Top 5 Secrets In Fortnite Battle Royale That You Dont Know About!

The top 5 secrets in Fortnite that you probably don't know about and will help you gain a better appreciation of the game and Devs.

The Fortnite Devs have added some interesting Easter Eggs/Secrets For players to find out in their free time. Most of these secrets are just basic and are found easily but, some are not that easy to find or they are so minor that they cannot be seen unless looked into closely.

Key Highlights

  • Mysterious Hatch: In season 4 there was a location called the Wailing Woods which after the changes made had a mysterious hatch that could not be opened. The location was changed and became a broken piece of the main island.
  • Face On A Hill: A house that is on top of a hill can be found on the west side of Lucky Landing. There is a tree on the edge of the hill that players can stand beside and look west in order to see a Lion’s Face Shaped Hill.
  • Unreachable Chest: A chest that is inaccessible to the players which at some point was accessible before. 
  • This particular chest can be found North of Polar Peak in Greasy Groove. Break through the floor of the building covered in ice and the wall that has boats on it to witness the unreachable chest.
  • Emoting On Ice: The frozen waterfall that can be found underneath Viking Hill is an area in which the feet of players get frozen and they are able to skid around performing their Emotes without them getting canceled. 
  • Mysterious Helicopter: A mysterious helicopter that at specific times wandered around the map. The helicopter would disappear and reappear in different locations. 
  • Certain cracks start to show up on the map before its appearance making players think that it appeared looking for the source of those cracks.  

5. Mysterious Hatch

Back in Season 4 Wailing Woods had received a map enhancement in which players could run into a very strange hatch which if looked into could show some sort of a basement. Unfortunately, the hatch would not open and players kept wondering if it would open any time later but it remains closed. However, the location has been shifted to a broken piece of the main island where it can be located. This is how it looks like in game.

Hatch In Game

The location to find it is pretty easy but people sometimes miss it that’s why to some it remains a secret or they think it is destroyed as wailing wood does not exist anymore in the game. This is how it looks like on the map.

Hatch Location On Map

4. Face on a Hill

Since the snow hit Fortnite on the start of Season 7, new areas and locations popped up on the map for players to explore and enjoy their time. There is an area in particular on west of Lucky Landing that leads to a hill with a house on it. If a player stands next to the tree present at the edge of the hill and looks directly towards west, then they can see that the hill has a face of somewhat a Mountain Lion. Here’s what it looks like in game.

Hill With A Face

It’s a bit tricky to notice and locate. On the map it is located here:

Hill Map Location

3. Unreachable Chest

Chests are an essential part of the game carrying loot ranging from ‘common’ to ‘legendary’ but there is one chest that the game developers at one point had given players freedom of access to open, but now It is impossible to access it.

The chest still remains present in the game but as a prank on players trying to look for loot. To look for the chest, players would have to go towards the Ice buried town once known as Greasy Grove, exactly at north of Polar Peaks. They need to approach the top of a certain building that is buried in ice as shown in the picture below.

Frozen Building Roof

From here on players can smash through the floor and go towards a wall which has boats hanging on it.

Building Interior

Once they break the wall, they can find a chest frozen in ice, that’s unreachable. Using pick axe or ramming into it with a car does not even get a scratch on it.

Frozen Chest

The location is simple to find but for further assistance, check out the map below

Building Location

2. Emoting on Ice

Players have thought that it would be nice to move around while doing their favorite emote without the game mechanics canceling the emote animation. Although it had very less demand initially, the game Dev’s decided to add this little fun thing where players could go on the icy portion of the map which consists of the frozen town and the frozen waterfall directly beneath Viking Hill.

Icy Portion Map Location

Once players reach this area of the map and stand on the ice, the feet of their character get frozen which enables them to skid around. Fortunately, the ice thaws once the player is out of the icy area. Little did most players know that once they move around the ‘skating’ area, they can open their Emote Wheel and then perform any emote without the game canceling the animation as long as the player’s feet are frozen.

1. Mysterious Helicopter

From the past few days, there have been sightings of a helicopter that rotates around the map from time to time. The helicopter was a part of Moisty Mires before the famous wood stacked forest was removed in Season 5. The helicopter could be found on the film set crashed in a tree and hanging while its rotors were damaged. Now, in Season 8 the Helicopter is found stationed at different parts of the map from time to time.

Most players aren’t sure why the helicopter disappears and reappears in new locations, but there is one clue that people cling on to and that is an upcoming event. Before the helicopter even appeared, there were cracks starting to show up around the map in Season 7. This probably means that the game Dev’s added the chopper as a sign that it is looking for the source of the tremors and the cracks that are found in the game.

We hope that you agree with our list of these few amusing details which the Dev’s had added to the game for us players to explore and interact with. Thank you for reading and good luck scavenging!

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