno4-StarArcher
Nitocris (Alter)4-StarAssassin
Chevalier d’Eon4-StarSaber
Suzuka Gozen4-StarSaber
Avenger of Shinjuku4-StarAvenger 
Li Shuwen4-StarLancer
Darius III3-StarBerserker
Cu Chulainn (Alter)3-StarCaster
Fuuma Kotarou3-StarAssassin
Henry Jekyll & Hyde3-StarAssassin
Charles-Henri Sanson2-StarAssassin


Names under this tier only prove helpful in situations that rarely occur. In short, they are generally not good and offer meager utility hence having a greater risk of getting outnumbered by their foes. Tier-D servants need support from more potent allies to become worthy of playing. 

Fate Grand Order ServantRarityType 
Ryougi Shiki5-StarSaber
Archer of Shinjuku5-StarArcher
Okta Souji (Alter)5-StarAlter Ego
Assassin of Paraiso4-StarAssassin
Tamamo Cat4-StarBerserker
Thomas Edison4-StarCaster
Katou Danzo4-StarAssassin
Helena Blavatsky (Alter)4-StarArcher
Marie Antoinette (Alter)4-StarCaster
Gilles de Rais3-StarSaber
Phantom of the Opera2-StarAssassin
Musashibou Benkei2-StarLancer
Mata Hari1-StarAssassin


Only a miracle or a massive health buff can turn Tier-E names into servants worth considering for the team. These servants will take hard from the opposition and do nothing in return. Hence they are not recommended for close battling in the Fate Grand Order and must not be added to the team unless as a last resort when no better option is left.

Fate Grand Order ServantRarityType 
Caster of the Nightless City5-StarCaster
Arthur Pendragon5-StarSaber
Assassin of Shinjuku4-StarAssassin
Medusa (Alter)4-StarLancer
Gilles de Rais (Alter)3-StarCaster

Fate Grand Order Best Servants 

Best Fgo servants
Best Servants Of The Fate Grand Order

Now that you have gone through the fully-structured Tier List of the Fate Grand Order servants, it’s about time you understand who the best of them all are according to their specific niche use and meta roles. We highlight some of the tops, most influential names from the list mentioned above that will prove fruitful in helping you dominate the FGO end-game.

The most significant roles distributed among servants are Assassins, Riders, Berserkers, Sabers, Archers, and Support. Here’s an in-depth study of each role and who the best names under each role are: 

Best Assassins

Are you looking for the best Assassin for your FGO team? Look no further than Kama! The reason is none other than his Ananga Ranga ability that increases his attack damage for three turns and enables self-Guts status for one turn. Pair this with Skadi’s Quick buffs or Merlin’s attack damage buff to see Kama perform even well. 

As an alternative, you can also employ the Victorian devil, Jack the Ripper. He is as cruel in Fate Grand Order as he is known from history. He is more subtle than Kama, who can also halt attacks through the Murderer of the Misty Night craft and restore health to an ally with Surgery E. All in all, Jack is a worthy pick who knows how to dish out impactful attacks in any situation.

Best Riders

Achilles is a fascinating Rider who equips an excellent blend of tanking and damage. Via Comet Form on board, Achilles gets quick performance and critical damage self-buff which can also taunt later to make himself invincible for several turns. If you want to top Fate Grand Order servants’ hybrid playstyle with substantial room for adaptation, Achilles is the best-fit choice.

If you are searching for a supportive Rider role rather than a tank rider, Ozymandias is a decent option. Thanks to the Protection from Ra A+ in his loadout, he owns an increased buff success rate. Not impressed? Pair Ozy with Charisma instead for a party-wide attack buff. 

Best Berserkers

Cu Chulainn takes care of the battlefields with his Godly Irish shouts. He has the potent debuff tool, Madness of the Spirits, onboard to nerf massive crit chance and enemy attack damage for three turns. 

This helps him shun dozens of opposing Archers and Assassins, all at the same time. As if the unique strength of debuffing wasn’t enough, Chu Chulainn also possesses the potential to expand his evasion and defensive stats for five turns. 

The following fascinating character who plays as a berserker in the Fate Grand Order is the Mysterious Heroine X, who is always seen focusing on blood rage and the healing that comes along. She knows how to expand party attacks for critical star generation and three turns. 

Want to compose a scary, highly dominant attack power buffing team? Sync Mysterious Heroine X with Wolfgang and Jack the Ripper!

Best Sabers

Spin your game at City and Waterside’s battlefields with FGO’s best saber, Nero. Though equipped with a horde of robust abilities, a player’s strategic approach matters most in the case of this servant.

Nevertheless, its abilities revolve around a decent mental buff, the usual SP buff, and a healing bonus if utilized in a matching set. 

Players can also pair Nero with Ozymandias to make one heck of a feasible composition, as this will boost the Imperial Privilege skill exceptionally well. 

The second-best Saber for the Fate Grand Order battlefield is Okita Souji. This servant is known for their skill of winning quick bonuses along with defensive stats and crit absorption. Moreover, the Eye of the Mind skill makes Okita Souji even worthy of blowing opponents up. 

However, finding Okita Souji isn’t as easy as buying a servant using Saint Quartz. Players can only summon this servant during special summoning events. Therefore you need to resort to Nero till that time. Anyway, it’s worth summoning this character whenever you see her up.  

Best Archers

As an archer, Tesla is an excellent pick to have on the team in this FGO tier list. The servant is all about employing the Tesla coil skill to improve its fellows’ NP generation. The second ability swells the NP damage and defense stats even more for a turn while also guaranteeing Guts buff. 

Next up, Pioneer of the Stars grants Tesla crit stars and fills up the NP gauge after providing a unique effect of ignoring invincibility in three turns. Together, the above-mentioned skills enable the servant to dish out some crazy damage when he gets to scale. 

However, mastering Tesla needs substantial knowledge of the FGO battle arena; hence we recommend summoning him only when you are confident enough to deal with him in the right way. 

The second-best archer in Fate Grand Order is no other than Orion, who is sturdy like Tesla but owns some more direct buffs. He possesses the Affection of Goddess skill for super debuff resistance buff and defense attack power. 

The other skill in him is a little weird but not any less robust than the first. It dishes off damage to specifically male opponents for a turn, making Orion a little better experiment if you expect a big beefcake male Rider or berserker from the opposing side. Lastly, the Eye of the Mind skill helps render severe critical damage.

How To Reroll In Fate Grand Order 

If you are unhappy with the character you have in Fate Grand Order and want to aim for S Rank servants in our tier list 2022, you can perform a reroll. The process is very easy and does not require a lot of time. Follow the steps below to perform a reroll in Fate Grand Order. 

First, ensure you have gone through the tutorial process and completed at least one quest. Doing so will allow you to collect a 10-roll summon, and you will also get 1 Saint Quartz. 

Using the Saint Quartz, you can summon a servant. 

If you don’t get the desired character to wipe all your data and start the process again. 

How To Clear Data 

To clear your App Data, perform the steps below so you can reroll again in Fate Grand Order and get the character of your choice from our tier list. 

  • Firstly, navigate to Settings on your phone. 
  • Next, you have to go to the App Settings and search for Fate Grand Order. 
  • Now select the Storage option and click on Clear Data. 
  • Doing so will remove all the existing data on your phone, and you can start playing the game again to reroll. 
  • For iOS devices, you will have to delete the entire app from your device and install it again from the App Store. 

Once you have your favorite characters, don’t forget to save the reroll. In order to save your reroll, you have to bind your account to a third-party app. Go to the My Room option and select the transfer number. Doing so will save your progress, and you can enjoy playing Fate Grand Order with your favorite character from our 2022 tier list. 

Rerolling Past Tutorial  

If you want to perform a reroll after the tutorial, you can complete more quests. Fate Grand Order will ask you to unlock the Summoning Screen after you have completed the tutorial by taking on challenging quests. When you use the Gift Box, you can get a Saint Quartz. However, for the reroll process, you will need two Saint Quartz. Doing a reroll will help you get a 5-star servant. 

In case of special events, you can get a lot of free quartz that will help you perform rerolling.  However, when a new campaign is released, rerolling becomes quite difficult to perform. So we suggest you stick with the original rolling process that requires clearing the whole app data. 

Fate Grand Order Tier List Criteria

We have ranked various Fate Grand Order (FGO) servants as per their strengths and overall performance across the entire storyline to curate this tier list. Those possessing fascinating abilities and doing wonders in their specific roles are placed in the top tiers, while others are ranked where they ought to be with absolutely zero bias.  

Rankings Based On Experience And Research

Extensive spells of online research are carried out before formulating any content at Exputer, and this tier list is no different. To weigh the potency of each character present in the Fate Grand Order and then rank them accordingly, we skimmed through numerous online sources and experienced the intense FGO play ourselves. 

Moreover, we have incorporated the opinions of expert FGO players and newbie players to put forth the best possible tier list recommendations for you.

Why Trust Us

Our team has constructed this FGO tier list with the least amount of favoritism from their side, including recommendations from just unbiased players and sources. A reasonable amount of time was invested before curating the list to provide a trustable piece of content that helps you wisely determine which FGO servant is worth your time. 

We hope you enjoyed our Fate Grand Order tier list. We will keep updating it whenever there are new changes in the game. If you have got any queries or want to share your opinion on any part of this tier list, just let us know, and we will do our best to respond ASAP! 


Initially, FGO seems all nice and pie, but not until it starts pouring on the players its massive roster of Servants. Though these in-game units, or Servants as they are popularly known, are in dozens, each one performs exceptionally well, making it impossible for players to compile a team wisely. Our tier list will make it possible, though! 

Fate Grand Order manifests a charming visual-novel-styled storyline and a summoning and combating system as balanced as it is well-paced. However, to relish its natural essence and progress through its gacha battlegrounds as quickly and elegantly as possible, you need to know the best characters. 

This was all by our side about the Fate Grand Order and how to survive its fields by pulling the best in-game servants onboard. The best way you could yield the most of a tier list is to fetch characters that fully match your strategy and action style. The conduct can prove especially useful for new players. Our tier list also includes the top FGO names you can consider for filling up each role in your new team to make that step more manageable. 

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