Jake Paul Shuts All Rumors About His Fight Being Staged With Anderson Silva

Jake Paul's MVP brand shares "THE TRUTH" footage about his October win over Anderson Silva to prove the fight was not rigged.

Theories abound about Paul’s victory over former MMA champion Anderson Silva. According to a bogus conspiracy theory, Paul included a “no knockout clause” in Woodley’s contract in order for him to meet him for the first time.

However, according to the ideas, the outcome was more analogous to professional wrestling than professional fighting, and it had been fixed.

While Jake may be looking forward to his next bout, his management has attempted to put the “fixed” rumors to bed once and for all by sharing up-close footage of his fight with Silva on Twitter.


  • Jake Paul’s management released a video on Twitter “THE TRUTH” of his recent fight in October with Anderson Silva.
  • The video is up-close slowed footage of Paul’s fight with Silva.
  • Paul’s management has made an effort to put the “fixed” rumors to rest.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has been accused of rigging his high-profile pay-per-view fights, with speculations circulating about his victories over former MMA champion Anderson Silva.

On December 13, Jake Paul’s MVP brand released a video “THE TRUTH” of the fight held between the two, which shares a slowed and very up-close view of the fight.

Although Jake’s bout with Anderson took place about two months ago, Jake’s management has recently come up with a new viewpoint on the knockdown.

The video shows how Jake unleashed close-range body blows on the MMA legend, setting him up for a devastating series of shots. The YouTuber-turned-boxer dropped Silva’s guard with a gentle hit to the face, allowing him to throw a hook.

Moreover, some fans claimed that the right-handed hook didn’t connect completely. However, the new video clearly shows that Jake delivered a strong hit to Silva’s face, resulting in the knockdown.

However, Jake has shown some impressive boxing pedigree in the early stages of his fighting career and is only looking up.

What do you think of Jake Paul’s and Anderson Silva’s fight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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