WWE 2K24: How To Target Limbs [Fully Answered]

Make sure your opponent feels the burn in every body part!

The easiest way to pin down or submit an opponent in WWE 2K24 is by making sure you actively target and attack each individual limb. Every wrestler has four limbs you can attack – head, body, arms, and legs. As you attack each limb, it gets redder in the bottom right corner, showing how damaged it is. However specifically targeting a limb can be extremely tricky, but knowing how to do it can give you a quick and easy win.

Key Takeaways
  • Targeting limbs in WWE 2K24 helps reduce the enemy’s stamina and makes them easier for submissions, pinning down, and more susceptible to your finishers.
  • Players can try to knock down the opponent and position themselves to the limb they want to attack for the best chance of equally damaging each body part.
  • Grapples are the easiest way to knock down opponents, and players can also utilize grapples at specific positions to hit different body parts.
  • In my experience, spamming Light Attacks instead of Heavy Attacks is more efficient for targeting limbs in WWE 2K24. 

How To Target Limbs In WWE 2K24

wwe 2k24 opponent knocked down
Hitting an opponent with Light Attacks when knocked down (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The most effective way to target limbs is by knocking the opponent down, positioning yourself near the limb you want to attack, and spamming the Light Attack button to damage that area.

There isn’t a specific button or mechanic that lets you target a specific limb, but in my experience, the method above was the closest way to exploit that system. As you know, most attacks count towards Body Shots when your opponent is standing. However, as soon as you knock them to the floor, your targeting becomes a lot more open.

If you spam Light Attacks near the head, they count as Head Shots. Similarly, attacking near the center and legs count towards Arm and Leg Shots, respectively. It’s worth mentioning that this method doesn’t always work the way you want it to. In some cases, a few of those attacks will contribute to Body Shots, so I recommend targeting limbs as soon as your opponent’s body limb turns yellow.

Knocking Down Opponents

grappling wwe 2k24
Head-Grappling an opponent to do head damage (Image by eXputer)

Grappling is the easiest way to knock down your opponents in WWE 2K24. Once you grab them in the ring, hurl them to the ropes, after which you can do a clothesline, powerbomb, or any other special move. 

Aside from my method above, some grabs target specific limbs, which I’ve detailed below:

  • Head Grapples: Stay in Neutral (not moving back or forward) and use the Grapple button. Then, perform a Light or Heavy Attack depending on how much damage you want.
  • Body/Arm Grapples: Walk towards the opponent and stick close to their sides. Use the Grapple button and immediately follow up with a Light or Heavy Attack to do an Irish Whip or another upper-focused move.
  • Leg Grapples: After knocking down the opponent, move towards their legs and use the Grapple button to do a leg pull or any other leg-damaging move.

That wraps up my brief guide on how to target and attack a specific limb in WWE 2K24. Learning this mechanic is crucial if you want to win matches, especially since most people online will likely keep spamming Light and Heavy Attacks without knowing how to make pinning and submissions harder to break. Thus, try to utilize grappling, reversals, and your momentum after knockdowns. 

For more match-winning tips, here’s Usama’s guide on the best in-game wrestlers. If you want to focus more on aesthetics and groundbreaking finales, our guide on the best Finishers in WWE 2K24 should help you out. 


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