YBA Stands Tier List: BEST Stands [All Ranked]

Looking for the Best Stands in Your Bizarre Adventure? Then check out our YBA Tier list if you're seeking for the greatest Stand.

The Roblox game, Your Bizarre Adventure is inspired by the well-known anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This game contains a lot of Stands, much like the franchise. However, having too many options might be overwhelming, as all Stands don’t have the same strength.

Key Takeaways

Your Bizarre Adventure lists 41 stands to date, of which 23 are of the arrow type, 5 are Ribcage type, and 13 are Evolved type stands.

  • This tier list ranks them all into descending order of strength, skill points, and the power each Stand shows through the anime-inspired combat mechanics of Your Bizarre Adventure. Each Stand’s success rate was also considered before deciding the final ranks.

Here’s a summary of the YBA Stands Tier List:

YBA Stands Tier List Ranking Table

Tiers Stands 
S-Tier Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Love Train, Tusk Act 4, Killer Queen: Bites the Dust, The World Over Heaven, Star Platinum: The World, Gold Experience Requiem, Soft and Wet, Soft & Wet: Go Beyond, and King Crimson Requiem 
A-Tier Tusk Act 3, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, The World Alternate Universe, Scary Monsters, Made in Heaven, Chariot Requiem, C-Moon, Stone Free, King Crimson, and Crazy Diamond 
B-Tier Tusk Act 2, Star Platinum, The World, Whitesnake, Purple Haze, The Hand, Cream, White Album, and Killer Queen 
C-Tier Tusk Act 1, Sticky Fingers, Magician’s Red, Silver Chariot, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Hierophant Green, Aerosmith, and *** Pistols 
D-Tier Beach Boy, Mr. President, Hermit Purple, and Anubis 

YBA Stands Comparison

Here’s a comparison between all Stands:

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Love TrainSD4C: Love TrainClose Range, Evolved Misfortune Redirection (Damage Reflection) and Dimensional Travel
Tusk Act 4STA4 and/ or Golden Nail IVLong Range, Evolved Nails, Tea Time, Infinite Rotation, and Wormhole Uppercut
Killer Queen: Bites the DustSDeadly King: Bites the Dust, KQ:BTD, and/ or DK:BTDClose Range, Long Distance, Evolved Bomb Planting and Time Reversal
The World Over HeavenSThe Universe Over Heaven and/ or TWOHClose RangeDimension Control (Heaven Arena) and Reality Overwrite
Star Platinum: The WorldSSP:TWClose RangeTime Stop
Gold Experience RequiemSGolden Spirit Requiem and/ or Golden Wind RequiemClose Range Life Distribution, Infinite Death, and Return to Zero
Soft and WetSNoneClose RangeBubble Generation, Explosive Bubbles, and Plunder
Soft & Wet: Go BeyondSNoneClose RangeBubble Generation, Explosive Bubbles, and Plunder
King Crimson RequiemSEmperor Crimson RequiemEvolved Time Skipping/Erasure, Dimension Shifting, and Future Predictions
Soft & Wet: Go Beyond (Requiem/Evolved/Over Heaven Stands)SNoneClose Range, EvolvedBubble Generation, Explosive Bubbles, and Plunder
Soft and Wet (Rip Cage Stand)SNoneClose Range, Rib CageBubble Generation, Explosive Bubbles, and Plunder
Tusk Act 3ATA3 and/ or Golden Nail IIILong Range, EvolvedNails, Tea Time, and Golden Nail
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapACriminal Tasks Done Cunningly (CTDC) and/or D4CClose Range, Rib CageDimension Travelling
The World Alternate UniverseATWAUClose Range, Rib CageTime Stop, Projectiles, and Immense Physical Power and Speed
Scary MonstersAHorrorsaurIntegrated, Rib CageDinosaur Transformation, Minion Summoning, and Close Range Attacks
Made in HeavenAThe Way to Heaven and/ or Maiden HeavenRange Irrelevant, Fast-paced Stand, EvolvedTime Acceleration and Universe Resetting
Chariot RequiemASCR, CR, and/ or Chariot RequiemLong-Range, EvolvedDamage Reflection, Sleep effect, and Self-Buffing
C-MoonAG-Moon and/ or Full MoonMedium-DistanceShort-Ranged Gravity Shifting, Gravity Manipulation, Surface Inversion Fist, and Slight Time Stop movement
King CrimsonAKC and/ or Emperor CrimsonClose Range, ArrowTime Skipping/Erasure and Future Predictions
Crazy DiamondACD and/ or Shining SapphireClose Range, ArrowRestoration, Immense Strength, and High Speed
Stone FreeAStone OceanClose Range, ArrowString Manipulation
Tusk Act 2BTA2 and/ or Tusk Act 2Long RangeNails, Golden Nail, Spin Slash, and Tea Time
Star PlatinumB Platinum Sun and/ or The StarClose Range, Arrow
Time Stop, Brute Strength, and Extreme Precision
The WorldBThe UniverseClose Range, ArrowTime Stop, Extreme Speed, and Extreme Strength
WhitesnakeBPalesnakeMedium-Distance, ArrowCan generate "Discs" of other Stands and Memories, Acid Production, Melt Hearts by Creating Illusions
Purple HazeBPH, Violet Fog, and/ or Purple SmokeClose Range, Arrow-
The HandBNoneClose Range, ArrowErasing objects from existence and erasing space
CreamBNoneClose Range, Arrow-
White AlbumBIce Album and/ or White IceClose Range, ArrowDamage Reduction and Cryokinesis
Killer QueenBKQ and/ or Deadly QueenClose Range, ArrowBomb planting, Sheer Heart Attack, Strong Block and Power
Tusk Act 1CTA1 and/ or Golden Nail ILong + Close Range, Evolved, Integrated, Sentient, Rib CageSpin, Gliding, and Rotating Nail Shots
Sticky FingersCZipper Man, Zipper Fingers, and/ or SFClose Range, Arrow-
Magician’s RedCThe Magician, MR, and/ or KFCClose Range, ArrowPyrokinesis and Fire Manipulation
Silver ChariotCThe Chariot and/ or SCClose Range, ArrowFencing, increasing speed, Armor On/Off, Immense Power, and Precision
Red Hot Chilli PepperCRHCP and/ or Yellow Hot Chili PepperLong Range, ArrowElectric manipulation
Hierophant GreenCTentacle Green and/ or HGLong-distance, Arrow-
AerosmithCLi'l Bomber and/ or AirsmithLong Range, Arrow-
*** PistolsCSix Bullets, Six Pistols, and/ or 6PLong Range, Colony, Arrow-
Beach BoyDNoneLong + Close Range, ArrowHook Manipulation, Pulling, and Snatching
Mr. PresidentDM.PIntegrated, ArrowKidnapping
Hermit PurpleDHP and/ or Violet VineClose Range, ArrowSpirit Photography, Hamon Transmission, and Grappling
AnubisDNoneAutomatic, Shared, Sentient, ArrowMind Control, Selective Intangibility, Skill Development, Swordsmanship


YBA Stands Tier List S-Tier

The strongest stands are on the S Tier, and they could help you get through any challenges that come your way. S-Tier stands are a wise decision.

  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Love Train.
  • Tusk Act 4.
  • Killer Queen: Bites the Dust.
  • The World Over Heaven.
  • Star Platinum: The World.
  • Gold Experience Requiem.
  • Soft and Wet.
  • Soft & Wet: Go Beyond.
  • King Crimson Requiem.
  • Soft & Wet: Go Beyond (Requiem/Evolved/Over Heaven Stands).
  • Soft and Wet (Rip Cage Stand).


YBA Stands Tier List A-Tier

The A-Tier in YBA has all of the strong stands that will give you a lot of strength when combating opponents. In essence, these stands are the greatest after those in S Tier.

  • Tusk Act 3.
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.
  • The World Alternate Universe.
  • Scary Monsters.
  • Made in Heaven.
  • Chariot Requiem.
  • C-Moon.
  • King Crimson.
  • Crazy Diamond.
  • Stone Free.


YBA Stands Tier List B-Tier

Compared to the stands in the tier above, B-Tier stands have a worse performance rating. They can cause ok damage, but a few of them manage to win.

  • Tusk Act 2.
  • Star Platinum.
  • The World.
  • Whitesnake.
  • Purple Haze.
  • The Hand.
  • Cream.
  • White Album.
  • Killer Queen.



The C-Tier stands don’t have an excellent track record. If you are seeking the top-tier characters on the YBA tier list, they aren’t strong enough fighters for you to play because of their below-average efficiency.

  • Tusk Act 1.
  • Sticky Fingers.
  • Magician’s Red.
  • Silver Chariot.
  • Red Hot Chilli Pepper.
  • Hierophant Green.
  • Aerosmith.
  • *** Pistols.



Our collection of YBA D-Tier stands includes some terrible and challenging ones. With these individuals, winning a battle is quite difficult.

  • Beach Boy.
  • Mr. President.
  • Hermit Purple.
  • Anubis.

As you can see, Your Bizarre Adventure doesn’t have a lot of distinct character stands, which makes the picking of a character a little bit simpler. The real kicker is that none of the stands are restricted by a paywall, so there’s always a possibility you’ll discover one by playing the game.

Our YBA tier list is organized by overall skill points per character, which represents how much power each character has in their unimproved, base form. This is based on the characters you’ll obtain off of a random drop. As you play more and improve your characters, their skill points may grow and change the rankings.

What Is The Best YBA Stand?

There are a few characters to bear in mind if you’re new to the game and aren’t sure which YBA stand you should focus on. The World Over Heaven is the most potent base character according to my tier list that has a skill rating of 75, only one more than Killer Queen Bites the Dust’s 74.

That makes those two characters the ones that have the highest fighting power. As a result, these would be the YBA stands that are recommended to pursue because they will benefit you much over the entire game. It’s also worthwhile to keep a lookout for stands that are the hardest to unlock and ones that are the rarest.

YBA Stands Tier List Breakdown

All of the available stands in the game will be reviewed in this tier list. They will be ranked according to their skill points and power. As a result, you can determine which fighters are most effective in battle and which you should steer clear of.

We’ll also go through how to increase your number of stands as well as how to reroll. Each stand has a rank, from S through D, where S is the best and D is the worst. 

YBA Reroll Guide

You may always reroll and start again if you are unhappy with your current YBA stands and wish to start again from scratch. This will offer you another opportunity to use your Stand Arrows to acquire some S-tier characters. Conveniently, YBA does have a Stands Reroll item.

By doing this, you can attempt a randomized spin another time to obtain the desired stand. You can increase your chances of pulling specific characters as a perk of buying the YBA Game Pass. Additionally, you’ll receive fresh spins, but be aware that this costs Robux and cannot be done without using real money.

Tier List Criteria

Our YBA Tier List required a lot of time and work to create. It was thoroughly investigated what each character needed to succeed in the game in terms of skills and abilities.

To help newcomers select the best stands for them, the Tier List was developed. Additionally, based on a character’s combat prowess and battle potential, I attempt to create tier lists that are as fair as feasible.

Although tier lists are mainly subjective, our team puts a lot of time, effort, and knowledge into assessing a character’s potential and allocating them to ranks. Which stands do you prefer in YBA? let me know in the comment section below.

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