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This is a real-time strategic RPG game developed by AISON Games for Android and IOS. I have to admit that I didn’t have any high expectations or hype when I first started playing the game for my Path To Nowhere Review, but it managed to keep me interested for a couple of hours.

The question is whether it is worth killing hours on this game or not. So our article here will give you a quick rundown of the title so that you can decide for yourself.

Quick Information
  • Developer: Aisno Games
  • Publisher: Aisno Games
  • Release Date: October 27, 2022
  • Platforms: Android, IOS
  • Predecessor: None

Story And Setting

Path To Nowhere Review

The game is set in the post-apocalyptic setting of DisCity, which is experiencing a threat that could completely end it. Mania, a virus mutation that began as a brain disease, is raging across the land and the only hope of humankind against this virus is you.

As the main character, you take control of Chief, a person with a peculiar but extremely potent power known as Shackles. Then there are sinners, the real criminals, apprehended to prevent them from wreaking havoc in the city. But actually, they will be the ones to aid the Chief in achieving their objective.

The Chief is supposed to suppress the virus and the rioters as they spread and cause more and more disturbances, and to accomplish this, they make use of the Shackles’ ability to seize and control the sinners however they can. You can choose the Chief’s gender at the start of the game, but it has no impact on the story in any way.

I would only describe the plot as being slightly above average. It’s just a world where you’ll be the warden and enslave sinners to fight the Mania, so it’s not really a masterpiece. It’s barely a story to begin with.


Path To Nowhere Review

Path to Nowhere is a tower defense game, unlike any other game you may have played before. There are many aspects that give the game its distinctiveness, but some of them even prevent it from being considered a traditional entry in the genre.

There are several different sinners that you need to apprehend and put under your control by shackling them, and these can then be deployed during gameplay. So six units can be placed on a board at any time to defend against and attack enemies in combat scenarios with each unit possessing unique special abilities.

Endura, Fury, Umbra, Arcane, Reticle, and Catalyst are the classes of each sinner. And depending on these classes, a particular unit is better suited to various roles such as attacking, blocking, healing, and so on. Aside from these classes, each sinner also has an ultimate that not only looks fantastic but also performs well in whatever role they are assigned to. The winning strategy is simple: eliminate all enemies while preventing any of them from touching the Chief.

There are some elements that are strange and do not help the game maintain its unique position in the tower defense genre. Do you want to attack enemies in some other direction except the front? Well, you can’t because Path To Nowhere won’t let you. You can only attack enemies which are coming straight at you, which is annoying because you’ll have to relocate units a lot. To prevent enemies from pushing, each character has a block limit as well.

There is the freedom to move characters whenever and wherever you want. But despite the freedom of movement, you have to keep your moves in check. Because, as you might have guessed already, there is a limited amount of transfers you can make, and this is where it doesn’t feel like a regular entry in the genre. 

It’s difficult to admit, but with this type of combat, Path to Nowhere is simply another casual tower defense game with no unique gameplay elements. The title does a great job of giving the player the opportunity to spam attacks, relocate a character right at the enemy’s face when their ultimate is charged, and do a ton of damage. And when you are done, simply retreat to the previous location without taking any damage.

Visuals And Performance

Path To Nowhere Review

When it comes to visuals, most of the efforts made by the developers seemed to have gone into making the 2D slides feel as high quality as possible. Because when you look at the actual gameplay, the graphics are nothing special. 

Rather than some chibi models’ cute faces, you can see a lot of mature faces with 3D-based models. The character designs are really cool, and each character’s actions are tailored to fit their distinctively broken but fascinating personalities.

And one thing to note is that this game does drain a lot of your phone battery.


Path To Nowhere Review

Overall, this game offers an entertaining experience for those who enjoy tower defense games. And if the combat doesn’t interest you, other features like character designs and the plot’s lore might pique your interest.

There is no multiplayer here yet, so those looking for PvP may not find it to be their cup of tea. But if you are looking for some casual tower defense gacha, then this can be your poison.

This has been our Path to Nowhere Review. While you’re here, consider checking out some of our other articles.

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Path to Nowhere Review
  • Story And Setting
  • Gameplay
  • Visuals And Performance


Overall, this game offers an entertaining experience for those who enjoy tower defense games. And if the combat doesn’t interest you, other features like character designs and the plot’s lore might pique your interest.


  • Anime 3D Models.
  • Good Voice Acting.


  • Repetitive Gameplay Mechanics.
  • Boring Story.

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