Here’s Why You Should Run Away If You See A Talus In Paladins

"Ready for some hide and seek?"

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  • Talus’s abilities complement each other very well.
  • He’s easy to learn for even new Paladin players.
  • His loadout can further bolster his strength and make him one of the best flanks.

If you don’t want to pay for Overwatch 2, Paladins is the best free-to-play option for you. When starting out, the expansive roster of characters, each with their own abilities and classes, might be a bit daunting, but once you’re a few hours into the game, everything will start to make sense.

From a person who has played a lot of Paladins with his friends, I’d suggest you go pick a good flank champion and master it, since they’re the most fun to play with. But if there was one flank that I main in every match, and get a bit nervous when I see on the other team, is Talus. Here’s why Talus is one of the most ruthless champions in Paladins.

His Abilities Complement Each Other Perfectly

Talus is arguably the best flank champion in Paladins, mainly because he has a perfectly complementing set of abilities out of all flanks. His skill set is a godsend in tough situations, and in good hands, Talus is a beast. His abilities are the following.

Three of his best abilities that can help turn the tables in a game are Overcharge, Rune of Travel, and True Power. Using Overcharge charges your weapon, increasing the DPS of the gun by 33%. This is my favorite ability.
With the Rune of Travel, you can easily get out of sticky situations. By letting Talus travel between the runes ending at a previously encrypted point on the map and healing you for 500 HP after every use, it’s the perfect evasive ability.

Talus’s ultimate ability, True Power, teleports you onto an unsuspicious enemy while dealing 600 damage and throwing them backward.

Talus is the best flank because of the combination of these abilities. They can be used in various ways, one of the best of which is by placing the point of Runes of Travel at a safe spot and then using the ultimate (True Power) to teleport in the face of the unsuspecting enemy. After you defeat that opponent before his team suspects anything, use the Rune of Travel ability to teleport back the encrypted point we placed earlier and instantly heal 500 HP of your champion.

A good Talus is terrifying to go against
by inPaladins

A Proper Loadout Can Make Him An Even Better Flank

When it comes to building the best loadout for a Talus, everyone has their preferences. However, according to me, the standard best combination of loadout is going to be the following.

Upgrading GUTS is very important as it reduces your damage intake by 5% after your health has depleted below 40%. I usually upgrade this card to level 4 where the reduction of damage is 20%.

On the second slot, I chose to go with the TRANSIENT. This card helps to reduce the cooldown time of the Rune of Travel by 1 second at level 1. Since this ability is used the most, I always upgrade it to level 2, decreasing its cooldown by 2 seconds, leaving a total of 13 seconds of cooldown.

In slot third, EVANESCENT is the best option, as it increases the movement speed of Talus by 8%. Leveling this up to the brim isn’t a bad choice as everyone knows that speed is the most crucial part when it comes to playing as a flank champion.

On the fourth and fifth slots, I go with SPIRITED, upgraded to level 2. This increases Talus’s health by 100. Since flank champions have really small health bars, any boost to their health might be the difference between a kill and a death.

The last slot contains ANTEDILUVIAN of level 2. This card comes in handy when dealing you deal a good amount of damage. It increases the time of the OVERCHARGE ability by 0.4 sec which gives additional damage of 470 within a span of 3.20 seconds.

While the upgrade can be tweaked a bit as per your requirements, I think this loadout path is the best for the new Talus players who aren’t sure of the direction they should take Talus’s loadout in.

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