Melty Blood Type Lumina Tier List [September 2023]

Melty Blood Type Lumina's Every Character Covered!

From the day Melty Blood Tyle Lumina first set foot in the gaming realm to the current date, it’s hailed as one of the coolest fighting games of all time. The mechanics are deep and spiced with a well-balanced horde of characters. Following that, you may suffer the hefty choice process but guess what? Here’s exactly where our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list comes into play. 

Key Highlights
  • Melty Blood Type Lumina has a concise collection of highly well-balanced characters for quick-paced gameplay.
  • Players get to choose from a total of 12 playable units. Each manifests its own unique playstyle, like mid-ranger, tank, and DPS.
  • While base stats and skill remained our primary criteria for ranking Melty Blood Type Lumina characters, individual in-game effectiveness in different situations and phases through the endgame was also important. 
  • Characters that you should be looking for are Red Arcueid, Kohaku, Ciel, and Noel. These highlights of Melty Blood Type Lumina will enable you to dominate the entire meta like never before. 
  • On the split hand, Arcueid Brunestud and Hisui contest as the bottom-of-the-barrel type of Melty Blood Type Lumina characters. They literally aren’t worth the hype due to their weak base stats and incompetent execution of power. 
  • Nevertheless, the judgment was made after a “comparative” consideration. Experienced players or even newbies sure to maneuver these well can still take a chance in Melty Blood Type Lumina.
Melty Blood Type Lumina Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Red Arcueid, Kohaku, Ciel, Noel
A-Tier Saber, Kouka Kishima 
B-Tier Shiki Tohno, Akiha Tohno
C-Tier Vlov Arkhangel, Miyako Ariyama  
D-Tier Arcueid Brunestud, Hisui

We will classify all characters according to their competitive in-game effectiveness so players know who to main and watch out for. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we’ll always support players to choose whichever pick they can have the most fun with. 

Those who wish to advance their affair with a particular Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list character are also fully assisted. Our post will also give in-depth insight into all characters so you know exactly how difficult they are to play.

Detailed information on the Melty Blood Type Lumina:

Red ArcueidS7/105/108/107/106/10
Kouka Kishima A7/1010/103/106/104/10
Shiki TohnoB7/106/106/104/106/10
Akiha TohnoB6/105/108/106/104/10
Vlov ArkhangelC9/104/1010/105/104/10
Miyako AriyamaC8/107/102/106/107/10
Arcueid BrunestudD9/107/104/104/106/10


Melty Blood S
Melty Blood Type Lumina S-Tier

As always, our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list starts with the most potent and deadly names of the game–dwellers of the S-tier. These are the best of the best elitists of the game’s horde who will take down your foes in a breeze. 

The incredibly powerful and versatile characters are perfect for competitive play and will help you excel to the top in a matter of time. Looking forward to outpowering your enemies in all domains? Then do your best to stick with these characters only. 



Noel is a fresh addition to Melty Blood Type Lumina and is a true one-of-a-kind character, especially if you are a beginner. Given that she is a capable mid-ranger (special credits to her lethal spear), the character will decently serve fans of every range, if not best. 

She is the fastest for Melty Blood Type Lumina’s bosses to dodge and can pull out quite a few significant damage-rendering combos. Other than the spear, Noel’s Black Key and the large Halberd are vital in cornering her foes. 

Attack-wise, Noel has a cool Heavy Punishment close-range one (unusual from her standard longer-ranged specialties) and some mindblowing knife hits. Though a limited knife budget is at a player’s disposal, this attack seems very versatile. 

For instance, one can throw more than a single knife at once, move back, and then surprisingly take enemies with a swift dash and attack in all directions, unlike Ciel’s straight aims. What’s more? Noel can even dash cancel a knife attack if you want to save a hit. 

It means making Noel run after a thrown knife and hit the combo to regain the knife while also rendering a bluff to the enemy. Seeing all this great harmony between her equipment and attacks, expect Noel to break the most robust of enemy stances in a matter of seconds while she stands safe at a distance.



Ciel might look too cute to be cruel but believe us; she is that tyrant character of the entire characters that your enemies will most dread opposing. This is because the storyline hailed by the character demands her to track down and murder anyone she deems a heretic. 

Anyways, Ciel of our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list is quite a technical character. It means you’ll be getting far too much long-range equipment and moves for handling in order to overwhelm and fluster enemies. That’s great quality on its own but a little demanding for beginners if you ask us.  

Nevertheless, Ciel is a well-balanced option that employs the Black Key for making long-range attacks. As far as close-ranged situations are concerned, she aces that too with the solid physical strengths that enable her to hold the ground firmly. 

To conclude, Ciel is one heck of a versatile character to have on board, thanks to her plethora of attack styles and other utilities. Players will always be allowed to min max-multiple new combos as Ciel perfectly combines highly-compatible specials with her launch attacks.



Kohaku and her younger sister Hisui are the maids of the Tohno family with an almost similar performance style. Starting with the elder sister first, she looks ridiculous carrying her sword-wielding broom but don’t be fooled by that as that makes her one heck of a deadly character to rely on. 

The broom carries sharper than ever-blades concealed under the handle that Kohaku reveals to launch a surprise gigantic anti-air hit. Players can also couple the broom with Kohaku’s trusty cactus friend, who throws hands in times of need. 

Nevertheless, the rest of the characters’ play style depends on her skill to call necessary accessories at will. For instance, Kohaku can place plants that hurl decent damage, rendering fireballs from their mouth, or summon a blue plant that aims diagonal missiles into the air.

What’s more? Kohaku also owns a slapping plant that will hit your enemy’s face hard with a fist. All in all, Kohaku and her unpredictably violent plants and other items are really those interesting companions you’ll want to have in Melty Blood Type Lumina’s realms.

Red Arcueid  


Red Arcueid was a great character before, too, but her newly induced abilities had made her even more advanced than one can possibly imagine. For a start, she owns projectiles that render some damage. 

Like fireball, Red Arcueid is proficient enough to dish more than a single as well as two at once. Consequently, players get a decent mid to full-screen aggro range, making Red Arcueid one of the coolest picks for those prone to ranges. 

The character also possesses more spectacular normals than most of the other contestants. For instance, blocking Red Arcueid is a menace for your foes since she can easily teleport herself around them in a blink of an eye while retrieving with an attack from their back.

Furthermore, Red Arcueid houses a decent level 3 super that’s effective enough to equal up to 40% of the enemy’s health. All in all, you will be onboarding a perfect character in your team if you bargain for Red Arcueid. 

She has every type of move from short-range to long-range projectiles and combos that you’ll want to ace the Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list with.


Melty Blood A
Melty Blood Type Lumina A-Tier

Moving further, we have for you another tier that houses some of the beasts of our Melty Blood Type Lumina ranking. A-tier dwellers are great in their own might and will make up a perfect part of your winning team. 

Nevertheless, these characters still have some minor weaknesses, which is exactly why they rank a tier below the mightiest ones who rest in the S-Tier. Not to mention that they’re still more capable than expected in taking down enemies and can win most tournaments if not all. 

What’s even interesting is that A-tier characters prove as powerful as the one ranked above if piloted by an expert veteran. Choose them in case you have difficulty getting your hands on the top-ranked units and want to play it safe.

Kouka Kishima  


This one is a close-range combater with hardly any projectile type or long-range move onboard. Kouka does great in what he does, however, and is the best grappler in our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list. What’s the most interesting part is the fact that his grappling skills can not be blocked no matter how hard his foes try. 

Moreover, the Grapples cause extreme damage and synergize greatly with Kouka Kashima’s armor game, including the Down Down A, where damaging flames dished out. 

Following that is Kouka Kashima’s Down Down B version and C version that together strengthen his defense against incoming long-range attacks and many more enemy moves.



This character wears a knight-like attire studded with heavy armor, including an Excalibur (the holiest and most powerful sword in Melty Blood Type Lumina). It’s an invisible weapon and the only extraordinary quality held by Saber, who herself also is pretty straightforward.

Moreover, it can dish out substantial damage along with some clever combos, as expected. Moves-wise, most parts of Saber’s pool contain options that are too rush downs. 

This means they are super moves in which Saber takes a few steps back and then instantly rushes toward her enemies to take them by surprise. Altogether, it not only helps buff the opponent’s side but often prevents them from charging too! 

To wrap up everything about the character, players will get a good option loaded with decent combos that are extremely safe to battle. However, all of it can be unlocked at the expense of the fact that Saber is not as versatile as one expects a best Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list character to be. 

Michael Roa Valdamjong


Michael is the greatest “rush” character on our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list, with multiple specials, incredible reach, and speed. Plus, he is hardly technical and instead hails a very easy handling style, making him one of the best characters for beginners. 

Thanks to his mid-range moves, quick rushes, and mid-air hitting techniques, Michael is one heck of a zoner of the caste. His powers also include the skill to maneuver electricity. Cool, isn’t it? Plus, Michael has got a bunch of different projectiles, that too with nifty follow-ups further advancing the overall output strength. 

Furthermore, the characters have a full-screen lethal move called the Full Moon. All in all, Michael Roa Valdamjong is a fast-paced close ranged masterpiece that, though lacking in breaking guards from a distance, does everything nice when the enemies are up close. 

Mixing crouching and jumping attacks, Michael is that formidable opposing force that your enemies will never want to counter unless they have extra potent range support. You can take the characters as an above-average picks.


Melty Blood B
Melty Blood Type Lumina B-Tier

Though not as powerful as the two groups ranking at the top of our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list, B-tier characters are pretty decent all-rounders. Here, however, players will start noticing a drop-off in the ability to do something extraordinary. 

That said, the B-tier characters will require you to input a little bit of extra effort in order to achieve challenging victories. If you’re searching for units that perform just enough well in all situations, these are for you. 

Akiha Tohno


After the death of the Tohno family’s head, Akiha’s father, the responsibility of the house descended to her, and she can go to any length to maintain the name. The standard character’s main strategy is to keep foes under pressure 24/7. 

Akiha has quite a big collection of moves at her disposal that, coupled with her speedy nature, makes her one hell of a character to invest in. For instance, she has an awesome combination of mix-ups from lows to aerials paired with her swift style of moving back and forth. 

Though the damage is far lower than the attacks made by most other units of our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list, the style is definitely very lethal. All in all, Akiha Tohno will perform great if employed by the most experienced hands, which is exactly why she’s largely taken as a standard character of the horde.

Shiki Tohno


The Shiki Tohno character is made for close-range situations only; hence those looking for a ranged companion should avoid picking him. However, Shiki Tohno will support you to some extent, given his knife-rush technique that ultimately provides you with decent reach at medium ranges. 

Also, the character is great for beginners due to his easy-to-maneuver skill set. Yes, Shiki Tohno is the least technical character on our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list but with utilities not less than any. 

For a start, Shiki Tohno has a unique mythical skill that enables him to notice Death Lines. Moreover, he’s got an Invincible reverse uppercut, while other attacks include rush downs and unblockable ones that can inflict serious damage.


Melty Blood C
Melty Blood C

This is the tier where you’ll be noticing the steepest way down. Characters dwelling here are considered generally weak but might still prove viable in a situation or two due to their few redeeming abilities. 

Their evident flaws won’t mostly let you win tougher challenges, but if you are a challenger-type player who craves an unusual twist in Melty Blood Type Lumina, these are definitely for you. 

Miyako Ariyama  


Don’t go on Miyako’s height, as she’s literally the character you’ll need in the toughest of Melty Blood Type Lumina situations. She has got an unblockable ground pound move for a start and is known to use a Bajiquan battling technique to render some serious damage. 

Miyako Ariyama also owns a special cross-over attacking style, but that is one of her blockable ones, so only the most cautious players can pull any real strength from it. All in all, if you are a fan of close DPS combats who doesn’t tend to do well at a range, Miyako Arima is the most lethal option to go with.

Vlov Arkhangel


In search of a decent ranged zoning character for your Melty Blood Type Lumina’s team? Vlov Arkhangel is a perfect choice. He’ll play at a safer range while also letting you dish out some serious damage to the foes. 

For instance, with Vlov Arkhangel’s Fireball, players can target straight wherever the enemies are on land while also having the ability to make aerial attacks if they choose to jump instead. What’s even surprising? Players can actually launch two fireballs in a row, causing extreme damage, that too, on just a single press. 

Press and hold for a long to make it even great as it then shoots two balls at once! Furthermore, Vlov can stomp the battlefield with massive fire on a large range and grant an extra second hit.


Melty Blood D
Melty Blood Type Lumina D-Tier

And finally, here’s the last ranked class of our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list, which, as expected, houses characters that are at the bottom of the barrel. That said, the D-tier fellas tend to be uncompetitive and weak in front of the beasts you have just read about.

Nevertheless, remember that they are only ‘comparatively’ weak and hence can not be classified as utterly worst. They do, however, hail some serious drawbacks, consequently making the characters a bit too tricky to handle and not worth the effort even. 

You may still like to employ them for some fun but just expect losing more often than earning any triumph.  



Hisui isn’t as violent as one might expect from someone related to Kohaku. Yes, Hisui is her younger sister, who is as crazy as her but plays a lot safer hence being classified as soft in terms of violence. 

Upgrade Hisui’s charge moves to its highest version, and you will see the character manifesting an excellent range of attacks with an incredible damage offering. Furthermore, she owns a special move of sprinting water on her opponents. 

Though the damage capacity isn’t really enough, it’s at least unblockable for the most part. At last, something’s better than nothing, isn’t it? 

Moving forward, Hisui possesses a cool picnic sheet skill that tends to explode up close, at a larger range, or after a while in case you look forward to taking your foes by surprise. This will help exert intense pressure on the enemies with scarce health while also damaging them greatly. 

Moreover, Hisui houses another decent long-range ability known generally as trash throwing. The ability allows her to aim random items toward her targets while she stays at a protected distance.

Conclusively, Hisui is indeed a cool character to have on board but ain’t equally easy to control. Her skills might look interesting, but they have one shortcoming or another that doesn’t make them as reliable as one expects from their most viable teammate. 

Arcueid Brunestud


This is an average and the first version of the Red Arcueid we just discussed above. Arcueid Brunestud owns a horde of moves, most of which are blockable and hence not as reliable as one would expect from the best Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list character. 

Nevertheless, the unit houses an unblockable heavy attack that makes for the gap while rendering massive amounts of attacks. Also, Arcueid Brunestud has got a great rush down on opponents thanks to her much-decent mobility toolset.

Combined with her rushes, Arcueid employs aerial attacks, synergizing greatly with the high mobility onboard to corner enemies effectively. She has incredible basic throws and a couple of straightforward, head-on hits.

All in all, Arcueid offers good damage-dealing combos paired with some invincible counter strategies to break the enemy’s guard efficiently. This all is, of course, nice but somewhat a repetition of what other characters have to offer. Consequently, most players deem her as an average option or comparatively weaker than the rest.

Changes Due To Update

Last Update: Version 1.43

Here are some of the relevant character changes in Melty Blood Type Lumina in its recent update:

Shiki Tohno:

  • Adjustments have been made to improve the coordination range of Standing B and Blowback Edge Standing C when in close proximity. Additionally, we have enhanced the cutback performance of “Flash Run Six Fish.” “Flash Sheath – Eight Piercings” will no longer be considered an invincible technique when launched near an opponent, and it can be canceled with a shield even if the opponent is shielding.


  • To make it a more practical standing option, we have improved the performance of Standing C. We have also made it harder to passively counter “Out Of My Way!” when used consecutively by increasing the time it remains unobstructed.

Akiha Tohno:

  • Improved the backstep and Aerial “Brilliant Wheel” to provide more standing options in the mid-range. The attack generation of “Painting the Moon” has been accelerated and bite detection reduced, resulting in improved turnaround performance.


  • The landing recovery time of Aerial “Halo” A has been shortened to facilitate feints and coordination. Additionally, we have made the preceding input more effective for canceling from “Angelic Halo” to enhance its operability.


  • To bolster overall defense, we have reviewed the performance of backstep and “Pardon Me.” Furthermore, the Moon Skill “Watch Your Step” can now be used strategically with an additional command to select an item.


  • To optimize fighting using her reach, we have adjusted the attack judgment and cancelable time. “Magical Amber Missile” now provides an increased return on hit, and additional input 3 can be canceled with a shield even if the opponent is shielding.

Hisui & Kohaku:

  • The performance of energy recovery and speed of recovery has been improved when successfully shifting with the special move “Sisterly Bond – Birth.” This enhancement makes tactical fighting more effective, leveraging tag team alternations.

Miyako Arima:

  • Considering the overall character performance in the game, we have slightly reduced the damage compensation for “throws” compared to the previous update (Ver. 1.20). We have also increased the average combo damage by modifying “Elbow Strike” and →→→B.


  • To improve surprise attacks, we have slightly reduced the recovery time of the additional dash in “Heavy Thrust.” The overlap judgment of “Time To Repent” has been adjusted to prevent it from passing through floating opponents and missing its target.


  • The duration of the standing B attack has been extended for smoother follow-ups. The performance of “+C” and throws has been improved to facilitate breaking down defenses, and the recovery time of “True Ancestor Beam” has been shortened for more effective use in a standing position.


  • The dash and backstep have been made more user-friendly, while “Bunker Shot” and “High-angle Transfer” have been adjusted to expand their strengths. Crouching B is now a lower-level attack, and the mid-level attack, Blowback Edge+C, generates faster, enhancing offensive capabilities during approaches.

 For further information on character changes feel free to read the official patch notes.

Tier List Criteria 

A tier list is a general hierarchy of in-game elements primarily based on their relative power effectiveness. Our Melty Blood Type Lumina tier list is the same as well, where we have ranked the game’s characters based on their performance in competitive battles. 

The higher the tier, the stronger the contestants you will see. As with our tier list, we have assembled five classes, ranging from the S-tier to D-tier. Players who don’t want anything else than just straight wins will find their mates in the top one while D-tier houses the not-so-favorable. 

In return, readers will quickly get to know the favorability of possible matchups, the characters they should be cornering as early as possible, and what’s the general consensus on characters prevailing within the gamers community. 

Having said that, our tier list team at eXputer tries to be as relevant to the populace’s opinion as possible. However, selections can still differ in a way or two, so don’t fret if you see the character close to your heart not ranked where you were expecting it to be. 

That would in no way deem your character useless. Instead, it’s just that you are better with a character most of the others won’t necessarily be. On the whole, don’t hesitate to advance with the options you like, as they may actually win against certain top-tier characters.

Rounding it off, this Melty Blood tier list is intended to be a reliable go-to resort for both rookies as well as long-time gamers alike. How did you find it? Tell us in the comments down below. We keep them always open for constructive discussions but closed for criticism. 

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