YBA Skins Tier List: Ranking All Skins

Looking for Your Bizarre Adventure skins with the greatest value? This Your Bizarre Adventure tier list help you!

Your Bizarre Adventure, or YBA for short, is an intriguing game with fascinating gameplay. There are several skins in Your Bizarre Adventure, each with a different value. I shall be discussing the skins with the greatest Value in the Your Bizarre Adventure skin tier list.

Key Takeaways
  • Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) ranks 132 total Skins based on each option’s overall value in-game, while rarity and difficulty to obtain were also used as significant grading factors. 
  • Since every YBA Skin hails with a distinct Stand Type and Ability, I considered that too before ranking all unlockable options. 
  • YBA Skins that evolve to be the worthiest picks across the entire storyline and stand as the most unique of all are Star Platinum (Jotaro Kujo), Devil’s Moon (Enrico Pucci), and Horseman Of Heaven (Enrico Pucci).
  • Sticky Fingers (Bruno Bucciarati), Mr. President (Coco Jumbo & Coco Jumbo copy), and Beach Boy (Pesci), on the other hand, are the worst Skins in Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA).

Tier List At A Glance

Here is the Tier List Table Summary: 

YBA Skins Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers  Skins (Users)
S-Tier  Star Platinum (Jotaro Kujo), Devil’s Moon (Enrico Pucci), Horseman Of Heaven (Enrico Pucci)
A-Tier  Festive World (DIO–After Achieving Heaven), Sumo World (DIO), Nexus Crimson (Diavolo), Tyrant Crimson (Diavolo), Ghost World (DIO), Spirit Bomb Sword (Caravan Serai–Original user and crafter of the sword, Chaka–Possessed, Khan–Polnareff’s Barber and Possessed, Jean Pierre Polnareff–Possessed), TWAU: Over Heaven (The World–Alternate Universe), Sumo Platinum (Star Platinum), King Peppermint (King Crimson), Frost Bite (Yoshikage Kira), Elf Pistol (Guido Mista), Tākoizu Dragon (Pesci), Cursed Aero Platinum (Narancia Ghirga)
B-Tier  Gold Experience Requiem (Giorno Giovanna), King Crimson Requiem (Diavolo–After Requiem), Tusk ACT 4 (Johnny Joestar), Killer Queen: Bites The Dust (Yoshikage Kira)
C-Tier  Anubis (Caravan Serai–Original user and crafter of the sword/ Chaka–Possessed/ Khan–Polnareff’s Barber and Possessed/ Jean Pierre–Polnareff Possessed), Red Hot Chili Pepper (Akira Otoishi), Star Platinum (Jotaro Kujo), The World (DIO), Whitesnake (Enrico Pucci), Gold Experience (Giorno Giovana), Killer Queen (Yoshikage Kira), King Crimson (Diavolo), Crazy Diamond (Josuke Higashikata)
D-Tier  Purple Haze (Pannacotta Fugo), Hierophant Green (Noriaki Kakyoin), The Hand (Okuyasu Nijimura), Silver Chariot (Jean Pierre Polnareff), Hermit Purple (Joseph Joestar), Magician’s Red (Muhammad Avdol), Aerosmith (Narancia Ghirga), Cream (Vanilla Ice)
F-Tier Sticky Fingers (Bruno Bucciarati), Mr. President (Coco Jumbo & Coco Jumbo copy), Beach Boy (Pesci)

YBA Skins Comparison & List

With that covered, let’s now look at the Comparison between the YBA Skins:

SkinsTierUsersStand TypeAbilities
Horseman Of HeavenSEnrico PucciEvolved, Ranged, Fast-paced StandTime Acceleration, Universe Resetting
Devil’s MoonSEnrico PucciEvolved, Fast-paced StandGravity Manipulation, Slight Time Stop movement
Star PlatinumSJotaro KujoClose-Ranged StandTime Stop, Extreme Precision, Brute Strength
Ghost WorldADIOClose-Ranged StandTime Stop, Extreme Strength
Tyrant CrimsonADiavoloClose-Ranged StandTime Skipping/Erasure, Future Predictions
Nexus CrimsonADiavoloClose-Ranged StandTime Skipping, Future Predictions
Sumo WorldADIOClose-Ranged StandTime Stop, Extreme Strength
Festive WorldADIOClose-Ranged StandReality Overwrite, Dimension Control
King PeppermintAKing CrimsonClose-Ranged StandTime Skipping, Future Predictions, Erasing
Sumo PlatinumAStar PlatinumClose-Ranged StandTime Stop, Extreme Precision, Brute Strength
TWAU: Over HeavenAThe WorldClose-Ranged StandTime Stop, Projectiles, Immense Physical Power
Spirit Bomb SwordACaravan SeraiAutomatic, Shared, MaterializedMind Control, Selective Intangibility, Swordsmanship
Frost BiteAYoshikage KiraClose-Ranged StandSheer Heart Attack, Bomb planting, Strong Block
Cursed Aero PlatinumANarancia GhirgaLong-RangeSkill Development, Extreme Strength
Tākoizu DragonAPesciClose-range StandHook Manipulation, Snatching, Pulling
Elf PistolAGuido MistaClose-range StandProjectiles, Immense Physical Power
Tusk ACT 4BJohnny JoestarClose Ranged + Long StandNails, Infinite Rotation, Tea Time
Killer Queen: Bites The DustBYoshikage KiraClose Range, Long Distance, EvolvedBomb Planting, Time Reversal
King Crimson RequiemBDiavolo Close-Ranged StandTime Skipping/Erasure, Future Predictions
Gold Experience RequiemBGiorno GiovannaClose-Ranged StandLife Distribution, Return to Zero, Infinite Death
WhitesnakeCEnrico PucciMedium-Distance StandAcid Production, Creating Illusions and Melting Hearts
The WorldCDIOClose-Ranged StandTime Stop, Extreme Strength
Star PlatinumCJotaro KujoClose-Ranged StandTime Stop, Extreme Precision, Brute Strength
Red Hot Chili PepperCAkira OtoishiLong-Ranged StandElectric manipulation
AnubisCCaravan SeraiNon-HumanoidMind Control, Selective Intangibility, Swordsmanship
Crazy DiamondCJosuke HigashikataClose-Ranged StandRestoration, High Speed, Immense Strength
King CrimsonCDiavoloClose-Ranged StandTime Skipping/Erasure, Future Predictions
Killer QueenCYoshikage KiraClose-Ranged StandSheer Heart Attack, Bomb planting, Strong Block
Gold ExperienceCGiorno GiovanaClose-Ranged StandLife Creation, Healing
Hermit PurpleDJoseph JoestarClose-Ranged StandSpirit Photography, Grappling, Hamon Transmission
Silver ChariotDJean Pierre PolnareffClose-Ranged StandFencing, increasing speed, Immense Power
The HandDOkuyasu NijimuraClose-Ranged StandErasing objects from existence, erasing space
Hierophant GreenDNoriaki KakyoinClose-Ranged StandFencing, erasing objects from existence, erasing space
Purple HazeDPannacotta FugoClose-Ranged StandSpirit Photography, Grappling
CreamDVanilla IceClose-Ranged StandLimb erasure and High damage
AerosmithDNarancia GhirgaLong-Ranged StandGood Damage Output
Magician’s RedDMuhammad AvdolClose-Ranged StandPyrokinesis, Fire Manipulation
Beach BoyEPesciClose-Ranged StandHook Manipulation, Snatching, Pulling
Mr. PresidentECoco JumboIntegrated StandKidnapping
Sticky FingersEBruno BucciaratiClose-Ranged StandGood barrage damage


YBA Skins S-Tier

The YBA skins in the S-Tier are the hardest to get. They are the most valuable and the most unique of them all, which makes them the most esteemed ones to show off to players and your friends or family.


YBA Skins A-Tier

These Skins are a bit easier to get than the S-Tier. They are still really valuable, but we wouldn’t really consider them as valuable as the S-tier ones; they are just right around their quality.


YBA Skins B-Tier

The Skins in the B-Tier are typical. They come after the A-Tier and are generally just decent or good, so we can’t call them the most visually striking ones.


YBA Skins C-Tier

The Skins in the C-Tier can be considered “Rare”. They are lower in value than the B-Tier and can be primarily classified as above average in our experience. 



The skins in the D-Tier can be considered uncommon. They don’t have that much value, nor do they have anything remotely close to being amazing.



The Skins in the F-Tier are the most commonly found. They are the least valuable/worst skins and have close to no value at all amongst the community.

YBA Skins Tier List Criteria

Tier lists have always been subjective and altered in response to the players’ experiences. But I try to provide you with reliable, current tier lists. Knowing the value of YBA skins is helpful if you are looking to trade in the game. 

Our team at eXputer has been creating these tier lists for a very long period to assist players. The tier list was also developed using user feedback and independent research.

We made an effort to develop a tier list that was devoid of bias by rating every skin in YBA. If you have any suggestions for improving this tier list, kindly post them in the comment area below.

How To Get Skins In YBA?

There are two ways of getting Skins in YBA:

  • Getting The Stand Re-roll Gamepass
  • The Pity System

Stand Re-Roll Gamepass

Your odds of getting a Stand skin increase if you purchase the Stand Reroll Gamepass. A Stand Roll bought with Robux will give you 2.0 percent pity if you already have 1.0 percent.

A Shiny Evolution must be obtained by evolving the normal base stand, which has a low likelihood of doing so. For instance, if you wanted Digital Star Platinum: The World, you would have to develop normal Star Platinum (with no skin) into Star Platinum: The World and hope for the low possibility of receiving the skin.

The Pity System

Depending on the number of arrows you’ve used or how frequently you’ve purchased re-rolls, The mentioned Pity System was created to provide players a better chance of acquiring a Stand Skin. The probability percentages reset once a player acquires a Skin. Your pity presently saves after you exit the game thanks to the v1.007 update.  You can examine your pity in the Store menu area.

  • In the absence of Robux: 5% Max chance of a Shiny Stand Skin
  • When using Robux: 10% Max chance of a Shiny Stand Skin
  • You will have a 0.02 percent greater chance of receiving a shining arrow for each arrow used.

All skins in YBA are ranked in the following tier list according to their worth in the game. Each skin has been given a rank from S through F, with S having the highest value and F having the lowest value. Let’s get going with it.

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