Paladins Tier List: Best Characters [2023]

Did you know which are the best & worst Paladins champions? No? Check out our Paladins tier list guide and get an insight on all characters.

Paladins is home to over 50 playable characters or Champions, with new ones being added in regularly, which is why it can be helpful to know how they all rank up in a Tier List. The Champions are generally placed into four unique roles, namely Damage, Flank, Frontline, and Support. Here is our Tier List summarized.

Key Takeaways
  • Paladins feature an ever-growing horde of playable characters (currently 50 at the player’s disposal).  
  • Every character, as per its unique performance style and abilities set, is categorized into groups, namely Damage, Frontline, Flank, and Support.
  • Each character is ranked below based on its offensive strengths, defense potential, and overall ally support value. 
  • Viability within their specific role, as well as other functions, is also kept in mind. 
  • Your go-to playable Paladin champions who are well-balanced in offense and defense can be Khan, Cassie, Barik, and Atlas. 
  • Characters like Skye, Moji, Torvald, and Mal’Damba should be your last resort, as they lack basic fighting abilities.

Here is a quick look at the Tier List:

Paladins Tier List Characters Ranking Table
Front LineKhan, Barik, AtlasMakoa, Raum, TerminusFernando, RuckusInara, Yagorath, AshTorvald
FlankVora, Androxus, Zhin, EvieVatu, MaeveBuck, LexKoga, Skye, Talus, Moji
DamageCassieSha Lin, Tiberius, Tyra, LianBomb King, Kinessa, Drogoz, Octavia, ImaniWillo, Dredge, Vivian, ViktorStrix
SupportJenos, Grover, IO, CorvusYing, ReiFuria, SerisGrohk, Pip, Mal’DambaPp

Each role focuses on certain aspects more than others, making the respective Champions much better-suited to fulfilling specific objectives during gameplay. However, not all Champions are created equal.

It is understandable, then, how certain Paladins Champions are bound to become more favored than others. And with such an extensive roster of characters, it can be difficult to find the best Paladins Character that suits your playstyle. Therefore, this Paladins Tier List has been carefully curated to show how each of the characters in the game is likely to rank against one another!

Paladins is a free-to-play online hero shooter developed by Evil Mojo, an internal studio of Hi-Rez. The game was released in May 2018 and features a large list of playable Champions, each of whom brings a unique set of abilities to the table, and whose core abilities can be customized to suit your playstyle.

Since its release, the game scored mostly favorable reviews and has since garnered a decent player base. So, whether you are a seasoned old-timer or a newcomer to the game, this Paladins Character Tier List will tell you everything you need to know about the game’s star characters!

Paladins Tier List

As with our other Tier Lists at eXputer, we have divided all Paladins Champions into five categories, with S being the highest and D being the lowest. These categories are a measure of different abilities of each of the Paladins characters in the list, including their attack potential, defensive strengths, and overall support value.

Additionally, each Paladins champion has also been described individually, stating their best characteristics and potential flaws that led to their rank in our Tier List.

As always, these Tier Lists are critically thought-out and are based on multiple factors including in-game statistics, playability, and ease of mastery. Nevertheless, personal preferences do play a significant role, even more so in a game like Paladins with such an extensive roster of Champions.

As such, your preferences may vary from ours. However, this Paladins Tier List is sure to give you a detailed overview of each character in the game, which will help you make an informed decision on your next main!


All characters falling under this tier list category are very well-balanced regarding offensive and defensive characteristics. They can be your go-to playable class to support your team through healing, leading teammates in the assault, or just play the game solo and ignore PTFO.

Our S-Tier characters in this Paladins Tier List are great performers all around. All of these Paladins Champions have balanced offensive and defensive capabilities, which means that they can fill their designated roles very effectively.

Paladins Tier List
S-Tier Category
Name of Character Description
AtlasThis is an incredibly unique Paladins Champion who can be useful in multiple scenarios. His abilities are designed to provide a strong offensive, which is why he lands a great deal of damage through most of his abilities.

Moreover, he has a lot of room for mastery for those players willing to put in the effort. As such, Atlas is one of the best Paladins Champions you can play right now!

BarikBarik is one of the classic Paladins characters and is seeing an increasing level of play in the game. His damage-favoring skills and gadgets do make him a fearsome contender in our Paladins Tier List.

For example, his Blunderbuss and Turret are very effective for dishing out damage, and his Rocket Boots let him quickly charge out of harm’s way. As such, he does work well against characters like Terminus and Fernando.

CassieDespite having lost her former luster, Cassie is still among the best Champions in Paladins. She is among the go-to damage-dealers in our Paladins Best Character List and has multiple abilities that let her fulfill that role.

Her crossbow lets her give direct and area-of-effect damage, whereas the Dodge Roll is a useful ability to fall back from dangerous situations. Moreover, her Ultimate ability reveals enemy locations, making her a great character pick for any Paladins team.

KhanKhan is an aggressive tank character in Paladins. He offers a very versatile playstyle at medium range with his Battle Shout ability that makes him immune and heals himself and his allies, as well as his Commander’s Grab ability.

Along with Ash and Makoa, he is one of the most reliable tank Champions in Paladins, which makes him worthy of the S tier in our list!


Champions of Paladins falling under our A-tier category are fierce, frightening, and fast. You are guaranteed to outsmart your opponents in one-to-one conflicts if you pick characters from this list.

Their defense and offense characteristics are finely tuned to touch perfection, but still, they lack a thing or two. Still, you can never go wrong if you start playing with these characters in Paladins.

They may not be the best of the best, but with the Paladins Champions in this list, they call fill in many roles in your Paladins game.

They do, however, have one or two quirks that make them fall short of perfection. Nevertheless, with the A-Tier characters in our Paladins Champion Tier List, you can never go wrong!

Paladins Tier List
A-Tier Category
Name of Character Description
TiberiusTiberius wields a bladed chakram and a sword while fighting alongside his teammates. His movement speed, attacks, and defense characteristics are outclass. However, his abilities have a slow rate of fire, making him a sluggish character who needs team support most, if not all, times.

A very satisfying feeling as you play him. The Combat Trance ability gives your stats a nice temporary boost, and the Blade Dance Ultimate ability is can be a lifesaver if played right. As such, Tiberius is a nice alternative to other damage dealers like Cassie and Sha Lin.

AndroxusAndroxus is yet again another champion in our Paladins Character Tier List who uses a revolver and fist as an offense in the game. He is a slow-moving attacker that offers versatility in his skills and talents.

Androxus’s ultimate is the biggest weak point because half of the time while executing the ultimate attack, an enemy can evade it. 

Androxus is the perfect definition of a prime flanker, and if you have been playing Paladins for any length of time, you will understand his position on this Tier List.

He is a great Champion, including his Defiance ability that deals area damage and his Reversal ability that is good against ranged attacks. Although it can be deadly when it does land.

Sha LinSha Lin is a fantastic ranged-attacker in Paladins, and he mainly uses his bow to outsmart opponents from a distance. The Rapid Shot ability allows him to fire multiple arrows while moving at the same time.

This skill alone feels overpowered while fighting one on one with an enemy player. The only problem is he relies only on his skills. When they are on cooldown, Sha Lin is exposed and weak.

Additionally, the Crippling Arrow ability makes Sha Lin a great pick against Flank Champions in Paladins, such as Vora and Vatu. The problem here, though, is how exposed Sha Lin is when his abilities are on cooldown.

As such, Sha Lin does not see much play despite being a classic Paladins character. Regardless, he is a strong choice and ranks highly in our Paladins Character List!

RaumRaum performs very closely to Makoa in Paladins, and that is why he is another excellent addition to the tank type of champion in the game. He is a beast of a character if you know how to efficiently rinse and repeat his skills and talents for high damage output.

Moreover, his Juggernaut ability can be very fun to use once you get the hang of it. He is a very situational and one-dimensional character though, which limits his playstyles and opens him up to counters like Tyra and Vora, and prevents him from being ranked higher up in our Paladins Best Characters List.

MakoaMakoa is a giant armored turtle with canon in one hand and a retractable anchor in the other. He is a go-to champion for players who like to support their teammates by taking all the damage. His skills and talents make him more of a tank than an attacker.

Makoa, to put it plainly, Sounds pretty awesome, we know. This Front Line character ranks here on our Paladins Tier List because he is This is due to his Shell Shield ability that protects him and his allies from incoming damage.

The Shell Spin is also a fun way to dish out some damage. Makoa may not have any specific standouts among his abilities, but with other important tanks Champions like Ash and Khan getting banned more often in Paladins, Makoa is among the best alternatives.

ZhinZhin is fast, furious, and wields an inferno blade, devastating enemies with his vicious attacks. His skills have quick animations and have reduced cooldowns. However, Zhin’s attacks do not land good damage numbers, which I think is the biggest downside while engaging multiple opponents at once.

Abilities like the Counter and Billow are very interesting and unique when executed correctly, and his Ultimate ability also warrants attention. Overall, Zhin is a very clean and well-executed Flank Champion in Paladins and deserves as much attention as he can get.

TerminusTerminus is a brute who loves to spam massacre axe ability to swing the massive axe on his foes. He is a force to reckon with in close combat situations. Terminus primarily uses his axe for dealing high amounts of damage and uses Power Siphon ability to absorb enemy attacks. Due to close-range attacks only, he could not make it in our A-rank.

Terminus primarily uses his axe for dealing high damage, which makes him an intimidating Champion in close combat situations. Additionally, the Power Siphon ability that absorbs enemy attacks is also useful and gives good feedback.

It is particularly useful against high-damage enemies like Dredge since it lets you essentially use the enemy’s power against them. Terminus is also useful against Inara but does not do too well against Barik and Fernando. Moreover, Terminus is limited in his use, which restricts him to A-Tier in our Paladins Character List.

IOIO is probably the only character in our A-tier who is more of a support champion than a damage dealer. Her area of effect healing,

Moonlight ability, Life Link, and Goddess’ Blessing talent all favor her to become the best support champion in Paladins. That is why we reserved her a spot in A-tier.

IO is among the few Paladins Support characters in our A-tier list. The Lunar Leap can also help you evade some sticky situations. What’s more, her Begone Ultimate ability can net you some free kills if used in the right situation.

GroverIf Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy had an axe, he could have looked like Grover. He is a combination of a ranged and healing kind of champion in Paladins. Using his primary attack, throwing axe, Grover deals the most damage – the farther an opponent, the greater the damage.

His abilities involving nature as a source of attack are exceptional, unique, and almost unavoidable. His ‘Whirlwind’ ultimate gives 2500 healing every 1s for a short duration to nearby allies.

He is a super-strong Support Champion in Paladins who also excels at range. Using his primary attack, throwing axe, Grover deals the most damage – the farther an opponent, the greater the damage. The Vine skill is also fun since it lets you fling yourself across large distances.

Moreover, skills like Blosson and Whirlwind establish Grover as a useful healer. Also, once you unlock the Deep Roots talent, this Champion can become a serious threat in Paladins. In general, Grover’s abilities are useful, unique, and difficult to avoid, which is why he deserves a spot on any team

JenosJenos and Zhin perform relatively similarly in Paladins. He uses an automatic carbine called Star Splitter for medium to long-range offense and employs cosmic energy in other skill-based attacks.

He, too, like Zhin, offers healing to allies through his Astral Mark ability, but it is pretty slow. I found the best use of Jenos if you have Zhin side by side with you.

Jenos is also especially useful on maps like Timber Mill and Jaguar Falls, particularly with his Luminary talent that boosts his Astral Mark skill.

However, unlike other healing Champions in this Paladins list like Seris, Damba, and Grover, Jenos requires a fair bit of time out of combat to heal up. Therefore, we found him strongest when used along with characters like Zhin in Paladins.

VoraVora is a highly mobile champion in our entire Paladins Tier List. Her abilities and talents deal damage over time.

Her enhanced mobility and burst damage-dealing attacks are the reason many Paladins players pick her up. Vora’s ultimate, called Harbinger’s Wrath, comes at the cost of a high animation time, and she remains exposed till the skill is executed. Other than that, she is a solid attack champion in the game.

She is immensely strong and satisfying to play if you can get her playstyle down. Her abilities and talents deal damage over time, and she features high sustain and great immunity to go along with it. The Deadly Scythe she uses is strong, and the Tendril skill is also very useful as long as you have charges available.

Vora’s Ultimate, called Harbinger’s Wrath, comes at the cost of a high animation time, and she remains exposed till the skill is executed. It can, however, often save her from a tight spot. As such, owing to her enhanced mobility and burst damage-dealing attacks, she remains a popular Paladins character.

EvieEvie is a small-sized character in Paladins with increased movement speed and moderate attack damage. Using her ice staff, she deals area-of-effect attacks. Her ice also provides a shield, and Evie conjures ice blocks to mitigate the incoming attack. She dominates most fights with her dynamic, ice-oriented abilities.

Her low health is the only downside holding her back from becoming an excellent attack champion in the game.

She has an incredibly high skill ceiling, which means that there is plenty of room for mastery here. Once you do get the hang of her, though, she can be a nightmare to go against. In terms of her abilities, Evie’s Ice Staff deals good area-of-effect damage.

Moreover, the Ice Block skill conjures up an ice wall to mitigate incoming damage. The Blink and Soar skills also grant her plenty of movement options. Due to all these dynamic abilities, Evie can be a real threat in any situation.

CorvusCorvus uses his Officer’s Pistol to land direct damage on enemies. On the other hand, he uses an Abyss staff to heal allies using Abyssal Reconstruction and Mark of Fate abilities.

I believe there is no parallel to Corvus in our List when it comes to a perfect all-rounder playable champion in the game.

He is especially useful in lower-elo lobbies where your Flank characters may not necessarily return for heals, and so you can heal them from anywhere on the map.

Therefore, even though Corvus favors healing over damage, he is still a great well-rounded Champion. Hence we place him firmly in the A-Tier in our list of Champions.

LianLian is another fantastic addition to our A-tier list. She is a medium to long-range champion in Paladins, having a versatile set of abilities.

Using her Valor skill, Lian can prove to be an efficient crowd-controlling character. For direct damage, she uses Heirloom Rifle. By mixing her abilities effectively, Lian can devastate an enemy team in a matter of seconds.

She is a massively fun-to-play and satisfying Champion who excels in medium to long due to her versatile set of abilities. She provides a good balance of direct and area damage. The former involves her great Heirloom Rifle. Conversely, the latter includes abilities such as Valor and Presence which can prove useful for crowd control. For direct damage, she uses Heirloom Rifle.

By mixing these abilities effectively, Lian can turn the tide of a match in a matter of seconds. This makes her a Champion worthy of this position in our Paladins Champion Tier List.

TyraTyra is a versatile champion that has a wide variety of arsenal ranging from an automatic rifle to grenade.

Most of her abilities involve shooting enemies with the Auto Rifle or obliterating them from existence using Nade Launcher grenades. She only lacks in the shield or immunity-related abilities. Otherwise, Tyra could have made it into our S-tier list.

Tyra is a versatile Champion who can accommodate a variety of playstyles in Paladins. This is due to her varied arsenal, ranging from the Auto Rifle to the Nade Launcher and Fire Bomb that deal excellent area damage for taking on clusters of enemies.

In addition to this, the Hunter’s Mark can let you hone in on a priority target. Her Mercy Kill and Burn, Monster! talents also make her very viable in gameplay. If this Paladins character did not lack a shield or immunity-granting ability, she could have probably jumped a spot in this Tier List!


Champions of Paladins under this category have at least one significant flaw that holds them back. It does not necessarily make them a bad choice to pick and play the game.

It is just that mastering them requires patience, persistence, and knowledge on how best to use their abilities and talents properly while fighting foes in the field. Also, these characters will appeal to players who like a little challenge.

This does not, by any means, make them a bad choice to play with. Therefore, these are great options if you are a player looking for a little challenge and have some time to invest in a Paladins character.

However, be informed that there will be Champions better suited to specific roles in the game. With that said, here are our picks for the B-Tier in our Paladins Tier List!

Paladins Tier List
B-Tier Category
Name of Character Description
DrogozDrogoz has excellent vertical mobility and can easily use it to advantage in offense and defense situations. His attack weapon of choice is a rocket launcher and fire spit; both deal excellent area-of-effect damage.

His damage and movement speed are solid, but he has high ability cooldowns (Fire Spit: 8s, Thrust: 11s, and Salvo: 6s cooldown). Even his ultimate called Dragon Punch has limited usability while fighting with an enemy.

Despite being primarily a Damage Champion in Paladins. This is mainly due to his Thrust skill that lets him jet upwards in the air. Aside from this, his weapon of choice – the Rocket Launcher – coupled with the Fire Spit and Salvo abilities give him extra area-of-effect firepower at his disposal.

Even his Ultimate, Dragon Punch, has limited usability depending on the situation. Hence, this is by no means the best Damage Champion in Paladins but is no slouch either.

YingYing is an illusion master in Paladins, and she can heal allies or confuse enemies using her illusion mirror. Ying’s Illusory Mirror bursts out a magic energy attack, dealing moderate but direct damage to an enemy.

Her ability, Dimensional Link, allows her to teleport to her far-end illusion. It’s a fantastic skill when it comes to switching on the fly between offense and defense. Her ultimate, Illusory Rift, heals nearby allies for 8s. Her downside is that Ying has underwhelming health, and she is not a fast attacker.

This essentially lets Ying creates powerful decoys that can serve different purposes. Finally, her Illusory Rift Ultimate feels supremely satisfying to use and lets you heal nearby allies for 8 seconds. What holds her back, though, is her underwhelming health, and her lackluster movement.

KinessaKinessa is also an excellent gun-master champion that relies mainly on her sniper and carbine weapons. She is a perfect candidate when it comes to shooting enemies at long and short distances. Using her transporter ability, she throws a teleporter that spawns her wherever it lands. Kinessa’s ultimate, Headhunter, deals direct damage and grants 50% additional damage to enemies.

Therefore, she excels in dealing direct damage at medium to long ranges. This is helped, in part, by her Sniper Mode ability which charges her sniper rifle for increased damage.

Moreover, using her Transporter ability, she can throw a teleporter and spawn where it lands, letting her reposition quickly. She is, however, severely limited due to her sniper archetype, which does not work well on most maps in Paladins. As such, Kinessa is a very situational Champion in Paladins, and would not rank among the best Damage characters.

FernandoFernando is a knight in shining armor who uses a Flame Lance to deal area-of-effect damage. It is an excellent ability to attack an enemy team if they are in closer proximity. Other than that, using his Shield ability, he summons a shield having 5500 health that blocks incoming damage.

His other two area-of-effect abilities include Fireball and Charge. Fernando’s ultimate, Immortal, allows him to prevent allies from falling below 1500 health.

Moreover, using the Aegis talent further ups the potency of his shield. His other two area-of-effect abilities include Fireball and Charge. However, using Barik can be an effective counter to Fernando. Additionally, Fernando does not hold up well in terms of damage output in Paladins which is why he remains at the B-Tier.

Bomb KingBomb King is yet again another attack champion who offers an area of effect abilities. Most of his abilities, such as Sticky Bomb, Grumpy Bomb Poppy Bomb, and the ultimate King Bomb, are lined to favor crowd-controlling situations.

However, Bomb King does not offer much to the table when it comes to one versus one engagement. I think he needs serious balancing, and if he gets one, it could take him up in our tier list.

These include explosives such as the Sticky Bomb, Grumpy Bomb, and Poppy Bomb. Not only can they get you some nice kills, but are also very satisfying to execute. Similarly, the Ultimate King Bomb ability offers mobility on top of the damage, which is a big plus.

Therefore, this Paladins character does do well on maps such as Brightmarsh and Ice Mines. However, there is much room for improvement and balancing, since Bomb King does not offer much for one-on-one engagements.

MaeveMaeve is also a small-sized fighter like Evie. She is extraordinarily mobile and offers an outstanding balance between her offensive and defensive attributes.

Her daggers are the primary weapon of choice to kill enemies, and Maeve’s ability, Nine Lives, gives heal for 400 points and also offers skill cooldowns of all the skills.

She does not have a shield to block incoming damage; instead, players can use her Pounce ability to dash forward to attack an enemy or dodge an incoming attack. Players can also use her Prowl ability to move faster and jumper higher – an excellent ability to get out of tight spots.

Maeve is also a compact fighter like Evie. She is, however, bested by Flank Champions higher up on our Paladins Tier List, such as Androxus. This is due to Maeve being a relatively tough character to play in Paladins, along with her lackluster damage output.

RuckusRuckus is a goblin who sits inside a big mechanical digging suit. His weapon of choice is two miniguns and a missile launcher installed on the back.

The former deals direct damage to enemies while the latter has area-of-effect damage. Ruckus’ ability called ‘Advance’ can be used to get out of hot zones and evade a dying situation.

Other than that, one can use the Emitter ability to block up to 2000 damage for a short duration. Ruckus is a great champion in our B-category of Paladins Tier List.

Ruckus is a unique Champion in this Paladins list, This is why Ruckus can often feel very well-rounded as far as Front Line Paladins characters go.

The caveat here, though, is that Ruckus’s potency is highly dependent on the player playing him. As such, it requires a fair bit of time to get used to his combat abilities, which is why he falls in the B-Tier list in Paladins.

VatuVatu is probably the only attacker in our B-Tier list that deserves a spot in A-tier. However, the reason he did not make it up is because of his inability to defend himself.

Instead of a shield, he has a dash ability that throws him out of harm’s way, but it cools down after 5s. It is a lot of time to wait, and he has no tricks whatsoever to defend himself.

He features incredibly good mobility and is often banned in games because people do not know how to play against him. Moreover, he sports Kunai for direct damage and Shadow Bombs for effective area damage, both of which are very satisfying to play with. Hence during this time,

Vatu is exposed to foes. With some tweaks, though, this character could easily make it higher in our Paladins Champion Tier List.

ImaniImani is a challenging champion to master in Paladins. Her abilities are incredibly dynamic and also come in alternate versions as well. Memorizing each skill takes time and even adds to the frustration, especially when you fail to execute them while fighting a single enemy or a full team.

She features a stance change, giving her access to unique ice and fire abilities. This adds to her arsenal and makes her a very dynamic Paladins character to play within our Tier List.

Her Ultimate ability of Dragon’s Call can also be very useful. However, the plethora of moves adds to her skill ceiling since new players need to learn a lot of different abilities and use them in the correct situations.

Furthermore, it is easy to confuse the abilities with their alternate forms, which can lead to a lot of frustration.

OctaviaUnlike Seris, Octavia uses a Marksman Rifle, dealing 425 damage every 0.3s. She is an excellent champion for medium-long ranges but poor in close combats because of her sniper rifle.

Octavia shares the same fate as Seris in Paladins, and both characters are similar in their offense and defense.

Octavia is a Marksman Champion in Paladins and uses her Marksman Rifle for dealing 425 damage every 0.3s. Her Commanding Leap ability is fun to use, and Distortion Field offers a good fallback when the going gets tough.

Despite this, Octavia sees little play in the game. This is because she lacks any standout features that make her a must-pick character, and so she ranks in our B-Tier list in Paladins.

ReiRei is a weak offense champion in our entire B-category Paladins Tier List. Her Sigil ability deals direct damage of 450 every 0.7s, which is a little underwhelming. Her Spirit Link can be used at enemies to deal 50 damage for 0.75s and allies to heal for 50 health.

Other than that, most of her abilities are designed to support team players by providing them heals. Rei’s ultimate, Vivify, makes an ally immune to attacks for 2s and restores 100% health after a certain time.

Rei is among the weaker Support Champion in our Paladins Best Character List. All in all, though, there is not enough here to differentiate Rei from other healers, which is why she does not rank among the best Paladins Champions.


Playing with the characters of Paladins that rank in our C-tier have unexpected outcomes. At times, they will come out as undefeated champions, and in other instances, they will be wiped out easily by a character from S or A tier.

In any case, the baseline is that C-tier champions have at least two or three abilities that do not have a greater potency to a) land high damage offense and b) block an enemy’s attacks efficiency.

Playing with the characters of Paladins that rank in our C-Tier can be very hit-or-miss. However, they still warrant a look and can help you out in specific situations if you put in the time to learn them well.

Paladins Tier List
C-Tier Category
Name of Character Description
DredgeIf Blackbeard from Pirates of the Caribbean had a harpoon as an attack weapon, he’d look like Dredge. He is a damage-dealing champion in Paladin who uses Cursed Howitzer, Broadside, and Harpoon abilities for AoE damage. His ultimate, Kraken, deals 2500 damage and knocks back foes who come near its tentacles.

On the other hand, Dredge’s lack of movement and stationary playstyle hold him back amongst other Paladins characters in this Tier List. That is to say, he can be used, but more often than not may be classified as a throw pick.

InaraInara uses stones to defend herself and attack foes as well. She deals burst damage throwing three sharp stone projectiles on its opponents, each dealing 225 damage. Using her Impasse, she casts a stone wall to block incoming attacks. Inara’s Earthen Guard sacrifices her damages for a short time but, in return, provides healing to the champion.

Moreover, using her Impasse, giving her some much-needed respite in tough situations. Mostly, though, Inara lets you focus on tanking and utility. She lacks in the damage department, which is why she feels currently underwhelming and sits firmly in our C-Tier list with many other Paladins Champions.

WilloWillo is an area-of-effect damage-dealing champion in Paladins. The Dead Zone ability allows her to spawn a toxic spore that stops the healing abilities of enemies if affected by it. Willo’s Wand of Overgrowth fires Fae Energy, dealing 500 damage in 0.75s.

Her Flutter also provides a fair bit of mobility. With recent nerfs and adjustments, however, Willo has taken a bit of a backseat. Her limitations in the damage department also add to her woes.

YagorathIf you need a tank champion that does nothing else but soaks all the damage, then Yagorath is the way to go. His movement speed is slow, does not deal much damage, but he can take what you throw at him. He is not the best attacker or defender in the game. However, because of being a tanky champion in our Paladins Tier List, we gave Yagorath a spot in the C-tier list.

Thanks to skills such as Hardening. Changing stances using Form Swap and dashing around poisoning people also has its moments of joy.

And even though she is not the best attacking or defending Champion in Paladins, this character’s immense tanking potential was just enough to warrant a spot in our C-Tier.

FuriaFuria is the fallen deity who transformed into a human. Based on her abilities, she is an attack champion in Paladins. Furia heals allies using her Kindle Soul ability. Moreover, her ultimate, Inflame, buffs 30% weapon damage and grants extra movement speed to the team.

Who is not afraid to put some damage downrange either. And is one of the few late-game heals that cannot get countered easily. Additionally, the Wings of Wrath are also a good skill to fall back on. Nevertheless, some of her healing potentials still leave much to be desired. Therefore, she is definitely not the best healer Champion you can choose in Paladins

BuckFor close-range combat, Buck’s Shotgun deals 700 of direct damage for every second on enemies. He can also slow enemies down to land more precision shotgun shots by deploying Net Shot ability, which entangles enemies dealing 200 damage and slows them down.

For quick healing, Buck uses Recovery to recover 1000 health over 1.5s duration. He does not have the shield ability to defend himself but his Heroic Leap, which deals area damage, can also be used to evade attacks.

Buck goes crazy after popping his ultimate – he gets 60% increase in the rate of fire & all ammo gets refilled.

Buck is a viable Paladins character in our Tier List. However, his Ultimate ability, though useful, can still be tricky to execute properly. As such, he remains one of our less-favored Paladins Champions on the list.

AshAsh is another fine addition in our C-rank Paladins Tier List who dominates fights with her high-damage and defense abilities. When it comes to one versus one fights, there is no parallel to Ash.

She deals with both area and direct damage using her Burst Cannon, Kinetic Burst, Assert Dominance (Ultimate), and Shoulder Bash. The latter deals 800 damage to enemies and knocks them as well.

The Siege Shield also warrants some interesting plays. Ultimately, though, she cannot match up with other Champions who fill a similar role. Therefore, she gets relegated to the C-Tier in our list of Paladins characters

ViktorViktor is the lone wolf with a big assault rifle. He uses military-issued weapons for his offense. Viktor is probably the only attack champion in our C-tier who deserves to go into B-tier.

Using his Assault Rifle, Viktor does 135 damage every 0.1s, and Frag Grenade deals 750 damage on enemies. Viktor does not have a shield to block the incoming damage. However, he uses Hustle ability to run faster and avoid enemy attacks with an increased 65% movement speed.

At the end of the day, though, Viktor is only really useful when you need to use his Frag Grenade. This makes him more of a dispensable character in our Paladins Best Champion preference.

LexLex wields dual guns and uses his agility to his advantage while charging the enemies. His movement speed is tremendous, and the rate of fire is extremely high as well.

Lex deals 320 damage every 0.25s by using Magnums, the dual automatic pistols. Using his ‘In Pursuit’ ability, Lex can deals 960 damage over 1.4s with increased accuracy on a single target. Lex’s ultimate, The Law, is an area-of-effect damage attack.

Lex wields dual guns and uses his agility to his advantage while charging the enemies. His movement is fair. Despite this, Lex ranks as one of the weakest Flank Champions on this Paladins list.

This is because his weapons are not very satisfying, his Power Slide can be janky, and his Ultimate The Law is one of the weakest out of all Paladins characters’. Overall, Lex could benefit from better movement perks.

VivianVivian is also another gun-oriented champion in Paladins, and she performs closely with Viktor. Her ultimate summons two drones, dealing 150 damage where ever you shoot. She uses Deflector Shield ability to block up to 1200 damage. The downside is that the shield has a 13s cooldown – relatively high.

Additionally, Vivian needs to be up-close to make the most of her abilities, which limits her in many situations.

SerisSeris is a mage champion in our Tier List. She is a great character to go with if you want to have an attacker champion with an excellent medium to long-range abilities.

Her Soul Orb deals 210 area-of-effect damage to enemies. Players can use Seris’ Shadow Travel ability as a means to dodge the incoming attack because she does not have a dedicated shield.

However, there is not much room for mastery here, and Seris can get fairly repetitive after some time. That is why this character could not rank higher in our Paladins Character List.


There is no easy way to say this. Some of them even lack basic attacking or defensive abilities that can give them a fighting chance against the better Champions in Paladins.

Therefore, we would recommend steering clear of these characters, and instead investing your time in Champions mentioned in the tiers mentioned above. Though an update could rectify the issue, as it stands currently, these are anything but the best Champions in Paladins.

Paladins Tier List
D-Tier Category
Name of Character Description
PipPip uses potion launcher ability to fire potions that deal 600 area damage on enemies. He can also heal allies for 1000 after throwing using the Healing potion ability. Pip does not have a shield to block enemy attacks, so he uses Weightless’s ability to launch himself upwards and use the ability to escape hot zones.

Pip is an interesting Champion in Paladins who can basically sling potions to achieve different objectives. However, his damage-per-second leaves a lot to be desired, and his healing abilities are not the best among other Paladins Champions.

TalusTalus uses Veracharger, a fast-firing weapon, to deal 110 damage every 0.095s. He uses a sort of uppercut by using Blitz Upper ability to deal 600 damage, which also knocks back enemies as well.

Sadly though, Talus’s abilities do not translate well to higher-elo lobbies, and he can get countered quite easily. Therefore, he sits near the bottom of our Paladins Best Character List.

KogaKoga is a difficult champion to master in Paladins. It is because the character has lots of alternating movesets, just like Inara. It adds confusion while fighting enemies in close proximity.

He can use Submachine Guns or his Hellkite Claws for direct damage, and Shadow Step for area damage. Moreover, he can use Dragon Stance to unlock additional abilities. Due to this, though, Koga suffers from the same problem as Inara – his skillset can be too overwhelming to use effectively. As a result, he is often not used to his full potential, and so this Paladins character ranks in the D-Tier within our list of Champions.

GrohkGrohk uses Lightning Staff to deal direct 75 damage every 0.1s. Other than that, he also uses a Shock Pulse to deal area damage of 150 damage per bounce. Grohk also has the ability to heal 300 health every 1s to allies. It is not a crazy heal, but at least he recovers some of the health bar of allies.

Grohk is a Support Champion among Paladins Characters who Grohk also can heal his allies through his Healing Totem. The healing, however, can be quite lackluster when put up against other Paladins characters in our list. This is especially the case after the nerfs he has received.

StrixStrix equips a weapon that transforms into a pistol or medium-ranged rifle. The Talon Rifle is a versatile weapon for close to medium-range combat. Strix throws a single flashbang while using his ultimate. It blinds enemies and deals just 150 damage which I think is relatively weak as compared to what other champions’ ultimate in the game offer.

Much like other prominent Paladins Champions mentioned on this list, Strix focuses on raw weaponry. Although it blinds enemies, the damage of 150 it gives seems very lackluster. As such, Strix has one of the weaker Ultimates in the game. Moreover, Strix is not very mobile and is vulnerable to flanks. His low damage also makes it difficult for him to stay alive for long against the stronger Paladins Champions in this list.

SkyeSkye is another champion in our Paladins Tier List who should have been given more abilities that deal area damage but unfortunately, she does not have much. Her wrist-mounted crossbow attacks deal 130 damage every 0.1s, which is also weak. The only bright side is that her Ultimate, Time Bomb, deals 3000 damage and destroys all shields equipped by enemies.  

Sadly, though, she lacks much there, making her ill-suited towards crowd control. This, however, is not enough to make up for her shortcomings. Hence, Skye ranks among the lowest among our list of Paladins characters.

MojiMoji’s Familiar Spit ability deals damage based on the magical marks you do on the enemies. So, the higher the marks, the higher the damage. It is quite difficult to land high damage attacks using Moji champion in Paladins.  

Moji is probably among the cutest Champions in Paladins, but that does not translate well when it comes to her skillset. Additionally, the Familiar Spray skill does area damage, and Scamper lends some mobility. However, landing damage with Moji is quite difficult, which is why he does not stack up well against the best Champions in Paladins

TorvaldTorvald uses his Gauntlet to deal 190 damage every 0.25s. His Nullify ability has an 11s cooldown, but it is also an excellent attack ability that deals 800 damages over 2s. Torvald could become a tad bit better champion if he gets a balancing in future updates to deal damages at longer distances. If he gets the said balancing, he could rank higher in our Tier List.

Torvald, also known as The Runic Sage, is again among the weakest of all Paladins Champions on this list. The Protection shield can also be useful. Nevertheless, Torvald’s restriction to shorter engagement distances hampers him severely.

He is also very situational and is dependent on a good Flank character. Therefore, if your team does not have good communication, Torvald will not be able to help out much, which is why he is where he is on our Paladins Tier List.

Mal’DambaMal’Damba functions just like Torvald, and instead of a gauntlet, he has a snake who does his bidding. The Spitting Cobra ability deals 400 damage every 0.55s. He can also heal allies by restoring their 340 of health bar every 1s for 4s.

Mal’Damba throws a Gourd, that explodes and deals damage to enemies while at the same time heals allies – a versatile and multipurpose ability not many champions in Paladins have.  

Another skill is that Mal’Damba can throw a Gourd that explodes and deals damage to enemies while at the same time healing allies.

However, his weapon is not the most satisfying to use, and his Ultimate can be very hit-or-miss. As such, we would definitely not rank him among the best Paladins Champions on our list.

Summary of the Paladins Tier List

Before we move to some quick questions and answers, here is a summary image of the tier list.

Paladins Tier List
Complete Paladins Tier List

That is pretty much everything you need to know. Now that you know which champion is the best and which one is worst, who will be your next go-to playable class in the game? Let us know more about it in the comments section below. By the way, we also did a Paladins vs Overwatch comparison, if you are curious.

Last Updated: June 2022.

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