Pokemon GO Tier List: Attackers & Defenders Ranked

Pokemon GO will soon hit almost 1000 cool creatures lurking in its arena for players to find, sync and trade. However, choosing the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO will not be as simple as it may seem. In this post, we put forth separate tiers list for both attacking and defending critters of Pokemon GO, so you know who’s worth raising in order to sell your in-game potential.

Major details about each Pokemon, including their moves, are also induced in the tier list, giving you a substantial idea of their effectiveness.

Key Highlights
  • Pokemon GO has a total of 385 playable Pokemon and each pokemon’s pros and cons defy their place on tier list.
  • You will gather Pokemon divided into two categories, Pokemons who mostly attack and others who focus on defense
  • You can unlock Pokemon by exploring outside and the rarer the pokemon, the harder it will be to find.
  • Some of the best Attacker Pokemon to have in Pokemon GO are:
    • Mewtwo.
    • Rayquaza.
    • Machamp.
    • Gengar.
    • Moltres.
  • Some of the best Defender Pokemon to have in Pokemon GO are:
    • Snorlax.
    • Blissey.
    • Metagross.

Pokemon GO Tier List Methodology

Pokemon tiers methodology
Pokemon GO Tier List Methodology

We have decided to put forth a more practical ranking of Pokemon GO units that will mainly depend on each Pokemon’s general output. The wider the potential of a Pokemon, the higher up in tier you can expect it to sit. Nevertheless, the game roster comprises three main kinds of Pokemons. 

Some all-rounders perform equally well both as an attacker and defender, while there are maestros of one or two specific roles or stats. This is exactly why we’ll categorize our Pokemon GO tier list into three sub-parts: best overall Pokemons tier list, best-attacking Pokemons, and best defending Pokemons. 

The hierarchy is based on each Pokemon’s max CP potential, stats, key plus points, weaknesses, and how well they actually output while combating. We have also infused our own play experiences to give the Pokemon GO tier list a realistic feel. 

With that being said, this is all we wanted you to know before stepping into the hierarchy. Let’s now dive right into it! 

The Best Units of Pokemon GO Tier List

Best Pokemon Go units
The Best Units of Pokemon GO Tier List

Before getting into the list of the best attacking and defending Pokemons in particular, it’s good to see how all compete as generalists. The tier lists start from Tier S. It is the topmost tier that houses all the extremely overpowered Pokemons. 

Moving down, you will be welcomed by units that excel in most situations, if not all. Ultimately you will enter Tier F. We have reserved this tier for the least worthy members of the Pokemon GO cast. 

Generally speaking, the higher the tier, the more generally potent the Pokemon, whereas the lower the tier, the better it is to avoid it.

Pokemon GO Tiers Pokemons
Tier SMewtwo, Rayquaza, Metagross, Slaking, Lucario, Machamp, Raikou, Alakazam, Gyarados, Rampardos, Groudon, Mamoswine, Steelix, Clefable, Donphan, Espeon, Mew, Moltres, Zapdos, Latios, Lapras, Aggron, Articuno, Vaporeon, Regirock, Kyogre, Garchomp, Snorlax, Blissey, Dragonite, Entei, Arcanine, Gardevoir, Salamence, Tyranitar, Ho-Oh, Darmanitan, Milotic, Togekiss, Exeggutor, Rhydon, Jirachi, Celebi, Latias, Lugia, Scizor, Flareon, Heracross, Regice
Tier AJolteon, Gengar, Suicune, Typhlosion, Charizard, Golem, Ursaring, Swampert, Pinsir, Feraligatr, Ampharos, Armaldo, Aerodactyl, Muk, Blaziken, Kingler, Sceptile, Omastar, Walrein, Porygon2, Crobat, Breloom, Hariyama, Venusaur, Scyther, Flygon, Houndoom , Nidoking, Kingdra, Tauros, Poliwrath, Jynx, Kabutops, Starmie, Kangaskhan, Hitmonlee, Cloyster, Absol, Relicanth, Granbull, Slowking, Slowbro, Vileplume
Tier BBlastoise, Rapidash, Nidqueen, Registeel, Zangoose ,Tentacruel, Gorebyss, Crawdaunt, Golduck, Magneton, Sandslash, Exploud, Politoed, Magmar, Meganium, Dodrio, Magmar, Exploud, Meganium, Victreebel, Miltank, Shiftry, Huntail, Piloswine, Lunatone, Octillery, Electabuzz, Hitmonchan, Grumpig, Manectric, Wailord, Ludicolo, Primeape, Cacturne, Masquerain, Tangela, Ninetales, Solrock, Weezing, Banette, Chimeco, Bellossom, Xatu, Cradily, Sharpedo, Forretress, Raichu, Seaking, Camerupt, Stantler, Pidgeot, Mantine, Sunflora, Hitmontop, Seviper, Skarmory, Pelipper, Umbreon, Sudowoodo, Elecrode, Kadabra, Seadra, Venomoth, Torkoal, Qwilfish Hypno, Whiscash, Sneasel, Lairon, Glalie, Lanturn, Kecleon, Altaria, Shelgon, Girafarig, Machoke, Noctowl
Tier CMr. Mime, Swalot, Fearow, Vigoroth, Wigglytuff, Dewgong, Golbat, Claydol, Quagsire, Haunter, Misdreavus, Tropius, Gligar, Roselia, Swellow, Mightyena, Ninjask, Beedrill, Graveler, Dragonair, Marowak, Marshtomp, AriadosIllumise, Pupitar, Butterfree, Plusle, Volbeat, Beautifly, Furret, RaticateIvysaur, Minun, Togetic, Croconaw, Porygon, Ponyta, Magcargo, Sealeo, Persian, Grovyle, Linoone, Charmeleon, Rhyhorn,  Dunsparce, Gloom, Quilava, Combusken, Mawille, Dugtrio, Castform, Dusclops, Murkrow, Flaaffy, Weepinbell, Jumpluff, Azumarill, Krabby, Anorith, Omanyte
Tier DBayleef, Sableye, Yanma, Poliwhirl, Corsola, Lickitung, Wartortle, Wailmer, Medicham, Delcatty, Corsola, Magnemite, Nidorino, Spoink, Aipom, Grimer, Kabuto, Rock, Ledian, Abra, Loudred, Magby, Nidorina, Geodud, Lileep, Trapinch, Teddiursa, Aron, Smoochum, Machop, Sandshrew, Chansey, Houndour, Growlithe, Slowpoke, Dustox, Snubbull, Cacnea, Clamperl, Vibrava, Nuzleaf, Oddish, Ghastly, Spinda, Elekid, Lombre, Corpish, Koffing, Phanpy, Doduo, Pidgeotto, Exeggcute, Clefairy, Staryu, Unown, Mudkip, Mankey, Bagon, Goldeen, Totodile, Chinchou, Bulbasaur, Pysduck, Onix, Eevee, Farfetch’d, Pineco, Natu, Shellder, Numel, Torchic, Delibird, Treecko, Drowzee, Wobuffet, Paras, Horsea, Tentacool, Larvitar, Cubone, Venonat, Dratini, Shuppet, Slakoth, Carvanha, Voltorb
Tier EMareep, Skiploom, Seel, Electrike, Spheal, Cyndaquil, Beldum, Charmander, Kirlia, Squirtle, Pikachu, Ekans, Snorunt, Gulpin, Slugma, Chikorita, Remoraid, Vulpix, Luvdisc, Ditto , Swablu, Spinarak, Shroomish, Barboach, Baltoy, Poliwag, Shedinja, Makuhita, Surskit, Nincada, Taillow, Meowth, Swinub, Rattata, Wingull, Spearow, Nidoran, FLedyba, Jigglypuff, Skitty, Meditite, Diglett, Poochyena, Togepi, Pidgey, Hoothoot, Cleffa, Duskull, Seedot, Wurmple, Ralts, Wynaut, Zigzagoon, Silcoon, Igglybuff, Cascoon
Tier F Magikarp, Azurill, Caterpie, Marill, Tyrogue, Feebas, Kakuna, Weedle, Pichu, Smeargle, Metapod, Shuckle, Sunkern

Pokemon GO Attackers Tier List 

Attacker Tiers of Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO Attackers Tiers List

When attacking foes, it’s not only a top-notch attack profile you want your chosen Pokemon to have, but a decent moveset is also crucial. Together, they can be a defining element against tougher circumstances. Here are the top Pokemon GO attackers ranked from best to slightly lackluster but still great:  


Key Stats

  • Type: Psychic
  • Optimal Attack: 300
  • Optimal Moves: Shadow Ball, Psystrike, and Psycho Cut 


As many of you might have already seen it coming, Mewtwo secures the first place in our Pokemon GO attacker tier list. Due credit goes to the creature’s whopping 300 Attack stat and the ability to output the best hitting potential in multiple situations. 

Mewtwo easily features just about any move, ultimately making it viable against any Pokemon retaliating from the opposition. This includes a rich combo of Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball, and Psystrike synced perfectly with CP that crosses almost 5,000. Surely one-of-a-kind powerhouse Mewtwo is! 

What’s more? Mewtwo’s popularity is awesome, which, combined with the various availability routes, makes the creature’s trading a piece of cake. Meaning if you aren’t lucky to obtain it through raids, there’s always an option to ally with players willing to exchange Mewtwo with something interesting you may possess. 

Pro tip: Get a Shadow Mewtwo to relish rendering 20% extra damage and churn any team you want. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Flying/Dragon 
  • Optimal Attack: 284
  • Optimal Moves: Outrage, Dragon Tail


If you are interested in a Dragon-type Pokemon, you won’t get a better attacking option than this. Rayquaza is an excellent all-rounder dragon with extra special flying-type moves that are hardly ever countered by any Pokemon. One of its much-cherished stances is the Hurricane that swipes most foes in seconds. 

The creature also has a splendid 285 attack paired with pretty decent side stats, especially a robust HP that maxes at 105. Meaning Rayquaza will not only render good damage but also last longer on the battlefield. Along with Outrage, players will also be amused to get impressive secondary moves like Hyper Beam and Earthquake. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Steel/Fighting
  • Optimal Attack: 236
  • Optimal Moves: Aura Sphere, Counter 


Though keeping Lucario might feel like a burden given its scarce 172 Stamina and 144 Defence stat, the Pokemon’s squishy damage threats do a good cover. Also, the shortcoming is further filled by its part, Steel-typing, which gives Lucario some additional resistance (something no other Fighting-types Pokemon have).  

What’s of most importance, though, and which probably has also earned Lucario one of the highest ranks in the attacking meta, is its Aura Sphere move. The ability easily excels Lucario from potent fighter Pokemons like Machamp, and guess what? You don’t even have to find a Shadow Lucario to relish its most viable abilities. 

Nevertheless, this monster’s Speed stat is also outstanding (90). However, if you still don’t find it fast enough, employ Bullet Punch or similar moves to induce some extra push. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Water
  • Optimal Attack: 270
  • Optimal Moves: Hydro Pump, Waterfall


If not the best moves on board, Kyogre has great abilities to deal massive water damage. It’s one of the best water-type monsters you may even need against some 5-star Pokemons. While a Kyogre-full team isn’t the best way out, letting one or two accompany you will surely prove very useful.

Also, Kyogre especially shines against Master League Pokemon. It packs unbelievable stamina of 205, making itself a solid Pokemon that can easily take a hit or two. Because Kyogre’s only downfall is that he can’t stand well against Electric-type Pokemons, pair him up with someone who can. 

Dragonite, Metagross or Groudon are the best choices to pair with Kyogre. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Dark/Rock 
  • Optimal Attack: 251 
  • Optimal Moves: Stone Edge, Smack Down


With Machamp in the days of four-star raids, Tyranitar used to be one heck of a Pokemon, somewhat like the Mewtwo of the current meta. Nevertheless, it’s still a robust powerhouse worth investing in. 

Though it will find defeating Lucario and Machamp-like hardcore Fighting-type Pokemons tough, Tyranitar is great against top-tier attackers. This includes Psychic-type units with Crunch/Bite combos.

Tyranite is also one heck of a defender; therefore, don’t miss considering when going through our Pokemon GO defender tier list. The Pokemon usually likes to fold itself or bend down if caught in the opponent’s aggro. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Ground/Dragon
  • Optimal Attack: 130
  • Optimal Moves: Outrage, Dragon Tail


This Pseudo-Legendary creature has been Pokemon players’ most-favorite pick for quite a time now, and that’s, of course, for a reason. Since the release of Diamond & Pearl especially, Garchomp has been graded as a must-have Pokemon primarily because of its outstanding Ground/Dragon-typing. 

The Pokemon also equips some of the top moves in its loadout that seem to support almost every type of role and gain coverage a player expects from an all-rounder unit. Also, Garchomp has got a brilliant hidden Rough Skin ability that allows inflicting damage whenever some foe comes into contact. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Ground/Dragon
  • Optimal Attack: 130
  • Optimal Moves: Outrage, Dragon Tail


Ahh, it’s sad to see Machamp continuously failing over the years, but it has still got a couple of moves making it worthy enough to be in our list of the best Pokemon GO attackers. Its Dynamic Punch/Counter moveset still shines as a perfect tool against plenty of foes to date. 

Even if Machamp doesn’t seem like the usual powerhouses, the monster’s easy access and high damage inflicting ability make it a great go-to pick for any fight. But beware of the Flying-type and Psychic Pokemons or Machamp will simply stand no chance. 

Machamp is usually found atop every next three-star raid. It is recommended to do anything to avail this option 


Key Stats

  • Type: Rock 
  • Optimal Attack: 165
  • Optimal Moves: Rock Slide, Smack Down


This funny-looking creature packs as much punch as players get from Tyranitar. Therefore calling Rampardos a perfect alternative to it won’t be wrong. The dino pours in spectacular Rock-type moves whenever battling Flying-type opponents. Rampardos’s raw strength is just enough to crush its way through any adversary stance regardless of typing. All in all, don’t miss taking Rampardos on board whenever you get even the slightest chance to do that. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Flying/Dragon
  • Optimal Attack: 134 
  • Optimal Moves: Outrage, Dragon Tail


Dragonite Pokemon hits hard, houses solid bulk, and remains one of the priority go-to choices amongst Dragon-type Pokemons. This somewhat also justifies the very well-deserved pseudo-Legendary status that Dragonite has got. With that said, its moveset is still not as intense as most people expect from a dragon-type creature. 

However, it performs seemingly well against most adversary Pokemons (excluding ice-type ones). Dragonite also has access to a unique hidden ability called Multiscale. It halves the damage of an incoming attack when the Pokemon is at its full health. Perhaps this is exactly why Dragonite can be used as both; an attacker as well as a defender. All in all, he is a perfect generalist! 


Key Stats

  • Type: Fire/Dragon
  • Optimal Attack: 277
  • Optimal Moves: Dragon Tail, Outrage 


Another very outstanding Dragon-type Pokemon. Salamence processes one of the most solid Attack stat paired with the cherishable Outrage in its movepool. This, together with the Draco Meteor, makes Salamence a robust non-shadow Dragon Pokemon too! 

However, it may not prove enough against foes that are not Ice-type, ultimately forcing you to look for some other investment to make. This is exactly why we haven’t ranked Salamence in the top positions of our Pokemon GO attacker tier list. Despite being a perfect powerhouse, it may still lack in specific situations. 

Also, though the Draco Meteor works like a charm, inflicting high damage at much cheaper energy usage, it will drop Salamence’s attack by two stages. Meaning the Pokemon will be severely tired after a couple of uses. 

Nevertheless, if you want to experience above-average energy generation paired with some awesome neutral coverage, go for Salamence.  


Key Stats

  • Type: Psychic 
  • Optimal Attack: 271
  • Optimal Moves: Psycho Cut, Confusion


Though he can barely manifest that robust power he used to have back in the old times of the game, Alakazam the glass cannon may still render a solid metal punch given its massive 271 optimal Attack stat. 

Sync the Pokemon with the right movepool and see him outclass multiple raid gyms at once before it, unfortunately, gets caught by a severely charged attack. Also, Alakazam puts up a great show in 3-star raids, so you know who to pick if Machamp is unavailable. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Poison/Ghost
  • Optimal Attack: 261
  • Optimal Moves: Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw 


Genger is another glass cannon Pokemon after Alakazam, who, unlike him, is easier to obtain. Nevertheless, Gingers hits hard and with superb agility as a result resorting to bosses to mush. If you look forward to combating some top-tier Mewtwo-like monster or a Tyranitar-like rock-solid Pokemon, Genger can be a worthy part of the raid. The Pokemon will toss tanky Shadow Balls in retaliation to incoming chip damage. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Flying Fire 
  • Optimal Attack: 251
  • Optimal Moves: Sky Attack, Fire Spin 


Moltres is a decent Pokemon to select if Fire-type combat is what excites you most. It’s a fiery bird that proves worth it in every wielding style, plus it’s one of the best non-shadow Pokemon currently accessible in Pokemon GO. Moltres’s Fire attack combined with Flying-type movepool makes it able to take on giants like Zamazenta, Dialga, Genesect and more.

The creature has a great CP, massive attack stat and a cool fiery movepool. Players can access it by completing specific raid tasks or a 5-star raid. Coming to Moltres’s drawback, the Pokemon severely packs in putting up a good defense, therefore not earning the top rank in our tier. 

Pokemon GO Defenders Tier List

PG Defenders
Pokemon GO Defenders Tier List

While many contestants of our Pokemon Go attacker tier list have solid defense paired with mind-blowing attacking skills, there are still plenty of other defense specialists in the game. This is exactly why we have curated a special tier list for them, so you know who is absolutely perfect in defending while also having decent attack skills onboard.  


Key Stats

  • Type: Psychic
  • Optimal Defence: 169
  • Optimal Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Pound, Zen Headbutt


Blissey is the best Pokemon GO defender, hands down. With Stamina almost reaching 500 and Defence maxing at 169, the Pokemon can take way more than the beating any player might expect. Nevertheless, the best way to avail Blissey is to stack up more than a couple of them against Gyms. It just happens to not go down at any cost, therefore, being a real cause of pain for enemies. 

Blissey, the classic Pokemon, has got substantial bulk but barely any option of offense therefore calling it a huge meat shield won’t be wrong either. This ultimately takes us to our next conclusion that though Blissey acts like one heck of a solid wall against attacks, adversary Pokemons like a Shadow Machamp or someone with a bulk attack may affect it.


Key Stats

  • Type: Flying/Fairy
  • Optimal Defence: 217 
  • Optimal Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Aerial Ace, Flamethrower, Charm


Looking for a defense-oriented Pokemon with great typing and great bulk? Togekiss is the best you can get! Togekiss has a massive bulk in his arsenal coupled with a Fairy-type profile. This is further complemented by its Flying-type resistance against all kinds of Fighting attacks. Togekiss has also got an incredible moveset and syncs very well with Blissey-type Pokemons. All this aids this Pokemon to manifest a decent tank counter to opponents weak against the Fairy type.


Key Stats

  • Type: Ghost/Flying
  • Optimal Defence: 102
  • Optimal Moves: Hex, Shadow Ball, Ominous Wind, Icy Wind, Astonish


Given Drifblim’s optimal defense stat that only maxes at 102, this best Pokemon’s base stamina of 312 and typing is what has brought it to this list. Drifblim’s Stamina enables it to tank its unique, massively effective hits, while the Flying/Ghost-type makes it a pretty solid Pokemon against fighting and normal hits.  

This Pokemon is not just a sturdy wall that perfectly absorbs damage, but it has got some cool offensive profile too. Drifblim’s base attack stat maxes at 180, which is pretty decent in making it a worthy member of an offense-orientated stance. Players can bring Drifblim out to tank various impactful and reliable hits.


Key Stats

  • Type: Psychic/Steel 
  • Optimal Defence: 228 
  • Optimal Moves: Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt


Metagross does play incredibly in resisting Fighting-type hitters. The Pokemon has got decent stats and an extensive array of resistances on board (up to 10 different types or so). With the mind-blowingly charged attack quality Meteor Mash on offer, Metagross also inflicts substantial damage. Meaning players get both a potent defender and a decent attacker when trading for it. 


Key Stats

  • Type: Normal 
  • Optimal Defence: 169
  • Optimal Moves: Outrage, Heavy Slam, Body Slam, Zen Headbutt


Snorlax offers decent stats paired with superb moves, out of which what’s most praiseworthy is its spammy charged attack and magical counter coverage! Together this makes Snorlax a fine alternative to Blissey or even Togekiss that just won’t go down no matter how strong its foes are.


Key Stats

  • Type: Steel/Electric
  • Optimal Defence: 205
  • Optimal Moves: Charge Beam, Wild Charge, Mirror Shot


You will certainly be delighted to see the bulk of resistance equipped by Magnezone. Though it’s far more than any other Pokemon’s loadout in Pokemon GO, players still need to make sure that Magnezone is well protected by someone that can resist Ground. 

Nevertheless, this Pokemon makes up a good attacker pick if its defense capabilities do not really amuse you. That said, it won’t be wrong to call it an overall good investment with a slight edge over the defense. 

Pokemon GO Tier List Criteria

We have curated this tier list of the best Pokemons after investing considerable time and effort in experiencing the Pokemon GO realms ourselves. That said, every unit was deeply examined, and their perks and weaknesses weighed before we could come up with a definitive hierarchy. 

To make the Pokemon GO Tier List more well-updated, our team availed multiple sources from the web and gathered authoritative suggestions and thoughts of Pokemon fans and veteran players. Our only motive behind doing so was infusing our ranking with not only the in-game usefulness of Pokemons but also the popular preferences of the gamer’s community. 

Why Trust Us? 

Our team has been putting forth the most up-to-date tier lists on every next new game release that reaches a gamer’s station (we make sure it is the next related thing that reaches you after the game!). The team’s main intent is to invest its utmost best in facilitating fresh as well as veteran gamers with the most reliable ranking there could ever be. 

We, at eXputer, appreciate the overwhelming response we have been receiving and look forward to continuing creating hierarchies decent enough to aid the readers in figuring out a good approach to their favorite games.


It’s no surprise how densely the powerful Pokemons populate the Pokemon GO’s realm. In progressing through them effectively, it’s necessary to sort the most viable ones from them. This basically includes every Pokemon that outperforms the rest or possesses a high rating later in the game. Our Pokemon GO tier list is your best bet to determine which Pokemons are the best for the job you want! 

Meanwhile, we also suggest you acquire some extra Pokemon GO knowledge. Touring the Pokemon GO Great League tier list and Pokemon GO Master League tier list might help unveil some definite context to the hierarchy you’ll be witnessing here. They are Pokemon GO PvP tier lists that will surely help you get to the absolute best Pokemons of battle leagues. 

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