Path To Nowhere Tier List: All Sinners Ranked [Sep 2023]

Learn who the most valuable Sinners are and who aren't in main arcs, guild events, and more!

Path To Nowhere has a total of 6 roles to choose from namely, catalyst, fury, reticle, umbra, arcane, and endura, and with 45+ sinners for you to collect chief, let’s take a look at our Path To Nowhere Character Tier List!

Key Takeaways
  • Divided across six key competitive playing roles, Path To Nowhere offers up to 45 unlockable characters, or “Sinners,” as the developer calls them.
  • The tier list ranks Path To Nowhere characters based on their mobility, damage, range, and blocking abilities and offers buffs and enhancements. 
  • If you talk about overall strength, Path to Nowhere is dominated by the following best characters–Ariel, Zoya, Crache, Bai Yi, EMP, Pricilla, Luvia Ray, and Eirene. While on the opposite hand, units like Kelvin, Iren, Pepper, Cinnabar, and Lisa seem to struggle. 
  • Since Path to Nowhere houses Broken Frontline and Guild mode along with the Main Storyline, character rankings tend to differ accordingly.
  • Mess, Luvia Ray, and Eirene are the best Sinners for Path to Nowhere Broken Frontline, while Gekkabijin, Wolverine, and Chameleon ace events held for guilds.  
  • Whatever the mode you pick in Path to Nowhere, only high-ranked characters can prepare you enough for the adventure this game packs for you. 
Path To Nowhere Tier List Sinners Ranking Table
CatalystAriel, HamelAnne, MachiattoChameleon, FoxLisa
EnduraChelsea, Kava-Kava, DemonKK, Peggy, DemoliaCinnabar
FuryZoya, NoxWendy, Che, PacassiMess, Ninety-Nine, Dolly, Horo, HellaPepper
UmbraCrache, Labyrinth, Bai Yi SerpentGekkabijinTetra, Sumire, Iren
ReticleEMP, Langley, PricillaRouLecca, Flora, SummerWolverine
ArcaneLuvia Ray, EireneVictoria, Hecate, AstrologerJoan, Ignis, OliverKelvin 

Path To Nowhere Sinners Comparison

Tier`HPAttackDefenseMagic ResistanceBlockSpeedRole
SSBai Yi1161.0147.
SSLuvia Ray778.0139.


Path To Nowhere Catalysts
Catalysts (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off, catalysts will be there to provide a plethora of buffs as well as enhancements to their fellow allies while being able to provide debuffs to enemies nearby. Let’s check out the units! 

Sinner RatingDescription 
Hamel SS
  • Requiem: Basic attack whereby her dance restores 16% of her base attack as HP to allies in a 3×3 square. 
  • Bewitching Dance: Dances, even more, to increase the effects by 40% for 12 seconds
  • Life Touch: where she gains a new dance effect where fellow sinners gain 6% damage negation.
  • Infinite Spin: all dances are increased by 0.5% for a total of 60 seconds. 
Ariel SS
  • Mercy: basic attack where she uses her glimmer to launch an attack, dealing 112% of her base attack as magic damage. 
  • Abyssal Glimmer: Her ultimate allows allies to gain HP based on 90% of Ariel’s base attack as HP. 
  • Heal Up: During a match, ariel will heal her teammates present in a 3×3 square. 
  • Benediction: Teammates that are present within her glimmer realm will recover 2% of their overall HP each second. 
  • Lash: Uses her whip to launch an attack against her enemies launching 80% of her base attack as magic damage. 
  • Motivating Whip: Ultimate where she motivates a whipped sinner for 10 seconds, and the sinner will ain back 3.5% of their overall HP. 
  • Pain Normalisation: Once motivated, sinners will gain 15% damage negation. 
  • Double The Torture: Machiatto tortures enemies and sinner gain 1% of their max HP. 
  • Injection: Uses her injector to launch an attack unleashing 89% of her base attack as spell damage. 
  • Blessing Of The White Clothes: Ultimate where she will recover HP for the lowest sinner who is present within her grid. 
  • Yan Ci: for every 10% of HP that she has healed for an ally, the healing bonus is enhanced by 2%. 
  • Medical Logistics: For any member has the lowest health, will gain HP and it has a 10-second cooldown. 
  • Allegation: Fox uses her word spirit to launch an attack and it will deal 105% attack as spell damage. 
  • Defense: Ultimate where all allies will gain 20% damage negation, and will be immune to control for a total of 6 seconds. 
  • Cross-Examination: Whenever an enemy unleashes a skill, the damage intake is decreased by 10% for a total of 4 seconds. 
  • Public Trial: the overall duration where the core remains broken is increased by 2 seconds. 
  • Mental Sore: Hypnotises enemies and deals 78% of her base attack s magic damage. 
  • Suggestion: Ultimate where she gives a sinner a deep suggestion stack, and attack speed is increased by 4%. 
  • Transference: all teammates that are hypnotized by suggestion will gain 10% enhanced attack speed. 
  • Mass Hypnosis: Allies gain a 10% normal attack bonus whenever they become catalysts. 
  • Consonance: Lisa deals 80% of her base attack as magic damage. 
  • Inspiration Maze: Lisa will unleash an inspiration maze, which will last for a total of 20 seconds. 
  • Void Butterfly: Opponents will get a butterfly mark taht will decrease their movement speed by a total of 10%. 
  • Figure In Picture: enemies will become immobilised for only one second. 


Path To Nowhere Endura
Endura (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to Endura, the sinners belonging to the role will be able to block 2 opponents at once by essentially being the tanks of the team. 

Sinner Rating Description
Demon S
  • Frontline Defense: Ultimate which allows Demon to gain a shield that will be based on 22% of the HP and will give allied teammates shields. 
  • Battle Persistence: allows Demon to gain a shield that is based on 10% of the overall HP. 
  • Never Give Up: allows him to gain shield efficiency enhancement by 7% for every 20% of the HP that he loses. 
  • Guardian Beacon: A guardian beacon is created towards a targetted ally that protects them and also allows allies to regain 1% of their max HP. 
  • Wind Pulse: allows kava-kava to get 2% magic damage resistance for every guardian beacon on the arena. 
  • Safe Route: allows all guardian beacons to be active and give back11% of health to allies. 
  • Dear Kitty: Ultimate that allows Chelsea to call upon a sitri that holds 89% of Chelsea’s max HP and can block a total of 2 opponents. 
  • Shared Fate: allows sitri to get 10% damage negation and the health is equalized between Chelsea and sitri. 
  • Behave Or Get Petrified: allows Chelsea to petrify opponents with an 8% chance. 
  • Rally: Ultimate that allows Demolia to regain 30% of her overall HP. 
  • Unity: Whenever an ally casts their ultimate, Demolia will regain 4% of her overall HP. 
  • Blocker: For every enemy being blocked by her, Demolia will get a 5% healing bonus. 
  • Chorus: Ultimate that allows Peggy to get a sound barrier shield that will absorb damage based on 25% of her overall HP. 
  • Epic Lyrics: allows the beat to hit an opponent and Peggy will have a 20% chance to get a shield based on 10% of her max HP. 
  • Inspire: this allows Peggy to regain 1% of her overall HP while under a sound barrier. 
  • Defensive Stance: Ultimate that helps enhance the defense by 20% for about 12 seconds. 
  • Solid Defense: increases up KK’s defense by 3% for every opponent being blocked. 
  • Wall of Sighs: Ultimate that allows her to put a barrier in a 3×3 grid which will give teammates a shield based on 2.5% of her overall HP. 
  • Comprehensive Field: allows teammates to get a 10% increase in shield efficiency. 


Path To Nowhere Fury
Fury (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, Fury sinners will be able to face the enemy head-on while being able to unleash a solid amount of damage. 

Sinners Rating Description 
Nox SS 
  • Touch of Despair: Ultimate which converts Nox’s normal attack into the Sword of defeat, while giving shockwaves to opponents in her grid. 
  • Nether Intimidation: The opponent’s defense is decreased by 15%. 
  • Soul Corruption: For every opponent that is murdered, Nox will get a 0.6% attack increase
Zoya SS
  • Legion’s Arrival: Ultimate that allows Zoya to unleash 500% of her base attack as melee damage, causing terrify to enemies. 
  • Fiery Invasion: Zoya places her focus on one enemy and gains an increase in her attack speed by 1%. 
Pacassi S
  • Thermonuclear Reaction: Ultimate which allows Pacassi to release 100% of her base attack as magic damage and also deal core damage. 
  • Field Interference: that allows her to get into a radiation field, increasing damage intake by enemies by 5%. 
  • Chain Reaction: allows pacassi to summon a secondary radiation field, and unleashes 35% of her base attack as magic damage. 
Che S
  • Happy Hunting: Ultimate with which Che launches his axe and unleashes 400% of his base attack as physical damage and also core damage. 
  • Jon The Axe: Tracks an opponent and gets one energy on a 20% chance. 
Wendy S
  • Farewell: Her ultimate allows her to use her chainsaw to deal 150% of her base attack as physical damage. 
  • Fear Feaster: allows Wendy to get a 5% increase in her overall damage for every opponent in the arena. 
Hella A
  • Street Justice: Ultimate which allows Hella to swing out her wielded weapon and unleash a 2-hit attack while also getting a 20% attack bonus. 
  • Slow Recovery: that allows her to regain 4% of her overall HP if she manages to not take in any damage. 
Horo A
  • Earthquake: Ultimate that allows Horo to strike out, reducing her damage intake temporarily by 30%, and unleashing 600% of her base attack as melee. 
  • Devour: For any enemy that is swept, Horo will regain 2% of her overall HP. 
Dolly A
  • Manic: Ultimate through which Dolly goes berserk and enhances her attack speed by a total of 100%, and her normal attack is enhanced by 20%. 
  • Ball Practice: Once the dolly gets a 50% attack speed bonus, the normal attack is enhanced by 10%. 
Ninety-Nine A
  • Incinerate: Goes into an incinerate mode whereby she will gain an attack bonus of 20% while expending 50% of her base HP. 
  • Berserk: She will be able to unleash 4% extra damage. 
Mess A
  • Evil Craftsman: She gets a 10% attack bonus. The weapon is converted to an evil sword or a craftsman’s hammer which increases or decreases damage based on the weapon.
  • Phase Weapon: If the weapon is switched to a craftsman’s hammer, then the mess gets a 40% attack speed. 
  • Evil Infection: If the evil sword is used, the attack is increased for an ally based on a 9-square grid. 
Pepper B
  • The Mower: Ultimate through which she gets a 50% attack speed enhancement while attacking enemies. 
  • Crop Management: Pepper gets a 5% attack speed increase for every opponent marked with the life loss. 


Path To Nowhere Umbra
Umbra (Image Credits Exputer)

Whoever ends up being an Umbra sinner will be blessed with insane mobility while also being able to dish out commendable amounts of damage to opponents. 

Sinners Rating Description 
Bai Yi SS 
  • Her special ability lies in being able to get her crit rate to 100% and once that is achieved, the attack boost is increased by 0.6, 0.8, or 1% based on every 1% of her crit rate. 
  • Tempest: Ultimate which allows her to gain max speed, unleashes 200% of her base attack as melee, and also causes one core damage. 
Labyrinth SS
  • Her special ability allows her to crit on her next attack every 15 seconds and also unleash melee damage based on 4% of her max HP, limiting it to 250%, 275, or 300%. 
  • Purge Order: Ultimate with which she can go to the next grid and unleash 120% of her base attack as melee damage and also one core damage. 
Crache SS
  • With her special, Crache will get the exclusive brand gain, which will increase the attack by 10%, 12.5%, or 15% simultaneously and the number of shadows is enhanced by 1. 
  • Sinister: A basic attack that allows crache to convert his shadow to a scythe weapon to unleash 92% of his base attack as melee damage. 
Serpent S
  • The special ability will give Serpent an extra shining stage, during which the serpent can call forth a star dome theatre within his range for a total of 20 seconds. Opponents in the threat will have their movement decreased by 40%. 
Gekkabijin A
  • Once the assassin’s mark has been detonated on the opponent, they will intake extra melee damage which will be equated to 6%, 8%, or 10% of the intaken damage. 
  • Headhunt: Ultimate during which the opponent with the highest HP is targeted and will deal 300% of the base attack as melee and one core damage is dealt too. 
Iren B
  • With the special, one shock mark has been inaugurated, the physical penetration for Iren is enhanced by 1%, 1.25%, and 1.5% and maxing to 20, 25, or 30%. 
  • Precision Blade: Iren will head into a targetted grid and will attack opponents 6 times, unleashing 90% of the base attack as melee. 
Sumire B
  • With Sumire’s special, the life loss multipliers are enhanced by 20, 25%, or 30%. 
  • Impermanence: Ultimate during which Sumire can go to a targetted grid, and unleash 250% of her base attack as melee damage for a total of 2 times in her 4 grids. 
Tetra B
  • With Tetra’s special, anytime Tetra unleashes the instant strike, it will unleash 500%, 600%, or 700% melee damage to enemies that are in the range. 
  • Instant Strike: With the ultimate, tetra goes over to the grid that has been targetted and unleashes 500% of her base attack as melee damage and also deals one core damage. 


Path To Nowhere Reticle
Reticle (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, Reticle sinners, also primarily known to be the archers in the game, are able to stay at a distance and provide a continuous stream of damage against enemies. 

Sinners Rating Description 
Pricilla SS
  • With her special ability, whenever she uses her curtain call, she will call forth an additional clown to battle, which will unleash 40, 45, or 50% base damage. 
  • Curtain Call: Her ultimate with which she uses two guns and rains down bullets, converting her normal attack to 2 hits and unleashing 40% of her base attack as melee damage. 
Langley SS
  • Whenever she uses her gunfire amnesty, she will cause causality to opponents and gets 10, 12.5, or 15% attack speed enhancement. 
  • Gunfire Amnesty: Ultimate with which she launches out 5 shots to opponents in her range dealing 180% of base damage as melee damage. 
  • Crit damage is boosted up by 20%, 25%, and 30% with her special, and with the ultra EM arrow, increases the refresh number for murdering an opponent from 1 to 2. 
  • Ultra EM Arrow: unleashes a lethal hit at the opponent that has the lowest amount of HP in one grid and deals 800% of her base attack as physical damage while also dealing one core damage. 
Summer S
  • With her special, all her floating cannons will enter overload mode, which will gain her a 100% crit rate for 10, 12.5, or 15 seconds. Once it ends, the floating cannons can’t float for 10 seconds. 
Flora S
  • Whenever flora releases her high-pressure water bomb a total of 4 times, the next attack she unlashes will become a super-high pressure bomb. It will unleash 400, 500, or 600% physical damage to one target enemy and will stun them for a second. 
  • The damage multiplier for lucky bullet gets increased by 10, 15%, or 20%, and with lucky roulette, she can unleash 6 bullets. 
  • Lucky Roulette: with the ultimate in hand, she will load out 6 lucky bullets, and will deal 50 minimum and 225% of her base attack as maximum melee damage. 
  • Anytime the beast trap has been triggered, the damage output of her next crossbow teeth will be enhanced up by 60%, 80, or 100%, and enhancements will be stackable. 


Path To Nowhere Arcane
Arcane (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, we have the Arcane role as sinners in our Path To Nowhere Character Tier List, which will essentially be deployed in the field with the ability to deal explosive damage that can render all kinds of opponents useless. 

Sinners Rating Description 
  • The overall damage being dealt by the critical hits will be enhanced by 10, 12.5, or 15%. After contract annihilation has been cast out, the core will end up staying in the arena, the next effect will be activated based on the enemy type that approaches. 
Luvia RaySS
  • A bipolar thunderstorm is added with the special ability, anytime Luvia unleashes a normal attack, two attacks will be triggered instead for 10, 12, or 15 seconds. 
  • Photoelectric Switch: A 15% increased attack speed is granted.
Astrologer S
  • With the special, an astrologer can continuously guide forth the victory stats on the battlefield and unleash 60, 70, or 80% magic damage to the victory stars present in the grid. 
  • Victory Star: with the ultimate, a victory star will be called forth on the targetted area, and the victory star will gain 30% of the astrologer’s overall HP and all of the attack. 
Hecate S
  • Nightmare is brought into the arena in the targetted areas and will have the ability to block off 2 opponents at the same time. The nightmare will be able to gain 120, 135, or 150% of Hecate’s HP and 60,70, or 80% of her base attack, and 160, 180, and 200% base defense. 
  • Lightless Mirror: Hecate can call forth the Nightmare, unleashing 630% of the base attack as magic damage and one core damage. 
Victoria S
  • With the special, a kill Pale Rose is added up, and once activated, victoria will expend 2.5% of her base HP every second to gain 10, 12.5 or 15% damage enhancement. 
  • Rose Penetration: 50% of her base up is taken away from her to instead penetrate enemies in the targetted area for a total of 6 times, unleashing 110% of her base attack as magic damage. 
Oliver A
  • With Oliver’s special “oliver exclusive brand”, whenever an enemy is marked up with a puppet and is attacked, 40, 45 or 50% of the enemy damage intake will be transferred over to the other opponents also marked up with puppet. 
Ignis A
  • Wth Overload Spark, whenever a basic attack is being done, Ignis will have a 20, 25, or 30% chance to cast out another meteor on the opponent. 
  • Overload Sparks: with the ultimate in hand, all blazes are converted to meteorites, and it will unleash 160% of her base attack as magic damage to opponents. 
Joan A
  • If anytime there is an enemy that has been marked with Marcato and ends up dying, it will unleash 300, 350, or 400% of her base magic damage to other opponents. 
  • Marcato Frenzy: Ultimate that will grant Joan an attack speed increase by 30% and marks opponents with Marcato. 
Kelvin B
  • Frigid Zone: Ultimate that will cast out a specific frigid zone in a select area and unleash 180% of her base attack as magic damage every second. It will reduce their movement speed by a total of 30%. 
  • With the special ability, the movement speed will become stackable, and after 4 stacks, it ends up completely freezing the enemy for 1, 1.5, and 2 seconds. 

Main Story/Broken Frontline/Guild Path To Nowhere Character Tier List  

Path To Nowhere Main Story
Main Story (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, let’s briefly discuss how the characters will be rated based on their ability to perform in the main storyline, or the broken frontline, or the events that are held for guilds. 

Sinners Main StoryBroken FrontlineGuild 
Lisa BBB
Macchiato SBA
Ariel SAS
Anne ABA
Chameleon AASS
Hamel SSSS
Kelvin SBB
Joan ASS
Victoria SSS
Ignis SSA
Luvia RaySSSS
Hecate SSS
Oliver AAA
Eirene SSSS
Astrologer SSS
Flora ASS
Pricilla SSS
Roulecca ASS
Wolverine BSS
Summer SSS
Langley SSSA
Labyrinth SSA
Gekkabijin BAS
Iren BBA
Tetra BBB
Serpent SSS
Sumire BBB
Crache SSB
Zoya SSS
Horo SAS
Dolly SSS
Paccasi SSS
Wendy SSA
Hella ABB
Pepper BBB
Peggy ABB
Demoli ABB
Cinnabar BBA
Chelsea SBA
Demon SBA


And there we have it! A collective tier list that showcases how the sinners rank between different storylines, and guild events, and overall, it can help players that are absolute beginners, who by the way should also read our Path To Nowhere Beginner’s Guide.

Rerolling also proves to be an important aspect for many meta-centric players, and our Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide will be their cup of tea! With that, we will wrap up our Path To Nowhere Character Tier List

[Disclaimer]: Please keep in mind that Tier List is meant to be taken with a grain of salt and can be subject to change as meta changes. The tier ranking of all characters reflects our opinion only!

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