Paladins Tier List: Best & Worst Characters Ranked

Did you know which are the best & worst Paladins champions? No? Check out our tier list guide and get an insight on all characters.

Paladins is home to over 50 playable characters or Champions, with new ones being added in regularly, which is why it can be helpful to know how they all rank up in a Tier List. The Champions are generally placed into four unique roles, namely Damage, Flank, Frontline, and Support. Here is our Tier List summarized.

Our tier list aligns perfectly with the changes to the Champions in the latest patch Update.

Key Takeaways
  • Paladins feature an ever-growing horde of playable characters (currently 57 at the player’s disposal).  
  • Every character, as per its unique performance style and abilities set, is categorized into groups, namely Damage, Frontline, Flank, and Support.
  • Each character is ranked below based on its offensive strengths, defense potential, and overall ally support value. 
  • Viability within their specific role, as well as other functions, is also kept in mind. 
  • Your go-to playable Paladin champions who are well-balanced in offense and defense can be Khan, Cassie, Barik, and Atlas. 
  • Characters like Skye, Moji, Torvald, and Mal’Damba should be your last resort, as they lack basic fighting abilities.

Tier List Picks

Here is a quick look at the Tier List:

Paladins Tier List Characters Ranking Table
Class S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier D-Tier
Front Line Khan, Barik, Atlas, Azaan, Nyx Makoa, Raum, Terminus Fernando, Ruckus Inara, Yagorath, Ash Torvald
Flank Caspian Vora, Androxus, Zhin, Evie, VII Vatu, Maeve Buck, Lex Koga, Skye, Talus, Moji
Damage Cassie, Kasumi Sha Lin, Tiberius, Tyra, Lian Bomb King, Kinessa, Drogoz, Octavia, Imani, Saati Willo, Dredge, Vivian, Viktor Strix
Support Jenos, Grover, IO, Corvus, Lillith Ying, Rei Furia, Seris Grohk, Pip, Mal’Damba

Each role focuses on certain aspects more than others, making the respective Champions much better-suited to fulfilling specific objectives during gameplay. However, not all Champions are created equal.

Paladins Characters Comparison

Before moving on, let’s quick compare every character in Paladins:

CharactersTierClass TypeBase HealthBase Mov SpeedNo DMG FalloffMain WeaponSeconday Weapon
AtlasSFrost Line3500.0365.0110 UnitsChrono-CannonSetback
BarikSFrost Line3400.0360.040 UnitsBlunderbussBarricade
CassieSDamage2200.0360.0300 UnitsCrossboBisengage
KhanSFrost Line4000.0350.040 UnitsHeavy RepeaterBulwark
AzaanSFrost Line4250.0370.0300 UnitsReckoningSanctuary
CaspianSFlank2100.0390.0100 UnitsLoveWar
KasumiSDamage2100.0360.0120 UnitsYokai DollSavage Tear
NyxSFrost Line4850.0350.0120 UnitsRealm BreakerRift Slash
TiberiusADamage2200.0365.0-Bladed ChakramsHeavy Blade
AndroxusAFlank2100.0370.050 UnitsRevolverDefiance
Sha LinADamage2150.0350.0450 UnitsLong BowCrippling Arrow
RaumAFrost Line4500.0370.080 UnitsHellfire GatlingIgnition
MakoaAFrost Line4500.0350.075 UnitsCannonDredge Anchor
ZhinAFlank2000.0385.090 UnitsInferno BladeCounter
TerminusAFrost Line4000.0345.018 UnitsMassacre AxeCalamity Blast
IOASupport2200.0375.0350 UnitsLight BowMoonlight
GroverASupport2300.0365.0300 UnitsThrowing AxeCrippling Throw
JenosASupport2200.0365.0100 UnitsStar SplitterAstral Mark
VoraAFlank2000.0385.0180 UnitsDeadly ScytheObliteration
EvieAFlank1800.0370.0300 UnitsIce StaffIce Block
CorvusASupport2200.0365.0125 UnitsOfficer's PistolAbyssal Reconstruction
LianADamage2000.0360.090 UnitsHeirloom RifleValor
TyraADamage2400.0375.0115 UnitsAuto RifleNade Launcher
VIIAFlank1900.0375.0110 UnitsHeavy SMGTrigger Discipline
LillithASupport2500.0380.0200 UnitsHeart of CrimsonBlood Hex
DrogozBDamage2200.0350.0275 UnitsRocket LauncherFire Spit
YingBSupport2200.0360.0100 UnitsIllusory MirrorShatter
KinessaBDamage2100.0350.0450 UnitsSniper Rifle Sniper Mode
FernandoBFrost Line4600.0350.050 UnitsFlame LanceShield
Bomb KingBDamage2200.0365.0500 UnitsSticky BombDetonate
MaeveBFlank1900.0375.0300 UnitsDaggersPounce
RuckusBFrost Line4000.0370.085 UnitsMinigunsMissile Launcher
VatuBFlank1900.0375.090 UnitsKunaiShadow Bombs
ImaniBDamage2200.0350.0500 UnitsFrost BoltFrost Bomb
OctaviaBDamage2200.0365.0150 UnitsMarksman RifleDesignated Sights
ReiBSupport2200.0375.095 UnitsSigilChain Heal
SaatiBDamage2100.0375.060 UnitsHand CannonRicochet
DredgeCDamage2200.0340.0500 UnitsCursed HowitzerBroadside
InaraCFrost Line4700.0350.085 UnitsStone SpearEarthen Guard
WilloCDamage2200.0375.0500 UnitsWand of OvergrowthDead Zone
YagorathCFrost Line5750.0585.090 UnitsCaustic SprayPiercing Quills
FuriaCSupport2200.0370.035 UnitsPyre BladeKindle Soul
BuckCFlank2300.0375.035 UnitsShotgunNet Shot
AshCFrost Line4500.0340.080 UnitsBurst CannonKinetic Burst
ViktorCDamage2200.0370.0100 UnitsAsault RifleIron Sights
LexCFlank2200.0385.060 UnitsMagnumsIn Pursuit
VivianCDamage2200.0375.095 UnitsLight Machine GunPrecision Sights
SerisCSupport2200.0370.0120 UnitsSoul OrbRestore Soul
PipDSupport2200.0350.0500 UnitsPotion LauncherExplosive Flask
TalusDFlank1900.0390.045 UnitsVetachargerBlitz Upper
KogaDFlank2000.0375.080 UnitsSubmachine GunsShadow Step
GrohkDSupport2200.0350.0100 UnitsLightning StaffShock Pulse
StrixDDamage2150.0340.0500 UnitsTalon RifleScope/ Flare
SkyeDFlank2100.0390.055 UnitsWrist CrossbowPoision Bolts
MojiDFlank2200.0375.0300 UnitsFamiliar SpitFamiliar Spray
TorvaldDFrost Line3000.0350.075 UnitsGuantletNullify
Mal’DambaDSupport2200.0370.0500 UnitsSpitting CobraMending Spirits


All characters falling under this tier list category are very well-balanced regarding offensive and defensive characteristics. They can be your go-to playable class to support your team through healing, leading teammates in the assault, or just play the game solo and ignore PTFO.

Our S-Tier characters are great performers all around. All of these Paladins Champions have balanced offensive and defensive capabilities, which means that they can fill their designated roles very effectively.

Paladins Tier List
S-Tier Category
Atlas Unique Paladins Champion with strong offensive capabilities. Offers a lot of room for mastery and is considered one of the best Champions in the game.
Barik Classic Paladins character seeing increasing play. Fearsome contender with damage-favoring skills and gadgets like Blunderbuss, Turret, and Rocket Boots, making him effective against certain characters like Terminus and Fernando.
Cassie Despite waning luster, still one of the best damage-dealers in Paladins. Offers direct and area-of-effect damage with her crossbow, along with a useful Dodge Roll ability. Ultimate ability reveals enemy locations, making her a great pick for any Paladins team.
Khan Aggressive tank character with versatile playstyle, offering medium-range options with Battle Shout for immunity and healing, and Commander’s Grab ability. Considered one of the most reliable tank Champions alongside Ash and Makoa, earning him a spot in the S tier.
Azaan Highly offensive character with high mobility and versatile playstyle. Offers various damaging abilities like Judgment, Reckoning, Sanctuary, Conviction, and Deliverance, making him one of the most reliable Front Line champions in Paladins and deserving of the S tier rank.
Caspian Classic Paladins character with deadly skills like Sharp Momentum and Piercing, increasing attack speed and making him formidable in combat. Known for his swinging sword and guns, he’s placed highly in tier lists due to his effective playstyle.
Kasumi Worthy of the S rank due to her close-range attack damage that targets multiple enemies, making her effective against hypermobile champions. Abilities like Savage Tear, Bitter Betrayal, Yokai Doll, and Body and Soul movement ability add to her damage potential.
Nyx Highly mobile and damage-bringer champion with powerful abilities like Realm Breaker, Rift Slash, and Abyssal Fortress. Known for her strong powerplay and ability to easily dispatch enemies, earning her the title of Abyss Queen and making her a formidable force in the game.


Champions of Paladins falling under our A-tier category are fierce, frightening, and fast. Their defense and offense characteristics are finely tuned to touch perfection, but still, they lack a thing or two. Although, you can never go wrong if you start playing with these characters in Paladins.

Paladins Tier List
A-Tier Category
Tiberius A sluggish character with slow abilities but a satisfying playstyle. His Combat Trance ability provides temporary stat boosts, and his Blade Dance Ultimate can be a lifesaver when used effectively. Considered a nice alternative to other damage dealers like Cassie and Sha Lin.
Androxus A slow-moving attacker with versatility in skills and talents. While powerful, his ultimate is a weak point due to its vulnerability to evasion. Known as a prime flanker and holds a significant position in the game’s meta.
Sha Lin A fantastic ranged attacker known for his bow skills. His Rapid Shot ability allows firing multiple arrows while moving, making him formidable in 1v1 situations. Crippling Arrow ability makes him effective against Flank Champions. Vulnerable when abilities are on cooldown.
Raum Performs similarly to Makoa and is a formidable tank champion. His Juggernaut ability can be fun to use but is somewhat situational and one-dimensional. Vulnerable to counters like Tyra and Vora, limiting his playstyles.
Makoa A giant armored turtle known for supporting teammates by absorbing damage. Shell Shield ability offers protection to him and allies, while Shell Spin dishes out damage. Considered a strong Front Line character but lacks versatility in attacking.
Zhin Fast and furious, Zhin wields an inferno blade, delivering devastating attacks with quick animations and reduced cooldowns. While his attacks lack high damage numbers, abilities like Counter and Billow are unique and effective when executed correctly. Considered a clean and well-executed Flank Champion.
Terminus A brute character relying on close combat with his massive axe. Known for high damage output but limited to close-range attacks only, restricting his effectiveness against certain champions like Barik and Fernando. Useful against Inara but less effective against other Front Line characters.
IO More of a support champion than a damage dealer, IO excels in healing with abilities like Moonlight and Goddess’ Blessing. Offers area-of-effect healing and decent mobility with Lunar Leap. Best utilized when paired with other champions for support and evasion.
Grover A combination of ranged damage and healing, Grover throws axes for damage and utilizes nature-based abilities for attacks. Whirlwind ultimate provides substantial healing to nearby allies. Strong support champion excelling at range but also capable in close combat.
Jenos Utilizes an automatic carbine for medium to long-range offense and cosmic energy for other skill-based attacks. Offers healing to allies through Astral Mark but requires time out of combat to heal fully. Best used alongside other champions for support and damage.
Vora Highly mobile champion known for damage over time abilities. Offers enhanced mobility and burst damage-dealing attacks, making her a solid attack champion. Deadly Scythe and Tendril abilities are key components of her effectiveness in combat.
Evie Small-sized character with increased movement speed and moderate attack damage. Dominates fights with dynamic, ice-oriented abilities but hindered by low health. Capable of dealing AOE attacks and shielding with ice blocks.
Corvus Utilizes an Officer’s Pistol for direct damage and Abyss staff for healing allies. An all-rounder champion with a focus on healing, Corvus is useful in lower-elo lobbies and excels when providing support from anywhere on the map. Balanced and versatile, fitting well in various team compositions.
Lian A versatile champion with a set of abilities for crowd control and direct damage. Utilizes Valor for crowd-controlling and Heirloom Rifle for direct damage. Effective at medium to long range, capable of devastating enemy teams with mixed abilities.
Tyra Versatile champion with a wide variety of arsenal including an automatic rifle and grenade. Lacks shield or immunity-related abilities but excels in direct damage and target prioritization with Hunter’s Mark. Mercy Kill and Burn, Monster! talents make her viable in gameplay.
VII Mobile champion with heavy emphasis on decision-making, cooldown management, and accuracy. Utilizes Explosive dodge and Decree 77 for direct attacks, offering the ability to engage enemies from a distance. Effective in flanking and attacking multiple opponents.
Lillith Support champion capable of damaging and killing enemies while healing herself. Utilizes Blood Hex, Swarm, and Blood Moon abilities for offense and survivability. High base health allows her to dominate over enemies and secure victory in battles. Effective in providing support while still dealing damage.


Champions of Paladins under the B-tier category have at least one significant flaw that holds them back. It does not necessarily make them a bad choice to pick and play the game.

It is just that mastering them requires patience, persistence, and knowledge of how best to use their abilities and talents properly while fighting foes in the field. Also, these characters will appeal to players who like a little challenge.

Paladins Tier List
B-Tier Category
Drogoz Excels in vertical mobility and deals excellent area-of-effect damage with a rocket launcher and fire spit. Solid damage and movement speed but high ability cooldowns limit his effectiveness. Dragon Punch ultimate has limited usability depending on the situation. Considered a strong Damage Champion but not the best.
Ying Master of illusions capable of healing allies and confusing enemies. Illusory Mirror deals moderate direct damage, while Dimensional Link offers dynamic offensive and defensive capabilities. Ultimate, Illusory Rift, provides healing to nearby allies but lacks fast attack speed and health. Considered a versatile support champion with unique abilities.
Kinessa A gun-master champion excelling in long and short-distance combat. Utilizes sniper and carbine weapons along with transporter ability for mobility. Headhunter ultimate deals direct damage and grants additional damage to enemies. Effective in dealing direct damage at medium to long ranges with increased damage from Sniper Mode.
Fernando Knight in shining armor wielding a Flame Lance for area-of-effect damage. Shield ability provides protection, while Fireball and Charge offer additional area damage. Ultimate, Immortal, prevents allies from falling below 1500 health. Limited in damage output but excels in closer proximity combat. Considered a mid-tier champion in terms of effectiveness.
Bomb King Specializes in crowd-controlling with AOE abilities like Sticky Bomb, Grumpy Bomb, Poppy Bomb, and King Bomb ultimate. Weak in 1v1 engagements and lacks balance in certain situations. Requires balancing to increase effectiveness and potentially rise in tier list rankings.
Maeve Highly mobile fighter offering balance between offense and defense. Utilizes daggers as primary weapon and Nine Lives ability for heal and skill cooldowns. Lacks shield but utilizes Pounce ability for dashing forward or dodging. Excels in dynamic combat scenarios but hindered by low health. Considered a solid attack champion with mobility.
Ruckus A goblin in a mechanical digging suit wielding miniguns and a missile launcher. Advance ability provides mobility, while Emitter ability blocks incoming damage. Effective in mid-tier combat scenarios but lacks standout abilities. Considered a solid champion but not exceptional in terms of damage or versatility.
Vatu Agile attacker with exceptional mobility and area damage capabilities. Lacks a shield but utilizes dash ability for evasion. Features Kunai for direct damage and Shadow Bombs for effective area damage. Often banned due to high mobility and difficulty in countering. Despite strong mobility and damage, lacks defensive capabilities for higher tier ranking.
Imani Challenging champion with dynamic abilities requiring mastery. Features stance change for access to ice and fire abilities, offering a diverse playstyle. Memorizing skills takes time, and execution can be frustrating. Offers potential for dynamic combat scenarios but requires practice for optimal effectiveness.
Octavia Utilizes a Marksman Rifle for medium to long-range combat, lacking effectiveness in close combat. Shares similarities with Seris but lacks standout features. Effective in certain scenarios but not a must-pick character. Considered a mid-tier champion due to balanced offense and defense.
Rei Weak offense champion with underwhelming direct damage and healing abilities. Sigil ability deals moderate damage, while Spirit Link offers minimal damage and healing. Lacks standout features and differentiation from other healers. Considered among weaker Support Champions due to lack of impactful abilities.
Saati Dark Elf damage champion equipped with various weapons and abilities for combat. Hand cannon deals moderate damage up to medium range, while Ricochet ability provides strategic shooting around corners. Capable of protecting herself and dealing damage but lacks standout abilities for higher tier ranking. Considered a mid-tier damage champion.


Playing with the characters of Paladins that rank in our C-tier has unexpected outcomes. At times, they will come out as undefeated champions, and in other instances, they will be wiped out easily by a character from the S or A tier.

Playing with the characters of Paladins that rank in our C-Tier can be very hit-or-miss. However, they still warrant a look and can help you out in specific situations if you put in the time to learn them well.

Paladins Tier List
C-Tier Category
Dredge Damage-dealing champion utilizing Cursed Howitzer, Broadside, and Harpoon for AoE damage. Ultimate, Kraken, deals 2500 damage and knocks back foes. Lack of mobility and stationary playstyle limits effectiveness, often considered a throw pick.
Inara Stone-wielding champion dealing burst damage and blocking attacks with Impasse ability. Sacrifices damage for healing with Earthen Guard ability. Lack of damage output and mobility contributes to underwhelming performance, placing her in the C-Tier list.
Willo Area-of-effect damage dealer utilizing Dead Zone to stop enemy healing. Wand of Overgrowth fires Fae Energy for damage. Flutter provides mobility, but recent nerfs have impacted her effectiveness. Limitations in damage output contribute to lower tier ranking.
Yagorath Tank champion focused on soaking damage with slow movement and limited offensive capabilities. Skills like Hardening and Form Swap offer defensive and positional advantages. Lack of damage and mobility confines Yagorath to the C-Tier list.
Furia Fallen deity transformed into human, serving as attack champion with healing abilities. Kindle Soul heals allies, while ultimate, Inflame, buffs weapon damage and grants movement speed. Effective in late-game but lacks strong healing potential, placing her in the C-Tier list.
Buck Close-range combatant utilizing Shotgun for direct damage and Net Shot to slow enemies. Recovery ability provides quick healing, while Heroic Leap offers mobility and evasion. Tricky execution of Ultimate ability contributes to lower effectiveness and placement in C-Tier list.
Ash High-damage and defense tank champion dominating fights with abilities like Siege Shield. Limited in matching up with similar roles due to lack of versatility. Despite strong offense, relegated to C-Tier list due to overall effectiveness compared to other champions.
Viktor Lone wolf armed with an assault rifle dealing consistent damage. Utilizes Frag Grenade for additional burst damage and Hustle ability for increased movement speed. Lacks shield but compensates with mobility and damage output, earning a place in the C-Tier list.
Lex Agile dual gun wielder with high movement speed and rate of fire. Deals damage with Magnums and executes single targets with In Pursuit ability. Lackluster weapons, janky Power Slide, and weak Ultimate, The Law, contribute to lower tier placement in C-Tier list.
Vivian Gun-oriented champion with abilities like Deflector Shield and ultimate summoning drones for damage. Limited by shield cooldown and need for close combat, restricting effectiveness in various situations. Despite damage potential, confined to C-Tier list due to limitations.
Seris Mage champion with medium to long-range abilities like Soul Orb. Utilizes Shadow Travel for evasion but lacks dedicated shield. Repetitive gameplay and lack of mastery opportunities contribute to lower ranking in the C-Tier list.


There is no easy way to say this. Some of them even lack basic attacking or defensive abilities that can give them a fighting chance against the better Champions in Paladins.

Therefore, we would recommend steering clear of these characters, and instead investing your time in Champions mentioned in the tiers mentioned above. Though an update could rectify the issue, as it stands currently, these are anything but the best Champions in Paladins.

Paladins Tier List
D-Tier Category
Pip Uses potion launcher to deal area damage and heal allies. Lacks strong damage output and healing compared to other champions, contributing to lower effectiveness. Despite unique abilities, falls short in damage-per-second, placing him in the C-Tier list.
Talus Utilizes Veracharger for fast-firing damage and Blitz Upper for knockback. Abilities lack effectiveness in higher-elo lobbies, making him vulnerable and easily countered. Positioned near the bottom of the list due to limited performance compared to other champions.
Koga Difficult to master champion with alternating movesets, leading to confusion in close combat. Offers both direct and area damage with Submachine Guns and Hellkite Claws. Overwhelming skillset hampers effective usage, resulting in lower tier placement in D-Tier list.
Grohk Employs Lightning Staff for direct damage and Shock Pulse for area damage. Provides healing to allies through Healing Totem, but effectiveness is limited compared to other healers. Healing potential diminished after nerfs, contributing to lower ranking in the list.
Strix Equips Talon Rifle for versatile close to medium-range combat. Flashbang ultimate lacks significant damage output and utility compared to other champions. Vulnerable to flanks and lacks mobility, making survival difficult against stronger opponents. Positioned lower due to weak damage and vulnerability.
Skye Relies on wrist-mounted crossbow attacks with low damage output. Ultimate, Time Bomb, offers crowd control by destroying enemy shields but lacks overall effectiveness. Limited abilities and weak damage output place Skye among the lowest ranked champions in the list.
Moji Familiar Spit deals damage based on magical marks but difficult to land high-damage attacks. Familiar Spray offers area damage and Scamper provides mobility, but overall damage potential is limited. Despite cuteness factor, Moji falls short compared to stronger champions, leading to lower tier placement.
Torvald Uses Gauntlet for consistent damage but restricted to shorter engagement distances. Nullify ability offers strong attack potential but limited by cooldown. Potential for improvement with balancing updates, but currently ranks among the weakest champions due to limitations in effectiveness.
Mal’Damba Commands a snake companion to deal damage and heal allies. Spitting Cobra provides damage while Gourd offers versatile healing and damage ability. Despite multipurpose skills, falls short compared to top champions, leading to lower ranking in the list.


That is pretty much everything you need to know. Now that you know which champion is the best and which one is worst, who will be your next go-to playable class in the game? Let us know more about it in the comments section below. By the way, we also did a Paladins vs Overwatch comparison, if you are curious.

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