Paladins Vs Overwatch 2: Which One Is Better And Competitive?

Let's evaluate every element that Paladins and Overwatch 2 has to offer.

At first glance, Paladins and Overwatch 2 look like very similar games. While it might be easy to dismiss Paladins as a clone-only based on its resemblance to Overwatch 2, one of the most popular multiplayer shooters globally, the two titles are very different in their competitive aspects. Today, you will learn everything about Paladins Vs Overwatch 2.

Both these titles appeal to very similar demographics. Yet, many different factors, like level design, character abilities, and game modes, help them further carve out their niches within these groups.

Key Highlights
  • Paladins and Overwatch 2 are multiplayer shooter games targeting similar demographics.
  • Paladins features 46 unique champions categorized into Front Line, Damage, Support, and Flank, while Overwatch 2 has 38 heroes categorized into Tank, Damage, and Support.
  • Paladins offers a diverse roster for varied team combinations and strategic options.
  • Overwatch 2’s smaller roster, while highly specialized, may lead to repetition and less experimentation.
  • Paladins incorporates MOBA elements like large maps, mounts, Talents enhancing abilities, and a deck-building system.
  • Overwatch 2 emphasizes fast-paced gameplay, various modes, and a strong focus on team composition.
  • Paladins has a more casual and less intense competitive scene, while Overwatch 2 has a more serious and intense competitive scene.
  • Both games prioritize teamwork and strategy in their gameplay.
  • Author’s Note: I’ve played Overwatch for more than 50 hours on Steam, experiencing every mechanic and element the title has to offer.


First, in the Paladins vs. Overwatch 2 comparison, let’s review the characters both of these games have to offer.

Here’s a comparison table between Paladins and Overwatch 2 characters: 

AspectPaladinsOverwatch 2
Character Classes4 categories (Front Line, Damage, Support, Flank)3 categories (Tank, Damage, Support)
Character Count46 unique champions38 heroes
Character SpecializationDiverse and flexibleSpecialized with unique abilities
Gameplay ComplexityTalents, deck-building system, and mount usageFast-paced, simple gameplay
Game ModesLimited variety (Siege, Onslaught, Team Deathmatch)Varied modes (Assault, Control, Escort, etc.)
Competitive SceneMore casual and less intenseMore serious and intense
Map DesignLarge maps with mountsSmaller, well-designed maps
Variety and SpontaneityHigh variety in matchesRelatively predictable gameplay


Paladins Vs Overwatch
Paladins Roster

There are 46 unique Champions in Paladins each of these falls into one of four different categories:

  • Front Line: These characters are the best at taking damage and holding onto objectives.
  • Damage: As the name suggests, these Champions are most suited to dealing high damage.
  • Support: Support Champions function as healers and can provide several buffs to their allies.
  • Flank: Flank Champions are highly mobile and excel at getting behind enemy lines and quickly dealing very high damage.

Overwatch 2

Paladins Vs Overwatch

There are 38 playable Heroes in Overwatch 2, and each of them is a highly specialized character with unique abilities.

These characters can be divided into three categories:

  • Tank: Tank Heroes are capable of soaking up a lot of damage, breaking through enemy lines, and generally just acting as good distractions.
  • Damage: These Heroes are specifically suited to rushing and racking up kills with their high damage output.
  • Support: This category includes all of the healers and other similar support characters.

Heroes in Overwatch 2 are designed with specific playstyles in mind, and their movements and abilities vary greatly from character to character. They also control incredibly well.

Gameplay Systems

With characters out of the way, let’s check out how the Game System and Game mechanics differ in the Paladins Vs Overwatch 2 comparison guide.


Paladins Vs Overwatch
Deck Loadout

Paladins, though fundamentally a class-based shooter, incorporates elements from MOBA-style games. The expansive maps necessitate mounts for swift navigation, allowing quick reentry into action post-respawn and facilitating rapid movement between key locations.

  • Each Champion boasts three Talents, offering buffs that augment abilities with effects like knockback or increased uses.
  • At the match’s outset, players select one Talent, each with a tradeoff to maintain balance.
  • Paladins distinguishes itself with a robust deck-building system.
  • Players create a loadout of 5 cards, enhancing skills with benefits like increased reload speed or cooldown. 

This feature contributes to significant variability in gameplay, even when players on opposing teams use the same character, resulting in unpredictable and diverse experiences from match to match.

Overwatch 2

Paladins Vs Overwatch
Widowmaker Gameplay

Comparatively, Overwatch 2 is a fairly simple game. There are no pre-game ability modifiers present here, and there certainly isn’t something as complicated as a deck-building system.

  • But Overwatch 2 isn’t built to accommodate any such metagame.
  • It’s a fast-paced shooter, and it excels at being just that without the need to add another layer of complexity to the game.
  • Its maps are smaller but more layered and specifically designed to serve as playgrounds that complement the game’s heroes’ various movement styles and abilities. 

This relative simplicity is what makes Overwatch 2 much more approachable than Paladins.

Game Modes

Finally in the comparison, let’s check out the game modes both of these games offer. There are multiple different game modes in both Paladins and Overwatch 2.


Paladins Vs Overwatch
Game Modes

Currently, Paladins only has three different game modes, and unfortunately, they aren’t varied enough to keep players satisfied.

  • Seige: Players have to capture control points on the map while fending off the enemy team. The first side to grab four sites wins.
  • Onslaught: Earn tickets by killing enemy players and controlling the capture point. The first team to reach 400 tickets wins.
  • Team Deathmatch: A classic mode where the first team to reach 40 kills wins.

Players in the Paladins community have been very open about their displeasure at the lack of new game modes over the years. Even in 2024, it seems that this issue is not being addressed.

It also hasn’t helped that the two game modes, Siege and Onslaught, are very similar. Both feature objectives centered around capturing and holding control points.

But while variety is not available, it’s generally agreed that Siege is the best mode in the game. It’s also the only mode available during the competitive mode.

Overwatch 2

Paladins Vs Overwatch
Assault Game Mode

Overwatch 2 has a selection of 9 different game modes by default, with new seasonal modes temporarily available during special events like the holidays.

  • Assault: The attacking team has to capture two control points on the map, while the defending team has to repel them.
  • Control: There are three control points on the map, and both teams have to capture and hold as many as possible to get their team’s progress to 100% completion. The more sites a team holds, the faster their progress increases.
  • Escort: The attacking team has to escort a payload to the delivery point before time runs out, while the defending team has to stop them before they reach it.
  • Hybrid: A cross between the Assault and Escort game modes.
  • Capture the Flag: Both teams are tasked with stealing a flag from the enemy base and bringing it back to their own to earn a point. The first team to reach three points wins.
  • Deathmatch: Classic free-for-all with eight players. The first player to reach 20 kills wins.
  • Elimination: 1v1, 3v3, or 6v6 game mode where the first team eliminates the opposing side wins. There is no respawning.
  • Push: Two opposing teams of five players each battle it out to control a robot and move it closer to the enemy base. Whichever team has control of the robot for a longer period of time and moves it farther in a given amount of time is declared the winner.
  • Flashpoint: Multiple objectives are given to both teams; each team consists of 5 players. They must fight against each other to fulfill those objectives.

Which Game Is More Competitive?

Paladins Vs Overwatch more competitive
Which Game Is More Competitive?

Determining which of the two games, Overwatch 2 or Paladins, is more competitive is subjective and varies among players.

  • Overwatch 2 is highly polished, offering an enjoyable experience with a diverse roster of charming Heroes catering to various playstyles.
  • However, the core gameplay loop remains consistent, and players become familiar with Hero behaviors, developing counters against their abilities.
  • Paladins, while less refined than Overwatch 2, compensate with character and build diversity.
  • The game lacks the same style and polish but introduces unpredictability in player behavior on both teams.
  • The talent and deck systems in Paladins go beyond gimmicks, injecting variety and spontaneity into matches, compelling players to adapt tactics rapidly.

So, as far as my personal opinion is concerned, Paladins gets my vote. It is the more competitive game of the two. That’s about it from the Paladins vs Overwatch 2 comparison.

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